Thursday, September 18, 2008

September: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!


sell taxter said...

sell taxter ridge.
it was a huge mistake.
we cannot afford it.

news? said...

any news on

a) dromore
b) bernstein appeal
c) fortress bible lawsuit
d) cost to complete the library

Anonymous said...

What about the money due the taxpayers for the private Greenburgh police protection by the Housing Authority.
Have you forgotten.?????

Anonymous said...

You know very well that we cannot afford to have barren land like Taxter ridge.
Either you try to sell our share or start turing it into parkland.
Why not make another recreational park like RYE BEACH.
It would bring in revenue and create plenty of jobs.
Then again see if it could be developed into a large housing complex. Hey what about affordable housing.
Most of Westchesters old folk could be taken care of.
You cannot leave this land just for the animals,when you keep pushing housing.
Talk it over with the county and state ,maybe they will join in to help the old folk and those in need of affordable housing.
You have nothing to loose but much more to gain in helping people..

Anonymous said...

Yes Paul we need revenue to help with lowering our taxes .Good idea ,
Suggest to your partners the state and county some good solid ideas as to what to do with this park that is not a park.
Taxter ridge is a total loss to all .
The tax payers are shelling out money for something parkland that does not exist.
It's a forest in plain english not a park.

open gov't a crock in gburgh said...

What about the town's renewal of the cablevision contract? Wasn't it supposed to be posted online for us to look at? Why doesn't that done? Isn't the hearing next Wednesday? Do you no longer care what residents have to say?

And what about the Kolesar memo predicting a 22% tax increase if spending rises by only 5%? Wasn't that supposed to be posted online as well? Why wasn't it? Shouldn't residents be allowed to see what the town comptroller is predicting? Maybe his assumptions are wrong. Why won't you let residents see for themselves?

And what about the news that the town undercharged taxpayers by $2.4 million on their school taxes? Why hasn't the town disclosed what happened and why? I heard something at the last town board meeting about the tax assessor not being aware of STAR benefits being reduced by 10% or something like that, but when I checked with my state representatives, they said that you, Mr. Feiner, didn't know what you were talking about? Would you care to enlighten us on this latest town screwup and how it's gonna be fixed?

And how bout all those stores on East Hartsdale Avenue suing the town? Why won't you tell us what they're suing for and why? Why not post their complaints online so that we, the taxpayers, can see what this is all about?

More and more, it's difficult to see how anyone in town government can say with a straight face that there's open government here. What are you folks so afraid of? That we might learn the truth?

subprime said...

wondering what subprime is?
think juettner.

sheehanigans said...

and what about the farce that is the $400,000 comprehensive plan (dis) courtesy of francis sheehanigans?

francis is also behind the ramp to nowhere at the library to the tune of $175,000

francis sat through all the fulton park hearings and never said a word about how the town has no plan for affordable housing.

hey francis - doubtful the fed will bail out greenburgh as it teeters toward bankruptcy.

rangel must go said...

obama should call for rangel to resign.

Anonymous said...

Hey what is going on at the Community Center.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Political (favor) appointments at TDYCC are coming back to haunt the Town Board. It should be interesting to see what happens. More fiscal waste. Please let us know how much this crisis is going to raise our taxes.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that is going on with the community center is that a private swim team (Silver Streaks) who isn't paying their fair share (unlike the FAST swim team who is paying their fair share) is now taking swim time away from the taxpayers of Greenburgh. Lap swimming is now only a 1/2 hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of this swim team. I still don't understand why this is allowed to occur. From what I understand, Silver Streaks hasn't even paid for their pool time yet.

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why a private team is allowed to use the pool meant for use for the residents of Greenburgh?????

Anonymous said...

Silver Streaks is a village-based team. Feiner, Morgan and Brown ran on a "villages first" platform. The villages don't pay for anything at the community center, including the pool. Silver Streaks therefore get priority treatment. Can you imagine anything more dysfunctional than that?

hal samis said...

Think of this as a useful Page Six.

Kevin Morgan, Councilman, said he abstained from the vote on closing the WESTHAB hearing because he had questions to ask. What was to prevent him from asking these questions at the hearings? He certainly had the right to call upon Town employees and the Applicant and ask them to explain what was confounding him. Let's hope he got his answers because the public will want an explanation after witnessing his vote on the matter itself. Certainly those questions and answers to his questions should appear as written comment in the public record of the hearing.

Sonja Brown, Councilwoman, feels disrespected because Triton, the Construction Manager, did not submit the library change orders before the work was done -- as per her request. $160,000 of change orders that aren't identified or approved before the work was done. What are you going to do about it Sonja?

Francis Sheehan, Councilman, having gotten extensive face-time before residents from heading up the comprehensive plan committee and speaking at the neighborhood sessions, now finds no problem in selling out the plan and its other backers when faced with the higher calling of sucking up to the Town Supervisor re WESTHAB driven zoning changes. Look for him at future meetings of the Council of Greenburgh Civic Association where he will confront the Fulton Park civic association by lecturing them and hurling epithets at two feet.

