Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Veterans Day. We should all reflect on the contributions our veterans have made. Some things to do…

1) Attend the Veterans Day ceremony sponsored by the Greenburgh Veterans Committee at 1 PM---DeSanti Plaza, E Hartsdale Ave. Encourage your child to write an essay which can be read at the ceremony.

2) If you are a veteran or currently in the military – take advantage of the free meal being offered by Applebee’s to veterans and active duty military personnel. (You must bring proof of your service to the military to obtain the free meal).

3) The City of Yonkers will be displaying a dignity memorial Vietnam wall –a smaller scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. This will be displayed Wednesday, November 11 to Sunday November 15 at Fleming Field, Prescott Street.

4) Thank a veteran for their service to our nation.

5) Express your views on issues that you find important. This is what our veterans fought for: democracy


feiner and veterans - mixed record said...

in all candor, the supervisor had a chance to lead on the issue of housing for veterans. instead he got into bed with the dubious westhab folks who used "veteran housing" as a potemkin village for its low income housing project in fulton park.

real leaders like maria gomez and real veterans saw through this sham and fought westhab and feiner's development pals.

in general (no pun intended), feiner has been appreciative of veterans and appears in a supportive role at local parades and events, but he sullied his record by indulging westhab.

Michael Kolesar said...

Express your views, just as long as you are not an employee of the Town of Greenburgh and you are talking about its failures.

Ask Patricia Roper for starters.

There are other examples. I know and I'm a Vietnam era veteran.

Anonymous said...

Feiner is sorry that he can't get a free meal.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Kolesar was that instead of working with people, he worked against them. Not one Town employee is crying over the fact that he is gone.

hal samis said...

Anonymous @ 12:25

The "people" are not the Town department heads. The "people" are those who live in Greenburgh and pay Greenburgh taxes.

Those who head up the Town's departments are the ones who are costing the "people" real tax dollars.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Department heads would object to Kolesar or to anyone who want to bring systems and accountability to the Town.

Finally is there a document that shows the results of a survey among Town employees? A survey that purports to support "not one town employee is crying". If there is a survey, I'll FOIL for it but what everyone already undertands is that your comment is just more anonymous manure.

Anonymous said...

if you complain as a town employee you get put on the s**t list. This is if you are in a union. If you aren't in a union well just ask Mike Kolesar and Patricia Roper, and probably many others. But when a big boss wants you out they find a way wether you are union or not. Some bosses have even gone to lengths of setting people up with stealing a cd player, I believe it is called entrapment, but this is just the way the town gets rid of people that speak up.

patricia roper? said...

patrica roper?

who was she and what happened to her?

Anonymous said...

pool director for the community center.

Anonymous said...

was she drowned?

Served with Pride. said...

I served 10 years in th US Air Force. When I went to apply for the tax credit, I did not qualify because the time of service was not on the qualifing list. Paul you act as if you are the one who got Applebees to give away the free meal but sorry you do not quailfy.

Anonymous said...

Pat was let go from the tdycc during the whole investigation. Probably because she was willing to speak up about the theft of services going on their.

Michael Kolesar said...

Ms. Roper provided me with information about certain transactions involving the pool. Her information proved very accurate.

She did not provide me with any information regarding the payroll matters that I have specified under a different topic. That is not to say that she did not provide the police with any information, but just that she never said anything regarding payroll fraud at the pool / TDYCC to me.

The Town Board rather than act on the information choose to ignore it and terminated her just before her one year anniversary, which otherwise would have provided her with a modest amount of "job security".

To Anonymous 12:25 PM, I could name names of Town employees who may not "cry" over my departure, but were certainly very supportive of my efforts. Taxpayers of Greenburgh should know that there are employees who do care and who don't just show up and take our money. Anonymous 12;25 PM whoever you are, you are obviously not one of them. Afraid to identify yourself? I guess so.

4 million reasons to close said...

