Monday, November 02, 2009


CBS newsman unveils collection of drawings at Greenburgh Town Hall
By Theresa Juva • • November 2, 2009

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GREENBURGH - Nick Young first found artistic inspiration in a most unlikely place: the courtroom of the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

The Elmsford man worked as a CBS radio correspondent, covering the trial from the Los Angeles courtroom and a New York radio studio. To cope with long hours of witness testimony when he had nothing to say on air, he began sketching in his studio.

"I got the idea that I would sketch the face of one of the witnesses," Young said. "I did it on napkin that had been left in the studio, and then I took it and tacked it on the wall. And then I did another and tacked that up, and pretty soon I had quite a little collection."

Young has come a long way since those paper napkins.

On Sunday, the 60-year-old opened his first public exhibit, a collection of 33 pencil portraits and drawings at the Madeleine Gutman Gallery in Greenburgh Town Hall.

Young now enjoys drawing the faces of blues musicians , such as Etta James and John Lee Hooker.

"There was no intent to ever make it professional or to turn it into something like this, but it's been a very pleasant surprise for me," he said at Sunday's opening. "I hope people like what they see."

He cites a sketch of Miles Davis, which was drawn from a photograph, as his favorite piece. The jazz performer appears with an intense gaze, and a finger pressed against his mouth. Young also has a few Buddhism-inspired drawings, created in the quick, effortless style of Zen brush painting.

Sarah Bracey White, executive director of arts and culture for Greenburgh and the gallery curator, said Young's work captures personalities.

"There is something very haunting about his work," she said. "And every portrait artist wants to produce work that gives the viewer a sense of the person, (but) he really brings them to life. He gives you a spirit of them."

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner discovered Young's artwork on Facebook and arranged for him to show his work.

"My nieces are studying art in college, and I appreciate good work," Feiner said. "I like these sketches, and he is really talented."

Young, who has anchored "The World News Roundup," said he hasn't ruled out making drawing a second career.

"Life is full of surprises , and this was a great surprise for me in my 40s to discover this was something I can do," he said.

He added: "It's the old lesson that if you have a creative urge, then give it a little room, nurture it and who knows what can happen."

The exhibit runs until Dec. 31.


Jim Lasser said...

At the risk of sounding cranky, what does this have to do with governing the Town of Greenburgh?
Yesterday on the blog someone asked how the Town arrived at the "upset" prices on the parcels which must be sold to keep the B Fund Balance intact. The Supervisor hasn't offered an answer.It seems unlikely he hasn't had time to formulate one as he did have time to review the art work.
So, Mr Feiner, on this bright Monday morning, could you please enlighten us about what happens if the sales of "surplus" properties yields less than the budgeted amount?
Are the funds received through the sales actually "new dollars" or do they represent a repayment of funds advanced to the issuers of tax warrants in previous years? (Mike Kolesar's expertise would be welcome here.)
It would seem that if the properties came to the Town in tax settlements, counting the proceeds of the auctions is a form of double counting. Didn't the anticipated property tax revenues from these foreclosed properties count towards balancing a past budget? If those budgets weren't balanced, didn't the revenue shortfall get erased by using the Fund Balance (probably through a Budget Transfer resolution)and shouldn't these auction proceeds be used to replace funds previously taken from the Fund Balance?
If they should be restored to the Fund Balance, then isn't using them to balance the current budget exactly the same as using the Fund Balance to keep taxes down. Didn't you all promise not to spend down the Fund Balance in the interests of fiscal integrity?
As long as the answer won't affect tomorrow's election results, don't taxpayers deserve the courtesy of a complete and truthful explanation?

hal samis said...

Oh my gosh, it's budget time again and the Town Supervisor is in his art appreciation mode. Great! Keep up the good work, Paul. You've made the point that residents can have artwork on display and do so through volunteers like yourself cruising facebook. An excellent reason to eliminate the Arts Council (one person) and save the taxpayers money.

What if you're too busy to keep cruising facebook and twitter and this blog and your radio show and decide to actually do some real Town work -- will all of the Town's art patrons have to suffer?

Well there is always that old chestnut of displaying the artwork of the Town's school children. That wouldn't cost anything either and might even provide you with more photo-ops at Town Board meetings.

So thanks for supplying the rope. You've shown us that when times are tough, you can be creative and find a way to reduce expenses. The Town does not need to hire an Ossining resident at an annual cost of $60,000 to hang pictures at Town Hall.

Please instruct the Town Comptroller to remove this superfluous line item from the budget.

And post directions to the Jacobs Family gallery at the Library.

question for candidate samis said...

do any other towns have
a paid arts council position?

your election campaign starts wednesday.... lets get to work.

double dip must go.

Anonymous said...

The question is, where is the money for the arts council coming from. NYT article 1988 pre Madeleine Gutman:
"The Arts and Culture Committee receives about $40,000 of its approximately $60,000 yearly budget from the town, with additional funds provided by the Chemical Bank-Westchester, the Chase Manhattan Bank and agencies such as Meet the Composer and Film/Video Arts."

