Tuesday, June 24, 2008


At the meeting of the Greenburgh Town Board today (work session) some members of the Library Board expressed surprise at my suggestion to lease space at the new library for storage. Please be advised that I had contacted the Library in the past—see exchange of e mails 3/20/08. This is not the first time I made the suggestion. In these difficult economic times I think the library has to be creative, think out of the box---find ways to generate more revenue.
The new library, which will open up in October, is going to be very expensive. Heating, air conditioning the building will be a big expense. The building has lots of glass--we will have to hire cleaners to clean the windows of the building. Leasing some of the space (at least until the economy improves) will help us REDUCE THE POSSIBILITY OF CUTTING IMPORTANT LIBRARY SERVICES LIKE SUNDAY HOURS OR THE CYBERMOBILE
From: Paul Feiner
Sent: Thu 3/20/2008 11:07 PM
To: Howard Jacobs
Cc: AL Regula; Towncouncil
Subject: RE: Storage

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We spend tens of thousands of dollars a year in storage. Taking advantage of unused space could help us with the budget and enable the town to use the funds for more important purposes. PAUL FEINER

From: Howard Jacobs Sent: Thu 3/20/2008 6:08 PM
To: Paul Feiner
Subject: Storage

Paul... I can understand your motivation to secure storage areas for
records and would hope that such areas could be found. Perhaps when
the new facility opens, and we move from Town Hall and the Multi-
Purpose Center there should be room there for storage for the town.
Storage facilities at the Library will be limited. However, it will
be up to the Board of Trustees to decide how the facility will
operate and they will take any request for use under
consideration....Best, Howard


im running for town council said...

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i think its time to retire ms juettner

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Anonymous said...

Library Board members need to get it. We're in a recession.

Anonymous said...

The library board wants what they want and that is all.

How sure ae they that there will be enough money to leave the doors opened to the public.?

Had we known that this recession now leading to a depression was upon us we would have never been talked into voting for an expansion.

Since this has happened we now must face a future of cuts in all the budgets this includes the library.
The two spokes person are good they should get to Washington and fight to lower fuel prices instead of fighting to save what they want.
There is too much space within this library that will be going unused,they can tell you what they want but we know that they are lying.
Lease out as much as you can if the library is to be saved.
Some one wrote a comment to lease part to get an office of motor vehicle .That's a great idea maybe the state would help the library board achieve what they want

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous. While no one is happy about the library debacle, these lame attempts by Paul suggesting lame ideas like leasing storage space, is nothing but a huge waste of time.

Really! Just how much money could the library make renting pace for storage? Is there no other appropriate space to "lease" I don't think a state of the art, nerw building is appropriate. I think Paul just asks these silly questions just to force people to say "no" so that he can post here to cause trouble.

Anonymous said...

The library board is counting on a booming business to take place by the public.
Most of the space will not be used. It's too dam big.
Check the sprcs and you will see that what they are suggesting for everyday use will not happen.
They fooled us once but they won't fool us again.

Anonymous said...

The library board was asked to make do with less, so they cut the cybermobile. Then they're criticized for cutting services. Seems they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. Feiner's efforts to politicize the library board will destroy library services in Greenburgh for many years to come. What a shame.

A truly feiner idea said...

Why not sell Town Hall at 177 Hillside Avenue and move all the Town offices into the extra space at the library? Mr. Feiner has repeatedly told us that Town Hall is worth $25million and the Town only paid $12million. So, sell Town Hall pay off the bonds used to finance its purchase and use the rest of the money from the sale to reduce the amount of money bonded for the library? The results would be good for everyone - perhaps except the credit union with the really cheap rental space ata 177.
Think of it - Town Hall sells for $25million, less the $12million in outstanding bonds leaving $13million. Then reduce the $20million for the library by $13million and the library will only cost $7million - a really reasonable amount.
Think too about the savings in operating a combined Town Hall and library. Because the library uses a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system it must be way cheaper to operate than 177 Hillside. The enormous amounts of natural light will reduce the need for electric lights in offices - and the huge outside surfaces can be used for solar panels to generate elecetricity for all the computers. Town employees might be able to use the library computers and vice-versa.
This is a terrific win-win situation.

More Feiner idea said...

