Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Greenburgh Public Library Foundation was created by community activists who wanted a state of the art library for the Town. The vision has been expanded and grows with each brick. The people involved are people who care about education, and the sense of community that a library brings to residents. Funds that are being raised are going to enhance the Library and build on a foundation that can continue to to grow and enhance the library experience.

More about the library if you go to

All contributions for the Greenburgh Library should be made out the Greenburgh Public Library Foundation and mailed to the GPLF, PO Box 151, Elmsford, NY 10523. The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization and contributions are fully tax deductible. For more information about the Foundation contact the president, Judy Chriss at her office at 914.631.3334.


FED UP said...

The library board has some nerve asking for more money when they stated that they had the necessary funds from the bond.
It cost the tax payers almost twenty million dollars and still counting.
If they miscalculated that's their problem.
Why should they break chops over and over again that they need more money.
Let's get a ruling from the State comptroller if they could have an amendment made after the original resolution was approved.
Where has all the money gone that was in the foundation.

Anonymous said...

The Library's Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustees of the Greenburgh Public Library Foundation are completely different entities.
Stop trying to destroy the library and punish the our enitre community just because you don't like what the Library's Board of Trustees (everyone one of whom was appointed by the Town Board) did.
Get over it and concentrate on making sure the Library as an institution survives...

Anonymous said...

So, yesterday I recieved my tax bill. I dont understand how my town tax is about 2500, and my Fairview Fire tax is over 1700! Why do we pay so much for fire protection in faiirview alone? Where does all of this money go?

Anonymous said...

the Fairview fire district is independent of the town government.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the following to me? The Library project is on budget, or so everyone claims. The Library Foundation seeks to raise more than $4 million if every item is donated. Where exactly does this money go? Is it used to retire the Library debt? How is this done? Are donors just getting "fleeced" since the Library will have already been fully paid for, where does this money go? Who exactly gets a say in how it is spent? How can a public building that has been fully paid for by taxpayers, now be "sold" piecemeal? Answers anyone?

Anonymous said...

You are right the library board is trying to put one over on all of us.
Yes the project was on target and the monies was there for whatever else was needed.

Someone must be getting very fat with our money.

If they get the money from the foundation that WILL NOT REDUCE THE DEBT.
Boy do they know how to play games.
They got away all these years to do what they wanted until we the taxpayers started to investigate how the money is being spent.

Anonymous said...

Should we send this story to Arnold Dias so he could investigate what the hell is going on here in Greenburgh.
How much money does this library need to get off the ground,by the way that's where the public will be sitting since they claim that they have no money for furniture.

Anonymous said...

The terms of 3 members of the Libary Board expire in December. Time to get a more responsible Board.

Anonymous said...

December is too far away .If the library is to be investigated proceedings should start asap.

Something smells with this library problem so the two people involved from the onset should start with this investigation since they do represent the unincorporated part of town THAT BEING SHEEHAN AND JUETTNER..

The library foundation is another way to hide funds.
If the foundation receives money that amount should start to lower the debt that was imposed on us .

Anonymous said...

The Fairview tax is high because only 53% of the properties pay taxes. The other 47% are tax free.
Fairview even lost money when the Town moved to the new Town Hall and took that property off the tax rolls.Go to a commissioneers meeting and educate yourself.

Anonymous said...

Where are the 47% tax free properties.
Please list them.
It would be very interesting .

Anonymous said...

I know of just a few.
2 firehouse
1 police headquarters
1 library
1 court
1 center
Houses of worship?????
What's next.

stop juettner said...

juettner is up for relection in 2009 - time to end her reign of error

Anonymous said...

I hope that everyone that is not from unincorporated will have to pay a lot more to be issued a library card. I see that there are library board members that are not from unincorporated, I want to make sure they are paying extra as well. No freebies!!!!

Paul, unincorporated needs your support regarding this matter.

hal samis said...

Enough of this b.s. already.

