Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Earlier this month a number of blog comments were made about Raymond L. Thomas--who will be running the Xposure after school program. The comments were nasty, mean spirited and accused Mr. Thomas of being involved in criminal activity. As a result of these comments, allegations, rumors - we asked Mr. Thomas to voluntarily agree to a background check which was conducted by the police chief. This is the chief's response.
The anonymous bloggers (you know who you are) should be ashamed of yourselves. You made up stories, tried to destroy another persons reputation. PAUL FEINER

Please be advised that an investigation into the background of Raymond L. Thomas has revealed NO history of criminality. John A. Kapica, Chief of Police


get real said...

thats bs
where are the answers to the questions about the payment to lanza foundation personnel?
there were at least several other questions about xposure and its fundraising efforts.

you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Xposure deal very troubling said...

Every school district and children's camp in America would have subjected Mr. Thomas to a criminal background check before hiring him to work with their kids. That's standard operating procedure these days.

Why is it that the Town wouldn't have bothered to do likewise until some anonymous bloggers suggested Mr. Thomas may have been involved in criminal activity?

Failure to do a background check on Thomas would have been gross negligence on the Town's part, regardless what any blogger may have suggested.

However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about Thomas. For one thing, for a guy who says he wants to teach young kids how to write resumes, how come Thomas doesn't have a resume of his own?

He says he served in the Air Force, but he doesn't say when he served, what rank he held, or what kind of discharge he received. If he's legit, why wouldn't he tell tell us?

He also says he worked at Eastman Kodak and DEC, but he doesn't say when or for how long. Again, if he's legit, why wouldn't he tell us?

Mr. Thomas also claims to have a background as a New York realtor. However, he doesn't seem to have ever been licensed to sell real estate in New York or anywhere else for that matter.

The Xposure contract that the Town entered into gives Xposure and Thomas the right to receive $150,000 for supposedly providing the Town with an "enhanced" after school program. However, there is no budget or list of specific tasks that Xposure or Thomas is supposed to undertake or complete in order for the Town Comptroller to sign off on disbursement of the funds.

It's also not clear why Xposure's website continues to offer underprivileged kids the opportunity to buy $200 iPhones for $1,000 and $30 backbacks for $250.

In 2007, the State Comptroller criticized the Town for entering into a "grant agreement" to disburse WestHELP rent money to the Valhalla School Distric with no accountability to the taxpayers to ensure how those funds were spent.

From everything the public has seen of Xposure and Mr. Thomas, it seems the Town has once again entered into a contract to give away money for "education services" -- this time to Xposure -- with no accountability whatsoever.

hal samis said...

I certainly agree with the Town Supervisor and his concern over negative statements made by unsigned nasty, mean spirited comments. My problem is that when similar unsigned nasty and mean-spirited comments were made about the Town Comptroller, where was Mr. Feiner to defend his appointment? That said:

How about a simple concern from a non-cowardly signed blogger?

I can find no record with the New York State Department of State (where such licenses are maintained) of Mr. Raymond L. Thomas being a licensed real estate salesman, associate broker or broker.

Mr. Thomas having (on this blog as an original post) posted his "career" and included a real estate listing he claims to have sold although what relevance that would have to his current avocation or the residents of Greenburgh I can't fathom.

Nevertheless, in what he portrayed to readers as his "sold" listing is his claimed title of broker.
Would Mr. Thomas care to explain this?

Would Chief of Police, John A. Kapica care to explain this?

Anonymous said...

How come the Town hasn't posted a copy of the Xposure contract on its website?

Sheehan says he won't post it until it's available, but everyone had it at the work session yesterday, and Sheehan even went out of his way to say he made revisions to it.

Is the Town Board that embarrassed that it's afraid of what the public might think if it saw this so-called "contract"?

Anonymous said...

to all csea members you need to set up picket lines in front of BOULDER RIDGE and at the A&P every weekend

Anonymous said...

Just saw a copy of the Town's contract with Xposure. What a joke!

