Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The Greenburgh Town Board started our "house calls" to different neighborhoods on Wednesday night, June 18th. We met at the home of Ben & Ruth Armato of Hartsdale and exchanged ideas with the Armato's and their neighbors. What an interesting meeting!
Numerous issues were discussed between 7:15 PM and 9:30 PM. Neighbors advised us of some road obstructions (bush/tree overgrowth that may impact traffic safety-blind spots). We will follow up on those complaints. Some residents worried about aging trees that need to be checked for safety and debris in a creek.
We talked about an abandoned house on Joyce Road that will soon be demolished. Among other ideas that were discussed:
**Should the town sell non park land the town owns (9A & Secor--in back of the Greenburgh Housing Authority apartments on Secor) to a developer? If the property is sold some residents think that the property should be turned into affordable housing for seniors. Others suggested a medical office building.
**A suggestion was made: We need 'feeder' bus transportation that could take people from back roads (different neighborhoods) to major developments. Should developers of commercial properties be required, as part of their approvals, to provide shuttle service from their commercial property to different locations around town? The proposed Super Stop & Shop in Tarrytown was suggested as a possibility...
**One resident suggested that the town (to save money) change our curb rehabilitation policy-- the town would replace existing curbs with concrete curbs (less expensive). If people want the more expensive Belgium curbs that have been used --there would be a cost for the resident.
**A neighbor proposed that we look into using power concrete--less expensive.
**Suggestion: post a police officer at the Hartsdale train station during commuter rush hours.
**Revenue generator idea: Place a box at Town Hall --collect cell phones (some businesses will pay for old cell phones).
**Place electronic bulletin boards at key locations --many residents don't use internet, read newspapers to get local news. Last week I met with a philanthropist who offered to donate the electronic boards to the town--saving the town tens of thousands of dollars.
**We discussed streets that need repaving.
**Should the town require garbage to be picked up at the curb? Currently, residents can request non curb-side pickup which requires more employees and is more costly.
**We chatted about budget options. Most people seem to appreciate the level of services they receive and want more info about the impact proposed cuts will have on their taxes. In the coming weeks/months we will detail the impact every proposed cut will have on one's total tax bill.
The members of the Town Board and I (Sonja Brown, Diana Juettner, Kevin Morgan, Francis Sheehan, Town Clerk Judith Beville and I ) will be knocking on doors, meeting with residents at least once a week (sometimes more frequently) until the 2009 budget is approved. We want your input.
If you would like the Town Board to stop by at your house please e mail We will meet with residents individually or in a group setting. Some house call meetings will last a few minutes. Other house calls will last a few hours.
One of the benefits of these house call meetings is that it provides the Town Board with input from people who normally do not attend meetings or participate in town government.
on June 23rd the Town Board will have a neighborhood conversation with residents of Juniper HIll...
On June 30th we will meet with residents of Fulton Park...
on July 7th we will knock on doors at Stoneoaks/Poets Corner in Hartsdale.
In mid-July we will exchange ideas with residents of N Elmsford...


Anonymous said...

Why nothing posted here since the 12th?

CONTACT: Press Office
(518) 474-4015 FOR RELEASE:
June 12, 2008

DiNapoli: Officials Overcharged Residents and Did Not Get Necessary Approvals for Greenburgh Sewer District

Proper state approvals were not obtained and the public was not notified when Greenburgh town officials authorized a nearly quarter million dollar cost overrun for Sewer District #4, according to an audit released by state Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. The audit also found that due to miscalculations by town officials, certain residents have been over charged since 1992. Others have been under charged.

“Officials must take care not to bypass normal approval processes when it comes to spending the public’s money,” said DiNapoli. “This is particularly true in cases when the people directly affected – the taxpayers – are supposed to be updated about a project’s progress.”

The audit covers the period of 1979 – when the district was first constructed – to 2007. The unauthorized cost overrun occurred after 1982 when several payments were made between 1983 and 1989.

Auditors found that town officials:

Did not obtain the proper approval from the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), or notify District residents, when they expended an estimated $220,000 in sewer district construction costs;
Did not implement appropriate internal controls to ensure that town officials updated benefit units when residents subdivided or improved their properties;
Over charged certain district residents by $26 for the 2007 annual assessment, and auditors estimate that the average resident would have saved $427 during the period 1989 to 2007 on sewer assessment charges; and
The town failed to charge five District residents for assessment charges since 1988.
DiNapoli recommended that town officials:

Obtain the Comptroller’s approval before authorizing cost overrun expenditures;
Develop internal controls to ensure that sewer assessments adequately cover capital costs;
Clearly explain to the public the need for sewer assessments and hook-in fee changes;
Accurately assess charges to sewer users; and
Review the town’s other 18 sewer districts to be sure similar problems don’t exist there.
Town officials for the most part agreed with the Comptroller’s recommendations and indicated they would take corrective action.