Mike Kolesar, Town Comptroller, can't understand why he can't get from Triton, the Libary Construction Manager, the cost to complete with two to three weeks of construction remaining. This has been requested by him since August. He already understands that Al Regula never took the course on exercising oversight.

The public wonders why the vote of the after school meeting is being held on Tuesday afternoon when few can attend the work session.
The Public wonders why the Town is only now about to release the Hartsdale Flood study -- paid for by the public.

The public wonders how much public comment will be allowed at the hearings for the 2009 Town Budget.

The public wonders whether items like after school programs and online street mapping could be postponed to "fatter" years and whether potholes could be repaired the old-fashioned way -- when they are reported. However since these are really "leaner" times, only the items that the Town Board wants and not what taxpayers want will be considered. Thus we will know where the potholes are but we will be unable to fix them due to budgetary restraints.

Hal Samis wonders why the guard rail in the lower parking area at the Library is placed along the sidewalk on the side opposite the parking space. Thus if the car goes out of control and jumps the curb, it will hit pedestrians (perhaps with strollers) before it gets stopped by the guard rail.

The public continues to wonder why the Town can afford new programs and the like when it will be necessary to fire employees to effect to reduce another 22% tax increase. Using what's left of the fund balance would be in contravention of their new fund balance policy while leaving the Town bereft of walking around money or anything already put aside for an expanded court/police building.

Diana Juettner, Councilwoman, wonders if she wasted her money enrolling in public speaking courses.

Cat owners in Greenburgh are asking the Supervisor what he will do for them. It seems that they heard that Greenburgh was going to the dogs.

The public wonders what benefits they have realized from the really, tough contract with Verizon and how having competition has brought Cablevision to their knees at the bargaining table. I wouldn't be bringing this up but for Mr. Sheehan's tiresome speeches on what a great job he did for residents.

The public wants to congratulate Richard Brodsky for his support of the Police unions and how more Greenburgh Police earn then their NYC counterparts. Get out there and reach for those union votes, Richard.

The public wants Judith Beville, the Town Clerk, to concentrate on the word, clerk, in her job description. Her praise for the Supervisor and her debates with the public at Town Board meetings
are not needed and she should recognize that she was not elected for her views on Town business outside her Department. Seen but not heard would be a good rule of thumb. That alone might find her more time to produce the Town Board meeting minutes. And when she complete this, perhaps she might take over the job or getting the Resolutions posted on the Town website; we are tired of Mr. Sheehan thanking himself for doing what really is the responsibility of the Town Clerk's office.

What "couple" are turning heads at Town Hall and perhaps their off campus commitments are the reason they are spending miniscule amounts of time at their Town Hall departments? Of course this is not affecting their work or causing any mistakes made hastily or the Town Board would surely have something to say. And, advice to lonely hearts, find yourself a new driving buddy for class trips would be the "butch" thing to do; don't be so quick to reject this advice or say "nah nah" to the idea.

Which Town official holding high office, who maintains his youthful appearance, does so with the help of a hair piece?

Which Town department handling legal matters does so with, perhaps only one or two skilled attorneys, and farms out the real work to outside counsel? For that, residents are grateful.

What very expensive book still in production makes even Baumann's rare book pricelist look like bargin bin? Hint: this book was supposed to be paid for by revenues from the tennis bubble contract. What very expensive book was supposed to appear on the publisher's spring list but was postponed by order of the book's patron until the fall list?

Nit pickers, gadflies and wags alike are wondering what exactly the Town Board learned from all their wandering in Greenburgh over the summer. Such day trips replaced the the Town Board meeting where those with comments used to be able to make them in view of the public and the Town Board would either respond or not in view of the public.
I'm sure that this year's Town Budget will reflect all this new wisdom.

What former Town Councilman, fresh from his online tour of Darfur, was seen chatting and nominating away at Tuesday night's Democratic Party Reorganization meeting. And who is the emerging "king maker"?
Does anyone else besides Page Six question the fairness of allowing elected officials to remain as District leaders?

What heavily promoted after school program funded by grant, town funds and parents of the enrolled is costing just over $3600 per child (assuming 100 kids participate) and what criteria will be used in judging how successful the program was. Surely there are stated objectives and a means to determine whether these objectives were met -- before a second helping is dished out.

And, who owns the hardware and equipment purchased from the funds supplied by the Lanza Foundation, the Town and the parents? I would expect that these materials are owned proportionate to the parties investment.

This may give readers a few tits for tat or points to launch some dialogue.

I certainly hope so.

Anonymous said...

Very good Hal. You sure do your homework. Do you wonder like me who is paying for the three DPW men to rebuild a wall in the back of the new Library and the four men that are cutting the grass every week. Is this in the 19.8 project or is it extra expenses? Can't wait to see the Library budget for next year.

Anonymous said...

Hal you have brought out many good points.
About the two department heads that are holding hands is the talk of the town.
How can they do their jobs ?
One already made a mistake and it was so noted at town meeting .
You did forget the money owed to the taxpayers by the Housing Authority.
There has been silence on this subject.
On the library yes many questions have gone unanswered because there was a very good coverup by Regula.
I wonder what he got from this deal.

