Saturday, November 21, 2009


Earlier this week the Greenburgh Town Board and Dobbs Ferry Village Board met with a consultant who presented us with a report: shared services for the police. More sharing could result in greater efficiencies and reduced operating costs. The report is posted on our website: There will be follow up meetings.

The Town Board meets Monday. Among initiatives to be taken:
Vote on rezone that will allow supermarket (Stop & SHop to be built in Greenburgh ---more ratables, more competition, more jobs!...significant additional benefits for unincorporated Greenburgh)
Vote on a PILOT for a major bio tech company that will be expanding. Good for our tax base...more jobs...more building permit fees....very good news for our town.
Testimonials for outgoing police chief John Kapica. Appointment of Joe DeCarlo as new Police Chief.
Update: steps to be taken to sell waterwheel property in Ardsley. (lots of NEW interest in this property since auction)
Budget hearing 2010 budget.
Paul Feiner

The Weekend Listings on…..
- Farmers Markets (Hastings Winter Market Schedule now listed)
- Annual Pottery-on-Hudson Show and Sale, Pottery-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry
- Looking at Architecture: Three-Day Exhibition, Arts Exchange, White Plains
- Tarrytown Third Friday
- Opening Reception: Clay Pot Luck Holiday Pottery Sale, Garrison Art Center
- "The Witches", Dobbs Ferry Middle School
- "The Bad Seed", Sleepy Hollow High School
- The Machine: America's Premier PINK FLOYD Experience, Tarrytown Music Hall
- Modern Acoustic Rock with Aipotu in Dobbs
- Presenting Jazz/Classical Guitarist and Composer, Margaret Slovak in Tarrytown & Hastings
- Motivators & Creators present Holiday Highlights 2099 Women’s Expo, New Rochelle
- Free-A-Tree Cutting Kick off!, Hastings
- Awaken Wellness Fair, Tarrytown
- Rivertown Crafts, James Harmon Community Center, Hastings
- Food in the Time of Thanksgiving! Philipse Manor Hall, Yonkers
- M&M Productions will Present The Good Doctor, Irvington Public Library
- 3rd Annual Harvest Moon Dinner and 17th Annual Harvest Moon Ball, Hastings High School
- ArtsWestchester: Annual Black Tie Gala & Silent Auction, Tarrytown
- 5th Annual GALA: All Things French, South Presbyterian Church, Dobbs Ferry
- Brothers-in-Song Tour: Anthony Da Costa & John Elliott, Common Ground Coffeehouse, Hastings
- Downbeat Poll Winner, Grammy Nominee, JAZZ at the Turning Point Café, Piermont
- Gato Barbieri, Presented by Jazz Forum Arts, Tarrytown Music Hall
- Brazilian Sounds with Acai, Dobbs Ferry
- Tarot by Valerie, Dobbs Ferry
- Screening "The Woodsman", Hastings Public Library
- Marc Cohn - An Evening of Music and Conversation, Tarrytown Music Hall

Join the Bone Marrow Registry: Sunday, November 22, from 9am – 1pm
Bone Marrow Donor Drive, Temple Beth Abraham, Tarrytown
Alan Cohen, Dobbs Ferry resident and member of Temple Beth Abraham, is suffering from Leukemia and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. So far he has not been able to find a match. Testing will be done at Temple Beth Abraham, 25 Leroy Avenue, Tarrytown, New York by ICLA Da Silva Foundation. The best chance he has is for a match within the community of Jews from Ashkenazic descent, especially someone who is a cohanim (those with last names of Cohen, Kahn, Kagan, etc.) The test is easy, just a swap of a cheek cell. Go to for more information.

Holiday Boutique at Andrus on Hudson, 185 Old Broadway, Hastings
Friday, November 20 from 10am- 4pm & Saturday, November 21 from 9am - 4pm

Gilda's Club Westchester Annual Holiday Boutique
Please join us on Friday, December 4th for a day of shopping and giving. A percentage of proceeds from the day will go directly to Gilda's Club Westchester. New and Unique vendors this year including clothing for all, monogrammed home and personal items, jewelry, stationery, sweet delights, baked goods, peanut butters, men's and women's accessories, hot items for kids, handbags, and more. Admission is free, children are welcome, and hours are 10:00am-3:30pm and 5:00pm-8:00pm. Come out for a day of shopping and help support our organization that supports so many in our community.

