Thursday, June 05, 2008


Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, Council members Sonja Brown, Diana Juettner, Kevin Morgan, Francis Sheehan will make housecalls at least once a week this summer –reaching out to residents to discuss budget options and quality of life concerns. The Board members will start their walking tour of the town at 7 PM on Monday evening, June 9th beginning on Joyce Road. They will meet in front of 22 Joyce Road, Hartsdale.

Greenburgh, like other communities in the region, is facing a difficult budget in 2009. The Supervisor has requested all departments to present to the Town Board (for consideration) two budgets for 2009----a budget that includes a zero percent spending increase (compared to 2008) and a budget that cuts spending by 5%. One of the goals of the door to door efforts is to find out what residents want. Would people prefer service cuts or tax hikes? What cuts are acceptable/unacceptable? We want to know.

The Board members will be going door to door to get some feedback from residents. We want to hear from people who normally do not speak out at Town Board meetings, people who may not be active in the community. We also are interested in obtaining feedback from activists. Residents who want to join the members of the Town Board on this walking tour are invited to participate.

Residents who are interested in meeting with the entire Town Board at their home should e mail You can also contact Supervisor Feiner at 438-1343 (cell) or 993-1545 (office). We will arrange to stop by and make a housecall. We will accommodate all requests in the coming months.


I’M CYCLING FROM NY TO VERMONT tomorrow to raise funds for the Westchester ARC Foundation and Special Olympics. This is a 200 mile bike trek. I have been cycling with this group since 1990. Our committee has raised $3,535,000 since we started the bike ride. The Special Olympics provides year round sports training programs to over 3,300 athletes and their families. WARC provides the developmentally disabled with places to live. I won’t be in the office tomorrow but can be reached by phone: 438-1343 or on my blackberry: If residents have any problems or concerns – please feel free to call me. I am looking for every excuse possible to get off my bicycle and walk up some hills, while taking calls.


questions for the town board said...

millions are needed to redo some of the pools at veteran park - where is the money coming from? where is the board on opening a stream of revenue from ardsley?

what purpose does taxter ridge serve? no one knows where it is and there is no parking. why do we keep it?

if the sportime deal is on hold, why is the town spending $400,000 on a comprehensive plan when the sportime deal was supposed to pay for the comprehensive plan?

why is ms juettner, a village resident, the liason from the town board to unincorporated's library and rec board?

hal samis said...

"Yoo hoo, Mrs. Goldberg.
Guess who just stopped by."

'Who Mrs. Schwartz?'

"It was the whole Town Board."

'Did they bring cake?'

hal samis said...

"Jake, Jake, come quick, you'll never guess who just left Mrs. Schwartz's house"

'Who, Molly, who?'

"The whole Town Board"

'But it's too early for Halloween.'

"They didn't come for candy."

'Did they at least bring cake?'

"No they came to talk about the Town Budget."

'What do they know from budget, didn't they just ok $400,000 for the Comprehensive Plan and a zillion dollars for Police overtime?'

"Budget, schmudget, oh Jake look, they're still on the block. They just went next door to Mrs. Bloom. Get dressed, you want them to invite you to Town Hall and make you a citizen of the month, don't you?"

'Look Molly, if I told you once, I've told you a thousand times; I'm not interested in anything that bunch is selling. Besides it's going to reach 90 degrees today and I'm going to the Town Pool before there's no room left because some idiot let the Village People, you know, the ones dressed like a cop and a fireman, in. With gas prices out of sight and the economy in the tank, I've got to get over there now and meet Uncle David to protect our asses.'

"Jake, you never listen, I said they're visiting next door."

'Molly, you can stay home and kibbitz with the Town Board to your tuckus' delight. Sammy, Rosalie, you want to go the the pool?'

"All right Jake, just leave by the garage door, I don't want Kevin Mae Barnes to think you're avoiding him. Oh, I almost forgot, would you give the towel boy, Gil, a couple of bucks, I forgot to tip him last time I was there."

'Bye Molly, and save me some cake.'

"Bye Jake, don't be long...
(Molly hears her name being called from next door and rushes over to the open window)
Yes, Mrs. Bloom, so nu?"