Anonymous said...

Samis does it again. But will the Town Board pay attention? Nahhhh.

forget page 6 - think chap 7 said...

hal - did juettner fail that public speaking course?

and dont we need our own SEC to ban sheehanigans?

as for kevin "not jp" morgan, i really think he has abstained from being a councilmember during his entire tenure.

so his "vote" is nothing really new.

he is up for re-election in 2011.

by then, the fed will probably have taken over greenburgh anyway.

hal samis said...

Using his own words, Mr. Raymond L. Thomas Jr., Broker and great "social entrepreneur" who allows that "in this great capitalist country of ours" there is a place for him and his band of followers.

What, there is of record, is no registration for him with the Department of State as a licensed real estate salesman, licensed associate real estate broker or licensed real estate broker.

Would Mr. Feiner please check this out before he hands over the Town's $167,000 check on Tuesday following the hyperactive Town Board vote.

Anonymous said...

It seems unethical, at best, to pay $167,000 for an optional program when there are many basic municipal responsibilities not being done.

trick post? said...

What is this "miscellaneous" topic? Is this a trick post? Isn't this entire blog a forum for posting topics we think are important and wish to discuss?
Will this new"miscellaneous" topic magically give more validity to our comments and concerns? Do it mean someone will address us?
What is this? Redundant?

Paul, please read your blog. Here lies all of our concerns.

allin said...

big problems at TDYCC documents taken heads will roll more to follow

do tell 5;37 said...

what doc & which heads?

Anonymous said...

There are no heads there.

Anonymous said...

There are no heads there.

Anonymous said...

After this there won't be any?
goes to show you how our tax dollars go to this center without accountability.
Just to think how many became fat cats with our money.
We all know that the supervisor will do nothing to remedy the situation which has existed for many years.
This time he has to do something because all the wrong doings will be out in the open in a few weeks.
Do you want to wait that long PAUL.
You had better make the public know as to what was going on and reported to you many times.

Anonymous said...

Paul you can't have any hankey pankey going on between department heads.
One or maybe both should go.
You know that both of them cannot do the job that they were hired for.
Boy this guy never learns.
It must be a sickness to be going with another department head.
Paul be a boss and get rid of both
of them.
It is bad business to have this going on where the public is paying their salary.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what you are talking about, but I see another lawsuit coming.

Anonymous said...

Paul = you rammed Whitehead at TDYCC down the taxpayersthroat- now the police are investigating her - YEP - theft of services - paying our tax money at $40.00an Wow - what an asssssssssssss
It's time to IMPEACH and recall you!

allin said...

police remove documents from TDYCC part time workers not there all better run for cover VW

allin said...

Sonja Brown did you know about the
no show jobs at the center or were they friends + family ???

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul we are all starting to think that this blog is a crock, you never reply.I guess you think by posting this we will all vent and you will never respond.

Anonymous said...

Hey whats going on at the community center. Sonja Brown forced Paul to employee Valerie Whitehead as acting comissioner.Paul then appointed a few political paybacks. Even after being over budgeted at the community center. Sonja and Paul froze hiring in every department and found room at the community center for convicted felons to work with our children. Hey Paul if you can find room for felons... Could you find room in your heart to hire more police at the community center to keep an eye on the felons who dont show up for work. So we dont have a double digit tax increase. If your afraid to confront coruption resign....

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, is it true with everything going on at the community center your still going to grant an interview with Valerie Whitehead for the Commissioner of the Community Center. Opps we forgot Sonja Brown is pulling the strings regarding the community center..She will tell you what to do

sheehanigans vs. feiner said...

when feiner was caught not feeding the parking meter, he responded on this blog.

thats better than sheehan who fibbed about the need for a $400,000 comprehensive plan and a $175,000 ramp to nowhere.

we cannot afford sheehanigans.

Feiner go home! said...

The heart of many of the Town's problems:
no contract with CSEA,
no contract with Cablevision,
no comprehensive plan,
spot zoning requests,
certiorari after certiorari,
a expensive and unusable park at Taxter Ridge,
out of control costs at the library,
potholes and broken streetlights,
corruption at TDYCC,
a "short" Town garage,
miscalculated school tax bills,
the Fortress Bible church fiasco,
All have a single root cause - lack of competent management.
Hal says "just 3 votes" and he has a point - but Feiner has had his 3 votes since January and NOTHING has been fixed! Instead, to hide the fact that things have GOTTEN WORSE the Town has shortened and frequently eliminated time for public comment.
He is supposed to be the leader! He is the one the rest of the Board turns to because his job is to MANAGE. He doesn't like managing, he isn't good at managing, and he isn't good at choosing sub-managers because he believes everything must revolve around loyalty.
Time for a new Town Charter and an independent, non-partisan full-time professional manager. Let Feiner stay on as ombudsman and cheerleader - on a part-time basis with a part-time salary.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul:

Even though it is most likely that you will either delete or ignore this posting, these are questions that you need ask yourself, and others should be asking you, which are beyond the political realm and more importantly about your charachter.

