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Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists Center in Valhalla
Please help us spread the word!
We are seeking occupational therapists and physical therapists
Well respected center based facility
Trans-Disciplinary Team
Valhalla, NY
Pediatric Population
NYS Licensed or Eligible
Experienced with young children, or strong fieldwork experience
Flexible full time, part time, salaried or hourly


hal samis said...


How nice of the Town Supervisor to send this email on Sunday to the Town's email list. Was he worried that I might not be aware and would not apply -- for the third time.

**Resumes will be accepted through Monday, November 30, 2009

The Greenburgh Public Library Board of Trustees is accepting resumes to fill a mid-term vacancy on the Library Board of Trustees. The candidate must be a resident of unincorporated Greenburgh. The term will run through December 31, 2013.

The Board of Trustees recently applied for an amendment to the Library's charter to increase the number of Trustees to no less than seven and no more than nine (from no less than five and no more than seven). It is anticipated that the Board of Regents will amend the Library's charter to this affect. If the charter is amended, there will be additional vacancies on the Library Board. The Town of Greenburgh and the Library Board of Trustees will seek to fill these additional seats from the pool of candidates interested in the current vacancy.**

But if Feiner was really concerned about making the vacancy known wouldn't he, as he has in the past, also post the message here on his blog?

The current vacancy is to fill the remaining term when one of last year's appointees, Diane Creston, resigned in her first year -- after missing 6 of the 9 meetings.
However, filling a vacancy mid-term is the privilege accorded the Library Trustees, not the Town Board. Which means that the people who spend your $3 million+ may be just friends of friends or the wife of your racketball partner, for example.

But good news! I'm not stepping up to the plate for the third time. And here's why.

1) Now that the head honcho has more friends and family on board the Board, my chance to have any impact is lessened even further. Had I been on the Board already, I might have had some influence over filling this new vacancy.

2) I'm having a lot more fun pointing out their continuing mistakes and lies from the sidelines.

3) I anticipate looking for a new job in Greenburgh.

4) At a recent meeting of the ECC that I attended because I knew that the Library Advocacy Tour would be appearing to roll out their traveling medicine show, I was witness to a very telling question from the ECC to the Library Board President, Frankie Musantry.

The ECC asked: how many members of the Library Board are educators. Tough question that Mr. Musantry's aide de camp (aforementioned wife of racketball companion) tried to soften by allowing that SHE always liked libraries. However, the correct answer is NONE. This would be a Board of Trustees that would have residents believe that their interest is in literacy programs and reading Herman Melville etc and not making "The Fast and Furious" dvd, english and spanish versions available. Not that having non-educators on the Board is proving to be such a fabulous success in everyday management matters either.

But in light of the question and its response, my suspicion is that the Library Board of Trustees will be wanting to appoint an Educator to fill the vacancy -- before the postponed Library Foundation fundraiser now scheduled for April.
So, in keeping with the literary tone triggered by the ECC, I am withdrawing my previously announced interest in serving on the Library Board..."it is a far, far better thing I do..."

This should be greeted with joy at
the Library Board of Trustees meeting this coming Thursday.

Anonymous said...

When will the Supervisor and the Board address Kapica's racist outburst?

hal samis said...

No noose is good news.

Anonymous said...

Paul, stop the police camp, cops in ambulances and wasting our money on tech rescue. If you take all of those officers and put them on the street, maybe just maybe they will solve or prevent some of these crimes. How many cops work inside at deak jobs on a weekday ????????????????? Get them on the street. Why don't you look into the State Police and County PD taking over and close the police dept. I bet the crimes would be the same for a lot less money. Lets here an answer. Stop worring about the fire depts and the County Goverment and worry about what you are in charge of.
Merge the Parks and Rec with TDYCC, privitize sanitation and close the PD

Anonymous said...

Hal: I always support your positions (if not your tone), but your "i choose not to serve" statement is very disappointing and lame. First, it butresses the opinions of those anonmyous snipers who assert that you have no interest in assuming any responsibility but prefer to complain from the sidelines. Second, what is the downside to serving on the board? It's not a full time job. And perhaps there will be future vagancies coming up which you could influence by being on the inside. Third, your gaining access to "inside game" and dissemination of such knowledge would be a public service. Fouth, since, as you repeatedly remind us you don't pay property taxes (except very little and indirectly), consider such service as your contribution to the town. Fifth, if you seek a seat and are rejected, that would send a useful message about the board's attitude toward its consituents.
I know you will snidely respond that you don't have to answer to anyone, but I'm disappointed that you won't even go through the motions of seeking a seat.

hal samis said...

Not by any measure an atypical exchange with the Library Board. The actual email addresses removed for reasons of privacy. Look what I would be missing if I were on the Board.
Subject: Library meeting notice/agenda/minutes missing from town website

*****(sent by me to Frank Musantry, Library Board President on Monday 11/16 with copies everywhere)

This is not my first attempt to see this omission filled.

Nor do I attribute the problem to the Town Clerk, either.

I'll just have to settle for the Library Board of Trustees, more so since they now have a new Trustee with an assigned area of expertise being labeled as Advocacy. A position that implies a need for disbursal of information about the Library-- from the source outward to residents, taxpayers, patrons and would-be Santas.

Of all the town boards which conduct official business, only the Library Board stands out by not including its monthly meeting dates, agendas and meeting minutes on the Town website by its link to town meeting dates. Birds do it, bees do it, only the Library Board doesn't.