Another really good part of the idea of selling Town Hall is that it will return a $25million property to the tax rolls.
Think of how much money that will provide for the schools!

klondike reports said...

when im purchased, i generate sales tax. what does juettner generate - a double digit tax increase.

juettner - wrong for greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

I hate defending Ms. Jeuttner, but if she really hasn't done anything, she isn't responsible for the tax increase. Not doing anything means not suggesting new programs or "initiatives" or even speaking up to make sure that the Town maintains what it has already.
Those are things which generate tax increases - not sitting around looking lost.
For the reason your taxes are climbing, look to those who are active - like the Supervisor and Chief Fiscal Officer of the Town.

juettner cannot be defended said...

didnt juettner vote for every tax increase? what did juettner ever do to lower taxes in greenburgh?
she even voted to untax herself as a village resident by voting to appeal the lower court's taxter ridge ruling.

juettner was in favor of the purchase of taxter ridge - a monumental mistake. her neglect of her duties regarding the library will cost unincorporated greenburgh millions including her failure to tell the architects and the construction manager that the old town hall was useless as among other things it was filled with asbestos. for ten months they considered using this building as part of the new library.

doing nothing is costly. juettner is responsible for the fiscal mess the town is in.

the klondike bar will never just sit around and melt into the background.

Anonymous said...

The legal reality is that "it will
be up to the (Library) Board of Trustees to decide how the facility will operate." And while the residents of the Library District certainly should have input, Mr. Feiner, as the township's CEO, should start demonstrating competency in managing the everyday business of Unincorporated Greenburgh before making proposals an agency over which he has no control. Mr. Feiner does not have the managerial ability to even get our streets, medians and storm drains cleaned, so I doubt that the Library Board would respect his input into its management matters.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Some of these ideas are great. But anything coming from Mr. Feiner in his capacity as Supervisor will be rejected.

However, residents of the Library District should certainly be communicating directly with the Library Board.

hal samis said...

And you can meet the Library Trustees tonight when they hold their monthly meeting at 7:15 at the multipurpose center.

Now to pick up where we left off on another cybermobile topic on this blog posted earlier in the month.

When last seen, anonymous was critcizing our hero for carping that the Library should have spent less on books and media in 2008 given that they had requested and were granted $180,000 more than was spent in 2007. I argued that "falling short" of their funding request, the Library Trustees (aka hard working VOLUNTEERS) should have used this extra money instead to honor their promise to patrons to keep the cybermobile running while the new library was still under construction.

Somehow anonymous managed to misconstrue what I wrote and concluded that I was against buying books and wanted to keep the cybermobile in permanent rotation. To prove this point, it was noted that I don't drive, pay no (property) taxes, have no children in school, sent this no child to private school and otherwise don't have a horse in the race or a dog at the park.

In truth, I see no need with reduced funding to retain the cybermobile AFTER the Library opens for business. All I want is for the Trustees not to renege on their commitment to utilize the cybermobile as a stopgap measure when Library services are still curtailed due to the relocation. It was not my invention but that of the Trustees that the cybermobile service would be expanded during construction to supplement reduced services.
Incidentally, reduced services being the case, the Library received $440,000 more in funding in 2008 than in 2007 -- 2007 spent entirely in Town Hall and 2008 in Town Hall at least through October.

Instead the Trustees decided to embark on a book and media buying binge knowing that these items would not be in use for most of 2008.

Now when confronting the same budgetary restraints for 2009 that the other town departments are facing, the Trustees are responding that they will likely have to close the Library on Monday and most nights.
Needless to say, the cybermobile is history starting next week and would not have been in operation at all but for the kindness of the Lanza Foundation.

So, what you have is a Library which spent all its money loading up on materials to fill the new building which will be reducing the hours that taxpayers will actually be able to avail themselves of these items.

Like all dressed up and nowhere to go.

In this case, if you are so inclined, you will be able to read Monday's newspaper on Tuesday.

It is time that the Library be run, not just by educators -- we have school systems to test that theory -- but by people who, hopefully, have some sense of how to run a business. I don't know the new Trustee candidates or their backgrounds but I expect that they will bring what is currently lacking in the Library Trustees.