Director of Arts council Director:
2004 $44.6K
2005 $48K (Sarah Bracey White starts)
2006 $49.4
2007 $50.9
2008 $52.4
2009 52.4 (no raise boo hoo)

Sarah Bracey White has received salary increases totaling 17% since our last director. PS she ain't no Gutman either. If you read the NYT article you will see that the Arts council doesn't offer what was offered back then.

ed krauss said...

Only in America does a poor stuggling radio reporter find a second career creating sketches and finds a munificent elected official who, free of charge, gives him a gallery to exhibit his work.

Town folk are losing their jobs; taking second and sometimes third jobs to pay the exorbitant taxes necessatated by the gross fiscal mismanagement of Paulie and his revolving board of obsequious sychophants.

Yes it's that time of the year when we'll be exposed ad nauseum to speeches telling us how long and hard the "board" works to keep taxes down. All the while we still have an arts council and a giveaway of government space paid for by tax payers cavaliery given away free.

Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead. And tomorrow, please remember, A LEVER SAVED IS A LEVER EARNED.


Show then and the print media, Greenburgh is on to their act.

Anonymous said...

We need I write in campaign to send a message to Paul. I am definitely writing in Samis and Bernstein.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Bracey White is doing an exceptional job for our town. Her dedication to teh arts coupled with the number of hours she puts in is impressive. The three pieces of sculpture at Town Hall, the Library and HArt's Brook are exquisite! Sarah - I for one appreciate your work and THANK YOU!

Shocked said...

Nobody dislikes art or Ms. White. We simply can not afford this $52,400 salary in today's economy. Increase of 17 % , very interesting.
Where is the outrage?

Anonymous said...

should the fed's also eliminate support for the arts?

gallery cut? said...

if art is sold, does the town get a cut?

if not, more examples of town misfunction.

Anonymous said...

President Obama today released the final details of his FY 2010 budget request to Congress which includes the nation’s cultural agencies and programs, including the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Institute for Museums and Library Services (IMLS), and the Department of Education’s Arts in Education program. Write your members of Congress and tell them to support funding for these cultural agencies.

As Americans for the Arts President & CEO Robert Lynch noted in a press statement, "The president's proposed funding of $161 million would take the NEA to its highest funding level in 15 years and will help continue the upward trend of budgetary growth that Congress established several years ago. In contrast to the previous administration, this year's budget includes funding for the Arts in Education program at the Department of Education at $38.16 million. We hope that Congress will build on these initial budget requests to secure even higher funding levels to address the needs of the arts and arts education community."

On Arts Advocacy Day, artists Wynton Marsalis, Linda Ronstadt and Josh Groban joined Americans for the Arts and over 550 arts advocates from around the country to testify on Capitol Hill and to meet with congressional leaders to request $200 million for the NEA and $53 million for arts education. These requests are just some of the legislative priorities for the nonprofit arts community in 2009.

A breakdown of the President’s budget request is as follows:

Federally Funded Arts Program FY 2009 Enacted Appropriations (in millions) FY 2010 President’s Budget Request (in millions)
National Endowment for the Arts $155 $161
National Endowment for the Humanities $155 $161
Institute of Museum and Library Services $274.8* $266
U.S. Dept. of Education’s Arts in Education $38.1 $38.1
*includes $11 million in Congressional earmarks

Next Steps
As you know, the President’s budget is the first step in the appropriations process. While it serves as an important framework, Congress has the power to set its own priorities and change these funding levels. That’s where you come in.

Arts advocates can make their voices heard by writing their members of Congress and urging them to support funding for arts and culture through the NEA and increase funding for arts in education programs. We have provided you with a customizable letter, as well as several talking points to help you craft your message. We recommend you add your own thoughts and stories about why the arts are important to you and your community.



Anonymous said...

Support for Public Broadcasting and the Arts
Nita Lowey is a strong supporter of funding for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), which is part of the government-run Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). She famously brought the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie to a congressional hearing in the 1990s after the new Republican majority in Congress in 1994 threatened to privatize PBS.

In 2005, Republicans again tried to dramatically slash the budget for the CPB, but Lowey led a coalition of representatives including House Appropriations ranking member David Obey (D-Wis.) and then-Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa) in reducing the cuts to $100 million and restoring funding for children’s broadcasting.Silver, Josh “PBS Controversy: The Bottom Line,” The Huffington Post, June 25, 2005(17)Silver, Josh “PBS Controversy: The Bottom Line,” The Huffington Post, June 25, 2005She has also been an active supporter of the National Endowment for the Arts(NEA) and was the first person in Congress named to the board of the NEA as part of a compromise brokered between the White House and Republicans who were attempting to dismantle the federal agency in 1997.Daily News Washington Bureau, “Lowey 1st in Congress Named to Arts Board,” The Daily News, December 9th, 1999(18)Daily News Washington Bureau, “Lowey 1st in Congress Named to Arts Board,” The Daily News, December 9th, 1999

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could spend $25,000 or $35,000 instead ?

One page One Post said...

