Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The new Greenburgh Library will open in October, 2008. If you would like to have a room, collection section at the library named in your honor – that can be arranged--, if you make a major donation to the Library. The Greenburgh Library Board approved the following fundraising opportunities at a Board meeting. If you are interested in having a room, collection section named for you or a family member – please contact Genie Contrata is the Library director. We will forward all significant donation opportunities to Genie and the Library Board. If you are interested in making a donation and would like a pre-opening day tour of the library to see where your donation will go – a personalized tour can be arranged.

The Town Board is also interested in discussing, with possible large funders, naming the entire building for a significant financial donor.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor

438-1343 (cell) 993-1545 (office) 478-1219 (home)

No. of items
Investment Level

Children’s Room – Furniture & Furnishings
$ 1,250,000

Meeting Room – Chairs, Carpet, Podium, Staging, Movie Screen, Multimedia Projection Equipment, Surround Sound Speakers, Room Darkening Window Coverings
$ 1,000,000

Technology – Color Laser Printer, Listening Stations, Flat Screen Televisions,
$ 500,000

Stop & Go* Library - Express Service – Shelving, Seating, Wireless Internet Access, Self-Check Computers, Welcome Desk Stations, Signage
$ 300,000

Sculpture & Art – for grounds and Library interior
$ 200,000

Computer Training Center – Patron Computers, Trainer’s Computer, Multimedia Projector, Color Laser Printer
$ 100,000

Audio Visual System throughout building – Public Address System, Security Cameras
$ 80,000

Teenburgh Gift – Shelving, Seating, Tables, Projection Equipment, Neon Teenburgh Sign
$ 75,000

Front Entrance Plaza – Benches, Foliage, Book Returns, Bike Rack, Trash and Recycling Receptacles, Lighting
$ 75,000

Internet Computer Area – Computers, Color Laser Printer,
$ 75,000

Children’s Garden – Seating, Signage, Sundial, Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Privacy/Security Fencing
$ 100,000

Young Adult Program Endowment – to sponsor outreach programs to teens
$ 50,000

Collection Enhancements –

Children’s Easy Reading Collection -
$ 30,000

Parenting Collection
$ 30,000

Music Compact Disk Collection
$ 30,000

Audio Book Collection
$ 30,000

Local History Collection
$ 30,000

DVD Collection
$ 30,000

Magazine and Periodical Collection
$ 30,000

Large Print Books Collection
$ 30,000


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be more efficient and appropriate to contact the library board directly?

Anonymous said...

The Library Bd hasn't shown much interest in private fundraising.

Anonymous said...

These amounts of money should have been considered way before the plans were put out to the public.

The library board is now saying that the ramp which is mandated by the Federal government and a generator for not having the amount needed to finish the project.

The ramp Had to be on the plans because in todays world you cannot build a building opened to the public without a ramp for the disabled.They put this one over the so called knowledgable council.
As far as the generator goes yes that was an after thought,but then again this too should have been in the original plans.
Who hired the firm to draw up these plans.
How much was promised if the plans were accepted.
It looks like to many people had their hands extended for this project that turned out to be a monster.
Thanks to two of the board members Sheehan and of course Juettner for permitting this project to go ahead out of hatred for the supervisor .You never thought of the consequences that would follow since the library board and the construction manager were asked about where was the money for all the extras that is now posted on the blog for funding.
Sheehan and Juettner leave the important jobs to those with brains which means butt out when it comes to making decisions that would cripple the taxpayers.

juettner is a disaster said...

juettner is a disaster

donors save yur money, this hulking white elephant will be out of business in a few years .
today's libraries are fairly obsolete

hal samis said...

From the Budget prepared by Triton Construction at the request of the Library Board of Trustees.

Date presented 11/23/04
Total $19,867,747 which included over $3 million to deal with ESCALATIONS, INFLATION and CONTINGENCIES.

Specifically mentioned were
*Furniture, fixtures and equipment
*Technology Backbone $186,400
*Landscaping Allowance $100,000
total $1,265,000

Now, homework assignment for readers.
1) add up the dollars for requested items associated with these expenses
2) answer the question: why are these items lacking if the Project came in on budget?
(don't overlook the $400,000+ of grants to be received)
3) ask your Town Board when it voted to give away the integrity of the Greenburgh Public Library, an entity paid for, maintained and owned by the residents of the Town of Greenburgh.

hal samis said...

The Town of Greenburgh is facing back-to-back 20% tax increases.

In truth, the cause may not be directly traceable to the actions of past or present Town Boards.

In any case, why should they be more guilty than the Library Board of Trustees or Al Regula.

But given the Town's tax increase reality and given the proposed solution for the Library problem, why not apply the same logic to solving the Town's financial problems?

After all there are many residents who already bemoan the absence of green in Greenburgh.

Thus, "Interested in having a Town named for you?"

