Tuesday, June 24, 2008

9A bypass needed--4th fatality on 9A today.

There was another fatality on 9A this morning – a head on accident with a tractor-trailer. The accident happened just south of Route 100 C, near Hunter Lane. This accident, the 4th fatality on 9A in recent months (the other accidents were pedestrian related hit and run accidents) highlights the need for safety improvements on 9 A. NYS is planning to construct a 9 A bypass. The bypass will increase safety on 9A and reduce congestion. A 9A bypass has been talked about for many years. It’s our hope that NYS will appropriate funds necessary so construction can start sooner rather than later. I am planning to contact the state DOT and will invite them to an upcoming Town Board meeting to provide the public with updates as to when construction will actually start. I will also invite our State Legislators to this meeting.

I'm sending a letter to the state DOT and to our representatives in Albany (Senator Cousins and ASsemblyman Brodsky) inviting them to a meeting on July 9th--the next Town Board meeting.


Anonymous said...

Head-on accident? Sounds more like a DUI/DWI case than the sort of thing a well-designed road wuold prevent. Perhaps more/better/stronger enforcement of traffic regulations are called for ALSO.

hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Feiner and Town Council aka "just five votes",Please uninvite Mr. Brodsky and Ms. Cousins to the July 10 Town Board meeting.  Although the thought is nice and it will make a great photograph, I'm sure that you can alert them to the problem and elicit their concerns on other occasions or by other means.  In as much as I have little regard for their posturing, I also suspect that they make the effort to read the news in the same newspapers that you do or, failing that, they have staff to do so.The gain is that not having them (or their stand-ins) appear and enact the rite of yada yada, this missing segment will not take up the time of the Public and eliminate 5 minute Public Comment as the by-product.Of course, a few well-placed phone calls can always have friendly and concerned troops appear to be concerned but perhaps their proper target should be the State and its electees directly because the Greenburgh Town Hall meeting room has as much relevance to what happens in Albany as it did for what happens in.....Darfur.
Given all the problems facing Greenburgh and given that this July meeting is the last scheduled meeting until the week abutting Labor Day weekend, I would think that you would be happy to hear from the taxpayers in the traditional format which can be witnessed by all the residents not in actual attendance.Sadly, there has been no 5 minute Public comments (Public Hearings excepted) since early April and tomorrow's Town Board meeting with a controversial Public Hearing scheduled does not bode well for those attending residents with other axes to grind.Of course, you will exercise all diligence in seeing that tomorrow's meeting actually starts at the scheduled 7:30 time which itself used to be 7:15.  So 7:30 means not 7:45, not 7:50, not 8:00 but 7:30.So whereas we were all duly fascinated by the boiler plate performance of those County employees earning bloated salaries who kept the Town Board up to date on what's new in recycling, I sure that their 20 minutes of "report" could have allowed 4 residents to speak later.  And, since, you tell us that we don't need County government, it seems odd that you would give them such an untimed platform to speak right here in Greenburgh.
And, while you're at it, please don't schedule any more Police Department promotions and handing out of certificates.  Not only does this remind taxpayers of how much money the Town is wasting on the Police but it can just as easily be handled at the Police Station where the photo-op would be even more spectacular.  Again, for team of proponents of open government, holding these "ceremonies" off campus would free up much of the precious time at Town Board meetings and perhaps provide more opportunity for needed dialogue with the Public.
Open government provides for witnesses to statements and a format in which these statements are preserved for future reference.While you and the Town Board may be travelling on foot through the Town wilderness, unfortunately there is no documentation of what is exchanged between residents and the Town Board.Call me pessimistic but I still remember the confusion when, in kindergarten, each kid passed on the message to the person to his or her left.  Thus, the Town Board meeting avoids these misinterpretations by providing a lasting record and in air-conditioned comfort -- all without dependence on the weather. So, let's get back to basics and return the Town Board meeting to the Public.  You have your business to do but you may have lost sight of the fact that this business is OUR business and that it is we taxpayers who have paid for the building, the lights, the seating and the Town Board's salaries, retirement and medical benefits.Alternatively, if you must put on these forced shows at the beginning of the meeting or start the meeting late, then it would be quite reasonable for you to continue the meeting after 11:00, like a form of penance.How you've been purposefully avoiding the late night input from residents, it's like...wanting to have your cake and eat it too.
Finally, as taxpayers, we pay all of the Town salaries and that includes the Town Comptroller as well.  All reports are that he's doing a great job.  But given that we maintain his office, when we ask a question of the Comptroller,why won't you allow him to answer?In short, if you're looking for the appearance of a new bumper sticker, think in these graphics:FREE MIKE KOLESAR.

klondike bar said...

when i am on the town council (in place of past her sale date diana juettner), i will not participate in these wasteful promotion ceremonies.