Paul that is any LONGER

Anonymous said...

No one is knocking Ms. White. We just simply cannot afford her.

Anonymous said...

How about this for a thought "outside of the box"?

Why not require that any Arts activitybe fully self funding, i.e. at no cost to the overall tax base. Thus if you are interested in the Arts, with your tax cut / reduction in taxes, you could contribute whatever to the Greenburgh arts activity, almost like a user fee charged for certain recreation programs or fees charged by the building department - only those who benefit pay.

hal samis said...

Come on, 50% of the job is hanging pictures. Artists should be paying the Town for the right to use its walls for the sale of their products. Artists should be doing the hanging. Many of the artists are not even from Greenburgh. And what is wrong with the idea that the walls of town buildings could instead be used to display student artwork?

As for the poetry side, hey what about having this run out of the Library? Aren't they big-time believers in reading, literacy...
Poets, like artists, like to sell their published work and here's an equation that sums it up:
Artists + display space is to picture sales as
Poets + readings is to poetry sales.

But if there is such interest in the arts as some would have all others believe, then the answer for harsh economic times is obvious.


What's the difference having fees for tennis lessons, business permits, building permits, FOIL copie or every other revenue builder that the Town Board is creating and/or increasing for residents AND providing ART to those who really want it, not being able to obtain this experience anyplace other than at Town buildings. If there are so many residents interested, let THEM pay to maintain the total cost of the so-called Arts Council.
At its budgeted expense of $55,000you only need 55 residents paying $1000 each; 110 paying $550; or 550paying $100. Any one interested?
How about if the Town Board throws in a free set if ginsu knives with each application? Or 1000 people paying $55? Still no takers? How about three residents for $150? Plus the amazing vegematic for free -- cuts, slices, dices...

Well either there aren't enough people willing to put there wallets where their mouths are or, there aren't enough people interested or, those with wallets don't need an Arts Council. Those who do want one are mostly the same bunch of free-loaders that Feiner caters to by using everyone else's money to pay their way. And I'm not talking Feiner leading the TRULY DESERVING OR NEEDY to the promised land. I'm talking about Feiner finding funds for Fairview freebies.

Anyone taken notice what the Arts Council is really about? Any common characteristics smong the artists, poets, programs, hangers on?

And if Johnny can't write a poem or understand one without an Arts Council, start pounding on the school district door or at your Xposure program.

Or hello, Westchester Arts Council.

Hurry, my anonymous gropers, get those racist cards out before they expire.

hell of a town said...

you dont get it.
greenburgh needs an arts council.

it wouldnt be greenburgh without an arts council. its ranking as a leading place to live would suffer.

in feinerville, an arts council is an essential service.

hal, you philistine. for shame to deny the good citizens of greenburgh an arts council.

what other town has the courage to fund an arts council in the middle of a near depression? only greenburgh.

hal, be proud of your town. artists are welcome in greenburgh.
just like villagers in taxter ridge.

Art Lover said...

How can Arts take priority over police and sanitation? Were there any major cuts made to the arts program?

Anonymous said...

Every line on the budget is suspect. Do not believe Paul when he says he's made cuts. He is outright telling lies.

Trick or treat!
TDYCC Estimated to be over budget by 151K in 09. 108% of actual 2008 costs! Transfers into line sometime after 09 budget approval amounting to 57K. Where is the rest of the money coming from?
TDYCC 2010 tentative budget to be reduced by 8% but who would care? Don't believe it. Paul will make transfers into the line when it suits him. All you can eat BBQ/Family day? Xposure?

Yes folks!

The TDYCC 2009 expenditures are 8% higher than the 2008 actual expenditures and 5% higher than the 2009 budget.
*blink blink*

Anonymous said...

Speaking of art. What the hell is that thing growing in the parking lot of the Library? Some people are calling it a sculpture. Now why don't we put up an American Flag at this public building!!!

Anonymous said...

If you think that one is ugly you should see the one at the entrance of Hartsbrook preserve. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Twitter/Blogger said...

I would much rather plug an art show for a friend (or a book plugging me as a twitter) than deal with those upsetting questions about my budget. BTW, The Penn State Band will perform after the poetry reading at the next Town Bd mtg to reduce the troubling comment time period .

Anonymous said...

What is the rental fee received by Town for this commercial enterprise?

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are upset that the budget came in with a tax hike that is less than you predicted or expected. You're hoping for failure, not success.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not with the number Feiner came up with, but rather it's how he got there. Instead of cutting where he should be cutting, he engages in foolhardy gimmicks, like the $2.5 million land sale which, like this year's $750,000 land sale, which never happened, may not generate much at all. And then he cuts essential essential services, like $250,000 in police overtime to handle staffing shortages, which will surely bite us in the butt.

hal samis said...

Now hold your laughter until the end as you read this. You may be tempted just because I am writing it, but wait for the green light.
Because it's you who are reading this -- who are paying for it.

1) $3,272,000
2) $3,337,345
3) $3,319,197
4) $3,296,974

What are these numbers?

