Thursday, June 12, 2008


I MET WITH Peter Costa, Jr and Jack Lombardi of the Division of Solid Waste Management yesterday. The county is looking for one or two apartments to volunteer to be part of a pilot program for recycling. The county will supply (at no cost) recycling containers/bins. The county will monitor the facilities recycling. If you live in an apartment and would like to participate – please e mail me and Peter Costa.

Thank you for your time today with Mr. Lombardi and myself.
As discussed Westchester County would like to conduct a Pilot Program for Recycling at 1 or 2 multi-family dwellings in your town.
Westchester County will supply recycling containers and or bins (attached samples) and we will conduct a building audit in which our staff will advise what containers / bins would work and where.
Westchester County will also supply the building owner/manger with educational materials to distribute to the residents combined with what the buildings policies will be (where the bins will be kept)
All we ask the town to do is in cooperation with the County monitor the facilities recycling.
Some suggestions in picking buildings;
3 plus family units but under 35 families. (+ -)
Once one or two buildings are chosen we will arrange the inspector to go out an conduct the audit.Thank you again for your assistance.
Peter D. Costa, Jr.
Environmental Project Coordinator
Westchester County
Department of Environmental Facilities
Division of Solid Waste Management / Recycling / Treasure Hunt Program
270 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 813-5427 Fax (914) 813-5460


Feiner Being Feiner - Again! said...

I don't suppose the idea that the building owner might have a say in what you propose would have crossed your mind.
Last time I checked, most of the type of buildings being sought for the pilot were PRIVATELY OWNED!
How a bout showing a little respect for private property and consulting the owners BEFORE shooting from the lip?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think you meant to write apartment *building* ... I thought it would be weird for an apartment to sign up.

Anonymous said...

Who collects the garbage in the apartment complexes.
Is it not done by a private company?
Why not take this project over to the housing authority project and leave the private haulage take care of their business.
I'm sure those people would not mind.