Monday, November 30, 2009


“Effective Tuesday, December 1, 2009, taxi companies that serve Greenburgh, (Greenburgh Taxi, Metro Taxi, Westchester Taxi and Limousine and West Side Taxi) are offering a senior citizens discount of $1.00 off of the taxi ride fare to and from a doctors’ appointment or grocery/food shopping. We thank our taxi companies for this act of consideration extended to the senior citizens of our town. Special thanks to Town Clerk Judith Beville for her efforts securing this discount for seniors.

The Greenburgh Town Board will hold a work session tomorrow at 9:15 AM. Among topics: Review of the 2010 proposed budget. A proposed cross walk near Crane Pond...special meeting to consider resolution between Greenburgh & Tarrytown.


hal samis said...

Wouldn't it be nice if these taxi companies also complied with Town code and posted their fare fees visible, inside the cabs?

That way, seniors and any other passengers would know that what they are bing charged is what they are supposed to be charged.

Murghk said...

Perhaps the Supervisor doesn't "feel" the requirement to post fares is "fair" and as a result, he won't enforce it.
Mr. Feiner, you took an oath to uphold the law, not to decide whether you like it or not as a precondition to enforcement.
Do you also find the NYS Motor Vehicle requirement that vehicles have two working headlights offensive to your sensibilities? The Town DPW truck bearing license plate 22106 and marked 06-01 on the driver's side door has the driver's side headlight out - and it has been so for several days.
Please, this is something which should be easy and automatic to fix. Does no one working for the Town have enough pride to take care of their tools? Don't come up with an excuse why it hasn't been done, acknowledge that it should have been fixed and tell us when it will be. Leadership comes from the top - in Greenburgh that means YOU!

Mr. Cinque said...

The NYS DOT requires vehicles over 10,000 GVW (gross vehicle weight) to be inspected prior to use. Which does includes lights . Are we inspecting them Paul ?

Fed Up With Feiner said...

If we as citizens decided to obey only those laws we find personally acceptable we would be behind bars. Why isn't this guy in stripes?