How about a Town Department or even Town Hall? How about getting rid of that tired "multi-purpose center" moniker and replacing it with someone's name?

Buildings already named? No problem! Attention: friends and family of Theodore Young, the Town sends its regrets but it now needs to market its assets better. However, the Town Board will give preference to your bid.

That goes for the already named hall/gallery in Town Hall and named conference room. These freebies are history.

Maybe an affluent Ardsley resident would take satisfaction from having the Town Pool named after his clan. Even though his family can't use the pool, it may be worth a few bucks to be remembered.

Ok, we've named a few parks already and made nothing on the deal. That policy should be reversed. Maybe a naming contribution from Anonymous of this blog would be appropriate for Taxter Ridge Park -- no one will go there so no one will know.

How about the Lanza Family Zoning Board?

And for $400,000, the McNally family could have the Comprehensive Plan named after them.

And with rising School District, Sewer Districts, Fire Districts budgets, why not replace their shopworn nomenclature with names that can bring in the bucks.

Finally, a word to would-be advertisers and their agencies. Look how much attention Finneran gets from having a law named after him. Think what you could do for clients by having their name attached to a Town Board resolution? Say, at the beginning of the Town Board meeting during Supervisor's comments, "tonights resolutions are brought to you by BMW" of Greenburgh.

Don't worry, no one takes the Ethics Laws seriously anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hal Samis has done the impossible, he has outdone himself in both postings.

Town Board, pay attention to Samis and respond to his questions. That is the only way to right the ship.

Anonymous said...

This is just Feiner being Feiner.
In his world you can buy anything - including integrity.
I do not believe he has the authority to name anything at the library - even the Greenburgh Public Library Foundation, the tax-exempt group which exists solely to accept tax deductible gifts for the Library, couldn't get the Library's Board of Trustees to give it the authority to make "naming" deals.
(Oh, and by the way - gifts to the Town are NOT, as a matter of IRS policy, deductible. ONLY GIFTS TO A 501(c)3 qualified foundation can be taken as charitable gifts on your Federal tax return.
Giving money so that your name will appear on a public building is considered by the IRS as your having received something of value for your money, and is therefore a commercial transaction, not a charitable gift. Not that Feiner has ever recognized any law but his own....

Anonymous said...

If the board had listened to Samis before the monster plans were started we would not have the problems that we have today and for many years to come.
He laid out all the problems and questions and the board looked at him with blank faces.
No comments or answers to his questions.

Then came Krauss the same thing happened comments and questions to the board and just blank stares.
Had they not had so much hatred for the supervisor maybe they would have seen further than their noses.

The library is asking for too much than they first estimated.
Is someone getting fat with taxpayers money.
What b---s they must have to ask for more after they said the ninteen million plus would be enough.
Dear council you passed the budget for that amount and that is it.
Ellen Prieser keeps asking if anyone contactacted the State comptroller for an answer to her question can you amend the existing amount for the library after the fact.
Has anyone done this NO.
So you see each one of you does not give a dam for the residents.
And another thing you are all intrested in a comprehensive plan because it's SHEEHANS' baby.
A plan that will cost Over $400,000.00.
Thanks SHeehan and the rest of the board.

Anonymous said...

Gee you forgot the bathrooms
One for Sheehan and the other for Juettner.

Anonymous said...

This project has become a real joke!!! The kids are really going to love skateboarding on the so-called handicap ramp. Let's have a pool when the first person to come off a County Bus on a wheel chair and use the ramp. I say 2014. Hope we have a back-up boiler for this building. You are going to need it. How much extra will it cost to maintain this monster? Why don't we name the hallways for people that donate. John Q. Public Lane, Hilliary blvrd, George Street. Should have listened to Paul and bought the Dannon building. Would have saved a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

What's absolutely amazing is that the Libray board / foundation has the gall to put out a list of "possible" donantions that totals more than $4 million for a project that all continue to say is "on budget". Where will these funds go, since the Library is already paid for/ A slush fund so Library Board trustees can have a conference or two in Hawaii? Who knows? Only the ....knows.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess they will be hiding a lot of money to be used for entertainment.

This library board is really a joke and a half.
What we need is for the state to investigate them.

If lay people can see that there is something bad going on why is it that the town board believes that they need all this money to proceed with the project.

I know that they are deaf dumb and blind but now we can add stupid to the list for listening to all their demands.

Kolesar what say you about the library problem that faces the tax payers.
What happens if we give them the money and they don't get the grants.
The way the govenor is speaking no more grants for the moment and maybe going into next year.
We the taxpayers will be stuck paying back this money after the original amount to build a new library was approved by the town board. Is this legal.

Anonymous Blogger said...

Can we take up a collection here. Say, $1. per blogger and donate it to the Library. It would be super if we could have the "Computer Training Center" be named in honor of "anonymous bloggers".
Maybe we can raise a few hundred dollars.