Free Arts Day
ArtsWestchester’s perennially popular Free Arts Day is set for Sunday December 6, 2009! Arts lovers of all ages will be welcomed by open doors at cultural sites throughout the county. This one-day-only event features Westchester’s finest arts organizations that will offer free admissions to their museums, arts centers and historical sites while hosting music and dance performances, storytelling performances, and workshops for every taste. Events generally occur between 12-5 p.m. (with some exceptions (see schedule). Bring the entire family and celebrate with us! FREE ARTS DAY 2009 is coordinated by ArtsWestchester, and sponsored by Target, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. For more information call ArtsWestchester at 914-428-4220 or visit

Think Thrifty: A Benefit for the Hudson River School of Music
Now that they no longer run the preschool, they are selling all of the books, puzzles, furniture, playground equipment, manipulatives, blocks, trucks, bikes, etc., from the preschool. You'll find loads of gifts for the children in your lives at very reasonable prices. Feel free to invite your friends! Monday, December 7 – Wednesday, December 9 from 3:30pm - 5:30pm, and Thursday, December 10 from 11am - 5pm.

Upcoming Films in the Area
Irvington Town Hall Theater
-- "Big Fan" - Wednesday, November 25 @ 8pm
-- "Cosi Fan Tutte" - Sunday, November 29 @ 1pm
-- "The Horse Boy" - Wednesday, December 2 @ 8pm
Save the Date . . . . .
- Friday, November 27 -- Blood Drive | Hastings Public Library
- Tuesday, December 1 -- “Nanuet Cares” | Nanuet Public Library, Community Room
- Thursday, December 3 -- Holidaze Shopping Extravaganza | JW Tumbles, Rye Brook
- Friday, December 4 – Hastings Friday Night LIVE – Holiday Celebration
- Friday, December 4 -- Gilda's Club Westchester Annual Holiday Boutique | The Gilda’s Club of Westchester Townhouse, White Plains
- Sunday, December 6 - Sonny Rollins Performs Benefit Concert for Clearwater! Presented by Jazz Forum Arts at Tarrytown Music Hall
- Thursday, December 10 -- Think Globally, Sing Locally, Take Me to the River Children's Community Chorus Sing with Legendary Folk Singer Pete Seeger | South Presbyterian Church, Dobbs Ferry

another interesting website: lots of info about our communities!


Anonymous said...

Somebody is listening. Thankyou, MOST of the lights at the library have been off for the p[ast two nights. We are almost there!

Supervisor Violates Law said...

Caught texting while driving again on Old Army Rd on sat morning in the town electric car. ( What town business where you engaging in at the time?) Stop tweeting while you are driving. Do not delete comments you dislike. Where is the transparency and freedom of the press?

Anonymous said...

Have been observing more police cars on Central Ave and Underhill. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

5:55 - That's because the Library closes at 5:30 on Friday and Sat. The maintenance man finishes at 9:00P.M. On Tuesday, Wed., and Thurs., the Library closes at 9:00P.M. and the maintenance man goes home at 12 midnight.

Anonymous said...

Can't he /she close the light behind them ?

Anonymous said...

After reading the blogs I looked again at the topic. It is about sharing services and what's going on in Greenburgh this week. Nothing about the library. Some people have a one track mind and can't stop bitching about the library. I wonder whether their foreplay is about the library.

Anonymous said...

The library will be on the cover of a major magazine in December. Good PR for Greenburgh!

hal samis said...

No one denies that the new building is externally dramatic; the complaints I make are about the functionality and the wasted space which are the weight of the tombstone which is carried in its day to day use.

The Architect gets the credit, those that use and pay for it take the hit.

Yes, when viewed from afar the "swoop" looks like a forward thinking statement. But could taxpayers have spent the same dollars and gotten a better building?

Another way to look at it that Ossining which started a year before Greenburgh (with the same Architect) built from scratch the same size building for less money and it too has the same impressive glass curtain wall with the infinity view. However getting their "view" didn't result in wasted space.