Hmmmmm. I just spoke to a friend that, on my recommendation, called TDYCC to enroll her child into the lifeguard program. She called me out of frustration because the has left several messages at TDYCC for information and has not received a call back from anyone.

The town brochure has Lifeguard training dates listed as 1-13,2009? No explanation. Fee's TBA.

Water safety Instructor: Dates TBA Fee-TBA.

I feel foolish for pointing my friend in this direction after she told me that she was going to sign up for a costly program at the Y. My words exactly "Don't be silly. You pay for these programs. Use them!"

It has become increasing hard to defend the center. This is a perfect example of why people, rightfully, criticize it.

Pat Roper (who by all acounts was a great director)was fired and this is the state of affairs at the TDYCC pool. Why would you suppose Paul and the TD would protect any TDYCC employee who in the worst case is a thief, best case is completely incompetent and can not return a phone call? Is this selective?

Why does Ms. Brown stay mumm on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Why does MRs. Brown stay mum on the matter because she knows that she is out voted every time she opens her mouth.
The three on the board made up their mind way before the investigation to coverup the whole deal,this also included the chief.

Thank you Mike for shedding some light on this coverup also.
Why is it that these officials can commit crimes and not be accountable.
Is there anyway that we can bring charges against them?

As for those who claim that they are happy that you were fired believe me they are only there because they are a bunch of AKs .
Yes many know the truth of the crimes but are afraid to come foward.
This supervisor and his three henchmen are very vindictive if the employees vice their opinions.
The proof of the pudding is in you being fired.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Councilperson Brown has been silent?
Did you ever think that she too is a victim if she would open her mouth?
Time will tell as to what has happened .
The truth seems to be hitting the street a little at a time.

Anonymous said...

Have you actually heard Brown discuss it? If so, where and when?
Brown "may" be mumm because she has her own skeletons to deal with. hint: car, relative, drugs, police.

hal samis said...

Actually, instead of skeletons I'm interested in whether Sonja pays for using the Xposure program and Town summer camp.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone pay to use Xposure or TDYCC camp? :D
I "believe" Brown isn't paying taxes either as this was the deal with Habitat.

edgemint and xposure said...

yes edgemint pays for xposure

but guess what, the town only runs buses to xposure from central 7

xposure, if not illegal, is an improper use of town resources.

Anonymous said...

Why are you attacking Brown this time arround.
Have you noticed someone that opened his mouth was fired?
Have you noticed that she has three against her?
What gives.
I don't think that anyone has heard from her concerning town matters. Why not put the one who wanted the coverup on the carpet.
I do think at a work session and then at a town board meeting Brown did express that she wanted the findings to be public BUT that never happened.

juettner is the real danger said...

why is juettner still getting a free ride?

she has accomplished nothing in 20 years. she shirked her duties as liaison to the libary at a cost of millions to the taxpayers of unincorporated greenburgh.

she supported every wasteful and foolish decision of the supervisor.

she doesnt respond to emails.

she even wanted valhalla's school district to still get the westhelp money even after it was exposed as clear as day that the money was squandered on trips and extravagant salaries. lets not forget she never even looked into the legality of the town giving money to a school district.

she voted for the spot zoning in fulton park.

juettner is a disaster but the morons in the town democratic party keep nominating her.

Anonymous said...

No one has sewn Brown's mouth shut. She can freely bring to light anything she thinks is a concern that the public should be made away of. Apparently, her moral obligation to do so ranks lower on her list than pleasing the rest of the town board or her advancement in her political career.

samis - the best candidate said...

thats why we need samis on the board
he is beholden to no special interests and is not afraid to speak his mind (even if sometimes to a fault)

Anonymous said...