(Taken from the 1951 season of "The Goldergs")

more than cake said...

not only cake, several gift cards for fairview (some were apparently regifted from valhalla)

Anonymous said...

They had better not come to my door.

They are unwelcomed to my home since I will be loosing it pretty soon because of all their misappropiations of monies.

They took from me and gave it to some undeserving people at another part of town.

They voted to purchase many parks that are a disgrace especially one that was purchased because a friend of the supervisor wanted a big back yard which could never be used for parkland.
Forget about the center it is a total disgrace. They keep asking for money and someone keeps pocketing it.It seems that the same work has to be done year in and year out. How could this be possible?
This town has been mismanaged for many years to favor one neighborhood in particular. Many of us do not use any of the facilities that being the parks ,center or the library.

Now there will be a comprehensive plan which will cost plenty of money .Is this really needed at this time when money is tight.

Please don't come to my door because I would have to be very rude to all of you and that is not my makeup.

Anonymous said...

Why must you go door to door to ask peoples opinions.

When I was growing up we has a Jewish sales person selling door to door and then came back week after week to collect the money.
Now you all are reminding me of this memory telling me that you are trying to sell me some goods that I know are second hand or damaged and wont last .

Anonymous said...

Since when does a residents input mean something to the town board.

Many have given you their input at town meetings and you all turned a deaf ear.
Whom are you all trying to kid.
I think that all of you should stop playing games.
Your games have cost us the taxpayers too much money.

Make sure that the DPW has heads up as to where you will be visiting so this way the roadways will be cleaned up.
Have them remove the bolders also this way you could park along the side of the road.
By the way should we have an umpapa band welcoming your arrival.

ed krauss said...

Now that we've read all of these "positive postings," it must be time for Richard "Perry Mason" Garfunkel to come to the defense.

However, after defending the supervisor, which is "big Dick's" raison d'etre, and Morgan and Brown,still in their "honeymoon" period, needing no defense,Sheehan and Juettner, dispised by the Chairman of the Feiner Cabal, won't receive any defense. So, all of the 17 years of accumulated mismanagement and fiscal illiteracy, by the simple act of subtraction, are/will be the fault of Sheehan and Juettner.

Borrowing from Hal Samis' wonderful rendition of how the Goldberg's would look at these "house calls," brings to mind another wondeful old tv series- Hogan's Heroes.

Mr. Feiner as sgt. Schultz; "I know nozing, hear nozing."

"Big Dick" as his subordinate; "Du bist recht, alvays recht, mit der gantsa recht so helf me Gut."

If we could only go back to the future and erase these 17+ years of abject mismanagement, start with a clean slate and move forward with hope.

However, dear reader, that's a childhood fantacy. Because this Feiner gimmiky "house calls" schtick, like all other Feiner schtick's won't change a blessed thing.The die is cast. The board already knows we're in for another approximately 20% tax increase next budget, so asking for your opinions is no different than any of our so called public hearings. The pulic speaks, the Board doesn't really listen, because the direction has already been decided on earlier. The joke that was the last "pubic hearing" covering more than 40 resolutions is but one example of the farce.

But, they have it right. We vote them into office, the public has short term memory, they do what they want and in two or for years- when they're up for reelection, they win.

That ladies and gentlemen IS OUR FAULT!

How many back to back 20+% tax increases can you absorb? And on top of that, we're paying them good money AND benefits to mishandle out hard earned money. Talk about "taking money from a baby/babies."

Maybe we can start a new revenue stream by aopting one of Mr. Feiner's "Save the Library" scheme. Let's sell off the naming rights to the Town Hall; each of the parks, the community center and any and all tangible property in Greenburgh. One caveat, we only sell them off for four years at a time; starting one year BEFORE the supervisor's time to run for office.

"EVERYTHING MUST GO...NOTHING HELD BACK!!!" You want a park bench, a waste basket or anything..if you have the money it's yours for four years.

Damn why didn't he think about this great idea in 1991? Oh well, it's never too late to take "advantage" of a "good" idea.

Ed Krauss

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:14.

Plenty of input takes place at town hall, on this blog, in emails to board members.......

There is either no response or the traditional "I'm forwarding this information to X. They will get back to you." No one really cares. It all a ruse to get people to think they give a hoot. It's akin to kissing babies on a campaign trail. Will we really think better of the situation because these "important people" show up at our doorstep?