This is perplexing for several reasons. Of the boards which do post their meeting schedules, none has the authority to spend over $3 million of taxpayer funds without further government intervention. However the Library alone does and it is the Library alone which does not post its meetings on the Town meetings page.

Another missing piece of the puzzle is that the Library has, unique to other established town boards, its own advocacy program and with the problems besetting the Library in general, one would think that they would avail themselves of every means to put the Trustees before the public. Especially on a platform that the Library controls.

Also, the new Library Board might want to distance themselves from the old Library Board which has to bear some responsibility for the new building faults and for the "contingent liabilities" that remain. What better way to show the public how serious and diligent the Library Board is in handling its affairs than by encouraging residents to attend their monthly meetings to observe for themselves? Indeed the Library Board should not only post their meeting schedule on the Town website but also consider broadcasting these meetings live or taping them for future re-broadcast. I'm sure that the Library Board of Trustees are proud of how they conduct their business and would revel in the public arriving independently at the same conclusion after witnessing the Trustees at work on their home ground.

Finally, so much is heard lately about transparency in government and what better place to demonstrate transparency than from the Library itself. Libraries have always been about providing information and to provide information about itself would seem to be consistent not only with current trends but also by taking a leadership role in such openess this could be an affirmative action that would likely go a long way in harvesting the fruits of an advocacy program.

The question I leave at your door then is: Why won't the Library Board of Trustees follow the example set by other town boards and post their meeting schedules, agendas and meeting minutes at the central location for all Town meetings? That the Library maintains its own website where these items can be found is not reason to ignore another venue, one which might reach a broader swatch of the public.

*****(Musantry's reply to me et al sent later on Monday)
Mr. Samis,
You have sent this email previously this year. The answer remains the same as an earlier reply ..... The Greenburgh Library maintains information on its website for all. We have and will maintain our agenda and meeting minutes on this website. This is our process and one that we will maintain going forward.

If at any time you wish to view our agenda or meeting minutes, refer to the website that is maintained by the Greenburgh Library.

Thank you.

hal samis said...

(part two)

*****(my reply to Musantry on Monday)
Dear Library Board President Musantry,
I don't deny that I have sent this message before. In fact, that is the opening line of my newest reminder.

Your policy is simply not fair, open, honest or in either the Library's or the Town's (consisting of taxpayers and library patrons) best interest. However it might have resonance to one who wants to enjoy the powers of his fiefdom.

What it invokes is that this policy of "hiding in plain sight" is the attempt to make it more difficult for the Town (taxpayers and patrons op cit) to know what is going on in a timely manner and how the Library's budget is being spent or even in what direction the Trustees anticipate taking the Library.

That the building from which you derive your ego massage is called the Greeenburgh PUBLIC Library is a distinction lost upon you and tangentially the other members of the Board of Trustees.

That you refuse to avail yourself of listing your meeting with other town boards is in no way to be construed as some right or responsibility conveyed by any implied special status resulting from State Board of Education entitlements. What is most clearly leaves is the impression that you find it more convenient to perform your slight of hand tricks before as few people as possible.

A policy that will ultimately thwart your advocacy program.

There can be no other explanation than this is just another example of your acting like a jerk.

*****(Musantry's response)
Mr Samis,
Your comments are totally uncalled for and inappropriate. If you can not refrain from childish name-calling, do not contact me.

hal samis said...

(part three)

*****(Musantry's response)
Mr Samis,
Your comments are totally uncalled for and inappropriate. If you can not refrain from childish name-calling, do not contact me.

*****(Bob Reninger (head of abutting Broadview Civic Association to Calvin Thomas, Library Trustee and resident of Broadview, sent Tuesday)
As a resident of Geeenburgh for over 40 years I find Frank Musanty's attitude towards public participation truly unfortunate. Quite frankly I supported your candidacy for the position of Library Trustee because I thought you would support open government in Library operations. My expectations have not been met.
The current Board is less open to public participation than the Howard Jacob's Board !!
Best regards,
Bob Reninger

*****(from Calvin Thomas to Bob Reninger, cc to me)
Thanks for reaching out. The Library board is a group of concerned citizens volunteering our time and effort to see that our library is properly managed. No one is hiding anything, and we all want input (good or bad) from the community we serve. What we don’t need is the constant dribble from Hal Samis. The Library board met several times with the Town Board regarding the upcoming budget. This was part of our normal duties and within the scope of our fiduciary responsibilities. Making a point of the meetings not being posted on our website is nonsense.

I encourage you to come back to the Trustee meetings. We are looking for the best ideas. Sometimes the best ideas get obscured by the clutter.


*****(from me to Calvin Thomas, sent Tuesday)
Dear Calvin,

Mr. Reninger was good enough to forward me your reply on which I see that I am copied on by you but have not yet received directly.

What I am not clear on is whether you understand that my complaint about not having the Library Board's meeting posted is not about posting on the Library's website where it does appear prominently and admirably but instead about not appearing on the Town of Greenburgh's website which provides a one-stop compendium of all town board's meetings; presumably so that residents can plan which meetings they would like to attend and choose accordingly if dates overlap. It's not that the Library would be in bad company either as giving notice of their meetings on this page is the Town Board, the Zoning Board, the Planning Board, the Conservation Advisory Board, the Hartsdale Parking District, the Ethics Board and the Antenna Review Board. Absent is the Greenburgh Library. If you have yourself never visited this page, I recommend that you do so (go the Town homepage, look down the left hand side until you see "meeting schedules" and click on the link).