No doubt as you are aware Temporary Commissioner, Ms. Whitehead, will either have a choice of resigning or being transferred to another department. You and the Council will have no choice but to do this when it becomes clear that her nephew, amongst other people, received compensation for over 100 hours per pay period during the time the Community Center was closed to the public. Further, the facts will show that these people were not even in the Community Center at the time which they were supposed to have reported to work. The Greenburgh Police have started an investigation on Wednesday September 17th on this matter. They have confiscated records and video tape. Ms. Whitehead authorized all of these staff and all these hours.

Last January, Paul, you made the decision to place Ms. Whitehead in a position for which she did not have the personality, temperament, education, or experience. Though what she brought to the table was right up your alley - a burning desire to be in charge and a willingness to say yes to whatever you want. You see, education, experience, and accomplishment, mean nothing in your administration. So Paul, you placed this poor unfortunate women in a position where she would absolutely fail. It was a cruel heartless maneuver on your part. You're inciteful enough to know what's occurred at the Community Center was bound to happen. So with this in mind, should the focus really be about Ms. Whitehead's wrong doings? Or about yours, for putting her in this seat? No one else was considered. No one else was interviewed. Many people told you this was not going to work. But you were determined and knew it all. The point of this post is: Do you have the charachter, fortitude, and integrity, to admit that you made a mistake? Or as many would say are you going to cover this up, explain it away, shrug your shoulders, and say "I never thought this would happen"?

Paul, did you ever stop to think about the consequences of placing Ms. Whitehead in this position? She is a very troubled woman with many issues which prevent her from doing the job. Furthermore, she has instituted an environment at the center where morale couldn't be any lower. If Ms. Whitehead was to harm herself, would you feel any responsibility? Would your conscience allow you to sleep at night? There is still time to fix this Paul. So again, prove myself and many others wrong. I challenge you by responding to this posting.

Anonymous said...

The problems that the TDYCC pose are easily remedied.

Close the place down!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would the Town allow a transfer to a commissioner who allowed relatives no-show jobs? This should be referred to the DA.

Anonymous said...

You have a gigantic set to even think of spending one more thin dime of our money on anything related to the TDYCC. We are robbed by you and then robbed by the Fairview community. You juts freely give our money over to them!

I hope when all is said & done, you come out smelling like the poop that you are because that's what you deserve for using our money to make a name for yourself as Mr. Humanity.

allin said...

some part-time workers got their jobs after having sex with guest who

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lordie! Would one of these part-timers be interviewing for the xposure job? Since there was no job requirement other than wanting the job............

Anonymous said...

Its outrageous that the Xposure arrangement subverts civil service rules.

Anonymous said...

I like Paul. I think he does good work. Services are excellent. He always gets back to me and others when we complain. Greenburgh is known for innovation.
Paul is not afraid to change when change is warranted.

Anonymous said...

Paul gets back to me too. He tells that he's going to get so&so involved, get it fixed, get me an answer. He forwards emails, make calls then nada!

It's his shtick. The old people fall for it. They think he's cute. The rest of us realized very quickly what a bunch of hooey it all is.

I'm happy you feel so attended to.

Anonymous said...


9/20/2008 1:25 PM


9/20/2008 1:56 PM

Anonymous said...

The TDYCC Community Center is a viable entity. Paul is trying to destroy it.

Over fifteen different cultures use the facility for various programs; a yiddish club, a koren club, a bridge club, senior citizens, a community swim team that contributes over $30,000 verse the Silver Streaks which is not a village team nor are the swimmers town residents and they pay less than $5,000 a year to rent the facility-better check to see if they have paid; yet her swimmers pay $1,800 ea X 50 swimmers.(common knowledge)
A resident cannot rent the facility for $60.00 an hour-residents pay $115.00 per hour. WHY IS THE TOWN SUBSIDIZING A NON TOWN TEAM.-Oops check with Feiner - he got his hands is all the shiiiiiiiiiit at the Center.
Whitehead appointment is bitting him in the butt- I agree with the previous writer(letter well written by the way)it's a disgrace- Paul's politricks is making a mockery of the town.

Anonymous said...

9:03pm ... You must live in a gated community because services are not excellent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 9:03 pm lives in Boulder Ridge, that gated community of $1 million condos, and is none other than Paul himself. Who does he think he fools with this BS? Hey Paul, ya left out the part about the bond rating, oh yeah, heard it's about to drop.

Anonymous said...

"Paul is not afraid to change when change is warranted."

Well, he needs to change his understanding of what a supervisor is supposed to do ... primarily to supervise town operations.

Anonymous said...

Post the facts regarding the arrest of the individual found with drugs, driving Ms. Brown's car. Get it over with already. It's public information, strangely withheld from public consumption, and should be addressed and explained.

If it's not here in the next day, I'm calling Greenburgh PD and getting the info myself.

Anonymous said...

I think in hard times that we are having now everybody should do their part. For instance maybe the Park Superintendent can leave his work truck were it belongs at work. Instead of putting 20k + miles on it a year. Or maybe better yet Paul Feiner should go speak with blue collar town employees so they can show were a lot of waist is coming from.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain what actually happened at the community center this week?

allin said...

you will read about it in the paper unless there is a coverup

Anonymous said...