Town hall knows exactly what the people think. It's insulting to continue to waste the public's time with this nonsense.

Memo to Supervisor & Town Council:

Read this blog. It was created for a reason. Pay close attention to both those who sign their names and those who don't. Leave your walking shoes in your closets, along with your bogus attempt of interest or concern, at home.

Anonymous said...

Cut 10 police officers and save over 1 million dollars.
Stop all the fancy programs in the PD. how many arrest were made in the housing unit? stop the school resource officers(a total waste)still have crimes committed, at all the schools. How many officers work inside police headquarters?(to many)How many are being trainied for rescue calls that the firefighters are already trained for. Greenville FD has most of therescue tools already, don't duplicate the services.
Have the State Police take over our
police dept. Town of Cortland did it and saved a ton of money.Somers also has State PD. Think about it!

Anonymous said...

The public is speaking DO YOU HEAR THEM.

They waqnt the state police to take over Greenburgh pd. which will save tax payers money.


Many have expressed their comment about the police dept. but it is falling on deaf ears.

Is there something the martter with all of you


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Door-to-door is inefficient, to say the least. This is a major municipality that continues to operate like it were a little rural village.

juettner must go said...

juettner must go.
enough is enough.
she has done nothing to merit another 4 years.

ed, you put her in. now fix this mess.

Anonymous said...

The State Police has barracks right on the Sprain in Hawthorne, they already patrol the Sprain. Easy access to Greenburgh. We should at least have discussions with the State Police as to taking over Greenburgh policing. Greenburgh PD has more cockamanie units and needs to be downsized and concentrate on their core work -- fighting crime.

Anonymous said...

When Chief Kapica leaves,that would be a good time for the State Police to take over.

Anonymous said...

Then we need to start having discussions now. As in NOW.

ed krauss said...

6/6/08 8:26 PM Thanks for reminding me, BUT...

I'm only guilty of having her appointed for one term. Thereafter, ALL of you who voted for her- I didn't- must bear the guilt.

It strikes me as strange, although nothing is more true than, " politics makes for strange bedfellows," that Francis Sheehan who was screwed by Diana not only teamed up with her but became an ally.

For those who don't remember, four years before Francis was elected, he and Diana were the designees from the Democratic Party for the two council openings. However, Paul did not want Francis on the Board (even back then) so he put together a rogue nominating petition that looked exactly like the Democratic Party's petition substituting Timmy Weinberg's name for that of Francis. To there credit, Dave Dwinell and Alfreda Willams did NOT allow their names on this petition. Diana having no sense of propriety- only for "hanging on to Paul's coattails-sucking up to him as she did since they joined the Board together- added her name to that of Paul and Timmy. This act of perfidy caused Francis to lose. Four years later, when Francis again was designated, he teamed with her- and by the way, eschewed Bill Grenawalt, the party's designee for Town supervisor, thus sealing his fate.

After winning, she teamed with the other three councilpeople on the Board to go against her PATRON and campaign funder for her 14 years on the Board, at that time.

So let me recap sports fans:

*Diana screws Francis out of his rightful place on the ballot;

*Francis, four years later, (the "screwee") teams up with Diana(the "screwer") and intentionally or not intentionally screws Bill Greenawalt (the gentleman candidate hopeful for defeating Feiner- Sheehan and Juettner's target of opportunity);

*And finally, the screwer DJ, turns on the guy who financed her campaigns every time she ran with him.

Lucretia Borgia, or Niccolo Bernardo Machiavelli, could not have done a better job.

There has to be a term to describe this. How about, JUETTNERISM: going through the motions of acting like an elected official but doing as little as you can get away with-exceptng back stabbing "temporary" friend and "convenient" foe.

Anonymous said...

I think Greenburgh is too big for the State Police to take over. We would lose a lot of services and forget about seeing police cars in neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Why is the Supervisor calling for these two budget efforts by the Town's department heads? What did the Supervisor and or Town Board know, when did they know it? Why wasn't this shared with the entire Town? Open government? One big joke and the joke is on us.