Now not being privy to any private tutorials you may have been given regarding the pitfalls from allowing the broadest range of residents to know when meetings are scheduled, the opposite approach, that approach being to enable this would seem to be consistent with what you wrote (below) to Bob, "We are looking for the best ideas."

And, the following is what you wrote which gave me the idea that you didn't read carefully enough to distinguish what I was writing about from what you may have been told and thus you have concluded that this suggestion is either "clutter" or "nonsense". Your words from below: (pay special attention to "on our website"
" Making a point of the meetings not being posted on our website is nonsense. Sometimes the best ideas get obscured by the clutter."
Now who's your daddy?

Finally, as I have posted on the Feiner blog a little while ago:
hal samis said...
(This part appears as the first comment on this topic)

hal samis said...

(final installment)

*****Calvin Thomas to me, Wednesday morning...notice the similarity to Musantry's Monday final response...when losing ground to reason, ignore the actual issue)
This reply demonstrates my point

*****(my response to Calvin Thomas this Wednesday am)
And what is your point? That I don't talk sweet talk? What is the Library's point in not posting their meeting schedule where all the other town boards meeting schedules are posted?
As a responsible Trustee, is your issue with the messenger or the message?
That is my point.
(my response to Calvin Thomas this Wednesday am)

And I'd love to have the Trustees state in public that my concerns regarding fire safety at the Library's children's room are "nonsense" or "clutter". Please I beg you, put that in writing.

So do you want to join the people who will only discuss my style and call me rude, this a rant or screed etc. or are you interested
in why the Library refuses to post their meeting information on the Town website in addition to its posting on the Library website?

So much communication over such a very simple request...makes you wonder why this poses such a problem?

And of course, no one was forced to read any post beginning with hals samis said...

Anonymous said...

The only person with a problem over it seems to be you.

Anonymous said...

Hal, I fail to see the earth-shattering significance of this issue. If you feel it is so important, why don't you check the Library website daily for its meeting schedule and then cross post it here?

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal,

You anticipate looking for a new job in Greenburgh? Excellent, allow me to give you a lead. I hear they are looking for someone to pick up after the lax dog owners in this town. Shouldn't take too much of your time, you'll still have time to search out conspiracies under every rock and post inflammatory rants that tend to make no sense (YMCA lyrics? Huh? - and yes, I get the connection but how lame)....

Just remember on your new position you reap what you sow.

hal samis said...

Dear AAA,

Sorry, the new job won't start until a little over two years from now. You'll have to clean your lawn yourself until then. But if the problem still persists, remind me then because I may have a name or three to recommend. Experienced? Yes. They've been shoveling it for years.

And permit a little play on words: instead of reap what you sow, get ready for the next big lawsuit: rape who you've sewered. Ask the Town Attorney.

Anonymous said...


Town Supervisor For Greenburgh

Job Description: Do more than post job openings.

Qualifications: What ever you have is better than what we got now

Anonymous said...

Rats! Hal, Hal, Hal, really thought with all your free time you'd step right in (on) to the job. Greenburgh's loss again.

hal samis said...

And hopefully your loss too.

hal samis said...

Dear 4:04,

You're the winner. You see what the Library Board doesn't want to see. What would be the earth shattering consequence if the Library just added their schedule to the Town page and joined every other official Town board in one central location?

Since they fight this little nothing so strongly, there must be a reason. And I'm hoping that they will tell the taxpayers who foot the bill for their show, just why they refuse such a simple accommodation.

Because if they have a good reason not to be there, maybe the other town boards shouldn't want to be there either.

After all, why not make it as hard as possible for the public to know when anyone is holding a meeting.

Lends a whole new interpretation as to what consitutes legal notice.

Anonymous said...

It's boring reading comments by a handful of angry people who object to everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 7:13 AM, why don't you and your friends either (A) stop reading or (B) list all of the "wonderful accomplishments" of the Town's leadership. Dog parks?

hal samis said...

Dear 7:13,

If I understand you correctly, you feel that you are entitled to go to this blog and find "happy thoughts" and not have to see "South Pacific" to start your day off right.

And when you do see objections or negative postings, what bothers you is that they exist and some uncontrollable urge forced you to read the postings of the repeat offenders.

After reading them, your day is ruined and all you can think about is punishing those that write these evil sentiments.

And to preserve your serenity, you won't even respond to what is written, just that it is written.
After all, why muddy the waters by having to contend with more than the party line. Thinking is dangerous and no one should be allowed to do so, especially since your heroes, the Town Board, have proven by getting re-elected that it isn't necessary.

Life would be so much simpler and harmonious if only there weren't people to question, challenge or find fault.

Nurse, I think you'd better reduce 7:13's drip.

Anonymous said...


I do not think that you are one of the residents that keeps getting screwed to pay for the parks and both centers.
We are tired of paying for things that we do not need and above all that we do not use.

If you had to support all these freebees you too would be up in arms.

If you don't like how we express ourselves stay off the computer and continue being one of Feiners puppy dogs.

Anonymous said...

Dear 7:13,

I could not agree with you more! I agree that is a difference of opinion is healthy, but they way some individual act (HAL!!!!) is PITIFUL. I assume he NEVER learned manners - good or otherwise.

Anonymous said...


From what you copied and pasted in that email chain, it appears that you have ONCE AGAIN made a fool of yourself publicly.


ed krauss said...

You know, ripping Hal Samis does not alter the real problem. It may make his detracters "feel good," but killing the messenger is not a solution. Neither are below the belt cheap shots.