Just think of how much of our money was put into this place for refurbishing and nothing was done.
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that our money is gone but who took it.
This supervisor keeps pouring money into this center as if it were going out of style.
\How about putting your own money into this place and watch others take it from under your nose.
Stop the coverups with these failing institutions in Fairview.
Are you so desperate that you count the votes coming from Fairview to win an election.
Are you buying their votes ?
We had enough and we will like to know what has taken place with the on going investigation.
We as taxpayers have the right to know what the hell is going on and where has the money gone for the center and daycare center.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

What is so hard to understand -- Paul appeals to the villages and to Fairview. Fairview gets whatever they want with no accountability and the villages pay nothing.

Anonymous said...


There is a vast disparity in the standard used between the Multipurpose Center and the TDY Center. Let's not forget that 1.3 million dollars was spent on a brand new center, when the town already had a center which had just been newly expanded in Fairview. The Multipurpose Center has many problems: Six years after it is built, there is still no public transportation available. Has there been an increase there in programs at the Multipurpose Center since it left the basement of the Red Lobster? Has there been an increase in attendance since it left Red Lobster's basement? No. It is run very much like a private club. It's audience quite select and well to do. Was this a cost effective move? No. Approximately fifty people use the Multipurpose Center. Divide this by the cost of the building: 1.3 million dollars. The cost per person? 26,000 dollars. All this going on when there was more than enough room at the TDY center. Racism sure costs!! Doesn't it?

It's time to start a discussion about renting out the Multipurpose Center and sending the few programs housed there over to the TDY Center.


Bringing Taxes Down in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

With the police taking up so much space at TDYCC how will you be able to accomodate the new classes.

Anonymous said...

There are two different Sonya Brown's -- one has had problems. The other is a councilwoman. At one time Sonya (the non councilwoman) lived very close to Sonya the councilwoman.

Anonymous said...








answer said...

it left town when we elected sheehanigans.

tax, spend and regulate - mr sheehan's abiding principles.

2009 folks - dont forget. sheehan may run for another 4 years.

he must be stopped.

Anonymous said...


To Supervisor Feiner and the Members of the Town Council:

As there is an official police investigation currently underway regarding Ms. Whitehead, why are my tax dollars subsidizing her salary? As she is alleged to have hired "No-Show" jobs, including her nephew (who is a convicted felon), why is she allowed to remain in that position?

At the very least shouldn't Ms. Whitehead be placed on Administrative Absence until the completion of the investigation?

Does it serve the public interest of tax payers to have her continue in a job like nothing happened? What example does this set for our young people and honest employees who are working their 9-5 jobs everyday? It's apparent that she had much to hide, because when the police entered the building, she ran out and didn't show up until five days later. These actions do not point to innocence. I feel sorry for all the employees of that center who work every day, who are dedicated, and wouldn't dream of being paid for more than one minute for which they worked. She has brought embarrassment and shame to that center. A cover up, or lack of response by Supervisor Feiner is unacceptable. The people of Greenburgh deserve an explanation about the current goings on at the center.

Is our Town Comptroller asleep at his desk while all this is happening?

hal samis said...

I just sent this to the Town Board
It concerns what has been described as an after school program. Some of us know it by another name.

"There has been considerable citizen concern regarding the Resolution that the Town Board has scheduled itself to vote on at a Special Town Board meeting to be held Tuesday afternoon (tomorrow). Perhaps the very knowledge that the matter is controversial is the reason that it is being voted upon when few of the public can attend.

This matter has not been put before the public for comment.

Were this to be voted upon in October when the only Town Board meeting is to be held at the end of the month, perhaps one could rationalize some scenario for the rush and the need to vote without allowing public comment in public.

However, this is not the case because there is a regularly scheduled meeting of the Town Board being held the following day, Wednesday.

Since the true cost of this program is not just the Town's $167,000+ or including the Lanza's $167,000+, and that given that the program is likely to be renewed on the grounds next year because a one year is not a fair trial period, I would point out that this Resolution is being strong-armed to passage without even a contract for the public to view and comment upon. What is the reason for the rush?

The Town's past experience with contracts is far from exemplary and good government would acknowledge that much is to be gained from allowing the public to participate, especially when signing binding instruments. By voting in favor of the Resolution, the Town Board, if the statement from Mr. Sheehan is accurate, is voting themselves the authority to sign a contract with yet undefined terms. I don't mean that they are voting to sign a blank piece of paper but that the Resolution augers that they intend to approve a contract. This foreknowledge certainly does not improve the Town's bargaining position should it desire to negotiate contract terms. And, at the same time, there are rumors that the Town will seek to submit payment for this program, even before a contract is in place.

Perhaps Mr. Sheehan would like to elaborate on whether a contract exists. Given that the Town Board is treating the proposed contract with Cablevision more reasonably, one wonders what the difference between the two contracts is?