Line 1 is the 2009 Library Budget
line 2 is the 2009 modified Budget
line 3 is the 2009 "actual" est.
line 4 is the 2010 Library Budget

All numbers taken from the tentative 2010 Library Budget, page 137.

The Library says they will find it tough to live with the 2010 number and may have to cut services, hours and programs as the result. Some line items went up; some went down, some were because of the Library, some were because of the Town.

This particular post however is not about examining the Library Budget, its ins and outs.

The difference, for no purpose other than your adding to your stock of useless information, between the highest and lowest of these numbers is $65,000 rounded.

Separately, the 2010 Budget for the one person "Arts Council" is $55,000 rounded.

If the Library Board is really strapped (and when I get into their budget I'll have a better idea) and if times are tough on everyone and if the Town Board never heeded our advice and didn't prepare for the obvious declines coming in sales tax, mortgage tax and the increases in pension funding etc...

If all of these are true and the result is still higher taxes for unincorporated residents, wouldn't it be better not to see even one penny of an increase spent on an Arts Council Director from Ossining and more money going to the Library which cost taxpayers over $20 million to expand just in time to contemplate service reductions and cutbacks in hours open.

Hold back your laugh until you read what's coming.

Hold it.

Just a little bit more.

Here it is!

"Anything she can do, the Library can do better." Yes it can.

Anonymous said...

Anybody with a creative urge should be working on the town budget. Or looking for a way to unload the useless land that is budgeted to be sold.

question for candidate samis said...

is the arts council in the A or B budget?

Write in campaign said...

When you go into the voting booth the area for write ins is at the top of the panel. Just slide the window open and write in your choice. The windows have numbers that correspond to the position you are voting for. The Supervisor is 10 and the Town Council is 11 and 12.

Lets send a message!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To write in: My wife and I will be putting in for Mike Kolesar fpr two write ins people please send a message to start ot get this Joker out as supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Is the spece being rented out to the artists so they can display their works.

How much are you charging?

Anonymous said...

What kind of artwork is displayed at Hartsbrook park.
The person who designed it must be on some kind of dope.
It's a disgrace to put such a mess on display .
It should have been hidden in the woods some where where dogs would be allowed to pee on.

hal samis said...

Dear 6:29,

Arts Council is in the A budget.
Like Hester Prynne, "A" is not the real issue.

Is the Town Board seriously committed to cutting expenses or not?

The Arts Council, viewed by itself in any one year, is representative of an Attitude more than the actual cost. I have reminded residents of this item every year for five years and every year it returns, albeit now at about $10,000 less than the high water mark.

But five years @ $60,000 average is $300,000.

And by the same token, each of these "minor" items becomes significant when all are totalled together yearly and then this cost viewed over a 5 or 10 year period.

And the "Attitude" is that even though the services provided can be replicated within existing structures and much of it need not be provided at any cost, the Town Board is determined to spend everyone's dollars rather than turn away a single partisan voter.

Residents have been manipulated by the Town Board into viewing "A" and "B" issues as a war zone pitting unincorporated against incorporated. These sown seeds of marginalization is what keeps the Town Board in business and in command of the dais. And the very embodiment of marginalization is witnessed by the moving Maginot lines that spring up after every new issue is introduced. Keep em fighting each other and they'll be too busy to fight the master builder.

So, don't let yourself be one of the victims; aim your spears at the heart of the matter. The 2010 budget is a timed release delivery that will mutate rapidly following today's election, the sale date of surplus properties and the delayed Fortress Bible decision.

Examine the budget for its flaws, its excesses and its chicanery. This is not the time to be hung up on who writes the check, A or B.
The issue for taxpayers is whether it belongs anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The hell with who is running here in Greenburgh. Write in your choice.
Yes you may loose your vote in doing so but someone will get the message that the residents are fed up with what is sitting on the dias .

The write ins will prepare the way for the next election.

Anonymous said...

well you already took away my comment concerning the safety of the children of Greenville by removing the chain across the roadway.
In the past years many complained about this chain making it very hard to park and walk to the school to vote. Your answer was the children safety came first.
What happened this time you are running unapposed so it's ok ,,,let's be nice to the voters.

Paul you and your Greenburgh running mates are a disgrace.
We are sending out a message to the four of you ----TAKE A WALK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Write in Campaign said...

When you go into the voting booth the area for write ins is at the top of the panel. Just slide the window open and write in your choice. The windows have numbers that correspond to the position you are voting for. The Supervisor is 10 and the Town Council is 11 and 12.

Lets send a message!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are 57,069 voters in greenburgh, how few will vote for Paul.

Anonymous said...

Who is the pithy 11 pm commentator?

1. Some of you guys are upset that the budget came in with a tax hike that is less than you predicted or expected. You're hoping for failure, not success.

11/02/2009 11:12 PM

2. The town is well run. The few bloggers who devote their lives blogging are upset.

11/02/2009 11:13 PM

3. do you have a job? Or do you spend your work days reading and commenting on this blog?

11/02/2009 11:15 PM

Any guesses?

hal samis said...

