Monday, November 16, 2009



My company does have openings listed for Islandia, NY and Manhattan on the job search pages. If you know anyone qualified for the Long Island jobs, keep in mind there is a lots of working from home here. Nice flexibility and on site daycare on long island. The Manhattan office is just a few blocks from Grand Central. then click the careers link on the left side, then job search.


Senior Consultant, IT Transformation Group

Demos on Demand/Solution Centers


Wanted Town Supervisor who ? said...

How about preformong the JOB you were assigned. Town supervisor. Not Unemployment Cordinator. Wake up Paul taxes are going up. People are not happy and you put up Job openings.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wanted: What are you doing to help your neighbors?
It's easy to complain and be angry. Pulling others down does not make things better.

Wanted Town Supervisor who ? said...

Dear 11/16/2009 9:50 PM

If we keep going the way we are there is not going to be anybody to worry about.

Anonymous said...

This blog stinks! It's nothing more than a vehicle for Feiner to sit back and laugh at everyone. Yes, the joke's on us - he has another 2 years to rub it in. These postings - well, it's his blog so he can do as he pleases. The Town web site should have a blog where he can't post this kind of stuff and perhaps he'll have to answer the questions from his subjects. This blog is nothing more than a way for him to divert attention away from the fact that he is clueless when it comes to management of our Town - the County is raising our taxes 5% and the Town is claiming to be raising our taxes by nearly 7% - once all is said and done it most likely will be higher or they will have to draw down the fund balance come late next summer because once again they have overestimated the revenue side of their budget. Fun with numbers!

hal samis said...

I think that there is a subtle message being sent to residents in this "job opening" post.

"If you know anyone qualified for the Long Island jobs, keep in mind there is a lots of working from home here. Nice flexibility and on site daycare on long island."

I read this as saying move to Long Island.

Those who are stuck in Greenburgh and can't move are crying out for assistance in paying their taxes. Their message to the Town Board (which wanted to hear from residents) is "help wanted" and this is not about employment possibilites.

When residents learn about the frills that they are paying for so that Feiner can trade their tax dollars for votes, they are furious. Only problem is that the Town Board just doesn't want to "get it".

They are perfectly content in maintaining private tennis lessons, the arts "council", a food program that knows no bounds, and the Xposure program -- increasing the Town's portion of the tab this year even while restructuring who pays what for what so that the Town can avoid responsibility and not have to provide FOIL responses because "we have nothing to do with that end".

If the Town Board isn't going to listen to "help wanted" from residents, maybe the
NYS Attorney General and Comptroller will.

2010 will be a fun year; I can promise you that.

Anonymous said...

hal hal hal
are you moving to long island?
seems you need a job.
maybe you can take some of your fellow bloggers with you?

hal samis said...

"seems you need a job."

Actually I've been thinking about a job right here in Greenburgh. Don't worry, you be among the first 10,000 to know.

Anonymous said...

Hal has one of the greatest jobs in Greenburgh,
It is all volunteer work ==no salary and no benefits.
He oversees the injustice being done to the residents by the supervisor
When Hal speaks we listen because we now understand how we keep getting screwed day in and day out.
This should be said of Bernstein,Krauss,Preiser and many others who have the you know what to speak in the residents behalf.
Kolesar had to get fired because he was too honest.
We didn't have enough time to get someone to run against Feiner because the information that Kolesar was not released to those who FOILED it.
That open government for you folks.
The party has just begun.

Anonymous said...

2:26, speak for yourself. Those folks do not speak for me. And when Hal speaks maybe you listen, I just ask when will he move. As far as not having enough time to get a candidate - are you kidding? You had 2 years. Kolesar cannot be your only viable option.

Anonymous said...


Town Supervisor For Greenburgh

Job Description: Do more than post job openings.

Qualifications: What ever you have is better than what we got now

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:26....

I for one would NEVER listen to Hal.

Anonymous said...


If the information that Kolesar was to present at a work session was released Feiner and company would not have been put on the ballot.

kolesar was fired because he had damaging evidence against the supervisor and his board concerning town matters and how our money was spent.

You seem to be a Feiner worshiper .I too was in his favor but now I cannot wait for the day that all the investigations come to light which will prove that Kolesar was one hundred percent correct.

It seems that the Ardsley people will too see what a back stabber Feiner is together with his famous advisors,,,,Morgan,,Juettner an Ardlsey resident,,,,and above all sir Sheehan who seems to forget how many times he chastized Feiner and company when he was just a resident.

The villages will come to see who they voted back in office over and over again.
They too will have to pay for their mistake as we are in the unincorporated area.

We did not have enough time to get good and honest candidates to run for office because the town is in very bad financial condition.
Feiner has spent money that he never had.
Would you have run for office??????

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:06,

He IS losing his fan base quickly.

hal samis said...

It seems to me that if I were running for office in two years, I wouldn't have much to worry about because there is no one registered to vote named anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I much prefer the name "Anonymous" than Samis.... especially in office.

Anonymous said...

With EVERY post, Hal shows just how crude he really is. And I am NOT speaking about oil.....just to use a littel dry-Samis humor

Anonymous said...

Hal Hal Hal,

You still have NO CONCEPT that people do NOT read your BS. If you GOT TO THE POINT, and clearly made your position known in a civil manner, people would actually read AND understand. BUT, you prefer teh grandstanding approach. And with that, NOTHING you say makes sense and your LONG WINDED writings are seen as if they were written by BOZO. Remember him? He was a clown, very similar to you. Same eyes, same nose, same shoes....