What to cut? Very easy, Mr. Supervisor and Town Council. The frills. The enormous costs of the TDYCC and second the recreation program. This isn't to say that the recreation program isn't nice, but when things get tough, and you haven't yet shared with the public exactly how tough you think it's going to be, then cut the nice to haves first, before cutting into the essentials.

How about some truly open government. Great idea when practiced and not just a lot of talk.

Anonymous said...

While you're between houses, could you do some weed-wacking and street-sweeping, please? Either that, or direct your employees to do work they should be doing. The town's streets look dumpier and dumpier every year.

Anonymous said...

If you see the DPW working on your street you know trying to make it presentable you can be assured that they were tiped off as to where the first house call will be.
Of course they must show that they are on the job .

Please stay away from the areas that have been impacted with the enormous tax hike.
I think the meeting will be unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you saw a police car on patrol in your neighborhood? it's been years.
There are too many special units that do nothing, to also do patrols.
Somers uses the State Police, so can Greenburgh!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right.this one area had to have some breakins to see some patrol officers whether marked or unmarked cars.

We have to wait for a crime to take place to know that we have police working our neighborhood.

Get the cops out of headquarters and put them on the road.We pay enough taxes to be protected .By the way The Housing aUthority had private Greenburgh police for protection and refuse to pay close to one half million dollars.

They have a stationary police person and we have to look for a patrol car in our area.

hal samis said...

As much as I laugh at the neighborhood outreach meetings of the Comprehensive Plan clique, one thing is certain; what is said there (and they do lie brazenly despite this) is said with witnesses present and, what, is said to one, is said to all.

Door-to-door is an opportunity to say yes to one person and no to his next door neighbor -- both answers to the same issue.

That's why I like Town Board meetings. When you ask a question and the Town Board is "forced" to answer, they have to give the same answer to all.

And that is why the Town Board is seeking new ways to limit Public Comment; 11:00 curfews with "presentations and photo-ops" scheduled for no other purpose than to ensure that 11:00 comes not a minute too soon.

Town Board, stay home and cultivate your garden.
Nothing could be more Candid(e).

Anonymous said...

Town Council: Bring weedwacker, as well as a shovel to clean the storm drains. I don't know much about the politics, but I do know that the streets are not maintained. I'm surprised residents allow this ongoing neglect, especially along our main thoroughfares.

ms juettner? said...

where exactly is taxter ridge?
is there any parking?

ms juettner, you have 30 seconds

Anonymous said...

Taxter Ridge is in Irvington.It is Danny golds back yard. He happens to be a friend of the supervisor and also the one who was instrumental in the purchase of this land to extend his back yard.
He didn't want any neighbors.
It is said that he made quite a nice commission when this land was sold.
Parking no.
lake no
trees plenty
trails no
It just happens to be a dump.
This happens to be another one of the town boards acquisitions that will be as great a mistake as the renovation of the library.
One blunder after another.
How can and when will Greenburgh get back on it's feet?
It will take many years if any to put this town back together again.

Anonymous said...

I have paid my dues for many years so please don't come to my house to find out what I think of how you are running the town.

I voiced my opinion at many meetings but you all thought I was a kook so please keep going because you will not be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

If you have a good remedy to fix all the mistakes that were made throughout the years then make it BUT if there is no solution how to make thigs better forgetaboutit.

This town has been ill for some time and the malady will keep going on unless you listen to what is said at town meetings about where all our tax money is being spent as you al see fit.

Open your minds and listen to what is said at meetings day in and day out and follow the advice os some of the residents .
House calls are not needed.
If things keep going the way that they are going we won't have a house for you to call on.

Your purchases ,your payroll and the funds due you have not been accepted joyfully by the public.
Now we will have a comprehensive plan that will cost more money which is money that we don't have.
If you all are ready for plenty of critisism be our guest.
I'm sure that you will not be welcomed with open arms.

Anonymous said...

How many questions in this blog do you have the guts to answer.
This is your problem you all have been doing as you please and the hell with the public.
Comes election time we in turn will say the hell with you.

hal samis said...

To 7:00,

"It has been said..."

Much as I hate to be the defender, I cannot sit back and ignore mud slung by cowards who write as anonymous be don't hesitate to attack Danny Gold.