Additionally, all comments lacking attribution as "clever" as they may seem to the "writer," are pure and simple acts of cowardice. They in turn, are only viewed by "fellow travelers" as being worthy of a quid pro quo.

After all is said and done, thusfar, none of you "blog heroes" have given any rebuttal that proves Hal wrong, nor have you given any reason why the opposite of what he says would be a benefit to our town.

Please give me any reason(s) why Feiner should continue in office. What has he done to benefit our town? What has he done to increase the value of your property (Paul, of course you are permitted to defend yourself...anonymously, or through one or more of your accolites). How many $millions of dollars has he, by virtue of his incompetnce burned up ?

Of course, aiding and abetting Paul are his trusty head bobbers who may not initiate- except Francis-the Ramp- but are always on the ready to support his every move good, bad, badder and badest.

You can say many things about Hal- right or wrong- but not doing his homework is not one of them.

Maybe you should do your homework, so your shots at him are not only mean-spirited, vicious BLANKS, but worthy of reading.

Anonymous said...

Homework is one thing, and no one would argue that Hal Samis collects information. But how he presents said information is the issue - particularly in terms of credibility. Let's start with a simple one: name one family member of Frank Musantry who is on the library board.

And I think anyone reading his rants about the library (in particular the cutting and pasting of emails which only revealed him to be petty and small) can only come to this conclusion: he is obsessed with the library and the fact he couldn't get appointed to the board. He in as much calls out his own smallness within his blog.

Lets move on to more relevant issues and hope that Hal finds some way to come to terms that THE LIBRARY DOES NOT WANT HIM ON THE BOARD.

Anonymous said...

Hal's actions are NOTHING more than that of a malicious spoiled child. He may do his homework but his presentation of what he calls facts fall far from the turth .... with exception of what lies within his head. And that is scary enough. I am VERY GLAD that I do NOT understand his actions or his reasons for them.

hal samis said...

I think most blog readers are familiar with my style by now and will not take every phrase by itself as 110% correct.
Thus when I use the phrase "friends and family" but don't single out any Board member as a relative, most readers recognize that I'm borrowing from contemporary cell phone advertising.
When I say that a new Board member is the wife of his racketball partner, this states a fact and since I know nothing about her I haven't commented on her abilities.
Do I harbor a grudge that she was selected over me? I can't say because maybe she is better qualified -- I only know my qualifications. Do I harbor a grudge that they did so without interviewing me and this was contrary to their own published rules -- yes but no more so than when they refuse to add the Library to the Town's meeting page. Do I harbor a grudge that they didn't even acknowledge that I applied -- yes because if anonymous writers take offense with what I write but themselves have no professional, familial or business relationship other than what they read and find me "rude", then how should I describe a Library Board which advertised for volunteers to apply and then didn't abide by its rules?

Now as for the pot calling the kettle black, I am being petty because I am making an issue that the Library Board refuses to post their meeting schedules where every other official town board does -- except the Library. I'm talking Town Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board, Ethics Board, Antenna Review Board, Conservation Advisory Board...all but the Library. Why? Their denial masks that "because it came from me". So if I bring this up it is to show that there's something rotten at the Musantry Library Board and question what is it that they fear were more residents to know when. And, FYI, the Jacobs Library Board posted their meetings on the Town website. So in your mind all this boils down to is because I wasn't accepted on the Library Board?

How about this, the Musantry Library Board decided not to include public comments on their meeting minutes. This was also allowed by the previous Library Board. However, by removing all traces of the public aka "sanitizing" (not because of bacteria) from the record, the Musantry Board sleeps better.

But let's get to the basic fallacy in your premise: that I'm doing what I'm doing because I wasn't selected for the Libary Board. Have you just moved to Greenburgh? Have I not been all over the Library and the expansion project from pre-referendum right up to five minutes ago? When did I submit my resume to the Board? May 2009. Therefore I must have known as early as four years ago that I would be rejected and I just started my protest early.

So, whether you want to start the list with your inventing the wheel or your observation that the Library Board does not want me, I think that everyone else already knows this.

But, let me close with this thought which I have written before. The reason I am still following the Library and pointing out their every stumble, indiscretion and lies is that my global view of what is wrong in Greenburgh is that few people (I can count them on one hand) stick with an issue until it gets fixed properly. Much of what happens at Town Board meetings has a life cycle of three meetings; the Town Board pretends to listen, doesn't make any changes and the next meeting there is another train arriving at the station. The Town Board recognizes that they must endure a few hits but that all they have to do is wait the public out; the public has a history of losing interest. I am sticking with the Library because it is not fixed and I'm not going to let anyone off the hook until the fat lady sings. DISCLAIMER: FOR THE RECORD, I HAVE NOT ACCUSED ANY MEMBER(S) OF THE MUSANTRY FAMILY OF BEING FAT LADIES.

And when someone suggests moving on to more relevant issues, I know I've won or at least stepped on some toes.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal,

It's refreshing to see that you wrote you LONG WINDED story on your own time,,,,,, and was NOT being paid while writing by YOUR employer. I DO HOPE for your sake that he does NOT read this blog and see for himself what you do on HIS DIME.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal,

It's refreshing to see that you wrote your LONG WINDED story on your own time,,,,,, and was NOT being paid while writing by YOUR employer. I DO HOPE for your sake that he does NOT read this blog and see for himself what you do on HIS DIME.

hal samis said...

Dear AAA,

Don't have anything to say about what I wrote so you are resorting to intimidation?