Anonymous said...

Not all homes can leave their garbage curbside because they have no where to place it.
Furthermore explain to your DPW commissioner this method of picking up garbage was done before he ever took a position here in this town.
He should be looking at other things that he is not doing to satisfy the taxes that we pay.
My garbage has been picked up along side my home since I moved here and it will remain that way.
Let your commissioner check how he can save money by doing the job in the right manner the first time.
The problem also is which he was told many times is that his department does not check the garbage containers placed curbside with no covers,those that place it curbside over night those that put out construction material from other jobs. Garbage pickup of today is done in the same manner as what was done yesterday.
If this commissioner would give out summones for what is put out for pickup he wouldn't be concerned about the cost of picking up by ones home.
He has been told so many times to have residents place leaves in bags oh no this can't be done since he purchased the equipment that picks up but at the same time uses more manpower and above all destroys the roadway plus the curbs.
This is what he should be looking at.

Anonymous said...

The only place where you can get the whole story on the sewers is

Anonymous said...

Whatever property the town owns should be sold to a developer.This will generate revenue.
The housing authority can't handle the affordable houses in existance at this time and you want to give them more.
Get the DPW off their rear ends to remove all the boulders on town property along the roadways.
Leaves should be bagged.
The dpw will save us so much money if this is done because their method of picking up leaves destroys the curbs and the roadways.
The money involved with personel should be considered in the removal of leaves which is the amount of men working plus the overtime they receive.
Come winter time the DPW should report to the police any cars parked in the street overnight that hinders plowing.
Since there are no regular police patrols anymore the job of giving out summones to those parked on the street overnight has ceased.
These were all things done by the previous administration.
Where have you all gone wrong.
Each street had signs as to when parking was illegal during certain months what happened to them.
The department that could bring in plenty of revenue has failed the residents of Greenburgh big time.
I do think that we do need a new face in the DPW .
.Are these enough complaints without knocking on my door.
I'll come up with some more when I think of how things were then and how they are today.
Oh I forgot one other thing the DPW is not checking intersection that are covered with greenery so much so that one has to drive unto traffic to proceed with their driving You just can't see to get out of the streets.

wrong for greenburgh said...

and sheehan had the nerve to tell the residents that they should pay for the audit if they were wrong!

sheehan and juettner - wrong for greenburgh.

arrogant and out of touch.

taxter said...

maybe the next meeting should be at taxter ridge...

oops - no one knows where it is and there is no parking.

hal samis said...

Interesting analogy.

Doctors made housecalls for sick patients who can't come into the office. However since there is no charge for this service and its on their own time, the Town Board should continue to operate in their consistent, inefficient manner.

When Mr. Sheehan pulls up to your door, he's the one to ask about fixing your home computer problems. And who knows, maybe Mr. Morgan will have an opportunity to capture the Edgemont burglar?

Now we have two groups criss-crossing Greenburgh. The Town Board and the Comprehensive Plan crew. There seems to be no shortage of problems seeking a quick fix.

Now all we need is a way to increase Town revenue to provide the cures. Maybe tax payers can visit the Town Board members in their homes and ask where the money is coming from?

Anyone in favor of raising taxes?
By the way, raising fees is just another word for raising taxes or so says Bobbie McGee.

Incidentally, these problems are not the first time that the Town Board has heard of them. It is just more of the old "in one ear and out the other".

Anonymous said...

Hal let me tell you something If Keven Morgan were on the job you vcan bet your bottom dollar that he would have have apprehended the
Remember he is from the old school.

Anonymous said...

That is what is missing today police that know their job.
The old timers would have never stood for anything happening on their watch.
There was never as much crime as there is in Greenburgh at the moment.WHY??????
It is a shame that residents that pay very high taxes have to hire their own security to canvass their area.
This expense should entitle them to some sort of a reduction in taxes.
By the way when is the Housing Authority coughing up the money they owe for having a Greenburgh police person protect them SOLEY from crime. The amount is close to one half million dollars..

Anonymous said...