Everyone who likes the glass expanse should start at the end and walk along it to the entrance.
This long length is home to how many full-time staffers? Look through the windows and see how much space is wasted because of the use and the width which, of course, matches that of the upstairs. Were that the only back of the house office space there would not be a problem. But on the other side of the building behind the "computer training room" to the end of the building is also back office space (it is here the Library Director hides in her office rather than be visible to the staff and the public. And on the second floor is the reference office and the Assistant Library Director's office and look at all the wasted, unusable space around her office.

So yes, those, who don't know any better or don't understand that this wasted expansion dollars that should have served a more useful purpose, will be impressed. But those who have read my comments know that this is just the tip of the iceberg of design flaws. Flaws that cost you real money from your pockets.

So what does it mean "good PR" for Greenburgh? Who benefits from a magtazine cover that is tossed after a month? First it is the unincorporated Library, not Greenburgh entire. Second, let's assume this will impress new home buyers. How many impressed buyers are there a year vs how many residents (all) are paying for the Library and how many have to use the Library and tolerate an inferior result?

And who is the real beneficiary of the good PR? The Library, the Supervisor? Will the cover picture reduce your taxes?

Ask yourself this: if you were building from the same starting point and could do whatever you wanted: why would you force the most encumbered class of users, those with young kids and strollers etc. to have to go up a flight (a level at twice the height). The old building meant you had to go down a flight; the new Library of the future makes you go up a flight.
This did not have to be. Either by the choice of where to locate the children's area or where to locate the main entrance to the building.

Why are the "more parking spaces" farther away from the entrance than any of the "more parking spaces" which were located around the old Town Hall but no one wanted to use because they were too far away?
This did not have to be.

Why does this new visually "impressive" glass curtain wall admit sunglare when it wasn't supposed to?
This did not have to be.

I could go on but this already is painful to my online rating service who avoid any analysis of what I write other than complaining that I am not dropping the issue.

So, if a magazine like say, Westchester, which exists solely to produce an advertiser friendly environment (anyone ever see them knock an advertiser or even would-be advertiser) runs a puff piece on the Greenburgh Library, I accept the inevitability but know that they didn't have to do very much work or research other than wearing rose-colored glasses.

It is after all an upbeat magazine, not a critical one.

On the other hand, from The Fantastiks, "the mask, put up the mask" and you won't have to see anything bad.

Anonymous said...

SO NOW you are an architect Hal? WHAT a surpriseQ Your talents NEVER cease to amaze me. GET A JOB!

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS for Greenburgh! Our Library on the cover of Library Journal.....

Anonymous said...

You're STILL a jerk Hal.....

Anonymous said...

What exactly do you gain by ranting against the library? Do you get that's done? And please don't start picking apart the word "done", we all know there is still work going on. But what is to be gained about ranting on about the PARKING SPACES?????

Anonymous said...

I was at the library today. Most Greenburgh residents are happy.

Anonymous said...

To abbove You are F.O.S

Anonymous said...

The magazine cover could be Wasteful Governmrnt Spending Monthly.

Anonymous said...

545 Paul
Those people seen at the library were village residents happy they did not have to pay town taxes.

Anonymous said...

From today's Journal News

The Town of Bedford has announced its preliminary 2010 budget with a tax hike of 3.36%. Hmm, let's see, the economic conditions up north must be much better than in Greenburgh with 6.85% tax hike. Greenburgh, "80th best place to live", home of tax hikes almost or more than double nearby communities

Anonymous said...

what is harrison's tax hike? 30%??
What is New Rochelle's?
Lewisboro's hike is also over 20%

Not Censored said...

Why was my comment about consideration of merging the town police with the State Police deleted? Other Westchester locales have done it and are happy with the resulting lower taxes and police services. Why not discuss the idea? No police would be laid off just merged into The State.

Anonymous said...

9:54: we hold the 80th best place to live to a higher standard than you. Most Greenburgh residents are outraged.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Most of us are pleased. Only the few who blog are outraged.

Anonymous said...

Hal is so much like Paul Feiner - they have the emotionaly maturity of a 5-year old. Hal's disdain for the library had nothing to do with the library operations - he dislike the then Director, Demita Gerber because she called him as she saw him, nuts! He carried that vendetta on to the construction and the current Director. He just can't let it go. Hal, maybe you can find a Town with library you like and just move there! Grow up already!

Anonymous said...

Hey 730:

I like the way you think.
Your idea of Hal finding a new home would help elevate the town's status even more!

hal samis said...

