Friday, June 20, 2008


WESTHAB has submitted revised plans for their proposed affordable housing proposal in the Fulton Park section of town. The building has been downsized from 5 floors to 4. If you would like to review the new proposal visit our website: and click on to forms/documents---screen down to community development and conservation.

Community Development and Conservation
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A) Westhab - 22 Tarrytown Road

Cover letter - Answers to Town Board questions
Deed and Part I Full EAF
Westhab - Traffic Study - Part 1
Westhab - Traffic Study - Part 2
Westhab - Traffic Study - Part 3
Westhab Drawings - Part 1
Westhab Drawings - Part 2
Westhab Drawings - Part 3


hal samis said...

All of this is wonderful and sure to make Lois "affordable housing" Bronz squeal with joy.But, now we have a four story building which is still too large for the buildable parcel and still requires changes in the Zoning laws for the proposed surviving bulk.At the Public Hearing (by the way the Town Board now wants to ignore the State laws on Public Hearings and limit speakers to ONE 5 minute appearance followed by ONE 5 minute second helping -- see proposed Resolution for Town Board meeting rules) I asked how come WESTHAB felt so comfortable that they would get their way, that they closed title on the land acquisition without exercising any caution or seeking contingencies regarding obtaining variances.Now I drop the other shoe.  How come WESTHAB wasn't at all concerned about getting unfavorable rulings by the Town land use Boards that they didn't unwrap this four story "godsend" concession when appearing before them?

I read this is as throwing a bone to the Town Board so the Town Board can save face when voting in favor of WESTHAB.The way the game is played in Greenburgh is that "worthy" causes get their way because they can do nothing wrong.  The Library's excuse is that it educates and entertains our kids; the Health Center provides medical assistance to the less well off and WESTHAB builds "affordable" housing which follows no reasonable standards of how much a person can afford to pay for shelter when earning a defined level -- only setting a cut-off. But it is all permissable because those who work for WESTHAB (qualifying as a not-for-profit) earn in excess of the levels that they build for which reinforces the public's awareness that there is money to be made off the less fortunate.

But the facts and reality have little to do with the impending decision by the Town Board.  Greenburgh "needs" to create affordable housing right now; Greenburgh needs to create affordable housing on this parcel and no where else will do; Greenburgh needs to be able to say that they have created affordable housing.The only thing open to dispute is whether the Town Board which doesn't live near enough to face the downside is really speaking for this "Greenburgh" or whether they are speaking only to grab a headline or appear at a photo op.

The neighbors to this proposed project already have a good idea of whom the Town Board is really thinking about -- and it is not the future tenants or the neighborhood.

Hint: think "mirror, mirror on the wall..."

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep posting plans about westhab.

What don't you understand the people that live at Fulton park don't want it.

This is what makes people think bad of you and you leave the door open for them to say that someone is going to receive a bundle of money for their campaign fund.

Stop the nonsense and listen to the people.
The property is too small they have to get zoning changed. Why is it good for them to have zoning changed and not for others.

How much will it cost them?
Now we come to say that money talks and BULL S--T walks.

What has happened to this town and above all the town board?
Did any of you stop to think how the public has lost faith in what you stand for.

Are we looking at a town full of corruption?
You have affordable housing here in town and the problems are mounting very fast.
You have a bunch of crooks minding the show.A young lady at the town meeting asked you and the board where all the money went that was supposed to be used to refurbish apartments.Did any of you answer her?
She has repeated her comments on the money at other meetings to no avail.
Why are you all doing what the hell you want?
As samis has said ,you have cut the time to speak down to nothing is the reason behind this that each and every one of you don't want to hear us.
Are the complaints hitting you below the belt.
You are putting the public in a very bad position to turn to the state and Federal government to settle problems because those who represent us have come down with dementia and some other medical problems that do not allow them to make good decisions

Listen to the public and bring back the good feeling we had many moons ago about living here in Greenburgh..

Anonymous said...

The ethics laws prohibit Town Board members from receiving contributions from WESTHAB, their atty's.

Anonymous said...

Hal, It is not even clear to me that affordable housing is going to be needed. With the economy in a tailspin, many undocumented aliens will just go home. The NY Times recently reported that housing in the Bronx was taking a much more severe hit than the rest of metro NY. Even if Westhab requires legal residency, other places in Greenburgh dont. I think we need to step back and look at the current housing trends, not last years.

Anonymous said...

From todays NYTimes

"Mr. Zinner, other housing advocates and city and state lawmakers have grown increasingly alarmed about the rising number of foreclosure filings and the spread of subprime lending in New York City’s largely minority neighborhoods and in parts of upstate."

I think we have to accept that the housing market will be changing. Lets not deal with yesterdays problems.

Anonymous said...

The ethics law prohibits contributions ....
Oh well smarten up hush money was in existance way before the ethics law was enacted.
How stupid do you think the person that has his hand out will likely get caught.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that you have not commented on your blog about the press release from the comptrollers office concerning the sewers?

Anonymous said...

Aw c'mon, how can I comment on that sewer report? It starts off by calling me the town's chief fiscal officer, and then pretty much says that since 1992, I've been a nincumpoop as the town's manager.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner dares to call himself a champion of open government yet he is purposely withholding public information just because it does not put the Town in a good light.


Anonymous said...

The sewer report is on the comptroller's web site. It's been summarized by bloggers too. What's the problem? The report is not a secret.

Anonymous said...

Where is the summary by bloggers? Feiner is the Chief Financial Officer of the Town. He should report to the public what the Comptroller finds. My friend Domenick keeps a webpage at that contains the information that Feiner is trying to supress. Maybe Feiner was told by Tim Lewis or Al Regula not to publicize the results. Lewis looks bad since he lied to the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations and Regula looks bad since Public Works has no internal contrrols to trace where money collected is allocated to. The Town has broken numerous laws and that makes Feiner as his high priced Department Heads look bad. That is why he has been sitting on these results since June 12th. Supressing the truth is equivalent to misleading the public. Feiner $ Co. should be ashamed of themselves.