Now you've shown all those who read this blog where you are coming from. I suggest you drop the Hal Hal Hal because that is so over; you've lost your fan base with this one.

What's next: "we know where your son goes to school" too.

Anonymous said...

Hal Hal Hal,

It's YOU who are losing a fan base from your constant ramblings of conspiracies.

And from your posts, I would say that it is YOU who tries intimidation tactics, not I. Did you have your lunch money stolen TOO MANY TIMES in school?

Anonymous said...

Then at least one of us would know where he goes to school..

hal samis said...

Dear AAA,

My memory is a little hazy but you seem to be better in touch with my uncollected works.

Would you please cite some examples of my intimidation tactics? You know, for the record.

Anonymous said...


This is 8:29. First of all, you think you stepped on toes? Hardly. All you did was write another - LONG - rant that essentially lacked sense. Because there are no lies coming out of the library and you know it. Just because they don't do what YOU want.....well, see my last blog about your obsession.

And as far as intimidation - you should really stop smoking crack or whatever it is that is making you nuts. Let's see......"for the record"...standing up at a town boarding meeting and talking about a "public flaying" that will be "slow and painful", telling Feiner to take his appreciation award and shove it......talking about "raping the skewered".....is there a little trend of violence here?

And on the topic of the pot/kettle.....actually doesn't really fit because Frank Musantry isn't a jerk...but for you to call him one, then post it on a blog....good groundwork for a campaign! We'll file this one with the "white of Feiner" comment you've posted previously.

Keep on going like this and we'll be certain to see you in the same spot two years from now.

hal samis said...


Can't even post your name to submit that Frank Musantry isn't a jerk.


Certainly when I asked for examples of intimidation by me you might build a little more context beside two or three word snippets.

And you're still trying to build a case for racism because of "white" being used as tennis whites in a post on private tennis lessons. I'll save everyone the search and give "anonymous" more ammunition.

Why is the Town paying the "Arts Council" (Sarah Bracey WHITE) $55,000? Her "job" can be handled by the Schools and the Library.

And your example of intimidation (lifted from a blog post or email) that I told Feiner he can take his appreciation award and shove it, please, please, give me a hint...
you're suggesting that I'm thatclose to forcing Feiner to resign...please, tell me, what will it take to close the deal?

But thanks for the vote of confidence that I'll be in the same spot two years from now. Others want me to leave town.
But is there any truth to the rumor that after the Budget vote is passed that Feiner is going to announce that he has sold Detective Double Dip's house?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Frank Musantry should run for office.... How would that fit into your plan of conspiracy theories Hal?

hal samis said...

Gee what is it about:

"How would that fit into your plan of conspiracy theories Hal?"

It looks like I am being asked a question about something I never said.

You don't need me to have a dialogue with yourself.

Let Frank run. See spot run. That's why we have dog parks.

Anonymous said...

It's ALL about YOU, Hal.....

Anonymous said...

8:29 again Hal.

You freakin' exhaust me. You challenge bloggers to point out where you are wrong, and in this case intimidating. I give the evidence. You then blog for one million words for how it's wrong. At the end of the day, you just come off unbalanced. Btw, do you call Frank Musantry "Frankie" to his face? Doubt it.

And also at the end of the day, if you think you have a realistic chance of running - let alone winning - anything in this town you are nuts. And it is really too bad, because you do have some good ideas that this town needs. Do you really think you can attract the same big money that support Paul? Doubt it. Where are you going to get your dollars? Kolesar is a better option, he ain't the most personable guy but he's smart and RATIONAL. You will never get the big money support in this town.

hal samis said...

"I give the evidence", is that what you think you've done? There seems to be a pattern that you think because you say something, you think it must be a fact.

Intimidate: to frighten into submission, browbeat, bulldoze, bully, bludgeon.

Even your three word snippets don't come close. Try again.

But if you were right, wow! Can you imagine what would happen if Public Comment were 10 minutes. I could stand at the podium and scare the whole Town Board, the Town Clerk and the Town Attorney into resigning.

As for Frankie, is that what you call fighting words? Do I call you Anonymous to your face? Do you call me Hal Hal Hal to my face?

Are you saying that Feiner wins because he has a lot of money?
Let's see how much he has left when I get done with him at the Ethics Board.

"Listen, do you want to know a secret?"
"Cause I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love"

ed krauss said...

To: 11/20 7:40PM

There are no lies coming out of the library? How about, for years the project was "on time, on budget."

For your information, IT'S STILL NOT FINISHED. And, the $19.9 million referendum money is LONG GONE.

It is yet another Greenburgh capital project that has gone awry. Millions of dollars p__ed down a rat hole and some people are showering it with accolades.

Lies and misinformation are par for the course when it comes to the library.

I'll bet there's no one in our galaxy that knows exactly how much it will cost WHEN, IF EVER, IT'S FININSHED, HOW MUCH IT WILL COST.

"No lies coming from the library?" Please get your facts straight before you make such an all encompassing statement...beause you are dead wrong.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your facts should be addressed. Did it dawn on you that the maybe you have misplaced your anger at the WRONG PEOPLE? The library board that's there now didn't create these issues - they INHERITED it. And are trying to fix things and move ahead. Try reading the minutes of the meetings.

Anonymous said...

Hal, thanks for the laugh today. You actually are using my words!!!! "because you say something, you think it must be a fact" - those words have been directed at you, by me and many others a bunch of times on this board!

"and when you get done with Feiner at the ethics board"...you're such a tough guy.