I wonder who in Town will be the first to send this contract to the State Comptroller's office for review and investigation. It's like WestHELP didn't happen. Don't these people on the Greenburgh Town Board ever learn?

Anonymous said...

Good thing the anonymous bloggers posed the questions because it sounds like a background check wouldn't have been done otherwise?!

A criminal background check, as well as fingerprinting, are standard operating procedure prior to being allowed to work with children. Just as required for all who work in schools, I sure hope that you have these records for each employee, volunteer and contracted service provider at the community center. If something inappropriate happened or was suspected to have happened at the community center and you didn't have these records on file, the town would be dealing with a huge lawsuit.

Mr. Feiner: Please confirm that the town has run criminal background checks and fingerprinting for every employee, volunteer and contracted service provider who interacts with children at the community center.

WTF! RUDE! STUPID! said...

Oh Bologna!

Unless he was convicted of something, a criminal background check gives little information. People are questioning his credentials and a criminal check does not make his credentials any clearer.

You have a damn nerve making this accusatory and inflammatory post. You do this to shift issues by berating concerned citizens. HELLO? It's a blog, YOUR blog and if you don't want to deal with nasty comments, shut the blog down.

You have this blog just to tout your charitable good deeds, yourself (paid for by us!) and you never address concerns posted here. EXAMPLE: Xsposure. You've received much negative feedback and many question about the program and the only response is for you to come here and throw a tantrum. point fingers. Call us names.

YOU should be very ashamed of yourself! It's our money pal, and we have every right to question what you do with it and with whom.

I'm pretty sick of you trying to make a name for yourself with my money! What's your problem? Afraid what you may read in wikipedia about yourself after you've been put to pasture?

Bottom line: You & a few others want Xposure. 99% of the rest of us don't and you couldn't care less.

You need a reality check. I think you've gone mad!

I'm counting the days..........

Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous said...

Another Paul Feiner initiative to make Greenburgh the most open government in the United States! Be part of the Dialogue...participate...tell us what's on your mind...!

The views expressed in this blog are the personal views of the participants who post comments on the blog and are not those of the town, town employees or town government. The Supervisors views are his alone.

Paul your right the idiot that wrote the words above is probably the same person that gave us the ability to choose an identity, Google/blogger,openid, name/url or ANONYMOUS. Find this person fire him and you will cure all problems that exisit in the Town. Don't look in the mirror you might find him quicker than you wish.

Anonymous said...

Paul thinks he's the Bono of Greenburgh except he uses our to donate to the Fairview charity. Not only is this money not pledged by us, we can't even write it off as a tax deduction.

Anonymous said...

You post anonymously, also, Mr. Feiner.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! HE DOES!? NO!!!!!!!


Like he thinks he fools anyone. Anonymous is his most used blogger name!

DRW said...

This is called a diversion from the real issue. In light of today's headline in the NY Journal News confirming that we Westchester Co. residents pay the highest property taxes in the US, there MUST be a freeze on all new discretionary spending by the town of Greenburgh!

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz Paul how come you called the residents that write their comments on this blog cowards.
It seems that you are referring to yourself.
We told you that we didn't want this program and that we didn't want to pay for it but you saw to it that you will have this done whether we like it or not.
It seems that we must have hit a note when you were asked to have a background check for this person.
It also goes for other things that you walk awa from.
Some time ago a blogger suggested to you to hav random drug tests done on all employees in this town.
Have you followed up on this.NO>
The only ones that have random checks are the sanitation men .
Since many work arround our homes or in the office they would know so much about us that is why each and everyone should be tested.

Anonymous said...

Paul has the strangest definition of "open government". What's next? A maximum of 3 written lines only, submitted for pre approval & editing, here on the blog?

It wouldn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

CSEA members, you can't get a new contract however, Paul is okay with starting new programs(xposure) and giving management a 3% raise. Thats what Paul thinks of you; not much. Paul please stop your speeches about how your concerned about employees, you obvisouly could care less.