Furthermore, the Town has not yet presented any criteria or objectives under which the program will be judged as being desirable or necessary while not providing any standards by which to measure its success or failure. In short, it is typical of the rush to beat the press release and collect another first, whatever the cost, either in terms of practicality or dollars.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if the Town Board would actually stop, listen, what's that sound and recognize that the bell is tolling. Perhaps Mr. Feiner will continue to survive the ballot for want of an opponent; however, those Council incumbents running for office should be prepared to pay the piper for their own and Mr. Feiner's sins. Mr. Bass and Ms. Barnes, as memory serves, thought that they were invincible too.

Just three votes can turn the Town around."

With a 2009 budget crisis looming that the Town Board does not want to acknowledge until the " very last minute", it such expenditures like this $167,000 that should be put on hold until the "very last minute" when the residents will have an official response as to what the next year's tax increase will be.

Remember that "double" digit increases like 22% last year and 22% next year means that the two year increase is really almost 49% after two years(compunding) and with two more similar years, taxes will have DOUBLED from the level in 2007

Being aware of this would auger that a fiscally responsible Town Board would apply the brakes now; if the $167,000 already exists in the 2007 budget and it is just ripe to be spent, then let it remain unspent and applied instead against 2009 needs. Spending the taxpayers dollars just to buy votes is going to be a very costly mistake come November 2009.

Given the uncertainty in the stock market, I would vouchsafe that eight year olds would not face ruined lives without learning how to speculate in the stock market in the next years.

And perhaps, the Town Attorney would care to review the provision of the Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UGMA) before allowing a "pool" of funds.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...





draft samis said...

when taxes double in four years - thats sheehanigans.

from the library's ramp to nowhere to the phony comprehensive plan to the xposure scam, sheehan is ready to spend, tax and regulate.

how ironic that samis who doesnt pay taxes cares more about them than francis laptop (or is it moptop?)

Anonymous said...

Dear "Draft Samis" -
Sheehan is not solely responsible for the current crisis. The only full-time member of the Town Board is also the longest-serving: Paul Feiner. How is it that he can be serving his 8th term and not have seen this coming?
How can the Town have failed to grow its ratables during his tenure?
Even if someone else had direct responsibility, isn't Mr. Feiner's elected office that of SUPERVISOR?
Where was the supervision (or even the prudent vision) which would have allowed us to avoid the mess?
Feiner must resign in favor of a professional Town Manager - immediately!

Anonymous said...

The problems at the center will not go away because the supervisor does not want to rock the boat in this black neighborhood.
He cannot handle these problems head on.
Guess what he's afraid.
That the reason that Fairview gets all the benefits of our tax dollars.
You cannot blame the entire board for all of the goings on.
The supervisor does not know how to make things better so what happens he allows them to worsen.
Stand up Feiner you have used our tax dollars for this area for too long.
The money going to salaries for those with no show jobs---
The money going for private Greenburgh police protection-----
the xposure program-----
The day care center which is a freebee to those in Fairview alone
The center which has not brought in revenue to cover not one expense.
Then you have the nerve to say that you run a good town.
No you run an area and that is it.

hal samis said...

Now, I do appreciate Mr. Feiner's
honesty and his acknowledgment of a potentially embarrassing situation by his reply to my email yesterday. However, his explanation, while seeming to say that no Town money is yet involved, still conveys that the program has been accepted by the Town Board, even before their vote.
If the Lanza money is a matching grant, then it would seem to require that the Town would have to pony up its share -- an obligation without a vote.

There would be no problem had no costs already been incurred and that, itself, requires a further explanation.

Here is Mr. Feiner's reply:

"The Town Board is committed to this program. We are authorizing payment for services already incurred. The payments will come from the $167,000 donation that was received from the Lanza foundation. PAUL"

Anonymous said...

Feiner the only commitment that you have to the entire unincorporated area is to lower our taxes.
The rest is BS.
You are stealing from us to give to Farview.
WHY may I ask??

mccain is the answer said...

if only those who owned property could vote, the sheehanigans would stop.

vote mccain.

Anonymous said...

Why not shift James Robinson over from Recreation so he can clean up the act over at the tdycc. From my understanding he used to be employed their before the prior commissioners were asked to leave. Also a man on the ethics board would make sure everything is the way it should be.

Seems like a no brainer no need for 3 commissioners at Parks & Recreation




Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner: is there anything you can do about prohibiting the feeding of those pigeons at the Pathmark parking lot on Central Ave? They are like rats with wings and it is risky business trying to get out of my car and into the store! People sit out there with a full loaf of bread to toss at these birds - wouldn't it be put to better use by donating that bread to a food pantry? Please do what you can to rid the area of these pesky pigeons. I will then be happy to resume shopping there.

Anonymous said...

Pathmark is disgusting! I've written to corporate about the Hartsdale location in the past. I received a nice letter telling me that they would look into it.
That was 3 years ago. The place is horrible! Pigeons, dirty bottle return area and low lifes hanging out. Terrible!

hal samis said...

Pathmark is now owned by A&P.

And the pigeons thrive because shoppers feed them; perhaps they were raised by Mary Poppins.