I could swear that I saw a budget line for the Library Director.
Yes, I did.
She gets paid to run the Library operation.
If I find fault with how the Library is run, should I be naming a part-time page?
Or would that be called a vendetta.
Of course I am after the Library Director; the buck stops at the top.
And if the Library Board of Trustees are the enablers then I will be after them.

And the vendetta was why I argued about the construction?

It certainly appears convenient to you to sweep all the problems at the Library under the rug and call it a vendetta. Now why would anyone want to do that?

What is going to be different from other Town problems is that if the problem remains, I'm still going to be in your face. Not brought up and forgotten in three months.

Maybe since you represent the truth and reality side you would have some credibility were you to sign your name. Otherwise readers are going to suspect that you have a vested interest in hiding the truth about how the Library operates.

Another anonymous post attacking me and not disproving what I say.

Does anyone not get it yet that I shall respond every time and make this point over and over.

Anonymous said...

Hal, everyone gets it. You will respond every time your name is mentioned and your obsession with the library is called out, and you will always get into everyone's face, because that is the only way anyone in the world will notice your existence.

Anonymous said...

Hal - you're never going to happy with how the library is run - maybe you should study to be librarian so you can run it! Maybe you can buy the bookmobile and start your own library. Maybe you could just move.

Anonymous said...

Hal will never move. Where else is there such a permissive blog where Hal can act out.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say the Wicked Old Witch (Hal)is moving(dead)?

hal marc said...

What is everyone so scared about?

Have I become the most powerful person in Greenburgh (already)?

I post information. No one can find fault with the facts I write; just that I post them.

No one is required to read what I write. No one is required to respond to what I write. Be that as it may, doesn't the glass house rule apply?

And if you're really upset about what I expose regarding the Library, why don't you contribute some money to the Library...something along the lines of putting your money where your mouth is.

Shall I alert them that a wealthy benefactor is about to make a large donation on the condition that they remain completely anonymous?

"But who would give me a million dollars?"

Anonymous said...

Hal, plead all you want. We are on to you, and nobody likes you no matter how much you plead. Except the few creeps, who may be you using the anonymous label.

hal samis said...

To anonymous,

My 12:55 comment, ditto.

Shared Services said...

I was in town hall today. The town board is reportedly considering the advice of a few residents who have urged the town to consider having police services provided by the State Police in a true shared services initiative. It is still in the early review stage.

Anonymous said...

Hal Hal Hal,

In your mind you comment on facts. Giving half of a story is the same as lying.

and as for you being hte most powerful in Greenburgh, maybe you need to share a mirror with Cinderella.

Pro Consolidation and Proud of It said...

Here's an idea for sharing services which will truly save money:
Merge the two (2) Town of Greenburgh departments which provide Recreation services. This will not require special legislation from the State and could be implemented immediately. The only layoffs initially would be Department Heads, Assistant Department Heads and assorted Commissioners. As none of these folks actually do the work, the delivery of services wouldn't suffer - and the layoffs would be very cost effect, removing the highest paid, least productive, employees.
Go for it Paul - deliver on consolidation NOW!!!!!

hal samis said...

Dear AAA (3:04)

You're always welcome to supply what you intimate is the missing half. But you won't do that because you can't. So how else do you get your jollies?

There seems to be a trend by you and your closefriends. Reading something and then completely ignoring what was written and intended.

Even though you know I won't let this stupidity go unanswered. Here's what I wrote:
"What is everyone so scared about?
Have I become the most powerful person in Greenburgh (already)?"

You know and bloggers know that what I wrote was an acknowledgement that no one pays attention so when I write the truth what's the downside to you even when the truth comes out.

But clearly you are running scared.

So how did what I wrote become (in your head) that I believe I am the most powerful person in Greenburgh?

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all"?

Not you, 3:04.

Anonymous said...

Hal Hal Hal,

You still have NO CONCEPT that people do NOT read your BS. If you GOT TO THE POINT, and clearly made your position known in a civil manner, people would actually read AND understand. BUT, you prefer teh grandstanding approach. And with that, NOTHING you say makes sense and your LONG WINDED writings are seen as if they were written by BOZO. Remember him? He was a clown, very similar to you. Same eyes, same nose, same shoes....

Anonymous said...

HHH: actually, I read Hal's comments but not any that start with "Hal Hal Hal"

Anonymous said...

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