Saturday, November 21, 2009


Greenburgh Court administrator NY
COURT ASSISTANT/ADMINISTRATOR --this job is being created at the urging of the NYS Court system. The Administrative Judge for Town Courts spend significant time reviewing the court operations. Applications should be sent to


GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Under the general direction of the Town Justices, the incumbent is responsible for the administrative and management activities of the Town of Greenburgh Justice Court;
This is a very highly responsible administrative position involving responsibility for accounts, budgeting, personnel administration, records management, methods and procedures, office services, and preparation of reports. The Court Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day administrative supervision of the Court’s financial operations which include bank reconciliation, bail refunds and bail ledger. The incumbent in this class may represent the Court in contacts with the Town Board, Police Department, Town Supervisor, District Attorney’s Office and other departments of the Town. This position differs from that of the Court Clerk in that the Court Administrator does not make entries to the Justices’ calendar, docket books, etc., nor does he/she prepare summonses. Supervision of the Court clerical staff is a responsibility of this position.

Manages the day-to-day administrative activities and financial operations of the Town Court

Provides operational supervision of the Court

Plans, assigns and reviews the work of the clerical staff of the Court

Implements staff performance standards and disciplinary procedures in addition to maintaining accurate personnel records and files

Develops and implements internal policies and procedures to insure the integrity of the accounting process and control of the Court’s municipal funds

Oversees the preparation and the monitoring and review of accounts payable to ensure that expenditures are made within budgetary limits

Implementation of cost and control procedures including the monitoring of expenses

Prepares the Court’s annual budget in conjunction with the Court Clerk and in accordance with the Town Board’s guidelines and objectives

Monitors and manages the receipts and collection of all Court related documents

Oversees issuance of refunds for Criminal, Civil, Traffic, Parking, etc., as appropriate

Acts as liaison between the Town Justices and Attorneys, the Town Administration and the District Attorney’s Office

Coordinates work schedules to meet the needs of the Court

Prepares written reports for Justices and Town Board regarding statistical information based on Court Clerk’s filings

Prepares bills, vouchers, etc., for Justices signature

Use computer application software in performance of the job

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of office management, organization and supervision; good knowledge of public administration as it pertains to personnel management, budgeting and financial recordkeeping; familiarity with research methods and statistics; basic knowledge of Court procedures and of legal documents; ability to make clear and accurate analysis of facts, figure, and processes; ability to become familiar with and adapt to laws, regulations, policies and practices; the ability to plan and supervise the work of others; ability to present oral and written opinions and comments clearly and concisely; ability to effectively use computer applications software;

Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree and either (a) four (4) years of experience in an administrative or supervisory capacity in personnel administration, management, public administration, accounting, financial management or related field; or (b) possession of a Master’s Degree and three (3) years of experience as stated in (a) above; or (c) a satisfactory equivalent combination of the foregoing training and experience.



Court Veteran said...

Will the administrator acount for all the missing cash recieved for various court fines and fees? Will the position be reponsible for the bottom cash drawer?

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding .

With all the responsibilities related to this position the salary should be higher.

taxing A to subsidize B said...

another A budget expense paid for by the villages that subsidizes unincorporated greenburgh

and another example of the town board's neglect
in allowing things to get so out of hand

Anonymous said...

It's not enough to get a new administrator. Fire the people who screwed up the court and the finances.

Anonymous said...

Hiring a court administrator could finally improve the situation in the courts since the Judges do not get along.

Anonymous said...

Get new judges who behave like judges should, and stop wasting money on more and more court expenses

Michael Kolesar said...

This has nothing to do with whether or not the Judges get along. This has to do with basic, basic financial internal controls and accountability.

To Anonymous who writes don't spend any more money, are you aware that there is approximately $2.7 million in uncollected parking fines alone. What about other fines that haven't been collected? Did the money vanish into someone's "pocket" or "pocketbook"?

Your govenrmment spend lots of money on "frills" but won't address very real monetary issues. And please, please don't write to say that "finally" the Town is addressing this area. It was brought up in the mid 1990's and again in 2001. The Town Court failed an independent audit because the books and records are / were in such terrible shape and the Town Board was told about it.

So would you be willing to spend some money to possibly recover or never have lost a significant sum ( the Town will not recover all of this amount for a variety of reasons)?

And please don't say that the Town Court can do whatever it wants, because the Town Court's financial activities come under the jurisdiction of the Town's Chief Financial Officer and are a part of the Town's financial reports.

Anonymous said...

THanks Mike. This shows how rational you are. I for one appreciate your honesty and courage to tell it like it is. And sometimes money needs to be spent in order to make money, as in this case.

Hopefully some of your rationality will fall upon some of the other bloggers who just rant, rather than try to cohesively put forward a case.

Anonymous said...

A court administrator is a good idea. We will get our money back because the court will be more efficient.

michael Kolesar said...

To 5:44 PM

Thank you Paul.

Anonymous said...

Rosenberg for administrator!!!!!!

Sarah Palin said...

Thanks but no thanks

Anonymous said...