However, this complaint will, no doubt, receive top priority at Town Hall; perhaps even an email to Al Regula.

Anonymous said...

Regula can't even take care of his won job how will he take on this other chore.
By the way we were being lied to about the library.
It will not be opened on time as Regula stated. We may be looking at early next year if they receive the monies needed to complete the project.
So Regula lied again.
Has he ever told the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hal ,I must say you are one hundred percent right about the library.
How could a person in charge Regula keep lying to the public that everything was A OK.
Not only has he screwed up in his own department but he has screwed up in telling the public that everything was on target and the opening will be in October. BUT he never mentioned which year.
Paul why do you keep such an incompitent man number one as commissioner and second put him in charge of the library.
You must have many loose screws in your head or maybe you perfer people giveing residents snow jobs .
You are just as bad as he is .
Now tell us how much more money will it cost the taxpayers??
How much has Regula made on the side????
You know this is his method of operation.
You are pigheaded since you are afraid to ask his men of past deals.
Boy will you be surprised.

Anonymous said...


watch out feiner said...

watch out town board and other interested parties - bernstein is still listed as a super lawyer!

Anonymous said...

to all csea members you need to set up picket lines in front of BOULDER RIDGE and at the A&P every weekend

Anonymous said...

Why does the silver streaks get so much low-priced time at the pool???

Anonymous said...

Regarding TDYCC, Paul did have the final say in hiring Valerie Whitehead but she was hired because of pressure from Sonja Brown. Paul being the politican he is gave in to the pressure and hired someone he knew would fail. Interesting fact in the begining of the year Paul imposed a hiring freeze because of the fiscal problems in the Town. This hiring freeze still exisits in every department except for the community center. MR. FEINER who authorized Valerie Whitehead to hire the felons, George Abrams at $40.00 an hour and all the other positions Whitehead and Sonja Brown created after the hiring freeze was imposed. Who will the Town Board hold accountable for the misappropriation of the Taxpayers money. Will the Town Board do there job and sanction Sonja Brown or will they try and brush this under the rug. Lets see who the real leaders are on the Town Board.

Anonymous said...

Sonja Brown say it isn't so. I was just reading the Journal News and I am shocked to find out Timothy Smith one of your Board appointments to help find a commissioner for the Community Center has been arrested for Robbery. I hope this doesn't hurt his chances to vote on the new commissioner. Or was this a ploy to send him into jail so he can search for canidates that fit your criteria. Maybe he can vote on an absentee ballot.

Anonymous said...

GREENBURGH - Police detectives interrupted a street robbery in which the victim was stabbed in the hand, and police arrested two Greenburgh 17-year-olds and a 21-year-old, police said.

The victim, a 25-year-old Greenburgh man, was treated by Greenburgh paramedics for the stab wound. Police recovered a knife.

Police gave this account:

The detectives came upon the robbery at 2 p.m. yesterday at Warren Avenue and Beech Street. The would-be robbers ran away, but police nabbed Timothy Smith, 17, of 8 Carlton St. after a brief chase. Dwayne Coward, also 17, of 26 Florence Ave. was spotted in the area a short while later and implicated.

A third suspect, 21-year-old Stephen Williams of 90 Manhattan Ave., was arrested later.

The three are charged with first-degree attempted robbery and second-degree assault, felonies. Smth is also charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation.

They are being held at Greenburgh Police Headquarters pending arraignment this morning.

Felonview said...

Why the heck is a low life 17 year old involved in any way, with finding a commissioner? WHAT THE HECK!?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Sonja Brown is a liar - liar x'2 more- she and Paul are two peas in a pod!!

No relection for either of you!

Anonymous said...

Ella - please research if we can impeach Feiner and remove the druggie Sonja Brown off the board? Let us know on the blog - sweet

Anonymous said...

The center problem has to be addressed and one person's poor management decision's shouldn't reflect on the entire Center. The Center needs someone to fix the problems and get it running right. That person no-brainer is Particia Roper........................

hal samis said...

Open Government #1

Watch the Town Board meeting of last night.

Hartsdale Flood Study.
Mr. Sheehan, in an attempt to stave off danger to the castle, felt it necessary to offer up a hasty explanation of why the Flood study took so long. He knew that I would be questioning this.
And all I had to do was ask the Flood Study toady was when was the first draft presented to the Town?
"I don't remember."
Well, when was this final version presented to the Town Board?
"I don't remember."

Let's assume taking the longest period, say April 2008 (a year from commission) as its due date, then we're talking about 6 months.
All I asked was what month or even two months?

"I don't remember."

Ok, maybe 6 months is too long for a guy who may have unmentioned health problems but a man who came to talk to the Town about a specific study but, he's only human so let's not make him squirm.

But, when did you deliver the final version (the one he's quoting from last night)?
"I don't remember."
Golly, didn't he even bring a copy with him and are there no dates in the study to identify it?

So, the guy who knows all about Hartsdale drainage problems just doesn't know when he gave the Town the study that took well over a year to complete if you believe what the Town wants you to believe.