Paul Feiner said...

Elected officials (part of management) received no salary increase in 2008.

Chris Moriarty said...

I think it sounds like a great program. Nothing is perfect or pleases everyone. Such is life.

Since this post is about anonymous bloggers I will add that I agree. If you are afraid to use your name you probably shouldn't post. I don't know about being a coward, but you are certainly not helping and should be tuned out.

increase? call heston said...

given their track record, none of the elected officials deserve an increase - more like a decrease.

you must be special said...

Dear Cris Moriarty,

Paul, cowardly, post as anonymous
quite frequently. Should he be "tuned out"?

Anonymous Blogger

PS The program sounds like a bunch of wasteful garbage.

Chris Moriarty said...

you must be special..

Yes and thanks for proving my point so quickly, but i still do not know what conerns you have about the program.

Let's see if we can't turn this into something productive. Is it teaching kids critical lessons mostly ignored by our schools that gets you? Or is it more sinister than that?

the coward is thomas said...

thomas is the coward - where is the resume?
where are the answers to the tough questions?

special said...

Hate to break it to ya Cris but the school district spends 25k+ per pupil to ignore teaching critical lessons. This is the highest spending per pupil in the entire country.

I think I've already paid my fair share of school tax dollars so why should I pay more through town taxes to pick up the slack from short comings of GC?

Why don't you better spend your time at GC and demanding they fix their problem. instead, you BS on this blog trying to convince people that they should dig deeper into thier pockets, to re-educated the same 1/3 of the GC district students. Go up to GC and carry on there!
Or are you afraid to....

special said...

Pardon me. Correction: Chris.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner: Please confirm that the town has run criminal background checks and fingerprinting for every employee, volunteer and contracted service provider who interacts with children at the community center.

Anonymous said...

random drug checks are only for sanitation drivers no the men on the back

Anonymous said...

The "cowardly anonymous bloggers", as Feiner refers to them, should get a life. Tearing others down for the sake of tearing others down is not the kind of life the bible teaches us to live.

Raymond L. Thomas Jr. said...

Normally I would not answer comments posted by cowardly anonymous bloggers but tonight I think I'll give you something to ponder while you waste time and your lonely life sitting at your computer.
I was a licensed real estate salesperson and Sr. VP for BP Vance Real Estate located on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Call Broker and President Meredith Fine at 212-534-4444 if you wish to confirm. If that is still not enough for you visit and log onto resources and then newsletter and read some of the articles I authored. I was very successful and sold over $2 million in property during my brief stint as an agent and Sr. VP with BP Vance. If you are still not sold (no pun intended)I can't help you.
As for the the $300 phones and $1000 ipods they are strictly mockups. My programmers used them simply to test the new system we were installing. If you tried to buy one please do your homework first as there are many other sites that offer them at a much lower price.
Well anonymous I would love to spend more time with you but I do have a life and you better get back to watching that paint dry.

Chris Moriarty said...

Ok special..

Please do not lie and/or misrepresent anything involving me as in your last post.

Next time you post, take a deep breath and consider putting your name to your false accusations.

If you can't use your name you probably shouldn't be posting it. Thanks for the productive discussion.

thomas sounds like very bad news said...

Raymond Thomas's post again raises questions about his background and qualifications to be running an afterschool program. The fact that fingerprinting didn't show he had a criminal past doesn't mean he's qualified to work with children. It just means he's never been convicted of a crime.

Once again, Thomas fails to post a resume. So, those questions about his service in the Air Force, when he served, where he served, what rank he held, whether discharge was honorable, etc., remain unanswered. Likewise, he claims to have worked at Kodak and DEC, but again fails to state when, what positions he held, and how long he held them. Why is Thomas so reluctant to share this information? If he's legit, he would be proud to show off his credentials.

One thing that's clear is that Thomas has no college education. Usually that's a concern when hiring someone to run a program teaching children and supervising teachers. Why isn't it a concern here?