Why can't anyone get the Library Board of Trustees; Al Regula, the Town Board including the Supervisor, to admit that the Library expansion has run out of money and, at this point, they need additional funding to deliver even the diminished Library that was promised before the Referendum.

Why is it so hard for them to come out and admit this?

All of the parties involved have been questioned regarding this for months and to no avail. Now, in the remaining months, there is no refuge to hide the truth and they cannot say they were surprised.

However, if the Library project has remained faithful to its Referendum budget, then the Foundation has no business asking for money to be directed to the purchase of furniture, technology, flooring and landscaping.

Gifts to the Foundation should be given with the proviso that these funds should not be deployed to fund these areas.

After all, if there is no need for these items, then soliciting for them is akin to fraud.

Of course, the Library can always buy more books or games so be careful to give specific instructions on what your gift is to be used for; gifts made only for a specific purpose are not a unique situation and as such, the tax benefit is still preserved.

Or, the taxpayers of unincorporated are due an explantion.

Anonymous said...

How many more times must the residents of the unincorporated area be lied o concerning the library.
Al Regula should be fired .
Hal you complained from the onset but no one listened.
Everyone was out to get the supervisor but instead they got the residents to pay for a library which will not be completed as promised.
Now they want grants.
If they cannot finalize the plans rent part of the building and help defray the debt.
The library board fooled the public into thinking that they needed a larger library-
The library board lied as to when the project would be completed.
The library board constantly lied as far as how much money they had in a fund.
Hal you have done your best to let the public know how crooked the library board is.
The town board left Regula in charge aqnd he too told a pack of lies.
We are still waiting for the state comptroller's answer if the town can amend a bond after it was voted upon and passed.
The board has not answered this question.
Someone commenting on a previous blog that there is a state comptrollers offic here in Greenburgh.
If anyone knows where it is located please write the answer on this page or any other since I do check them all.

juettner should resign said...

hal you are forgetting one of the chief enablers of this fiasco - diana do nothing juettner, the representative from the town board to the library.

juetter should resign.

Anonymous said...

The Library Foundation has been taken in by the library board to assist them in getting funds.
Just remember the funding that they are asking for was already considered in the amount that they requested in the beginning.
They are looking for funds to put into an account to do what they want.
They have asked for many grants that supposedly is needed so why ask the foundation for more .

Anonymous said...

Did you know that employees from the community center do thier laundry at "dirty laundry" while on duty ???? I saw it myself.

good job commish, keep hiring the winners!!!

Anonymous said...

Well for someonr to see an employee of the center washing clothes during work hours must be right .
It must be one of her neighbors since I do not go in that neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

This town should investigate the other no show jobs.

Anonymous said...

How can the town permit the extensive renovation on the library without having the right documentation .
The deed has not been produced by the town since a request was made since 1958.
after all is said and done the library property may be part of Elmsford.

Don't you think that this should have been dealt with before you decided to continue with the expansion.

Thats not saying too much for those in charge of investigating construction.

Don't forget this should be dealt with, not tomorrow but today.
The longer you wait the more problems will be created.

Anonymous said...

I hope the library will have plenty of pillows arround so the public can sit down on.

The library board did include all the furnishings in their listing when they presented their plans.
Where did all the money go.???
Why do they have to ask for grants for monies that was already allocated to them within the budget.
What's going on?
Why has a few of the town board members given them carte blanche to do as they want?
An audit was conducted recently where the town was found at fault I suggest another investigation should be in order to see what is wrong with the library picture and those in charge.

Anonymous said...

At yesterday's work session a gentleman requested that the driveway leading into the library not be used as an entrance and an exit.
He is right.
The street is too narrow to have traffic going and coming from 119 and at the same time one car going into the library and another coming out.
The first response was that it was not dangerous.
Well I beg to differ with the ruling of the town engineer and the chief of police.
It will be an accident waiting to happen.
Did they forget if the medical center is built across the street there will be people walking to and from 119.
Has anyone in the town whether it be the board the engineer or chief of police looked at the whole picture. I doubt it.