Sheehan deserves much blame for this fiasco as well. He might be calling for the Town's silence as well.

Anonymous said...

Feiner and his co-conspirators are scared of the results of the audit. That is why there is no official statemnt from the Town or a posting here.

Anonymous said...

I guess now we can say WE GOTCHA YOU .

Now is the time to bring back an honest way of doing business.
Regula you gotta go now.

Paul Feiner said...

I have asked the Town Board to discuss the sewer audit during our work session and have decided to wait until after the work session before I post any comments.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please hold the report during a REGULAR council meeting so that the "Dial Democracy" feature you are so proud of can be used by citizens/taxpayers who have questions.
Please stop making us file FOIL requests for ordinary governmental documents - like the minutes of public meetings.
Please stop muzzling the controller. He didn't create any of the embarrassing moments being revealed - his only offense seems to be his dedication to the truth.
Please stop passing legislation in "work sessions" in violation of New York State's Open Meetings statute.
Please allow ample time for public comment at Public Hearings - even though some of the comments are critical of government.
Please stop casting yourself as the underdog and champion of the little guy - after 18 years this is a very tired schtick.

clueless juettner said...

the klondike bar would oppose the westhab project at fulton park

juettner, as usual, has been silent.

the klondike bar can be found in stores near fulton park.

does juettner even know where fulton park is?

juettner serves only juettner. klondike bar serves all.

Anonymous said...

I do think after the the Fulton Park residents voiced their objections to this new plan,you on the board should listen very carefully as to what you will be doing to the rest of the town.

I have a parcel of land that was classified as unbuildable because I didn't have enough land well I will be the first one on line asking for a change in zoning.
Do it for them and you have to do it for all of us.
My neighbor has enough room to build two homes in her back yard.
they can't because they would have to use one driveway well be prepared they will be there too asking for a change.
You give this to one person you have to give it to all.

Anonymous said...

The people spoke and you the board should listen.
The zoning laws stoped many residents from doing what with their land and now you want to change the laws to accomodate this outfit.
Why is it that you can change the laws for some and the hell with others.
Has any money been promised to make this change?????????

juettneritis said...

something was promised
they are all as silent as juettner

soft serve klondike bar said...

Kill this project now.

ice cold facts about westhab said...

the very effective ms gomez ripped this project to shreds.

juettner and sheehan look stoic on the outside but their tenure is on the line if they vote to approve this project.

klondike bar stands with four generations of fulton park against this farce.

Anonymous said...

That lady Weems is only looking at some more free apartments for Fairview residents.
Talk about someone being a racist.
Watch out she's ready to build the building with her own hands.
You can see a phony from the way she makes her statements.
She's not fighting for the residents of Fulton park with what they want No she is going another way to make sure that there is
plenty of housing for Fairview.

Weems, listen to the people they don't want this building and further more they do not want the zoning laws changed to make this building a reality.
Weems you keep fighting a war which will not get you anywhere because you stand alone.
If we work together more will get done but you seem to always go in one direction.

Anonymous said...

This is just like the Greenburgh Health Center, where they bought the property which needed a bigtime zoning change. But with GHC, they apparently had someone in Town Hall's word not to worry re zoning change.

Anonymous said...

Hey kids - let's put BOTH WESTHAB and the Greenburgh Health Center right off Route 119 - at the edge of Taxter Ridge Park. We'll leave the interior as the required greenspace for the umpteen "affordable" apartments. The apartments are sure to be attractive because they will be in a fantastically good school district AND close to major transportation!
Call Danny Gold and see how he feels about setting up a committee to promote this win-win situation

weems said...

weems is scary.

she should be downsized.

Anonymous said...

Boy that's a good idea both buildings at Taxter ridge the only problem is that Gold will go crying to his friend Paul and the whole thing will be squashed.
Gold is untouchable so you cannot go against him.

Anonymous said...

Since the property is owned by all in New york State why not build a few affordable houses on the Taxter ridge property.
The layout of the land would be perfect since it is a hole .By the time the building reaches street level it would seem to be level with the height of the surrounding homes.
One can have a state of the art affordable houses with beautiful gardens and playground.
Let's reach the Govenors ear with this idea since this is the only way to bring in money and to give those who qualify some housing.
There's plenty of land that cannot become parkland but it can be used for affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is needed is money and a building permit.
Westhab go for it.

Anonymous said...

The only thing needed is money and a building permit. Westhab go for it.

Anonymous said...

Weems only cares about nothing.

She is the civic association president (over 20 years) and continues to do nothing for her community. Someone stop her now!

What has she done for her community?


Go away Weems!

You do not represent us!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Weems was terrific the other night on TV. She blamed Feiner for being divisive, pitting the villages against the unincorporated. No wonder Feiner's people are attacking her on this blog. Go Pat go!

you tube and weems said...

can't wait for the you tube of weems talking about "mostly" white organizations in greenburgh.

for weems types, every issue is racial.

funny that weems calls the supervisor divisive - she bristles with anger toward the villages

Anonymous said...

Weems is the biggest racist in this town have no doubt about it.
She does not speak for Greenburgh entirely she speaks only for the Fairview community.
She forgets that there are other people in this town other than Fairviewarians.
I remember when she insisted to have town hall opened at night so she could visit with the town clerk.
She was very insistant and looked like a fool with her demands.
Were the demands for the whole town no.
Now when she makes her appearance to speak I turn the volumn down.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Weems didn't have the rest of the town paying for all the services would she stand up for her Fairview residents and make all her demands..