Thomas insists that he was once a successful licensed real estate broker, at least for a brief period of time. If so, how come there's no record in New York of his ever having been licensed. If Thomas could produce a resume, it would almost certainly show when he obtained the license he claims to have.

Thomas also hasn't answered the questions raised about why Xposure paid a Lanza official $21,000 for "consulting services" and why Xposure only spent $66,000 of the $400,000 it raised last year on children's programs.

Thomas's continued failure to answer these questions and come forward with verifiable information about his background makes the Town's deal with Xposure all the more suspect.

Thomas, however, doesn't seem to understand why these questions are being raised and his attempt to dismiss those raising these questions as "anonymous cowardly bloggers" is nothing more than an effort to blame others for Thomas's own shortcomings in failing to be candid with Greenburgh and its taxpayers. The fact that Feiner and Sonya Brown are vouching for the guy doesn't make up for his lack of candor. In fact, it only fuels suspicion that something very fishy is going on between the Town, Xposure, Thomas and the Lanza Foundation.

Nobody likes a wise guy, Mr. Thomas, and you are proving, with your arrogant posts, to be nothing more than that. If you can't even produce a resume, for goodness' sake, why on earth should anyone in Greenburgh give you the benefit of the doubt on anything?

Anonymous said...


Pass the tissues. If you’re gonna cry like a baby, because some people have opinions that are different from your own, then it’s time to close this blog down.

Hey Feiner, it’s not cowardly not to leave a name within the vindictive culture you have created for us in this town. Just ask Eddie May Barnes and Steve Bass. You have proven time and time again to be quite effective of squelching any dissent, challenge, or fair interchange between you an the public.


Answer this: Why was'nt the community informed about the change in the after school program, three weeks before the program was scheduled to begin? Who caused this break-down in communication? Was it the Council? Whitehead? Or Ray Thomas?


hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Thomas,

Either you are or aren't.

Now you want us to believe that you are/were a licensed real estate Salesperson -- even though you signed your "sold" listing as a broker.

Now you want us to believe that you were a Sr. Vice President of a real estate firm (likely the owner is your friend) while those passing the State real estate exam should be familiar that only brokers, not salesmen, can be officers of a real estate brokerage. Ms. Fine, no doubt, will supply the records of the vote to appoint Mr. Thomas as Sr. Vice President.

Now you want us to believe that such titles in a real estate firm mean anything when those in the industry know that they mean nothing more than to fool customers into thinking they are being handled by an experienced professional, which a brief career would seem to contradict.

Now you want us to believe that your brief, successful real estate career ("over $2 million sold") is true. In NYC brokerage terms, this means zip. In fact, one wonders why you left the field since you consider you were doing so well.

As for visiting the web site and reading Mr. Thomas' articles, clearly the house organ that he "contributed" to wasn't looking for knowledgeable writers but for graduates of an Xposure type program. While the writers are all owners of the Agency, its indpendent contractors or professionals seeking business. Interestingly enough, Mr. Thomas is credited as a Licensed Real Estate Broker and now we have Mr. Thomas telling us that he was a licensed real estate salesmen. To those unaware of the distinction, let me assure you that the requirements for a Broker vs those of a Salesman are much more stringent -- a Salesman can only work under a Broker. But unless Mr. Thomas wants to make trouble for Ms. Fine, (there are strict laws regarding who may collect a commission, who a Broker can pay a commission to, who may sell real estate and how they represent themselves to their clients), I strongly recommend that he post on the blog, the truth regarding his real estate career. If Ms Fine allowed a Salesman to represent himself as a Broker, I think she would not want to knowingly sustain any such misrepresentation.

Although I suspect that Mr. Thomas won't be celebrating the Jewish New Year, I'll extend him (and Ms. Fine) the courtesy (read last chance) and give him until Monday October 6 to correct the record. Absent that, I shall request the Department of State to look into the employment history and commissions paid for all transactions that involved Mr. Thomas.

And Mr. Thomas, how accurate and current is the website information?