It was the ludicrous notion that the head of the Trustees' Building Committee was qualified to oversee a $19.9 million construction project that solidifed my commitment to hounding the Trustees and pointing out the subsequent failures and omissions before and after they appeared. And, you may rightfully ask, what was it about this Trustee that brought to mind red flags being waved?
The qualification that made her the best man for the job is that her resume identifies her as a former teacher, not even a shop teacher but....a reading specialist. And how did they spend your $19.9 million? Come tonight and hear her segment reporting to the Trustees: "The roof is 98% complete, the plumbing is 93% in place, the interior painting is 91% complete...all reported with the certainty that these figures are not 97 or 99%, 90or even 82%...

The bottom line is not that I am against the Library but that I write squarely against incompetence wherever it is encountered AND when there is a viable alternative not just an opportunity for ongoing carping.

I had hoped that by biting at their heels the Trustees would come to respect taxpayers' dollars and senses but clearly I failed.

Obviously the strong feelings that the word "Library" brings to hearts overcomes the realities as recognized by the brain.

But, to those of you who are stuck with the economic burden from my failure to persuade, I apologize. To those of you who don't care, I reckon that I still have the last laugh, especially since I and others are not shy about reminding the public at large that, by virtue of being a renter, I'm not suffering from the outcome. And I guess to those of you who are paying just the $68 a year for the average assessment, this small price to pay is not too large.

Right? After all, it only takes 15outlays of $68 to increase your share of taxes by over $1000.

But be proud of your burden, it's the Library.

klondike bar update said...

klondike bar has it on good authority that juettner, the town board liaison to the library, failed to show up at last night's library board meeting.

unlike juettner, klondike bar is available 24-7.

klondike bar - your candidate for town council in 2009!

rumor has it said...

impressed by the success of klondike bar, rumor has it that eskimo pie is thinking of joining the race to replace francis sheehan.

Anonymous said...

Where's bungalo bar?

not a candidate said...

Bungalow Bar is long gone because

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And another, from Brooklyn:

Bungalow Bar
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Anonymous said...

The library will have plenty of space because they cannot fill all the rooms that they will have.

I would rather go into bankrupcy than to give them anymore money to squander it away.

Where has all the ninteen million plus gone?
Who will be paying for maintenance?
Did they ever stop to think the renovation out before accepting the plans ?
Did they not know from the plans what the monthly bills would be.
I say the library will be rented out fully in a few years because the upkeep will be too much to handle.
They can't get what they say they need because we aint got it anymore.
We got suckered once but don't expect it to happen again.

Anonymous said...

Scarsdale Inquirer reports that Jacobs, Palevsky and Wolfert will not be reappointed. Good.

samis - a good choice said...

samis would be a good choice
feiner and his board have a chance to be bold

Anonymous said...

Samis would be an outstanding choice - if he gave a crap, which he doesn't. He's all about attack and not at all about building the future.

soft serve klondike bar said...

To 6/25 5:49 PM,

While it is true that the Supervisor's "management" skills have room for improvement (as if that isn't an understatement), many of the comments / suggestions about improving the operation of the Library are coming from people who do have good management skills and demonstrated record of management accomplishment.

Get real. This Library Board can't shoot straight.

facts not fantasy said...

samis is almost as available as feiner - he is at every town board meeting, every library board meeting, every council of greenburgh civic associations and on and on

so when you say he doesnt care you must be confusing him with juettner who didnt even show up at the last library board meeting and is frequently late to work sessions (no, she is not interfacing with nature at taxter ridge or debating klondike bar at the A & P)

btw, samis has a low carbon imprint - he doesnt have a car and rides his bike to the train station.

so he's eco freindly too.

samis does his homework and ask the tough questions.

what does juettner do other than collect a paycheck and vote for high taxes including voting to untax herself by voting to appeal the taxter ridge decision.

Anonymous said...

Samis and Krauss are the only two that will straighten out the library .
We need men that have B---S.
So far we have had people that are afraid to make waves but the puiblic has drowned big time with this fiasco of a building.
Can it be fixed Why not elect Samis and Krauss to the board so we could see how things will be remedied.

Anonymous said...

The library is paying the residents back by removing the cybermobile.
They demanded more money for the monster and the board told them to seek grants so that is why the cybermobile is no moe.
A day will come real soon when the public will say to the library THAT PAYBACK IS REAL SWEET.

Anonymous said...