Hey, something is better than nothing!

Anonymous said...

May I say the library will be a charitable association since it will ask for alms to stay alive.
The library representatives never thought of hidden expenses after the project was up and running.

The monter will take plenty of money to run.

Heat,water,electricity,insurance, airconditioning and just the everyday maintenance.
Where will all this money come from.??????

They should have stuck with a nice small building instead of trying to build a white elephant that actually was not needed.

Anonymous said...

Just keep in mind that this monster can be transformed into a money making deal. It can be used as a funeral parlor or a catering hall.

When the library fails for lack of funds the town will be making plenty of money tax wise.

I would like to know how many residents will be using the library after a few months.
The count will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

people in the beginning, will go to see what it looks like,but after that, the number of people going to the library will go down

Anonymous said...

Paul the monster of a library could be turned into a health center for outpatients .
I'm sure that hospitals are looking for places to serve the public who are in need of special services.

Anonymous said...

The amounts in this list are an insult to every resident. I'd be willing to contribute on a smaller level: many other librarues have a "Donation Wall" with plaques for $50, $100 and $500 and up contributions.

Does the Library Board feel that the $20 million+ of OUR money has come so easy to them - with no governmental oversight - that there have to be local billionaires just straining at their leashes to part with a "measly" million or so?

Anonymous said...

Since Mr. Gold received a sizable amount from the purchse of Taxter Ridge he should be made to donate at least half of the monies he received.

If my memory serves me right it was said that the amount was $100,000.00.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem realistic that there would be big donors for the Fairview Public Library. Maybe if it were centrally located in Greenburgh, but it's too late for that. Perhaps half of that new building could be rented out.

Anonymous said...

I know that I will not be contributing to the Fairview Library .They enough of my money.

Anonymous said...

After reading the Journal News {Monday's} Maybe we should have a probe of the library officials together with the center.
Maybe this is the only way to see where our money is going.

open house said...

the nys comptroller has a semi permanent office in greenburgh.

seems the westchester county district attorney may follow suit.

Anonymous said...

What Library? Nobody told me they were voting on a new library construction!
Must of been one of those secret votes the Town board likes.

Anonymous said...

Where is the state comptrollers off in Greenburgh,

PLease give particulars can we walk in ,
Whom do we call for an appointment?

Anonymous said...

After all the complaints the state comptroller should open his office right at town hall.

Anonymous said...

It really was not a secretbut the voting was handled by the residents of Edgemont because they were citing with Sheehan to get back at the supervisor because hewas against the proposal right along.
The few in Edgemont who made it their business to get out the vote only reached the people that they could convince that a larger library was needed .
I did not know that there was a voting date set for this project.
They made it so that instead of presenting the proposal to the voters on a regular election designated day they had a special day way before November.
Had this been on the ballot comes election day it would have never gone further to become a total disaster for the residents pockets today and for days to come.
The hatred that the previous board had for the supervisor has and will cost more and more money.
Sheehan and JUettner are the two left from the previous board ,let's remember when election time comes arround.
Could it be that lady luck will be in our corner with both of them resigning??????

Anonymous said...

I thought Edgemont as a group voted against the library?

Anonymous said...

Feiner and the Town Board were resposible for the referendum.

Anonymous said...

Feiner was against the library renovations.

Sheehan and company hated Feiner so much that they all voted for it.

Feiner wanted the referendum on the November balot but the council out voted him and had it way before election.

As you know the previous council has been against Feiner for a long time. If he said that something was white they said it was black.
Now it seems that things have mellowed a little maybe this is the quiet before the storm WHO KNOWS?????????

juettner is a joke said...

juettner was caught last night like a deer in headlights - every question about the library went over her little head.

juettner is a disaster. juettner must go the way of the old put - out of business.

Anonymous said...

Yes I must say that Juettner has a problem.
It looks like she asleep with her eyes opened.

She looks like she is in lala land just biting time to collect another pension and benefits from the town.

Anonymous said...

in todays Scarsdale Inquirer Mr. Krauss has repeated the exact complaint that was commented on concerning the money for the ramp

The architect should be held accountable for this amount.
If he was as good as the library board expressed he should have known the law concerning access for the diasabled

Mr. Krauss we know dam well that the library board has lied right along concerning this renovation.
We didn't need sush a white elephant.

I do hope that the grants fall through then and only then will this building be rented out .

It would serve the courts very well.

Without all the extras that the library board is coming up with in plain english they are going crazy.
Howstupid do they think the public is now after our pockets were hit with this high bond.
Shame on Sheehan and Juetner for allowing this crime to get out of hand.

They should turn in their salary that they receive for being a bunch of smucks ,They hated the supervisor so much that they didn't see the problem that would be facing the residents when the resolution was voted in.

defeat juettner said...

all true and juettner is the main culprit.

please someone - run for town council - anyone but juettner.

paul - we are with you!!