Mr. Gold only did for his community what others try but fail to do for their communities. Everyone has an Agenda.

Whereas I never was in favor of the Taxter purchase and opposed Mr. Gold's skillful and successful advocacy, the one thing that continues to rankle me is that these McCarthy era allegations continue to surface. Not one instance or fact has emerged to sustain these allegations and their origin can be traced back to one disgruntled Edgemont resident (not famous lawyer) whose efforts continue to be posted herein.

Clearly the internet does not abide by geography and its tolerance for the democratic product of political systems does not find a receptive home on this blog.

However, in the United States, most of us abide by "innocent until proven guilty" and even when this is not the reality we still have another fall-back protection, the right to know one's accuser.

The blog allows all sorts of pond scum to flourish.

Taking the bad with the good is also part of democracy: freedom of speech.

Or so, "it has been said".

Another Disgruntled Taxpayer said...

Dear Mr. Samis -
When there is full disclosure of the budget for the acquisition of Taxter Ridge the accusations will stop. Until the Town publishes the amount it paid in total, and to whom the monies were paid, the sense of unease will remain unabated. The Trust for Public Land refuses to provide the information as does the Town - and the figures as represented by Town Board appropriations DO NOT ADD UP.
Make all the documents public and the questions can be answered.
Consider this a call for true open government.

hal samis said...

Dear 2:23 (disgruntled) and purveyor of "unabated sense of unease",

I assume that you already have such to assist you in adding up.

However, if not...

I suggest you start with a FOIL request to the State, the County and the Town for the closing statement. It would be unlikely that they are all conspiring to withhold information.

Now if you looking for an item, say, payment of a commission, and it is not provided, that is not proof that it exists.

And while you may consider it a call for true open government, those doing the calling, if on the side of the angels, should be willing to submit to caller id.

With music and words by Glen Miller and Dale Evans, "happy trails to you".

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Taxter Ridge is in Irvington. It's in the Unincorporated Greenburgh neighborhood of East Irvington, no?

Anonymous said...

Hal did you not mention about the amount paid for the purchasing of Taxter Ridge at one of the Wednesday night meetings.

I'm sure that you questioned the board and received no answer.

Was not a question asked about the realtor in charge --No answer from the board.

Think back and try to remember if you did or did not ask a question pertaining to Gold.

please be truthful PAUL said...

You are right no questions have been answered in favor or against about the purchase of this parkland except that it was purchased by the State,County and Greenburgh.

If the town wanted to clear the air on this purchas they should answer all the questions that were asked at the town hall meetings.

They remain silent which goes to prove that they are hiding something from the public.

Yes more money was spent than was stated from the begining .Why?

hal samis said...

Trading in innuendos is the blog stock market.

Does anyone want to come out and be specific with numbers.

I no longer have my files and notes on this subject having turned them over to the Greenawalt campaign some years ago.

I seem to recall something about a renegotiation of the price and a change in the acreage.

But since anonymous(s?) have brought this up I presume that he is possession of some facts. Go for it and post them here.

Anonymous said...

Samis knows the facts, he's just being coy about sharing.

Feiner falsely stated to the public the true price of the Taxter Ridge purchase. The stated purchase price of $10.9 million was understated by a multimillion dollar tax deal that the Town gave the Moonies, with the consent of the Irvington School Board, on July 30, 2003.

The Town had an option to purchase Taxter Ridge for $10.9 million, but the option expired, and the Moonies were refusing to renew unless the pot was sweetened.

The tax deal gave the Moonies a religious exemption on property taxes owed on additional acreage of undeveloped land owned by the Moonies other than Taxter Ridge on condition that the Moonies build facilities for "church" purposes. If the Moonies didn't build, the exemption was to expire in 2008. The exemption was worth at least $3.5 million in future tax revenue.

The tax deal was negotiated by former town tax assessor Gerry Iagallo. Feiner instructed him in writing to keep the negotiations confidential. The Moonies refused to agree to renew the town's option on Taxter Ridge unless and until the tax deal was approved by the town.

These facts are all supported by documents produced by the Town in response to FOIL requests.

There is nothing in those documents to suggest that Mr. Gold received any money. It is possible that Mr. Gold, a private citizen, may have received money from the Trust for Public Land or the Westchester Land Trust, both of which are private entities not subject to FOIL. That, however, is a matter between him and the IRS.

hal samis said...