And, maybe the Chief of Police might want to look beyond what he was limited to search for.

w'chester DA needs to investigate said...

Mr. Samis is right to be raising these questions about Mr. Thomas, as is Anon at 10:46 pm yesterday. However, Mr. Samis is wrong about this being a matter for the Chief of Police. This is instead a matter for the Westchester District Attorney.

According to the Scarsdale Inquirer, that contract signed by the Town with Xposure gives Mr. Thomas $150,000 for running an afterschool program with no specifics as to what exactly Mr. Thomas is supposed to do to earn that money.

Even more peculiar is the Town's agreement to pay Mr. Thomas a total of $35,600 over a period of 12 months, while giving him the balance of the $150,000 whenever it's requested. Sure looks like the $35,600 is taxable income and the rest (being paid to his foundation) he gets tax-free.

Sonya Brown told the public at last Wednesday's Town Board meeting that the Town of course has a resume from Mr. Thomas. She'd better be telling the truth about that. If she's got a resume, she should have it posted on the Town's website. If she doesn't, residents can always FOIL it. But there's enough unusual behavior concerning this Xposure business, that the Westchester District Attorney might as well subpoena the document, along with all other documents concerning the Town's dealings with Mr. Thomas and Xposure.

Anonymous said...

How about a term limit initiative on the next ballot? Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Name calling is disgusting. Attempting to destroy other people's lives is also disgraceful. Hurting children is wrong -when it is done for political purposes. Give Xposure a chance.

feiner to blame for xposure said...

If Xposure's director, apparently not even a college graduate, can't even produce a resume, the Town had no business putting him in charge of its after-school program. Under these circumstances, Xposure doesn't deserve a chance, and the Town Board's failure to vet this guy and this "program," which Thomas calls a "movement," is a disservice to the underprivileged children who participate in the town's after-school program. It also shows contempt for town taxpayers.

Feiner clearly acted impulsively in promoting this program, presumably to gain a few favorable headlines in the Journal News. He is the one who in pushing this program, is placing politics ahead of the welfare of underprivileged children in this town, and for that he (and Sonya Brown) deserve to be roundly condemned.

P. Leavy said...

Wow! Were to begin?

First I’d say that while I do not support vicious personal attacks, this is an open, public blog and this goes with the territory. While it appears that many negative comments have been expressed here about Xposure, I think the larger percentage of the remarks have merit, and there should be no reason for these concerns not to be addressed.

What really baffles me is how both Paul and Mr. Thomas have behaved here. While both have posted here to defend themselves against personal attacks, they stoop to the very same level as those they accuse and personally attack as well. Now, this being unfortunate, common, internet public forum practices, why haven’t these two supposed professionals been able to rise above it all and ignore the garbage but yet address the concerns? Anonymous or not, this is completely inappropriate behavior and is very telling, in my opinion.

Regarding the use of “anonymous”, I absolutely defend the use of it here and anywhere else on the internet, as I know of horrible harassment, among other dangerous things, that people have been subjected to because of speaking freely, adding their real name to a comment, and having a loony acquire all kinds of personal info to aid in the harassment! So, I’m signing my name here knowing that I’ll run the very same risk. Does this make my remarks more legitimate? I just googled a non-anonymous blogger here and found that bloggers entire resume, containing a whole lot of information that could be useful if I where a real loony, didn’t like what this blogger said and wanted to harass this person. IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY! “Anonymous” does not automatically mean invalid remark. Signing your name does not make remarks valid either. It is the remark itself that should be read and either ignored, pondered or addressed if one chooses to do so.

Xposure: There are several reasons why this is not a good idea and most have been expressed rationally, or not, here. Personally, I would rather see a replacement program, for the recently disbanded DARE program, put into place. This was the only town wide drug awareness program available to ALL of the children. Paul has told me that we can not afford it. He told me this before the commitment to Xposure. This bugs me.