Or the commentator to be pitied?

memo to hall said...

the point about the A budget is that the A budget is going up quite a bit and this arts council frill must go. village residents should know that they are paying for a service they dont need and that only assists those in unincorporated. its an outrage but so far there are no candidates.

we are hoping you will start running tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"Another way to look at is that it's damn white of the Town Supervisor to keep the Lefkowitz family in service. To all other taxpayers, it's advantage out."

Huh? This is a quote from a Samis post. I'm saving this post for when you attempt to run for ANYTHING in this town.

You have the nerve to postulate about something Kapica supposedly said that was "racist" - all hearsay - or Halsay (because if you say it must be true.

And your not so veiled innuendos about the type of art/artists being considered....what exactly is that supposed to mean in light of what the town should or should not spend money on?

Keep on making friends this way, you'll do great next year with your 4 votes - figure it out.

hal samis said...

Dear 1:57,

Gee, you can cut and paste too, extracting and importing from a posting on the blog's Town Budget topic.

A posting starting with "Tennis, anyone?"

Unless you are masking a subtle approach to bringing up fire district consolidation, let me hasten to put out your fire.

This was only my humor, obviously lobbed over your head.
Here's what I wrote that struck you as gold to be mined.

"Another way to look at (it) is that it's damn white of the Town Supervisor to keep the Lefkowitz family in service. To all other taxpayers, it's advantage out."

Given that this was a post about whether all this tennis expense was something that should be continued in harsh times and rising taxes, maybe you should reread my quote.

A Primer for those with Poisened Paens

white...the traditional color found on tennis courts

in service...the ball is ready to be served and played (similar to court is now in session) or,

in service...the English (England) description of fetch and carry

English...putting spin on the ball Feiner describes the budget

advantage out...the higher score is that of your opponent

And silly you, you species of a bottom feeder,

lobbed...a gracefully executed, high, arched ball return intended to make the receiver chase after the it (similar to a dog fetching)

Advantage in! Do not pass go, do not collect $200 but proceed directly to Jail which brings me to

And, where or when have I ever accused of Kapica of a racist slur?
I am as much in the dark as others on this blog (uh oh...instead of dark replace that with confused) and would welcome any explanation.

Careful, I've explained my use of white, now you should explain your use of "light" -- see below.

"what exactly is that supposed to mean in light of what the town should or should not spend money on?"

But do save my blog quotes. I hear that they're going for big bucks on Craigslist. Especially the ones that the Supervisor deletes. And with winter coming, you might want to collect snowflakes too. I hear there's someone in Florida willing to pay premiums for unusual designs.

One good flake deserves another.

Anonymous said...

Nice attempt at back pedaling Hal, but you have dug yourself in this time.

Anonymous said...

Hal ask the board members maybe some one will set you straight as to what Kapica said.
They cannot keep this remark to themselves any longer.
Too bad that it was kept a secret up to now.
If it were presented to the Fairview community before election Feiner ,Juettner and Sheehan would loose big time.

hal samis said...

Please, do me a favor and try and market your version. I think I remember that even Herb Rosenberg understands tennis.

Be the test of the power of anonymous.

But there is something to be served by (the initial effort by a player to score a point in tennis) your post;
that being the reminder to ask those who write about Kapica to explain what they're insinuating; obviously I won't get very far asking the Board members anything.

Or asking 4:03 with the shovel if he/she knows? C'mon, cat gut your tongue?
(cat gut, popular name of the material used in stringing tennis rackets)

Anonymous said...

Paul has deleted all comments concerning Chief Kapica. The coverup continues.........

Mr. Cinque said...

Mr. Cinque said...
Paul, incase you want to know I did not vote for you.

Sincerly Mr. Cinque

Anonymous said...

Just come out and condemn the Chief's racist remarks and put this issue to rest

Picasso said...

Save my art from house burglaries, hire more police

Worried said...

Will the arts consultant come to my house and provide security so my pictures and paintings are not stolen.

Anonymous said...

hal ask one of the reverends in Fairview he will give you an answer if he is a true man of the cloth.
The apology was in public so he will not be giving out information that was said in confidence,

Anonymous said...


It is not much use because Feiner keeps deleting the posts but if you see this before he does, this is what happened:

Kapica personally threatened an African American prisoner by saying that he was going to get a noose and string him up in the parking lot of police hq. People heard this racist rant and Kapica apologized to members of the African American community. Feiner and Sheehan covered it up for political purposes.

Anonymous said...

Kapica doesn't have a racist bone is his body. He used a poor choice of words for which he apologized. If he had used these same words about a white prisoner would anyone have objected? I think we all have someone we'd like to string up - due to their actions and not their race. I can think of 4 local elected officials off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

Poor choice of words. Racism is reprehensible in any form. Stop making excuses. Where were the Boards condemnations? The continued coverup by our leaders makes the matter even worse.

move on said...

kapica is well respected in the black community. he has done the heavy lifting to integrate the force.

now lets move on.

first things first - arrest capt. double dip just like they arrested bruno upstate for using public office to enrich himself.