The Town doesn't need Samis any more than it needs Feiner or the other gadflies around here that pass for town leaders. What it needs are candidates with a vision for how to solve the Town's growing problems. Having a vision on how to solve problems means more than dumping on anyone who disagrees with you; and it means more than caving to every special interest with an outstretched hand. The Town is desperately in need of wholesale restructuring, from top to bottom.

your wrong about samis said...

one way to stop the town's problems is to stop the growth of government

feiner and juettner have pushed to the town to provide services that no town should provide - poverty alleviation, afterschool programs, money for school districts and neighborhood associations, nutrition programs that feed other towns and to purchase 100s of acress of useless parkland.

samis was a lone voice against this waste.

Anonymous said...

Samis' opposition to the various programs that have caused Greenburgh's taxes to skyrocket and its services to deteriorate does not mean that Samis has a vision for what should be done going forward. We now need serious people to step up to the plate and articulate what needs to be done and how.

Visionaries not needed said...

i disagree
had samis been there, he would have been a voice against folly. He would have stopped or at least paid attention to the grand theft at the library.

we dont need a visionary. we need someone who can say STOP.

do we need a visionary to tell Obama to not send more troops to Kabul? No. we need someone to say STOP. You are bleeding us. You are destroying our military. You are creating thousands of disabled young men and women who will suffer from lifelong injuries and scars.

You dont need a visionary to pickup refuse. You need someone who wants the job and is willing to ask questions how it can be done better or for less money.

You dont need a visionary to know that the TDYCC is not a Town function.

You dont need a visionary to know that what the Town paid for Taxter Ridge was excessive especially in light of the Town's own steep slopes and wetlands law limiting the value of the property.

You dont need a visionary to know that the Town cannot afford an Arts Council.

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between being a reactionary, which is what Samis and other gadflies around here like Feiner are, and a visionary, who knows how to build consensus around a common set of principles to lead us out of the morass we're now in toward a fairer, more just local government that knows how to strike the proper balance between developers and property owners, between commercial property owners and homeowners, and yes, between the economically disadvantaged that reactionaries seem to want to forget or blame in these tough times, and those who have worked hard for the success they have attained.

samis is no juettner said...

and this inaginary straw candidate has a name which is ....?

you are looking for a weatherman but
you dont need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

samis has more smarts than the current town board times 10.

please point out where he has been materially wrong on any issue?

and if you dont like samis, you got better?

anonymous wont fly.

keep looking for the perfect to the detriment of the good and you get juettner - less than mediocre.

shame on morgan said...

or you get the likes of double dip morgan

hundreds of taxpayers are out work and he takes stipends for heathcare coverage from the same town who already provides him coverage

how does he sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 7:09, if you'd just get over your obsession with Samis and Juettner, you'd see that Greenburgh already has a number of potential new leaders available to run in two years. They are already quietly doing what prospective leaders do best: they are meeting with residents, understanding the issues, helping neighbors with problems, and building lasting friendships that will bring fresh new vision to Greenburgh and put an end to the orchestrated chaos that passes for local government here. If you're already part of the solution to Greenburgh's problems, chances are you already know who these new leaders are; if you don't, chances are good that you are part of the problem and don't merit the attention.

da plane da plane said...

maybe a hint would help identify these new leaders.

unless they live on fantasy island? thats my guess.

Anonymous said...

7:48 What are you talking about? I'm more interested in town politics than just about anyone I've spoken to in my neighborhood and I've seen Zero evidence of "potential new leaders." Are these saviors going to remain hidden like the 7th Imam or the Moshiach and only reveal themselves on judgement day?

Anonymous said...

I hear Feiner wants to pay individuals a buyout out of their medical insurance if their spouse has coverage. A whopping 40% of the premium. That means Morgan will make another $10,000 to opt out of the family plan. Only in America.

Anonymous said...

Correction about $7,000.

morgan must be exposed said...

shame on morgan is right.

town board memebers who get insurance from their spouse or their employer or the town itself should not take the stipend.

morgan is greedy. morgan is callous.

if more people knew about this, morgan would be toast.

Anonymous said...