Finally, the TOG is not in the education business. Period. I agree with other bloggers that we should not take up the slack from Greenburgh Central as they have all the money in the world available to them. If they can’t figure out how to properly educate the children, the effort to make changes belongs with the Board of ED and the tax payers. Town taxes should not be used to fund this dubious, unwelcome, Xposure program.

Patricia McGuire Leavy
AKA Anonymous when necessary and not ashamed or cowardly.

John Doe said...

There is so much bullshit on this blog, and so many nasty personal attacks, that it is hard to separate truth from slander.

I have an easy solution. I always believe Hal Samis because he has been proven correct time after time. It is an easy test, and if you follow it you can't go wrong.

I don't know Mt. Samis, but I do know that if the Supervisor and the Town Board listened to him we wouldn't have Taxter Ridge, the crazy library renovation, the cruel Westhab zoning change, the wasteful comprehensive plan, a police department that specialized in overtime-producing-pensions, and need I go on?

I see Greenburgh going along the same path as Washington Mutual and Lehman Brothers.

If I could make a short sale of Greenburgh I'd become a millionaire.

I'll stay anonymous because I don't want to have the ignoramuses coming after me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner: Please confirm that the town has run criminal background checks and fingerprinting for every employee, volunteer and contracted service provider who interacts with children at the community center.

Anonymous said...

Now Paul I believe this is a direct quote from your adopted 2008 budget:

Salaries of town employees are determined by contract (Teamsters, CSEA, PBA). Salaries for
management have been increased by 3% annually over the years. The Supervisor and TOWN
Board members have received the same increases management has received. In 2008 the 3%
increases for the Supervisor and Board members will be held in a separate account. The
independent citizens’ budget committee will determine, at the end of 2008, whether the
supervisor and Town Board members should receive all, part or none of the 3%. The decision will
be based upon criteria established by the Citizens’ budget committee.

At what point is it decided if elected officials get this raise. I would like to be their to be the first to vote for 0%

Anonymous said...

The finger printing and back ground check should be done on any employee of this town. This should also include random drug testing.
Paul why are you waiting on this?

Anonymous said...

random drug checks are only for DPW drivers only

Anonymous said...

Well that has to change. Every town employee should have a random drug test.
Anyone who has any dealings with the public and above all is on town payroll should have random testing.
Why just the drivers of the DPW?

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a driver and other employees.
Could it be because they drive an insured truck ?
Our children have dealings with many employees in one way or another so that means because they don't drive a truck they should not be tested.
Again I say every employee should be tested randomly for drugs.

Anonymous said...

its a federal law that all CDL drivers get random drug checks no other town workres

allin said...

many town employees that know they will not pass a random drug test will not get a cdl licenes

Anonymous said...

Random: This unannounced testing is based on a random selection of drivers. The selection must be made by a scientifically valid method and all drivers covered by this rule must have an equal chance of being tested. The names of drivers who are selected for testing must be kept confidential until such time that the carrier notifies the driver to take the test. Once the driver is notified, he/she must immediately proceed to the testing facility and undergo testing. Every driver’s name that is selected for testing must be returned to the selection pool so that all drivers have an equal chance of being selected at any time.
Random alcohol testing is also required by the DOT. However, random alcohol tests can only be administered just prior to a driver performing a safety-sensitive function, while performing a safety-sensitive function, or just after performing a safety-sensitive function.

Random controlled substances tests can be conducted at any time the driver is notified.

Anonymous said...


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s alcohol and drug testing rules apply to every person and to all employers of such persons who operate a commercial motor vehicle in commerce in any state, and is subject to: (1) the commercial driver’s license requirements of 49 CFR Part 383;

Anonymous said...

True, but also, anyone who interacts with children (schools, church groups, community centers, etc.) must have criminal background checks and fingerprinting done prior to employment (including volunteers and outside service providers). I sure do hope that the town is complying with this. Otherwise, the town is open for a huge lawsuit should there be even an accusation of something inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

After Feiner proposed his budget the Board and Feiner decided not to increase salaries for all the elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street: the Town Council did right for Greenburgh and chose a good guy for Commissioner of TDYCC!

allin said...

he was at the last town Town Board meeting

Anonymous said...