What a half assed job the DPW did in cutting back the foliage on Ardsley and Sprain valley rd.
You could have cut it back some more.Try coming out to make a left hand turn onto Ardsley rd.maybe you will notice that the job was not done correctly

Anonymous said...

There is no point in having a police officer at the Hartsdale station during the evening rush hour. They are useless. Instead of being like the White Plains police who actually stand at intersections (in the rain, the cold etc.) and direct traffic and keep it moving, they stand under the eave of the station (or worse, double park and take up valuable spots) and just chase someone if they want to give a ticket. They could be at the access road to the garage, and help cars access to eastbound Hartsdale ave, vastly improving the exiting from the garage (which now backs up 2 stories up in the garage). It is clear the police just dont care. So much for Mr. Feiner being the environemental supervisor. Either between Mr. Feiner and Chief Kapica, they don't know and/or incompetent.

Anonymous said...

The asphalt curving doesnt last. It costs more in long run as it has to be replace. Feiner cant you evaluate suggestions???

Anonymous said...

Concrete curbing is different than asphalt curbing. IT lasts longer than asphalt.

Anonymous said...

But not as long as Belgian block -
the pyramids are still standing.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you act like an old fashioned Doctor and FIX the sewer districts!!!

Mr. Supervisor, why are you scared to release the results of the sewer district audit to the public? Anyone can view it for themselves on the State Comptroller's website. It is public information and you seem to be withholding it. If you don't trust us to have the truth, why should we trust you?

hal samis said...

Dear 1:02 and 1:11,

Is this what you mean by "old school"?

"Dick Tracy, crimestopper, calling Kevin Morgan.  Report to Edgemont and apprehend suspect last seen in vicinity of Old Army Road"


"Look! There, up in the sky, Police Commissioner Bernstein, there's the bat signal again. There must another Edgemont burglary in progress." 

'I know Alfred. But gosh darn it, Kevin Morgan is out walking door-to-door with the Town Board and they're somewhere in Fairview and I just don't know how to get a message to him.'

"How about emailing the Town Clerk."


Have Gun - Will Travel
Wire: Kevin Morgan, Greenburgh


"But who was that masked man?"

"Wait for me, Wild Kev."


"Lois, Kevin, Jimmy, someone just called in that Lex Luther is stealing the Village of Edgemont. Get over there and cover the story."

'I'm sorry Perry, Lois, I'm feeling a disability coming over me, I have to go the Health Center.'

''Gee Mr. Morgan, which Town medical coverage plan are you using?''

'Can't explain now Jimmy, just go snap some great photos of the Town Board standing around.'

"Great Caesar's ghost but you take care of yourself, Kevin, and get some rest. That's an order!
Hello, news desk? Got any senior level reporters looking to pick up some easy overtime? Good, thanks again Chief."

If this is "old school", then we're really in a "jam".

Anonymous said...

hal - eddie may morgan is old school. meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

citizens of edgemont city of the future wonder - is this town big enough for feiner and the new sheriff in town - commissioner bernstein?

Anonymous said...

Dear Hal.Morgan was a good cop. The meaning that he was from the old school meant that he did his job to the fullest. You cannot compare the police that we had yesterday with what we have today.

I'm sorry that you misunderstood what the writer was trying to say,
but I do know that you seem to have no use for the police department.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:59,

If I am the one that seems to have no use for the Police Department --or at least overtly concerned about what I learn is brewing there, then where do you belong in the revue? (not review).

I'm not suggesting that Kevin did not do his Police job to the fullest; my issues with him have to do with his performance as a member of the Town Board.

But assuming that you have some frame of reference to sustain your own telling assessment of the Police Department, today vs. yesterday, then I would suggest that it should be you -- alarmed, disappointed, a taxpayer, an insider, whatever -- who should be demonstating how today's "modern" Greenburgh Police force is operating at lower performance levels or dedication than what you refer to as "old school".

One thing is for certain, Kapica has not shirked from spending tax dollars on the newest equipment and the ability to respond to any or all emergencies perhaps to a fault by duplicating the resources of the County or State.

And should a major regional emergency (specialized vehicles) arise, all this equipment will probably sit idle for lack of manpower to use it, half of the force don't live in Greenburgh and, even if dedicated, would have great difficulty in leaving their own besieged hometowns or be able to get to Greenburgh if so inclined during crisis.

We all have to travel the same roads in a catastrophe -- either going toward or escaping from.