Anonymous said...

Why must someone die to realize that some of our roads are not handling the same amount of traffic as yesterday.
The county knows what is wrong they have spent so much of tax dollars for consultants and up to today nothing has been done.
What ever is needed to help those who drive or walk should be taken care of asap but instead the government is interested in the bike riders.
They want bike paths and they make sure that the parkway is closed to vehicles at certain times.

Our money should be spent in trying to save lives.
I never travel this road because it is an accident ready to happen.
First of all it has too many curves plus the speeding is out of sight.
We could write all we want but nothing will be done because what has been said yesterday is being said today and then again tomorrow.
The government does not care about what has to be done to save lives.

Anonymous said...

Samis you are so right. The time alloted to the public to speak at meetings is not enough for one to express their views.

I guess they are getting a little afraid since the public is starting to speak out about the failures of our representatives.
Yes they are a great failure .
When audits have to be conducted to show them what they have been doing wrong this is a matter of concern to all the tax payers.
The time to express ones feelings will be lessened from now on.
We could ask all the questions that we want but we know that they will not be answered.
Had they listen to you and all those that spoke out against the library we would not have been burdened with this and the next few years of a tax hike.
No one likes to be told what they are doing wrong and now by shortening the time to voice ones opinion will be shorten this will favor those on the board.
There is a madness to their method.

Anonymous said...

It is abundantly clear that the board is trying to stifle public comment. Open democracy my A$$.

Anonymous said...

So Spano is at it again trying to help his friend out of a jam.His friend can't seem to rent the warehouse so he waqnts to sell it to Spano.
His friend has been a big contributor to his campaign and many others in the council.


klondike bar report said...

opposes the sale of the halperin building to the county of westchester. diana the silent one has said nothing on this crucial issue to both the town and the ardsley school district.

say yes to klondike. no to juettner.

Anonymous said...

Why should we care about the Ardslay School District taxes when nobody cares about the Greenburgh #7 School district taxes.Loo how many tax free goverment buildings are in Greenburgh!

Anonymous said...

Sell Town Hall (valued by the Supervisor at $25 million) and put it back on the tax rolls. Then let the Town rent space at the "new" library. See the Feiner idea in the Library section of this blog for a complete explanation of this "win-win" idea.

juetter is a problem said...

dear anon
if the halperin building is taken off the tax rolls, it will cost the taxpayers of unincorporated greenburgh $50,000 a year. if you live in central 7, thats you.

the town council does not determine school district taxes. most people moving into the central 7 district who have children in the K-12 age group realize they might have to pay for private school. thats factored into the price of the housing they buy.

klondike bar also opposes taking the cab calloway house off the tax rolls. its unclear if thats in central 7 or another school district.

klondike bar also calls for an investigation why the library was allowed to steal the old town hall site without any public hearing.

that site was worth millions to the entire town and was given away by the current board including silent diane juettner, the liasion from the town board to the library.

by the way, ms juettner showed up 45 minutes late to a recent town board work session.

klondike bar will show up on time (and will remain in fresh ready to eat condition). believe it or not, klondike bar wears a watch.

hal samis said...

"In every age a hero or sage arose to our aid..."

In 2007, it was THE SHADOW and his son.

In 2008, it is hands down KLONDIKE BAR.

klondike bar ready to serve said...

thank you hal.

as you may know, my arrival at the town board has been anticipated by the installation of generator in the event of a power outage.

klondike bar, unlike the tongue tied diana juettner, will be on duty at all times and can speak to residents in the freezer section of your local supermarket.

hal samis said...

Can Klondike Bar be found at Veteran Park?

a bar of distinction said...

If it isnt, it should be. Klondike bar was able to attend the newcomers reception at the multi purpose center even though Klondike resides in all regions of Greenburgh.

Klondike is America's best selling ice cream novelty because it's made in so many forms now - about a dozen flavors, plus cones and sandwiches. The foil wrapper - a holdover from when bars were wrapped by hand - conveys distinctiveness in a crowded field.

now, what is distinctive about diana the silent town board member juettner?

Anonymous said...

Her silence.

Anonymous said...

Juettner has to be a glutton for punishment.
She knows dam well that she is not wanted on the board so why does she leave herself oped for what is said about her.
Some say that she is a lawyer and a teacher God help us.
Juettner leave before the road gets somewhat tougher.

juettner is toast said...

when you hear juettner think bass and barnes - off the board and not soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I think once the Dromore Rd court case is over with in the court we will see the resignation of Sheehan and Juettner.

klondike bar steps up said...

in such event, klondike bar is ready to serve and with its many varieties, it can probably do the work of both juettner and sheehan.

right nowm klondike bar is working on trying to settle the pending con ed strike for obvious reasons.