New commiss is very well respected. When will it be announced officially?

Anonymous said...

next Town Board meeting

town wrongs soon to be exposed said...

Will the Greenburgh Police Department's criminal investigation into the goings on at the community center be announced too? Will the missing moneys paid to felonious no-shows be accounted for? I didn't think so. Will Ray Thomas's resume be posted on the Town's website? Don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

Reading all of the posts above, I see that the "cowardly anonymous bloggers" were actually correct.

SO SAD. said...

Just came from taking to my sweet neighbor. She's selling, leaving. Been here for over 40 years. House paid for. Can't afford the TAXES!

Does Xposure cover this type of financial scenario?

Anonymous said...

Credit Winsome Gordon and George Gumina of the town's philanthropy office for obtaining a $167,500 grant from the Lanza Family Foundation to pay for Xposure. This is real money for a good program.

stop the coward said...

post the resume coward

Anonymous said...

September 29, 2008
5:15 PM


Comptroller's Office
Employment Opportunities Print this page Email this page

Page Navigation
Back To Comptroller's Office

Employee Benefits and Forms

11 Olympic Lane, Ardsley, N.Y. 10502
(914) 693-8985


SALARYRANGE: $37,566 - $61,242 plus benefits

EMPLOYMENT PERIOD: Year round, 35+ hours per week.
Includes specific weekend and evening work

Under the direction of the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, responsible for the administration and organization of recreational services, activities and programs for a major segment(s) of the Town’s total recreation program and do related work as required.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
· Plans, develops, implements and promotes a specialized activity phase of recreation on a community-wide basis.
· Administers a major segment/facility of the municipal recreation program.
· Administers a major segment/facility of the municipal recreation program.
· Plans, organizes, promotes and directs specific recreation activities and specific events.
· Assists in the administration and organization of the total comprehensive recreation program.
· Supervises trains and evaluates subordinate staff personnel.
· Supervise and assist with the maintenance of facilities and equipment.
· Prepares publicity/promotions for assigned portion of the program.
· Represents the Department at meetings with other community organizations.
· Prepares special reports for the Commissioner regarding needs and effectiveness of services in assigned area.
· Organizes the program of and directs a recreation center.
· Acts as Sports Official when needed.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES ANDATTRIBUTES: Good knowledge of the theory, principles, practices and objectives of public recreation; good knowledge of the purpose, use and benefit of sports, games, arts and crafts, dramatics, dancing, music and other activities in a municipal recreation program, familiarity with the methods and procedures involved in public agency administration and personnel practices, interviewing and employment procedures; familiarity with planning and equipping recreation facilities and areas; familiarity with community organizations; ability to plan, organize and promote recreation activities/programs; ability to assess resources and facilities realistically; ability to supervise subordinate professional and non-professional personnel; ability to lay out and plan the work of others; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; ability to exercise professional judgment in problem solving and evaluation; ability to work with others and guide subordinate personnel; creativity; reliability; physical condition commensurate with the duties of the position.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Central Ave starting from Yonkers is getting cleaned up.
Now the rest is up to OUR DPW to clean up the side properties .

Anonymous said...