OK so they sell town hall,collect the money and move into the library which will go under in a few years .
The town could occupy space together with the police dept.
By doing this the court will take over headquarters and save taxayers more money.
Whaat we need consolidation of departments in one building.

Anonymous said...

stupid idea

Anonymous said...

When the library cannot pay for maintenance anymore where will the money come from.
As it it home owners are having and will have tougher times to pay for what they use and have.
Is the library any different?
Their monthly nut will be so high that there is no way that they could survive.
Look to the future instead of lookin at today.
That's what happened when this renovation was started no looking ahead as to what was coming down the line.
Too bad.
One cannot say that this recession or depression was not seen by all of us. But some fools voted for this projectand we will be stuck with the tax burden for some time.
If something can be done with this ridiculous sized library WHY NOT.

2009 - time to vote wisely said...

feiner wisely argued for a much smaller library.

juettner (town board liaision to the libary) and sheehan disagreed with feiner.

juettner and sheehan - wrong for greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Feiner was one hundred percent right when it came to the library and wanting to sell the old town hall but we all know how the board hated him so they voted both down.
The only two left from that evil board is Juettner and sheehan and you know they both have to take a hike.
They have ruined Greenburgh big time.
Had they voted with the supervisor we would not have had this fantastic tax hike.
Had they listened to the public this would not have taken place but hatred won.
How can these people sleep knowing the harm that they put onto the residents?
We all did not vote for the library fiasco.
The referendum should have been voted on in November,but Juettner and Sheehan said no and their crew won. Had this been voted on in November it would never have passed
some residents had no knowledge of this renovation until they were hit with the tax hike.

feiner was right. said...

feiner wanted the vote in november.

sheehan and juettner opposed him.

feiner was right.

lets remember in 2009.

Anonymous said...

To bad we can't impeach both Sheehan and Juettner.
They will have the nerve to run for reelection in 2009 and we know that this will be the worse thing for Greenburgh.
We will never get a single diget tax as long as they are on the board.

Anonymous said...

People were upset with Feiner's plan to sell Town Hall to a devoloper he was cozy with.

juettner and sheehan - no value said...

so what was their plan for a property the library and the architect said they didnt need?

now we learn the property was illegally given away.

better off on the tax rolls. again, when it came to the library , feiner was right. juettner and sheehan were srong.

remember in 2009.

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with selling the property to a friend for the going price.I think the same thing is happening in reverse Spano is looking to buy a warehouse from one of his friends .
It'o for the county leader but not for the town supervisor.
Our sale would bring in revenue by the sale and then the taxes received. Spano's deal will cost us money and no taes .
Tell me who is or was making the better deal????????

Anonymous said...

The library should not have gotten the old town hall without a public vote. The building belonged to the people.
This was done underhanded by the then the famous board with Sheehan at the relm.
It was illegal then and it is still illegal today.
Sheehan and Juettner I ask you how will you handle this .

Anonymous said...

What we need is a good leader to fight with us to get the property back or the amount that the property is worth to the library.
No one was asked to vote to give this gift to the library.
We should get it back and put back for sale so at least we can get some revenue to lower our taxes .

Anonymous said...

If you object to the handling of the library/town hall land, your first step should be an inquiry to the state comptroller's office for their opinion

Anonymous said...

How many times must the State Comptrollers office step into Greenburgh to solve their problems.
Even if the state comptrollers voice their opinion the board will not listen they [the board] are always right.
The town hall belonged to the public and it was given to the library as a gift without the knowledge of the residents.

Anonymous said...

Kiss the bus goodbye.If the library board does not get what they want the bus will be history.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked into the deed for the property on which the library was renovated.
This question was asked about 2 weeks ago at a work session.
Just make sure that Sheehan does not have someone change the lines.

Still waiting for the answer.

Anonymous said...

Without the knowledge? I think everyone knew, and if you didnt like it, you should have instituted suit earlier.

Anonymous said...

The question about the library property goes back to 1958. No one wanted to answer it then and no one wants to answer it now.
The town must be waiting for these residents making the complaint to pass on so that they can make the necessary changes.
The residents have the proof with their deeds so how can the town not answer them Honestly.
This town board has to answer this question before work is completed and if the residents are right which they are they must be compensated to the fullest.