However I believe that the Police Department is already experiencing a catastrophe and it is not one delivered by terrorists. The willingness to accede to PBA demands in contract negotiations is the real villain and it hides in plain sight. If a larger Police force is needed, it should be a larger force manned by lower paid employees. Were there extenuating circumstances or a dangerous and hostile environment, this would be a justification; however New York City Police have much more dangerous assignments for less pay and there is one Police Department, with precincts for all the boroughs, not separate ones for each Village and a separate one for unincorporated.

Whereas this does not address your "old school" issues, it does speak to the dollars wasted today.

This resident would like a further explanation of what "old school" means to someone who knows and how it is different from what goes on today.

I don't suspect that our two positions are mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...

Hal you are right on the button as far as the PD goes But as for Morgan you are wrong. Give he man a chance and you will see that he will make a big difference with what goes on with the board.

Anonymous said...

Stop all the BullS..T special details in the Police Dept and put the cops on the street. Take them out of the police station, Tech rescue (duplication of tools and equipment with Greenville FD),school resource officers,housing police, community police(what a joke!)the police day camp and most of all the ambulances
(replace with civilians)and maybe we could have a reasonable patrol division that could maybe even prevent crimes before they happen. In the old days we always had patrol cars in the neighborhood! What happened?

Anonymous said...

Paul and Town Board
Walk down Prospect Fair St. and you will see over crowded homes and people storing their garbage at the curb 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Also commercial trucks parked on the property overnight.
Pleas help clean this up. Gabe Gouvey was told about this but did nothing as usual!

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would supervise the DPW, particularly the highway department. It's becoming increasingly embarrassing to live in Unincorporated Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

The police are too busy hanging out behind stores and other places where they can put their feet up eat and drink.

We always had police patroling the roadways but for quite some time it is rare if you see a marked car.
Their excuse is we have marked cars patrolling. BS>
The marked cars are laying low along the main thorough fares to catch speeders and the such.

Years ago the police passed so many times on their tours that many were on first name basis.
Today is another story.
It looks as the days go by we get less and less protection . Yes I must say if they are called for any reason they are there.
The problem is the boss does not have hands on anymore because he is solely answering to the board members.
And by the way from his own mouth he is looking at two more years before retirement so why should he work at all his benefits are in tact so why worry..

Anonymous said...

The Greenburgh Police Department is broken and has been for years. Chief Kapica has been allowed to run the Department with no oversight for years. He has mismanaged the Department. The Town board allowed him to run the department as he saw fit with little or no accountability. The Board needs to take responsibilty for the mess. The Greenburgh Police Department needs direction. It needs to be led by competent leaders, unfortunatly its not.

Many of the negative comments about the Department are misguided. The cops want to catch criminals. Samis's derogatory and sarcastic comments serve no purpose. It just shows how ignorant he is regarding police matters. He writes as if he has an understanding of policing, which he obviously does not. The cops that work today are as dedicated as the were 20 yrs ago.

The problem again is the department does not use its resources properly. If the Town board wants to fix the problems they have to be receptive to hearing about them. They also need to educate themselves on how a police department works.

Whats lacking in the Greenburgh Police Department is leadership and that starts at the top.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 10:09 Well said finally an intelligent comment about the PD

Anonymous said...

The topic of this section is "Housecalls -- Like the Old Fashioned Doctor, Begins"

Why did the Doctor make house calls? Because the patient was ill. What are the current patiemts ill of? Ever higher taxes, brought to you by none other than a Town Board that is out of touch with a significant portion of the population.

Take two asprin and call me after you pay your next tax bill. Then you will really be sick.

Does the Town Board walk up to any taxpayer and say that a committee of your fellow citizens has looked at our financial position and estimated that taxes will increase in unincorporated Greenburgh by 17% next year, now how do you evaluate services? No, of course not. They ask what do you think about services, without, or worse, omitting to say what does it cost.

We are not stupid, Town Board. You need to wake up and start being open (if you really believe in "open government") and honest. You (Brown and Morgan get a pass) screwed up royally. Own up, now.

Mr. Sheehan, you are the biggest finger pointer I have ever observed. You take no responsibility for your part in this. At least to his partial credit, the Supervisor, admitted his role.

What's the story Town Board. Tell us the truth and tell us now. What have you known, and how long have you known it? We shouldn't have to file a FOIL request. This government belongs to us, not to you five. Take back our Town. !!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's an italian saying that states that a fish starts stinking at the head.

That's what happened to the police department.