Get to work on your campaign, and please keep blogging because I am planning a great slide show to be posted of your rants to be broadcase when you run......just need to get the approporiate background music. And it ain't hail to the chief.

hal samis said...

I am trembling. Those slide shows at Town Hall really go over so well and I'm thinking that "rants" won't look any better on a slide. Try the Library, the multipurpose room has more seats.

But what facts from me are wrong? This is what you still avoid producing despite allegations. The fact is only that you write without proof, posting your opinion as though the post itself were proof.
Maybe you should highlight what you would call my errors on those slides.

But if you need some help with the music, just let me know. For example, how about "It's a long way to Valhalla, it's a long, long way to go".

Since you never write employing facts yourself or take up issues but only my personality, the only comment I can reasonably make regarding your one note sonata is: "where's the meat?"

How about the Library Board member who has learned that Feiner should not have solicited or accepted his campaign contribution when appointing the member to the Library Board. The Board member replied to the Ethics Board that if Feiner has to return the contribution, he, the Library Board member, will regift by 4x the original amount. Library Board members are bound by the Town's Ethics Laws.
Want to know who the Library Board member is? Run it by your "Board" for permission to ask.

Save yourself the trouble. We don't need FOIL requests here.
Tomas Saez.
There's a fact.

Here's a lie from the NEW Library Board: We haven't enough money to buy books etc; if the Budget is cut by 5% we'll have to reduce hours of operation. Or, after the administration of truth serum, the Library Board could stop invading the Fund Balance to buy items that should have been included in the construction budget. With these funds (the excess from lower spending than budgeted), the Library Board need not worry about having less money for book purchases or payroll. This money (over $400,000 at one point) continues to be spent on capital items by the NEW Board and the dire warnings of operating shortfalls were made by the NEW Board. And maybe it is YOU who should read the minutes of the Library Board of Trustees meetings. It's all in there. And, maybe you might want to read their (the NEW BOARD) procedures for choosing among applicants for Library Board seats; it's in there too. Along with old mother Hubbard in the children's room.

But not Detective Double Dip. He's too busy blogging.

Anonymous said...

Man, not getting picked for the library board - oops, actually not getting selected for an interview - is really under your skin. How are you going to react when you lose the election?

Let me take a moment to introduce you to the process of getting a job - any job. First, you submit an application. It is then up to the hiring manager/company to DECIDE if they want to consider you further. Get it? Just because you apply - ISN'T AN AUTOMATIC that you have to be interviwed.

Anonymous said...

Hal Hal Hal

YOu are TRULY a jerk.

Anonymous said...

I'll be glad when Hal Samis attempts to run for ANY political office. First to laugh at HOW badly he would be beaten.... And Second to listen to his conspiracy theories as to why he lost. HE IS BETTER THAN THE COMEDY CHANNEL!

hal samis said...

"Let's go to the videotape"

From Anonymous 11/20 @7:40
"And as far as intimidation - you should really stop smoking crack or whatever it is that is making you nuts. Let's see......"for the record"...standing up at a town boarding meeting and talking about a "public flaying" that will be "slow and painful", telling Feiner to take his appreciation award and shove it......talking about "raping the skewered".....is there a little trend of violence here?"

Thanks Anonymous, maybe Xposure runs an after school reading comprehension course and with a name starting with A nonymous I'm sure you'll get a front row seat.
And here's what I wrote with even flagging the hint of a pun to come.

"And permit a little play on words: instead of reap what you sow, get ready for the next big lawsuit: rape who you've sewered. Ask the Town Attorney."
11/18/2009 8:33 PM

Obviously Anonymous did not ask the Town Attorney. Still don't get it? "rape who you've SEWERED"
Not so much a trend to violence as pointing out that the Town faces a big lawsuit for unfairly charging some of its homeowners disproportionate sewer charges -- and has not yet made refunds to them.

Give it up. No one named Anonymous takes down Samis on this blog. Keep playing your song; it's so predictable and infantile.

And I guess that 3:50 today still hasn't read the Library Board minutes on THEIR process and THEIR procedures for filling a vacant seat. My complaint has always been that they didn't follow their own rules.

Now if there's someone walking around with egg on their face, we'll know who Anonymous is.

Anonymous said...

You're just a sour puss Hal.... Just because you were passed up for an interview. That is HOW a normal process is run.... Job is posted, Resumes are accepted, Resumes are reviewed to find those qualified, and interviews are held with those who ARE QUALIFIED. Surely Hal, you know this process from the real world.... or don't you? My guess is you JUST want to COMPLAIN because no one loves you.

Anonymous said...

One more thing... IF you truly think this Library Board is not performing their duties, try to have them removed. See if you cna follow even THAT process.

hal samis said...

On 11/22 @ 7:03 I wrote:

"And I guess that 3:50 today still hasn't read the Library Board minutes on THEIR process and THEIR procedures for filling a vacant seat. My complaint has always been that they didn't follow their own rules."

So anonymous today @ 9:47 writes:
"You're just a sour puss Hal.... Just because you were passed up for an interview. That is HOW a normal process is run.... Job is posted, Resumes are accepted, Resumes are reviewed to find those qualified, and interviews are held with those who ARE QUALIFIED. Surely Hal, you know this process from the real world...."

Here's the videotape:
Library Board meeting minutes of April 30.

"President Musantry said the Library has received three resumes and expected another. He said the Board would review the resumes after the May 7 deadline and invite candidates to the May 28 meeting to be interviewed."

Meeting minutes of May 28.

"President Musantry said he and Secretary/Treasurer Calvin Thomas interview four candidates for the Trustee vacancy and would have a
recommendation later in the evening.