Looking in on the work session of yesterday Paul you know and we know that putting Regular in charge of the library was wrong from the beginning .
You were told over and over again that this man does not walk on water.
By the way the way you tried to quiet the Comptrollers was disrespectful.
Kolesar did bring out some good points which you let them pass by.
Stop the coverup. You made the mistake in choosing Regula as the manager so now YOU have to answer to the residents.
Any dummy can see that there is something wrong with what has happened with this construction.
Why is it that you now are for all that is being done .
Have you too joined this team of misrepresentation of the ungoing false statements made by Regula right along.
Everything is going great,everything is on time and the monies are enough to finish the library BULL Shit.
Now you're asking for amendments to the original budgets because the money has run out.
How many favors did someone receive with this project??
Daddy needs a new pair of shoes .
Daddy needs na new pair of wheels.
Again money talks and bull shit walks.
You may thing that this stuff can be kept hush hush but I tell you think again.
You were told of the goings on but did nothing .
You too are accountable for the monies.
Paul you owe the comptroller an apology.
Why is it when one speaks the truth especially if it's someone that you believe is honest you turn a deaf ear.
Could it be that you are under the impression that everyone in your administration is honest.
Wait the best is yet to come.
Start running the town as it should be and not a circus .
Each and every meeting is getting worse and worse.
But again I itterate that Regula does not walk on water.
Shalom and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Well Paul I guess you finally realized how bad the decisions that you have made have come back to haunt you.
You don't want any finger pointing well it's a little too late .
We have to start pointing fingers because if we don't the dishonest people will continually be employed in this town.
You too will be history when you run again for the seat as supervisor.
You thought that your rear end was glued to the seat for life.
Maybe if you managed this town somewhat better it may have been possible But things have got to change to make things better.

Anonymous said...

To 9/30 11:56 AM,

There is a gospel hymn that sums ups what you posted. Without a soundtrack this may not come across but here goes:

Aaaaaaaa amen,

Aaaaaaaa amen,

Amen, amen, amen. !!!!

Anonymous said...


1992: There should be term limits.
2008: Except for me of course.
1992: Criticizes Tony Veteran for the use of cars for town employees.
2008: The Greenburgh fleet has expanded to 22 vehicles, all of which go home at night.
1992: I promise to follow up, and actually did at that time.
2008: Could someone explain to me what follow-up means?
1992: Kept his word.
2008: Put it this way, if you put a poly-graph near him, it would never shut down.
1992: Let’s have citizen committees for many different aspects that improve life in Greenburgh.
2008: What’s a committee?
1992: You could call him at home.
2008: Please deposit 75 cents for the first minute.
1992: If this blog existed, it would be full of praise, support, and promise for a bright future.
2008: 90% of the postings here are complaints because of inconsistent following of the rules, favoritism, citizens not being treated fairly, staff morale non-existent, and Paul’s reputation has denigrated to your stereo-typical negative politician. Anything to get reelected, anything to avoid confrontation, and talking on both sides of his mouth. Many of us who live in the town don’t really want to talk to you Paul, because we have no faith in your word which is meaningless.


Anonymous said...

Close the Community Center -
you have got to be kidding!!

The place is a gold mine - Run it like a business and it will make money. Keep a human service division - but it can make money if properly managed!!! The people of Greenburgh deserve nothing less.
It's the real estate Paul-ites want.

Anonymous said...

How about the community that it serves stepping up and giving something back like VOLENTEERING so that we don't have to pay (or have stolen) some salaries.

It's a take, take all of the time. Give back something folks!

town has no resume on thomas said...

It's official. The Town of Greenburgh did not receive a resume from Raymond Thomas before entering into a contract that will pay him more than $335,000 to run the Town's "after school" program. This also means that Sonya Brown lied at the last town board meeting when she stated publicly that the town of course received a resume from Mr. Thomas.

What does it mean for the Town to hire Mr. Thomas without a resume? It means that the Town has hired someone without a college degree to hire and train teachers. It means that the Town has accepted Mr. Thomas's representation that he served in the Air Force, even though it doesn't know when he served, what rank he held, and whether he was discharged honorably (assuming he served at all).

It means that the Town has no way of knowing if Mr. Thomas ever worked at Kodak or DEC, as he said.

It's not clear whether Paul Feiner or Sonja Brown was responsible for hiring Mr. Thomas. But given the criminal investigation already underway at the Community Center regarding the improper payment of funds by the acting director -- whose appointment both Feiner and Brown engineered earlier this year and strongly backed -- it seems this latest Xposure scandal is just another part of the town's waste and mismanagement.

The real victims here are the children who participate in the after-school program. Thanks to Feiner and Brown, they are the ones really getting the shaft.