If we cannot put our house together from the top down then get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with blogger 10:19 and 8:21 The job has passed the Chief by. The guy has bullied the Department and the Town for years.

Anonymous said...

Many top notch officers retired because of the mismanagement of the police department.

You can ask anyone of them and you will see that the chief is to blame.

Politics and running a department do not mix.
You are either a cop or a wanna be politician.

In doing both our police moral went down the drain and good men said that they have had enough.

What does it take for the town board members to see what is happening with what is supposed to be the best department ?

How could it be possible that some police make so much money in overtime that they surpass the chiefs and the supervisors salary?

The police union is also at fault for much of the goings on so if there has to be changes made we must start with the union.
The unions are good but they hog tie a persons hands as to how a department should be run.

The unions do not protect the public the unions protect the worker forgetting who has to pay their salary.
The PBA protects the cop but may I ask who protects the citizen---NO ONE.
We pay enough taxes here in Greenburgh where we should have the best of services so Supervisor do your job and start making changes to make the situation better.

Anonymous said...

If the Town really wants the police department to run right, it needs to have the department examined from the top down. Morgan should head a commitee of members with law enforcement backgrounds to study the department. There are a number of retired police officers he could place on the committe that would add valuable knowledge of the inner workings of the department, additionally people from outside the department should be on the committee to bring a different presepective to the review. These outsiders would have no loyalty or ax to grind. At the end of the day the Greenburgh Police Department is an excellant law enforcement agencey that has lost it's way under Kapica.

Anonymous said...

8:36 You are correct in the last two years alot of officers left the department. A few of these officers would have made excellent Chiefs. The Town should have done exit interviews to see why the retired.

Anonymous said...

Paul, some positive suggestions have been made by bloggers. How about the Town actually listening and doing something.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Morgan could comment about whats been posted about the police department. I like the idea of him forming a group to study the department.

Anonymous said...

The Greenburgh PD is too involved with EMS and not enough policing.

Anonymous said...

The reason so many police officers retired has nothing to do with management. It is because with their overtime-stuffed pensions, they make as much, or more, in retirement than they do working as police officers. Then they get new jobs, make even more money and get another pension, and they laugh at us.

hal samis said...

Yes, let Kevin Morgan comment.
He's been a Police insider; he'll have sat on the Town Board for six months; he's heard the comments made at the 2008 budget adoption, the 2009 capital budget, read the budget reports from the Comptroller and the Budget Committee and now's he's walking around neighborhoods presumably talking to some residents.

We certainly have heard a lot from Ms. Brown and Ms. Beville at Town Board meetings.

Now it is time for Mr. Morgan.

Without any further ado, I give you
Kevin Morgan.

Kevin, would you honor us with a few comments?

clones and doubles said...

is morgan the double of diana the silent one juettner?

or is he warming the seat of eddie mae thank god she is gone barnes?

interested bloggers are waiting to find out.

kevin - the mike is yours.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 6/22 1:52 PM,

The Town Comptroller might take exception with your comment "the mike is yours".

Anonymous said...

Kevin knows how to fix the PD, but I don't think he wants to bang heads with Chief Kapica!
I was really hoping he would come up with some idea's
He knows alot of different ways on how to make it run better and cheaper!

Anonymous said...

Did KApica care about Detective Morgan NO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's take a census amongst all the retired police officers to see why many of the retired.

I bet a lot of them will give you the same answers that they were fed up with all the BS.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever stop to think that Kevin is putting his thoughts together to drop a good bombshell.
Give him a break.
One thing that that you have to remember the entire board is 100% behind the chief and this is where the problem comes in for Kevin.
Would he loose his position if he takes the necessary steps to make suggestions for a complete change?
Would all the public back his findings?
Will any of the board member concur with his findings?

You can see how the sewer audit has been surpressed to cover the the guilty and the same will be done with these findings.
Take the library is there not a good coverup also.They had enough money before, now for some reason or another they need more.
Has the public been give an itemized bill of all the expenses NO.

Let's get behind Kevin and assure him that what ever his findings may be we will back him up.
He will do the right thing for all the public JUST WAIT AND SEE.

hal samis said...

Let me see if I have this right.

Kevin would lose his position if he dropped a bombshell now.

And that bombshell, presumably, would have something to do with exposing "inefficiencies" at the Police Department. Something that might result in a more searching review of the Police Department operation and budget?