Anonymous said...

This is Greenburgh New York in the year 2009. It is not Mississippi in 1959. Someone in a position of power who threatens a black man with a noose, especially the Chief of Police, is reprehensible and should have been condemned by the Town Board. The fact that Feiner and Sheehan covered it up so as not to damage their re-election is even worse.

If a Police Chief threatens a black prisoner with a noose how far away are we from police officers planting evidence on black people?

Anonymous said...


Don't promote Double Dip. He was only a Detective. Hence is new and improved name, Detective Double Dip.

Not Moving On said...

to Move On
A noose threat is a terrible crime. Where is the outrage and condemnations? This is a major scandal and a town disgrace.

Anonymous said...

It is not a major scandal - it is still all hearsay. It is easy to jump on the politically correct band wagon without all the facts. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Move on you have got to be kidding.
This should have hit the papers way before election time.
Both Feiner and Sheehan and I must say Morgan since he is the police laison covered this situation up.

The way this happened to a black person it could also happen to a white person.
Where does it stop.

hal samis said...

Dear 2:29,

Before moving day occurs (something unlikely because many residents are unable to sell their homes),

Did the Chief apologize yes or no?
If he did, then there must have been a reason for his apology.

What did he apologize for? Heresay?

It is true that none of this means anything today or going forward because the Chief will no longer be the Chief.

His departure however is not justification to cover-up anything, at the time it occurred and certainly not now. Maybe, it would be tolerable if a newly hired recruit made a "stupid" mistake and received some form of sanction.
But for the Chief of Police? The guy who walks around with a loaded gun? The bloggers comment that this is not Mississippi in 1959 is especially apt. The response by the Town Board as Commissioners of Police should have been anywhere from a public dressing down (like during one of "brief" moments before the start of the Town Board meeting), to suspension to termination.

Of course to be fair, the Town Board should not single out just one Department head, there are at least four other Department heads that should receive the same treatment although for different lapses of judgement.

Although, were the Chief to threaten these other Department heads with a noose, I might be tempted to reverse my opinion.

Finally, let's not throw up a smoke screen and try and compare budget issues regarding the TDYCC and what the Chief is alleged to have said as the same thing.

This is not Greenburgh in 1999 either.

Anonymous said...

I believe the ACLU needs to be alerted. We might be sitting on top of a volcano here. An abusive police chief and a town board that covers up for him is not a good sign for people of color. The possibility of tainted evidence being introduced in police investigations is a very real one now. I believe that a review of prosecutions involving African American's is warranted here.

Anonymous said...

the town is good at covering things up. Trash for cash, theft at the community center, Police Chiefs racial comments. These are the ones we know of. If we only knew what other cover ups there are.

hal samis said...

According to Money Magazine, MSN plus the Amazing and Incredible weekend events, Greenburgh is a cool place to live.

That's why we need cover-ups.

And 3:52, don't give Feiner any ideas. Next thing we'll be finding out is that he wants to build a volcano in Taxter Ridge...

the first town to have a volcano in Westchester -- paid for by the residents of unincorporated.

Anonymous said...

What can be done to expose the coverups at Town Hall? The next elction is two years away. What can we do now?

Anonymous said...

The volcano will be constructed and paid for by Incorporated residents only and in keeping with policy shall be free to all village residents. Still no parking available for all unfortunately.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear 4:55PM:

If you FOIL for my electronic files and analyses, you would start to get an idea of what you don't know about. As one Council member said to my face after I had briefed this individual on a number of items, "Mike, you have enough C 4 in this office to blow this place sky high." (Thursday, September 11, 2008, at about 4:30 PM after 2 1/2 hours - FOIL my calendar for that day). ( I have a very good memory.)

Anonymous said...


Your comments are always appreciated however, if you have knowledge of something that is possibly illegal in nature, take it to the State or the Westchester County DA. Don't be a tease on this board. You only serve to get people more frustrated. If you have proof of wrongdoing, take it to the proper authority. If it isn't illegal, then you don't have anything. Its that simple.

Anonymous said...

Mike: Weren't you part of the town for a year?

Michael Kolesar said...

To 7:24 PM:

What's your question?

Why won't you identify yourself ? Surely, the Supervisor won't come after you.

Yankees leading 4-1.

To 6:51 PM:

The "items" may or may not be "illegal", but aren't you interested? FOIL away.

I am fully aware of the various options. It would not be very smart to reveal what may be in process.

Anonymous said...

Mike at 9:19

Be like "Mo" and "save" us from the Feiner regime! You don't need to tell anyone what you are up to, JUST DO IT!!!! The OSC is sure to listen to you.

As a Yankee fan you know what I am talking about!


Anonymous said...

Paul won't post how many write in votes went against him. Embaressed?????? Less than 20% of registered voters voted for you. If this isn't a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE, what is?

Anonymous said...

Give us the total of the write in votes.
What were the names listed.
You must give us this inv=formation.
We need to see whom we have to endorse the next time arround.

Anonymous said...