Paul will pay himself too I'll bet. I'm sure his wife has benefits as well.

double dipping must end said...

not sure if feiner takes the stipend or not.

mike kolesar may know.

but feiner is a true full time employee.

morgan is a retiree on the greenburgh plan and still takes money from the town.

such double dipping is immoral.

Anonymous said...

11/13/2009 10:18 AM
At least Feiner is looking at ideas to save money. Other places thought of this ages ago!

tax and spend redux said...

when feiner cuts the arts council and the nutrition program that feeds other towns, then you can say that. until then, he is a menace to the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea but don't forget the discriminatory Xposure program for select children only and the 2 rec depts. Why not combine under 1 dept?

Anonymous said...

Other places thought of this ages ago!

Decades ago. Decades. The only reason he might be considering now is that people have shamed him into doing something about it. Late to the party.

It would be nice if we had a proactive Supervisor instead of a lazy one.

Anonymous said...

Paul is just lamely trying to catch up to Astorino who stated as part of this campaign that he would require country workers not protected by union contracts to contribute to their health plans.

hal samis said...

Just hold your horses...why is everyone missing the big picture?

The simple truth is that the Town Council members, part timers, should not be eligible for paid health insurance in the first place. Especially Town Council members who are so concerned about rising taxes. They would be welcome to participate in the Town plan at their own expense.

The second part is that they should not be receiving any buyouts if they are already covered. Period. Town Board members and Town employees should not be allowed to double dip. And Detective Double Dip is NOT the only one on the Town Board that is. He's just the one who smiles about it.

The third part is that ALL employees should be required to sign a sworn statement whether they are or are not already covered under another workplace derived health plan, i.e. one provided by their spouse. If the Town employee contributes (there may be some reason to maintain both plans) to this health plan, the buyout should be limited to the extent of the Town employee's contributions or to some maximum amount.

Lying on this form will result in serious consequences.

As for Mr. Morgan, hopefully in two years he won't be holding down a job where his integrity need be challenged.

"Smiling faces, sometimes".

Anonymous said...

How many of the town employees,ie;

police personel
fire dept.
office workers
sanitation and highway workers
are also covered by their spouses insurance.
How many see which one of the plans covers completely so they don't pay a dime.
If both spouses carry a good plan one should be taken away to save money.
Why not check to see how many employees are covered by their spouses ?
The town could save plenty of money if they were just as smart as the ones that are covered and collecting by both.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:41 -
Lying on the form won't have serious consequences - the Town Board is never going to sanction on of their own.
Don't believe that? Look at the "Ethics" Board and its pathetic record - because the sanctions for all violations are imposed by the Town Board itself, the Ethics panel is a colossal fraud.
It will no doubt be disbanded at the same meeting of the Board which merges TDYCC into Parks and Recreation.

hal samis said...

Dear 10:18,

Not so fast and certainly not so easy. Spouses can become ex spouses. Spouses may lose their jobs, change jobs and be without insurance coverage as the result. Whose plan is better (decided by the insured) the spouse or the Town employee?

Jumping without thinking is how the Town Board operates. Citizens, smarter and with more at stake, need to consider the other possibilities before launch.

Anonymous said...

Hochberg is head of the newly created Veteran's Committee. Feiner is giving him Xposure for his run for office in two years.

Anonymous said...

Not bad for a "retired" guy. Town Council member earns about 428,000 a year plus benefits like a fully paid top of the line health care coverage or if you prefer you can take a buy out and if your name is Councilman morgan do a double dip for an extra $2,000 per year. Kiss the Supervisor's rea long enough (10 years) and you can have fully paid lifetime health coverage at no cost. Just ask Timmy Weinberg, Eddie Mae Barnes among others

Anonymous said...

Corrections to the 7:22 PM posting:

The "4" was meant to be a dollar sign so the amount should have read "$28,000".

Second "rea" missed a letter. Should have been "rear"

And finally , "morgan" should have had an upper case "M" for "Morgan".

Bad typing.