It looks like famous lawyer has returned to the blog.

Actually, it's
"don't be coy, roy...have a new plan stan"

When I say I don't know the facts, I have no reason to lie or evade.
I have no investment in having them laid out for all to see -- especially since I was and still oppose the Taxter Ridge purchase.
My record on this is public knowledge.

However, the facts I am seeking to have before the public do not exists as the poster allows.

However having said that the poster still leaves the insinuation on the table even while knowing that there is nothing to support it. That is what I object to.

Anything is possible.

Mr. Gold "may have" drawn these cards

"Your rich uncle died, collect

"Advance token to Go and collect $200"

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Hey, famous lawyer, get over it. The Taxter Ridge purchase can't be undone. You lost the Taxter Ridge lawsuit big time. You tried to unseat Feiner and he was reelected in a landslide and you cost Bass and Barnes their seats. There is no evidence that Daniel Gold received a penny, only your insinuations.

It's time for you to pack up. You can't even cause trouble anymore because everyone laughs at you and yawns at your speeches. Even the Town Council.

ed krauss said...

"House Calls brings to my mind Passover which is the Jewish holiday commemorating the Isrealites emancipation from Egyptian slavery.

The meaning of "Passover" comes from the Lord telling Moses to tell the Israelites the smear blood on their door posts' so the "Angel of Death" will passover and not "take" their first born.

Apropo although I am certain the Board" will not come to my door, a little "blood" on my door post won't hurt.

Anonymous said...

The following is a post purportedly by Mike Kolesar on the Ardsley Yahoo website -- is this guy supposed to be impartial

Re: town board giveaway

To all: It would be wonderful if the issue were just limited
to "Ardsley" and unincorporated Greenburgh on this and many other
issues, but that is not the State law and not reality. How do you
justify "giving" away a valuable piece of "Town wide" property to
only one segment? What is the fairness in this to taxpayers from the
Villages of Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington and Tarrytown, who
probably don't use the "Greenburgh" Library?

Second, those from unincorporated Greenburgh should be aware that
there are more transactions by residents from unincorporated
Greenburgh at the Ardsley Library than the reverse. Based upon data
provided to me by Angela Groth when I was a Trustee of the Village of
Ardsley, my recollection was that it was about 15,000 transactions by
Ardsley residents at Greenburgh and 25,000 by unincorporated
Greenburgh residents at the Ardsley Library. This was before the
shutdown / expansion.

Just some facts / opinions to consider.

Michael Kolesar

Anonymous said...

DEar 8-32----As I read your blog it proves just one thing that the library expansion was not needed since many of the residents go elsewhere.
Kolesar was just pointing this out to the board and the residents that have to pay higher taxes for something that that is not used townwide.
Kolesar than you.

Anonymous said...

Kolesars salary should be charged to villages only. He doesnt care about TOV.

truth hurs said...

kolesar speaks the truth. isnt that what upsets you?

arent you embarrassed by a town board that gave away a multi million dollar parcel without any public comment?

thats what you get when you allow someone like juettner to be the liasion from the town board to the library.

thats where you should focus your attention. kolesar shows up and does his homework.

truth hurts said...

truth hurts that is

Anonymous said...

Check out the article written by E. Krauss how the library board misrepresented the funds needed for the completion.
The ramp for the disabled was never included in the planning.
Did they not know that this is a Federal Law ?
The library board are the ones to oversee that things run smooth well I must say they have to be a stupid bunch for neglecting the most important part of any building A RAMP FOR THE DISABLED.

samis yes juettner no said...

library fiasco was predicted by hal samis.

diana juettner just sat back and let it happen.

juettner is a fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Mike Kolesar is the best thing that has happened to the town in many years. We are learning what the facts and the problems are, and if the Town Board listens we may actually have some answers.