Suggesting that a noose be put around the neck of an
African American Person is equivalent to making a statement to someone who is Jewish "get the ovens ready." These are racial code words and must not be tolerated. An investigation is called for to get to the bottom of these charges including the so-called cover up by Paul Feiner and members of the Town Board.

Anonymous said...

The noose comment is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. My concern is that while Kapica is retiring that unless the Feiner makes an immediate and strong statement to all employees, including all PD, that this is totally unacceptable, and anyone who says something like this may be retiring before they expected.

Why are federal charges being puseued.

Anonymous said...

If the man is so racist why would he be part of the cover up for the community center. The tdycc is in a african american community. Definitely a bad choice of words. But if he was a racist I think he would have enjoyed burying the tdycc. Unless he was afraid of being fired and losing his nice pension.

Anonymous said...

Paul what is that rotten tree exhibit turned into some kind of """"work of art"""".
Now I know that you do need a shrink if you think that this is precious.

Get rid of it . it is the most hidious thing I have ever seen.
It's so bad that the birds keep off of it and poop from above it.

Anonymous said...

Dear 6:19

Chief Kapica spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on the investigation. If it didn't go anywhere, it is not because he didn't try. On the contrary, weeks were spent on the investigation by several detectives.

Anonymous said...


why no comment from you? Francis? Cat got your tounges??????

Michael Kolesar said...

I was the individual who uncovered the payroll problem involving the TDYCC. I never saw the "final" report, but sources tell me that there is no mention of my findings in the report. Cover up? I'd say so. Let me see the report.

Anonymous said...


Francis??? Francis is hiding so deep undercover he doesn't even know where he is!

Francis is not good on the defensive. He only likes it when he is the one abusing people. Remember the Hartsdale woman you made cry when you were on the Zoning Board Francis? Do you remember threatening the Supervisor of the Valhalla Schol District Francis?

No wonder Francis aided Paul in the coverup of Kapica's remarks. His personal history would have come back to haunt him.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. I just spoke to a friend that, on my recommendation, called TDYCC to enroll her child into the lifeguard program. She called me out of frustration because the has left several messages at TDYCC for information and has not received a call back from anyone.

The town brochure has Lifeguard training dates listed as 1-13,2009? No explanation. Fee's TBA.

Water safety Instructor: Dates TBA Fee-TBA.

I feel foolish for pointing my friend in this direction after she told me that she was going to sign up for a costly program at the Y. My words exactly "Don't be silly. You pay for these programs. Use them!"

It has become increasing hard to defend the center. This is a perfect example of why people, rightfully, criticize it.

Hartsdale Home Owner said...

I don't know much about Mr. Sheehan, but I do know that when Manor Woods had the massive community meeting last month with the Police Dept and Town Board, several people noted that Mr. Sheehan, the only Hartsdale resident on the Board, did not show up or bother to send along an excuse for his absence.

hal samis said...

Far be it from me to defend Mr. Sheehan, especially since I have a complaint against him at the Ethics Board.

But fair is fair and I support both sides of the sentence.

Mr. Sheehan's mother was in the hospital for an extended period and Francis was the good son. This was no state secret but it is understandable that not all residents were aware. I was at the meeting too but if there was an announcement, I was not paying attention. If there was none, then that is something that any member of the Town Board should have provided out of respect for a peer.

What was more off-putting to me was that given that the meeting was called with the recent car break-ins as the centerpiece , you would expect the Police to have been better prepared; knowing in advance what was to be discussed. Especially since it was their choice to discuss a specific incident/vehicle.

Didn't it bother you that when a neighbor asked if the car was "alarmed", both Kapica and DeCarlo (the equivalent of two Police units) looked at each other for assistance and were only rescued from further humiliation by the correct answer coming from the car's owner who was seated in the back?
Doing their homework and bringing the files would in retrospect have been the logical sidearm for the meeting.

Kapica is always much better prepared to bs when EMS is brought up.

And if Kapica hadn't taken over the meeting and let DeCarlo speak for the Department, residents might have gotten a better picture of how their concerns would be handled by the person who will actually be holding the reins.

Finally, an annual question to the Chief seeking an answer, how many Police Officers work at the Police Station? You saw the Chief's lips move but did you hear an answer?

Anonymous said...

Hal, to answer your question in one word. Alot!

hal samis said...

I know but why can't taxpayers get an exact answer?

No Justice, No Peace said...

The town board should address if the Police Chief either did or did not do what has been reported. Put the controversy to rest.

No Justice, No Peace said...

The town board should address if the Police Chief either did or did not do what has been reported. Put the controversy to rest.

Anonymous said...

What does Kapica's comment matter at this point?
He's gone and Feiner and friends have been re-elected. Kapica's retirement package was completed long ago, and is not subject to change. Feiner will continue to ignore the law and imperil the Town. As long as the Villages and Fairview continue to get what they need from him, and they will, nothing will change - no matter what stupid, silly, or slanderous thing Kapica may have said.
Gorw up. This is Greenburgh - The 80th Best Place to Live in America!

