Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Westhab will be filing revised plans for their proposed affordable housing in Fulton Park. The building will be downsized --the community room (which had been on the 5th floor) will be moved to a lower level. The building will be 4 stories, not 5. The papers should be filed with the planning dept on or before Friday.


Anonymous said...

Boy why do you keep on rubbing Fulton Park residents noses into this project.
Have you ever been on the corner of deli delicious at four oclock when the telephone company starts emptying out.
Most of the traffic on 119 continues until six oclock when all the offices in Westchester are closed for the day.
You have got to be insane in saying that there is minimal traffic on this road.
The only way that you could keep traffic moving is if you conduct traffic flow with the police dept. the way White plains does.
We know that this will not be done so please again listen to the people that live in Fulton Park.
There is no where to park on the road.

I have received many a ticket just going into the deli.

Will these people be parking in the telephone or staples lot.

Think again of what you are trying to push.
What you should have done is build a nice little sitting park with a gazebo to make the area look good.
Are you just looking at the revenue that you will be getting to give to Fairview.
Paul stop playing games .You're getting to pld for this.

why? said...

hal samis asked an interesting question at the public hearing.

why did westhab buy the property knowing that it needed at least 2 variances to put up its structure?

usually a buyer buys subject to approval of a variance.

here they went ahead without any conditions. why? was anything said to them by any member of the town board to the effect - dont worry about it - we are the ultimate say regardless of what our zoning and planning boards do?

why indeed.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that employees from the community center do thier laundry at "dirty laundry" while on duty ???? I saw it myself.

good job commish, keep hiring the winners!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are homeless. That wouldnt suprise me at all. the Police need to investigate whats going on over there.

GO Sonya, actually, Sonya's gotta go!!!

Anonymous said...

The center should be investigate thoroughly.
The town knows what has been going on for a long time but you know they don't want to look like the bad guys so they have been closing their eyes and their ears .

There has been a good cover up by our board for all this time.
Where has all our money gone to.
Who was the fat cat that made the best score?

Now they give the job to oversee the center to Sojna .She has been part of the center for a long time too.
She knows of the goings on but we can rest assured that she will not do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

That is correct Samis did ask that question at a town meeting which means that there is a rat amongst us that is doing some under handed work.

That is why no one on the board answered him.Oh I forgot they don't answer questions.

So who is the rat????

Anonymous said...

This building is still so way oversize. How does the town plan on not giving every other developer the same density?

Anonymous said...

Why nothing posted here since the 12th?

CONTACT: Press Office
(518) 474-4015 FOR RELEASE:
June 12, 2008

DiNapoli: Officials Overcharged Residents and Did Not Get Necessary Approvals for Greenburgh Sewer District

Proper state approvals were not obtained and the public was not notified when Greenburgh town officials authorized a nearly quarter million dollar cost overrun for Sewer District #4, according to an audit released by state Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. The audit also found that due to miscalculations by town officials, certain residents have been over charged since 1992. Others have been under charged.

“Officials must take care not to bypass normal approval processes when it comes to spending the public’s money,” said DiNapoli. “This is particularly true in cases when the people directly affected – the taxpayers – are supposed to be updated about a project’s progress.”

The audit covers the period of 1979 – when the district was first constructed – to 2007. The unauthorized cost overrun occurred after 1982 when several payments were made between 1983 and 1989.

Auditors found that town officials:

Did not obtain the proper approval from the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), or notify District residents, when they expended an estimated $220,000 in sewer district construction costs;
Did not implement appropriate internal controls to ensure that town officials updated benefit units when residents subdivided or improved their properties;
Over charged certain district residents by $26 for the 2007 annual assessment, and auditors estimate that the average resident would have saved $427 during the period 1989 to 2007 on sewer assessment charges; and
The town failed to charge five District residents for assessment charges since 1988.
DiNapoli recommended that town officials:

Obtain the Comptroller’s approval before authorizing cost overrun expenditures;
Develop internal controls to ensure that sewer assessments adequately cover capital costs;
Clearly explain to the public the need for sewer assessments and hook-in fee changes;
Accurately assess charges to sewer users; and
Review the town’s other 18 sewer districts to be sure similar problems don’t exist there.
Town officials for the most part agreed with the Comptroller’s recommendations and indicated they would take corrective action.

Anonymous said...

Has the money for this Westhab project been promised to Fairview too.

You seem to be pushing this plan down the peoples throat for some reason or another.

You all know that this parcel is too small for an apartment house.
Why not have the owner of the land try to sell it outright to be used by Fulton Park residents as a parking garage.

Or better still see if Deli Delicious wants to acquire it as a parking area for his business.
Another sugesstion the Deli should buy it to expand his business to make a small restaurant added to what he has now.

Was this parcel ever up for sale to the public??????

Anonymous said...

Very impressive plan and intelligent modifications posted at the town website. There's no downside whatsoever to this project.

Concerned said...

No downside EXCEPT a change in zoning which undermines any effort to prevent unincorporated Greenburgh from becoming a densely populated community of high-rises and greenspaces invisible from ground level.
Rather than worry about saving Cab Calloway's old digs, concentrate on keeping Greenburgh green!

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh is green enough it has cost the unincorpoated area plenty of money .

What we need is housing that is legal without changing zoning .
This parcel of land is too small and the surrounding neighbors don't want it.
If you grant this request you will have to do the same for any one else that needs a zoning changed.
I have property behind my home that is large enough to build two homes .I will be the first to apply to change the laws in my favor.
So listen carefully the public says no and I think that they are the majority while you on the board are five.

Why can't you leave well enough alone .Living here is starting to be a hell .
We have to fight for anything and everything because the town board refuses to listen.
Boy where did open government go.
You also have forgotten the words by the people and for the people .

Anonymous said...

Stop the giveaways now!

Anonymous said...

How many board members really care as to what was said by the residents of Fulton park ,in expressing their feeling against Westhab.
To me sitting there in checking each one of you I know that you all will come up as to why it should be built.
The hell with the residents.
What are the points that will change the picture.
They want a zoning change I want one too and so does Joe schmo.
They want to build what they want so do I.
If this is granted aside from the fact that the property is too small
I as many other residents will come knocking at your door for the same favor.
If you do it for this group you must grant the same for others.

samis haunts the board said...

again, samis asked the question - why did westhab think they could build a multi story building despite the zoning restrictions?

who promised what to who and for how much?

ms juettner?
mr sheehan?
mr feiner?
mr morgan
ms brown?