Quit trying to beat up on him. What he said was true and we all must know the truth, even if it hurts a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Feiner said the ramp wasn't necessary. Feiner said the Town would demolish the old Town Hall. Feiner said the generator could be added later if necessary.
And Al Regula, the man responsible for a Town Garage built too short to fit our Town garbage trucks but just right to fit our Supervisor's idea of staying on budget, nodded yes.
Too bad Howard Jacobs was too stupid to get Paul to put it in writing. But then, Paul's had practice with things like the Greenburgh Housing Authority's deal to pay for additional police protection...
Do you begin to see a pattern here?

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy Feiner would never say that the ramp was not necessary.
Have you forgotten that Feiner had no say as to which way the
project was going because he was against the enlarging of the existing library.
You should be directing your comments to Sheehan and Juettner they are the two that decided what had to be done.

Anonymous said...

Feiner goes all out for the disabled so I think that your statement that he was against the ramp is a lie.

He was against the whole renovation to enlarge the exisiting building from the beginning .

juettner must go said...

Feiner was right
juettner was wrong - worse she was missing in action.

this must be juettner's last term in office. we cannot afford her incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Feiner says a great many things - frequently diametrically opposed things to different groups when he believes he can get away with it. The problem is that his promises and statements are rarely on the record - so every conveniently forgotten promise becomes an exercise of "he said, she said."
That's why only Greenburgh's Town Board minutes, of all the minutes produced by all the governments throughout the United States, must be obtained through a FOIL request.

Anonymous said...

The journal News today published a great article on the Yonkers police department and their overtime.
Let's see if the same investigation is published for Greenburgh police.

Anonymous said...

Going back to many town meetings I remember Samis saying that our taxes would be double digets for some time to come.
Mike Kolesar didn't tell us anything that we didn't know.
Poor guy he's trying his best to fix a ship that is about to sink.
The only life preserver available is money and less spending.
BUT no one wants to help the situation along.
Check the centers' spending ,,they spend with not enough incoming revenue----close it up it's a poor investment.
The police dept.with all it's overtime....Why?
DPW-----The town looks like a mess.With all the rain that we had have they cleaned out the catch basins. They are all cluttered.
What other visible work do they do other than pick up garbage.
Parks and rec..What do they do.
The parks are falling apart but yet they demand the same amount of money to refurbish the parks with no visible work done. Where is this money going.
Why is it that the town board will not listen to those who have more knowledge other than being a professor or a lawyer .The problem is the two on the board feel because of their status they are familiar with facts and figures. BS.
They should be working with the comptroller 100% instead of showing some displeasure in his method of operation.
This comptroller is right to the point.
He isn't fooling arround or paying footsies with the board.
He was hired to do a job and belive me up to now he has unearthed many problems that have been overlooked through the previous years.
Keep checking Kolesar finally we have a comptroller who knows what he is doing and says but above all is not afraid to step on a few toes.

Anonymous said...

What purpose will house calls serve the residents of Greenburgh...

Are we getting close to a special election that one must get votes.

Are the Democrates loosing ground,well I think it's a little too late to start to rebuild the bridge that has seperated us from the town board.
We have to look at some other direction to fix that which has left us looking at double diget taxes.

If the board does not listen to the attendees at town meeting do they think that we are stupid to
think that they will listen if they knock at our doors.
I think they are just being nosey.
This has to be part of a hidden agenda on the comprehensive plan.
Don't be fooled there is a method for this madness.

Anonymous said...

While you have Paul in the privacy of your own home, ask him why he refused to sign a criminal complaint against the director of the community center when a signficant amount of money went missing.
Paul's refusal to hold the director accountable for the misappropriation of public money has been the cornerstone of Feiner's misadministration.
Bet Feiner doesn't care to remember his "courageous act" of the early 1990's.

Anonymous said...

when did this theft take place???

Anonymous said...

What there is money missing from the center.
How much pray tell.
Are you saying that FEiner covered up a crime.
If this is so please come back unto the blog with the necessary information.
This will be a good case for a resident to sue the town because the board knew what was happening but did nothing.
If this were someone else from another part of time Feiner and the board would have had his head on the chopping block.

The center has been a great problem spending our money without any signs that it was used for what it was asked for.
It does not bring in any money to offset what they get.
Paul have you ever thought of others rather than always trying to help the ones that claim that they are poor.
There are no poor people in Greenburgh.
There are those that make believe they are poor so that they can get all the freebees they want.
Hey Paul when will you and the board smarten up.