Anonymous said...

You are right , let's just sweep Kapica's shameful comments under the rug.It will be easier and more pleasant for all. Did he not wear a uniform representing Greenburgh? I am ashamed for Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

If Feiner & Co. have no problems with sweeping racist comments by a police chief under the rug, what else are they capable of doing???????

the answer said...

very simple - maintaining two recreation departments - one for fairview and one for everyone else.

call it racist, call it immoral, either way its outrageous.

Anonymous said...

I noticed there are posters hanging in the meeting room about the mentoring program for foster children. I have no objection as it's a worthy cause but I do question whether other important social not-for-profits have been invited to do the same? I believe too that several Town Board members signed up as mentors and thus they felt the free advertising justified. Have these members held up to their obligations as mentors - a little birdie told me they have not!

Anonymous said...

I think this was just a poor choice of words from the Chief - I've known him for nearly 20 years and know he is not a racist. He apologized - move on!

How come no one thinks it's racist to have 2 Parks & Rec departments - one for the white part of Town and one for the African American part of Town - why are they not consolidated? Why are we paying for two very expensive levels of administration which only provide a duplication of service? The Supervisor thinks it's important to consolidate Fire Districts? He doesn't control these so words are easy. I haven't heard him say a word about consolidating FDYCC & Parks/Rec. Talk about contradictions!

Not Moving on.Com said...

Poor choice of words, I think not. How can you so easily dismiss such reprehensible comments. Where,when was the apology and to whom?

Anonymous said...

Geez, everyone is so precious here. Poor choice of words is correct - if in fact the man did say something (and I'm still not convinced that he did) - sound like he picked the wrong words. Onward and upward.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere said...

Dear, dear 10:46

You seem to be quite the forgiving type. You seem to also know about the Chief's apology. You seem to know alot about what is going on. Possibly you are a member of our illustrious Town Board. Do you also want to move on from the town board's coverup of this issue? What else should the population of greenburgh move on from? Is every coverup OK as long as Paul is involved? What about the rights of the African American who was abused by the Chief. Who speaks for him? By covering up this incident the town board sets a precedent by allowing the abuse of minorities. Abuse of this type should NEVER BE covered up. It needs to be exposed and dealt with so that it does not happen again. Chief Kapica may or may not be a racist. The Town Board HAS DEFINITELY acted in an immoral and possibly illegal fashion. What were to happen if we find out that another department head used racist language? Do we cover that up as well? When does it end?

Equality 4 All said...

Dear 11/10/2009 10:46 AM

Sir, please do not call anyone "White " We are Caucasian. Treat people with the same respect. You did not say " Black" you said Afro-Amercian.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Hal Samis has read this and taken note, since he note that it was "white of Paul" in his response to the tennis blogs. Let's get over ourselves and move on.

Move On.Org said...

Move On
So we should just forget the reprehensible comments by the highest law enforcement officer of our town to avoid any unpleasantness and get on with business as usual. Would Martin Luther King or our President agree?

Anonymous said...

Dear 4:28PM
A good Christian would forgive and forget. "Turn the other cheek" ring any bells? How about "The meek shall inherit the earth" or "What is required of thee? To love justice and walk humbly before God"
Try it - or recognize the Supervisor as a harbinger of the antichrist.

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's me 9:35. Puhleeze, would everyone just try to understand that NOTHING has been legitamately established about what was said, or not said, or how said, and said apology did or did not happen. It is all just RUMORS!!!!! Get over all of yourselves and move on.

Anonymous said...

No moving on until the facts are established!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

11:35 - you just don't get it. THERE ARE NO FACTS. That is why we move on.

Anonymous said...

Then why did Kapica apologize?

hal samis said...

Dear "white of Paul" historian,
just noticed your reminder so...

As was explained but mysteriously deleted when the Supervisor removed the entire blog topic, the white was not a racial comment but a variant on tennis whites as were other allusions within the post.

Since that did not satisfy you then nor now and we don't have the original to verify, let me give you new material to work with, another "white" for your scrapbook:

White Lie Rosenberg.

Wondering said...

How many members of the clergy did Kapica apologize to?

ed krauss said...

Last year, the valuation of the Water wheel proerty in Ardsley plus two other parcels was $750,000.

This year in a down real estate market, with banks tight on funding the Water Wheel alone is valued at $1.2 million. How did you arrive at the $750,000 package last year, and the $1.2 million for th Ardsley property alone, this year? You must admit (even you,Paul) there is an incongruity in valuating land.

Since you didn't sell even one parcel from the $750,000 pieces, they either were over priced or under marked.

Now you raise the price on Ardsley alone by 60% more than last years total package. What appraisal firm did you use last year, and which one this year?

Please don't tell me it was Edie's.

Lastly, if in a relatively good economy you couldn't sell anything what makes you think in a terrible economy you will sell something. And ifthat is the case, you and your board have some stones to count $2.5 million dollars as revenue.

Can someone in the administration reply? And if they can, will they.

No sweat, you're already elected so there are no damaging responses.