(Later in the evening) per an already existing Agenda Resolution)

Resolution 0509-4:
Appoint Elizabeth Vickery to serve out the term of Mindy Leiterman."

I was present at the meeting.

I had not been interviewed, before or during.

Nor were any other candidates interview by the Board of Trustees as per the April 30 minutes indicating that candidates would be interviewed by the Board, not by Musantry and Thomas.

I don't know Elizabeth Vickery other than she has no educational or prior Library experience. Nor do I know anything about the three candidates who were not interviewed by the Board and thus not selected by the Board.

What I do know is that Elizabeth Vickery is the wife of Frank Musantry's racketball partner.

It's all about abuse of due process, not about personal umbrage or spilled milk. If the Library Board won't follow its own rules (they can make any rules they want but isn't it reasonable to raise the point that they should follow these rules) just to facilitate "hiring" a personal friend; that seems to be inconsistent with the intent of noticing a vacancy so that all those interested can apply.

And there is no excuse for not formally acknowledging that I had applied..."thanks but no thanks"...
In the real world of anonymous even those rejected get thanked for applying.

Your turn, prolong this further.

Anonymous said...

Hal Hal Hal,

You once again fail to disappoint me. You are confusing yourself with the word "qualified". Your own actions PROVE it. Why don't you take the time to understand what qualities and character traits one needs to become a trustee? Being an educator is NOT one of them.
Read and Learn, Little Grasshopper.

hal samis said...

Dear AAA,

I've really upset that I continue to disappoint you. You just don't realize how much it affects my sleep.

But since I truly want to learn and be a better person in your eyes so that you will write nice things about me on this blog, would you be my mentor and explain what qualities and character traits are required and how Ms. Vickery has them and the other three applicants who were not "interviewed" by the Board apparently were also found lacking.

Since I'm not even including myself in the group of four, please explain how these traits have anything to do with the Library Board of Trustees not even following their own rules -- as shown by their meeting minutes above.

Are desirable traits those which cause the possessor to break the rules? Are desirable traits what the Town Supervisor exhibits when he violates the laws? It is all so confusing and it must be my age that is throwing me off track. Foolishly I thought being honest, intelligent and following the law were considered desireable traits for public service but obviously in your book and that of the Library Board of Trustees to possess these makes one ineligible to be your and the Board's kind of people.

Are you speaking for yourself or for the Board?

Just persons who go along with the group and vote yes are all that count.

As for being an educator, well that isn't even my original observation. As I wrote on the blog, the Musantry/Vickery Library advocacy tour smashed up on the rocks, no survivors, at the ECC a few weeks ago; it seems that Edgemont was a little concerned that no one on the Board of an institution that makes such a big deal over literacy as it applies to learning to read and appreciate books has any credentials in the field of education.
Nah, say you. Not even worth discussing.

Everyday and in every way, you make other anonymous posters ashamed.

Enough mincing words.

What it boils down to is Frank Musantry lobbied for his friend's wife, ignored the rules and pushed for her selection by removing the other three (three without me) candidates from the Board's consideration.
It happens all the time.

Just don't make it appear to be an honorable course of action. Mr. Musantry is who he is; he doesn't need my help to bring out the worst in him.

And the longer you persist; the more I'll keep upping the ante. Do you want to keep playing?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Little Grasshopper likes to continue writing and ranting rather than admiting to an interview process. Hal you still need to crawl back under whatever rock you came from.... and stay there. A loepards spots never change and neither does your behavior. You have shown MANY TIMES, here and at Town Board meetings, that you can not play nice in the sandbox with others. ANY board requires that trait. YOU DO NOT HAVE IT.... GOT IT??????

Anonymous said...

And does your boss know that you use his time and money to post on a blog? Maybe he needs to know how much YOU are costing HIS company.

hal samis said...

OUR Company.

Anonymous said...

It will continue to be prolonged. You piss me off. You reveal your ignorance around the thousands of people out of work..."In the real world of anonymous even those rejected get thanked for applying". You are really smoking crack. But as you have stated "our" company, you clearly work for a family business so you don't have to worry about unemployment. Most unemployed people submit hundreds of resumes without acknowlegdgment. You should be ashamed to even post that arrogant comment, it just shows how out touch with the real world you are.

As far as your continued rant about "proving you wrong", I have provided time and again of your misstatements. To you. And your counter is usually so what, it's just a little bit wrong. Huh? Being wrong is only in the the eye of you the beholder.

What your ultimate sin is that you present half the truth as a conspiracy. I have said before, and will say again I think you have some good ideas. But they are so outweighed by your ommissions - that all you prove is that you are a provacatuer. And this town doesn't need that. It needs solutions, of which you provide none, other than off with the heads you think you gratuitious jobs....and please don't waste my time asking for my solutions. I'm not the one ranting.

And your major response to this will be that I am anonymous. When you need to know you I am you will. Right now get over it. If you are really serious about running for office you need to learn some people skills. What an uphill battle that will be.

Anonymous said...

And ps .... I love how you have your compratiors stick up for your..after you have the balls to call Frank Musantry a jerk...you would be lucky to carry his briefcase...make some stupid fun out of that......he at least has the towns' interest at heart..your interest is your own grandstanding. You should be ashamaed.

Anonymous said...

8:54: I read your comment twice and can't understand a word: can you rewrite it using standard English?

Anonymous said...

Dear 915AM,

You OBVIOUSLY do NOT understand so join Hal under his rock!