So, the same Town Board (Kevin being a member) which is trying so hard to keep the tax increase below double digits would be the ones to punish Kevin if he found a way to keep taxes down because it would concern the Police Department.

And that the public, which elected Kevin, would be so unhappy with Kevin as whistleblower that in three years, they would punish him for this and not return him to office.

And we should get behind Kevin by just waiting because someone named anonymous knows that the bombshell is coming. Just give Kevin time.

OK, Kevin can keep his job.
But when is this good news coming?
Perhaps you could give us even within what "quarter" of the year we can look forward to these revelations?

Just so we don't get the mistaken impression that you are merely buying time. Residents made that mistake with Juettner already. Juettner, who?

We won't get fooled again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hal you are 100% wrong in comparing Morgan to Juettner.
Give the guy a chance .
He will check out the PD to see where changes should be made.

He will not let those who voted for him down.
There was a reason why we voted for him and he will prove hinself in due time.
The problem Hal is that you want everything done yesterday.
Let's wait and see .

when samis speaks said...

taxpayers should listen.

hal has been right about most things.

he alone knew that taxter ridge was a bad deal.

he has been a voice in the wilderness on the library - now everyone knows he was right.

ella preiser is too busy sucking up to francis sheehan to be of any value. she has no vision and is stuck in the dark ages.

hal was a champion of giving kevin a chance because he looked good on paper. that paper turned out to be a dollar bill whose value is decreasing everyday.

Anonymous said...

Actually Bernstein and everyone else knew Taxter was a bad deal - but with the exception of Bernstein, no one had the balls to shout "NO" at Feiner by bringing a lawsuit.
Hal, how about, just for once, admitting that not all good intentions towards the Town are yours alone?

samis juettner and bernstein said...

hal was the only one to go to the county of westchester and speak against the purchase as foolhardy.

everyone else was experiencing the halo effect after hearing the magic words - open space.

bernstein only sued to get the villagers to pay for it.

did the edgemont community council ever go on record as opposing the purchase of taxter ridge? i dont think so.

btw - the klondike bar campaign will pay your property taxes for the coming year if you can provide any proof that diane juettner ever visited taxter ridge before she voted to buy it.

Anonymous said...

I live in Edgemont for some time and I was never asked to purchase an parkland and especially this so called dumping ground of Taxter Ridge.

It was said at the time that this purchase was made to favor a friend of the supervisor,that it really could not be used by residents.

We spent all this money for something that will never be developed into a park .What a shame.
The entire board is at fault for this fiasco.
Why is it that the town of Greenburgh is going to the wayside.
It is dirty,no money,poor management but our taxes are and will be for a while double digets.
We now have a library shell that needs more funds to open it's doors.
We had a town hall that was given to the library as a gift taking a building off the tax role without the knowledge of the resident.

How about giving us a gift NO TAX INCREASE FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS.
Why was this land given to the library?
Was it legal?
How about some answers.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that Kolesar will be allowed to speak so he could enlighten us as to any more of his findings.
Sheehan get off his back .
He is the only one to set this town back on the straight road.
We the taxpayers want answers,so please allow him to respond to questions asked by the public for the Comptroller.
What are you trying to hide?
We understand that silence is golden but by you silencing Kolesar you will be making it easier for us to get more and more audits by the State comptrollers office.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:40PM -
Over the strenuous objections of the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations, the ECC DID GO ON RECORD as opposed to the purchase. Two letters were sent to the Supervisor and the Town Board -
The first requested a referendum of TOV voters (who were being asked to pay for the acquisition). Feiner felt it was a political ploy by his opponent for supervisor and denied the request. A second letter was sent opposing the purchase as an undue burden on TOV taxpayers.

ecc and taxter said...

curious - were any of these ecc letters sent to the state and county representatives who supported the purchase of taxter?

its a fact that only samis went to the county board of legislators and spoke against the purchase.

seems edgemont's opposition was kinda light as most people in edgemont favor open space.

hal samis said...

To anonymous a few days ago,

Kevin Morgan earned his pay at the Town Board meeting tonight. Watch the replay from around 10:40.

Hopefully there is more coming.

However, re Juettner, it is not your volume control which is at fault...the woman didn't open her mouth the entire evening.

klondike for town board said...

dear voters
klondike bar has a website and expresses what it offers the public in a mouth watering manner.

seemingly the same cannot be said about ms diana juettner who apparently has no gift of gab. in fact, she has no gifts at all other than the sounds of silence.

now, which would you prefer - a silent dj or a tasty klondike bar?