Anonymous said...

Since the library left out one of the most important part of this project {being the ramp for the disabled]they should be invesigated for other wrong doings.
How could anyone in their right mind forget the most important part of a building.

Questions were being asked over and over again By Krauss and Samis,but the library board,Al regula and the members of the town board never had the B---S to answer them.

What will be the next thing that they will hit us with.
Kolesar thank you for your input of telling the public how many people use this library.
Maybe if they serve free coffee and buns in the morning then lunch and later on dinner they will have the publics attention.

Feiner just being Feiner - yet again said...

he Library Board didn't "forget" the ramp - the Supervisor and Al Regula said it was a frill.
Just as the dynamic duo of Paul and Al built a sanitation garage too small to allow the garbage trucks to pull into any of the bays.
To save money this pair will do anything - even build a garage that's too short. No surprise they didn't think the ramp or generator were necessary.
As for the demolition of the "old" Town Hall - Mr. Feiner assured the Library Board's Chairman that removal of the old building would be charged to the TOWNWIDE capital budget, not the Library's construction fund. Too bad, Howard was too naive to insist Paul put it in writing.

juettner is a taxing mess said...

excuse me - juettner is the town board representative to the library.

she is to blame

hal samis said...

Let's get the facts straight.The demolition of the old Town Hall was always included in the cost of the project.  It is even mentioned specifically in the heading of the Referendum.The assumed need of the ramp has never been proven.  It would assist those with disabilities but that it is required is a question I have in for Mr. Sheehan to answer as he was the advocate for the ramp.  The Library didn't want the ramp; it has to be shoveled in winter; it will likely be ground zero for skateboarders and will be an expensive headache to build and after to supervise.  Furthermore, note that the bus stop it serves is just a few feet east of Elmsford and the Greenburgh Library is an expense of unincorporated residents.  How many UNINCORPORATED residents who are disabled and traveling by bus will be coming from the west?It comes down to this: either it is required and the Architect, a specialist in designing libraries and public buildings, should have known from the start or Sheehan is full of manure.  Let's get the answer.If required, charge the Architect.If not required, charge it to Mr. Sheehan.The generator is the only legitimate add-on that the Library construction budget should not be charged for as the Library doesn't need it in functioning as a Library; it exists from Feiner's desire (reasonable) to make the Library a go to location in an emergency.  But this should be from extra money provided by the Town or by Grant.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone contribute to a failing project as the New Greenburgh Library.
This library was and will be a loosing proposition.
We all know that this large renovation was not necessary.
Do we need a work of art to pick up or read books.
Come on how many of us have been back to a library after we graduated high school or college.
Our tax dollars was and is squanered so people will not loose their jobs.
Maybe this director is just the same as the one that was arrested for purchasing computers ,cell phones which never were put into the library.
Has anyone investigated as to where our money goes or does this town close their eyes and thinks that everyone in this town is honest.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the latrine signs for Sheehan and Juettner.
They made the biggest contribution in history for making the biggest blunder by sideing with the library personnel for the expansion because the supervisor was totally against it.
The library was a personal vendetta against The supervisor .
The outcome is that the supervisor is still in office and will be for a while but our pockets are getting empty.
The vendetta turned out to hurt the residents and not their intended target the supervisor.

ed krauss said...

With all due respect, I'm sick and tired of comments like "we'll get grant money to pay for 'it.'"

Where do you think grant money comes from? It's definitely not a gift from G-D.

Those who pay taxes, pay some or all of these: village, town, county,state and federal.

So, a federal grant comes out of your federal taxes; a state from your state taxes; a conty from your county taxes.

In any event, you're paying for that grant. The only saving grace, is that all tax paying U.S. citizens are helping with that grant payment; all tax paying state state citizens etc.

On the other hand, we are paying for someone elses Federal "pink elephant." State "superfluous project," and county "abortion."

So, in the future, when you sigh a sigh of relief, please remember you are paying for that "FREE" money with your hard earned tax dollars.

FREE LUNCHES went out with the depression of the '30's. Some restaurants charge for bread, and pats of butter.

Anonymous said...

Krauss you are so right..The council members make the public think that the grant that the library is seeking does come from a Supernatural Being.
They don't give a dam who is paying for what so long as they get what they want.
That is why the FEderal,State and county governments should check out what this library is asking for.
This is all our tax money and that of every citizen in this country.
Yes the governments are at fault also because they rob from peter to give to paul without asking any questions.
Just check out the housing authority that owes Greenburgh close to a half million dollars for private protection by our police department that we the residents pay taxes .But they can't afford this protection because they have not received a grant.Is that fair.
Why do we the residnets have to pay for protection and these residents of the housing authority get it for free,
What a great town Greenburgh is.
Freebees are handed out left and right.