Anonymous said...

Hal Hal Hal,

You still have NO CONCEPT that people do NOT read your BS. If you GOT TO THE POINT, and clearly made your position known in a civil manner, people would actually read AND understand. BUT, you prefer teh grandstanding approach. And with that, NOTHING you say makes sense and your LONG WINDED writings are seen as if they were written by BOZO. Remember him? He was a clown, very similar to you. Same eyes, same nose, same shoes....

Anonymous said...

Hal Hal Hal,

You still have NO CONCEPT that people do NOT read your BS. If you GOT TO THE POINT, and clearly made your position known in a civil manner, people would actually read AND understand. BUT, you prefer teh grandstanding approach. And with that, NOTHING you say makes sense and your LONG WINDED writings are seen as if they were written by BOZO. Remember him? He was a clown, very similar to you. Same eyes, same nose, same shoes....

hal samis said...

I protest. Bozo was a much-loved clown, by parents and children alike. And Bozo never spoke.

But hold on, maybe Bozo had a laptop. Say, Frank Musantry carries a laptop, not a briefcase.
Therefore, using your logic,
Frank Musantry = Bozo

Don't worry, no one reads my posts other than you so it will remain a secret just between us.

Anonymous said...

Poor response Hal. You, who have something to say about everything...failed to address any of the salient points of my 9:08 blog. Like how arrogant you are about the job market and applying for jobs. And the presentation of the half truths. A perfect example of that is, as I posted before, your McCarthy like questioning of the town board: DID YOU OPEN THIS TO THE PUBLIC - when in fact they didn't have to.

So at the end of the day, let's be clear - you pick and choose what you want to provoke about, and you pick and choose what pieces of the facts you like to post.

Just a warning to people who wrote him in. If he wins in 2 years (which I will devote significant time to working AGAINST - at which time you're right, Hal, I will no longer be anonymous)....get ready for the half truths. Folks, you may hate Feiner but this is not a trade up.

9:25 - was this the english you were looking for?

Hal is a provacatuer, who, at the end of the day, does not contribute one volunteer activity to this town. And in the interest of not beating a dead horse, I'll do it anyway - the one board he wants to be on would rather move to Ohio than have him on. Hence the library obsession. The Frank Musantry obsession is another thing, I think Hal you just don't like being told NO.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1044

Little and spoiled kids need to be told No regardless of age. Some adults never learned how to play nice in the sandbox with others. Hal is one who either has never learned or needs to be heavily medicated. There are other options but most of those choices are illegal.

Anonymous said...

I will submit my resume to the Library Board and report back on their process as I do not belive what was stated by Hal.

hal samis said...

To my good friend(s) 10:44, 11:25, 6:57 and 7:00:
One thing I love to see is repeated misspellings by others. Everyone makes typos and I'll be the first to acknowledge that catching mistakes onscreen, even after reading, is difficult.
But when I see someone building their argument around a French word and not knowing how to spell it, I suspect that I am dealing with one of the Malaprop extended family. The word is provocateur, not provacatuer. What fools these anonymous be. Anway, the word sounds terrible doesn't it. Like provoking is bad.

And, of course, you wouldn't have a clue that there is a difference between provocateur (as in agent provocatuer) and anarchist which probably is the equivalent of anti-christ in your book (Library copy?). Probably, your gold standard of citizen interest in the community would be awarded to those that take after ostriches and hide their head in the sand.
But I'll graciously accept the label, provocateur. I'm proud to wear it.

I know you think you've scored a home run over my Library Board washout. Please apply yourself since you don't believe me but their rules were taken from their meeting minutes which are posted on the Library website on the Trustees page. The Board did not interview the four applicants at their meeting as their minutes of the prior meeting stated they would and Musantry and Co. had already decided on its choice without presenting the other applicants due for interview before the full Board.
But that's setting the record straight for the umpteenth time. As I also wrote months ago, all I wanted was to obtain the documents that Trustees get and discuss at their meeting. No big secrets; they are FOILABLE after the meeting but after they have voted and selected a course of action. If they won't share, then the public is effectively removed from the process. I believed then and still do that I have knowledge to provide that might reduce "stress" and have made the new Trustees rite of passage go more smoothly. They had a right to reject this; they had a right not to interview me; but like all rights earned or assumed, there are also consequences. Wanting to see the documents that were being discussed by the Library Board and not having a clue as to what was being discussed by the former Library Board as the result was a problem at the time also for Musantry and Saez who attended (like myself) Library Board meetings as citizens (they during the period following their appointment but before assuming the office) and none of us liked being kept in the dark. A situation which continued after Musantry asssumed the throne and this at a time even before relations soured. Musantry will acknowledge that I know a lot about the Library (certainly more than him when he first started) and that what I have sent the Board has proven value. It might have been even more useful had I more background at my disposal but the Library likes to hold on to its secrets for fear that their actions and plottings will become public.
Musantry is not so much serving the community as he is serving Frank Musantry. When you read the minutes, all you see is "Library Board President Musantry" (a title he actually uses) did this and did that. Things that one might wonder why the well-paid Library Director isn't doing herself. Mr. Musantry is not your quiet, unassuming person who does anything without making sure that everyone knows about it.
And of course, your responsible "hearts in the right place, do gooders" make a point that I don't do volunteer activities even while arguing that I shouldn't be on any board because I didn't graduate the sandbox with honors.
By the way, if volunteerism is so highly rated, what do you folks do?
Which boards do you serve? I'll take a break while you think of your answer.