Herb Rosenberg is the obvious choice. He will strengthen the court quickly.

hal samis said...

White Lie Rosenberg?
The $75,000 payoff?

Anonymous said...

OK. Let's be nasty again for no reason.

Herb Rosenberg said...

I received an email telling me that my name was suggested as the Court Administrator. Sure enough, there was blogger 9:52 and 6:31 with that suggestion, followed predictably with a little rant by Samis.

So as to put the matter to rest, and to make Samis’ rant even more ridiculous than usual, let me say that I haven’t been asked, and if I were asked I would say NO WAY, because:

1. I wouldn’t work for the Town of Greenburgh even if I needed a job,

2. I am comfortably retired and don’t need the income,

3. I enjoy sleeping without turning on the alarm clock, traveling, catching up on my reading, and doing pro-bono work in my community. At my age I don’t need the agita.

But thanks for the thought, 9:52. I hope that the Town Board hires someone who is strong and knowledgeable for the job because the Town Court is in horrendous shape.

hal samis said...

This little rant of mine,
I'm gonna make it shine...

A rant is a bombastic speech.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to read between the lines. The reason the state is suggesting this is because the existing staff is not doing the job. The current Senior Clerk is the administrator. She has come under fire and investigation and no, she wasn't exactly cleared of wrong-doing. The audit revealed that the court records are so poorly kept that even the auditors couldn't figure out the trail. Why are we adding expense to this department. Get rid of those who can't do their jobs. Hire someone who can oversee her staff and produce an auditable paper trail of all funds.

Myndi said...

We will never have a competent court administrator because the Town's Chief Fiscal Officer is incompetent - and proud of it.
As for removing the current cast of questionables - it requires a civil service procedure and that opens the door to questioning (under oath) of the accused employees supervisor. Finding that the supervisor failed to properly supervise gets the employee off the hook and exposes (dramatic drumroll please) the Town Supervisor. Why, he could even be prosecuted (in criminal court) for his (in)actions.
Ain't gonna happen on PJ's watch -

Anonymous said...

Myndi, I thought that the court staff was supervised by the judges, not PJ or anyone at Town Hall. If the administrator is being hired because of New York State demands, then probably the judges won't have the ability to continue to foul things up with their squabbling.

Myndi said...

Apparently it must be spelled out for some people.
Paul Feiner is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the Town of Greenburgh.
Paul Feiner is the Supervisor of the Town of Greenburgh.
The certified public accountants who are the auditors of the Town of Greenburgh delivered to Paul J Feiner the Supervisor and Chief Fiscal Officer of the Town of Greenburgh, a management letter advising him of the complete absence of FISCAL controls (checks and balances if you will) which required correction.
Paul Feiner DID NOTHING to correct the problems even after he was formally notified of them. As Chief Fiscal Officer he had a positive duty to initiate corrective steps. As Town Supervisor he had not only a positive duty, but the explicit authority to issue instructions to correct the problem. Paul Feiner DID NOTHING. A low level employee, like a Court Clerk, can mount a legitimate defense which says, in effect, "I was following past practices which my supervisor condoned." Civil service and PERB rules for judgement being what they are, the employee is likely to be cleared - and no one is going to get very far with an investigation of Perfect Paul. (What? You don't believe he's perfect? Just ask him!)

Anonymous said...

Quite a speech, Myndi. Now look at the Constitution. It says that the court is a separate branch. Not a town department, Myndi, but a separate branch. A branch responsible to judicial authorities, not to the Supervisor or the Town Board. Get it, Myndi?

On this one, put the blame where it belongs, on the judges. Feiner has lots to answer for, but not the court fiasco.

Is that spelled out sufficiently for you? Next time you make a speech, know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 4:30 PM:

The Town Court is "independent" only in so far as the legal operations of the Court are concerned. According to the State Comptroller's directions, the Court is a part of the Town's General Fund, and as such comes under the concerns about accurate financial reporting and adequate internal controls. If it were any other way, the Town Court's financial revenues and costs would not be included in the Town's financial results.

Who's accountable for what may be a missing $2.2 million?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry . The 2.3 M in cash is locked in the bottom drawer.

Myndi said...

Dear Anonymous at 6:30 -
Thank you, you took the words right out of my computer.
As to you 4:30, sorry I seem to have it a nerve, but Feiner does have the ultimate responsibility for the administrative side of the Court - and if you don't believe it, look at the Town Budget to see the proof.

Anonymous said...

Oh grow up 6:30, no one in greenburgh is accountable for anything.

Anonymous said...

Well I see that Rosenberg was complaining about the bloggers at last nites meeting.
Why is it that he can say what he wants when he wants but those of us that tell the truth should loose a privilege granted to all of us that is freedom of speech.
I now see why he was kicked out of his job.
He starts off every conversation well I did not have any intentions of speaking tonight but ,,,,Has he ever said anything that did help the resident.
He has been going after a certain judge for many years and you know what she is still there.
So you can see he can rant and rave all he wants but no one listens .