Well, let's go to the original material. Mr. Feiner, I'd like to see a copy of the draft study and the final study. When can I see them?

"We'll have to get back to you"

The premise of course is that the Town had the study for months; didn't like the conclusion and sent it back for "rewriting". And the vendor was only too happy to comply.

Seems like Mr. Sheehan has some stake in this matter too.

Anonymous said...

Everytime we read one of Mr. Samis's convincing posts, let's just please remember that he was (along with Mr. Garfinkle) the most vociferous advocate for Feiner's re-election on this blog. He certainly convinced me to vote for Feiner.

hal samis said...

Open Government #2

Again, last night's Town Board meeting.

3 minute public comment. Answers to questions will be made after the question period.

My question:

I see that the Town Assessor, the Receiver of Taxes and the Town Comptroller are here tonight. Can we have them answer why the Assessor made a $2.4 million mistake?

(Last meeting, Mr. Feiner gave a somewhat less than illuminating answer because the Assessor was not present)

At the end of the "answer" period Mr. Feiner attempted to move the meeting on to the public hearings however he had not allowed my question to be answered. "Rudely" I had to yell out why isn't my question being answered.

Feiner started to give his answer but again I "rudely" had to remind him that I had heard his story; I wanted the answer from the experts who were present.

I remind readers of how often Feiner asks other Department heads to answer the public's questions as he did last night -- except for my question. Why is the Town Supervisor so "touchy" regarding the Town Assessor. Having barely survived the reign of Jerry Iagallo, what is it about the office that makes the holder so off limits to the public?

Maybe there's more to the decline in ratables than meets the eye.

incompetence reigns in G'burgh said...

Feiner and his toadies on the town board are so busy covering their tracks, they can't even keep track of what they're doing anymore. Ms. Weems scolded them during the public comment period early in the evening for being disorganized, but who knew how right she'd turn out to be last night?

Can you imagine the Town Board holding a 90-minute public hearing on the Cablevision contract with the public and the town board members being given one draft -- and Cablevision representatives using another, more recent draft.

Who's responsible for that waste of time? Well Judy Beville, for one. The town clerk personally marked and signed the old draft "August 12, 2008," gave it to Sheehan to post on the Town's website, and distributed it to board members and the public alike.

Turns out Beville made a mistake. She gave Sheehan an old draft, a draft that had been superseded in June 2008! And none of the bozos on the Town Board could even tell the difference.

Best moment: Bernstein criticizes the draft contract for shortchanging the public on PEG fees that Cablevision would pay. Says this money is the only way the Town can raise the money needed to introduce 21st century technology to those wanting to utilize the town's government and education channels.

Feiner then says he'd be against raising those fees because the cost would just be passed on to consumers. Bernstein said it would only be pennies a month. But Feiner stuck to his guns.

Then came the big whoops. Turns out the draft Cablevision's more recent draft had included a provision raising the PEG fees from $45,000 a year to $55,000 a year. Despite Feiner saying he'd never go along with such a provision, this was a term supposedly negotiated and agreed to by the Town Board!

Yet Feiner and his toadies, including Sheehan, didn't even have a clue they had done this.

And to think Greenburgh taxpayers are trusting these idiots with a $71 million budget. No wonder we're facing such huge tax increases.

hal samis said...

I see that I have an early caller-in, perhaps someone (9:50) in government.

And, sure enough, I have an answer.

The strategy I pioneered and still adhere to is that without a strong candidate to oppose him, Feiner is going to win anyway. Given that reality (a reality which affirms that voters don't care about issues), the only way to rescue the Town is not by futile and flawed candidates (i.e. Berger) but by essentially isolating the office. Thus, without Town Council votes to support his "programs" and initiatives, the Supervisor will be stopped dead in his tracks. He can continue to issue his press releases; he can continue to arrange photo-ops; he can even continue to collect his salary -- call it a retirement benefit while still an active Town employee. But the key, is to replace the less anchored office holders: the Town Council. Furthermore, the Supervisor is a 2 year position; the Council seats are 4 year slots.

By bringing in what was called the
"Feiner team", essentially I was drawing the line on the ground. Things can not get worse than having a 5 vote majority. The newest members (Brown and Morgan) have 4 years to justify themselves.
But first up at bat are Juettner and Sheehan and it is over this battleground that will decide the future of the Town.

We have witnessed what 5 votes augers: more of the same old, same old. Let's start with a fresh 2 votes in the next Town Council election.

That will return the field to "just three votes" which can decide whether something is passed or defeated.

In turn, with new faces and independent minds, I believe that this mandate of voter discontent will incite a serious reassessment for the political futures of Brown and Morgan. They can either follow Feiner down the garden path or they will respond to the new enlightenment. Or not. The choice is up to them.

Let Feiner continue to bask in his little world being the "master of ceremonies" in the circus that is the Town Board. Address the doable.

Starting from the bottom, two at a time, just 4 votes tells the whole story.

And by fresh faces, I don't mean Feiiner's tired ring mate: Ms. Dengler (the village face) and some new shill to represent unincorporated. Mr. Sheehan looked to be the right person for the job (hey, once I supported him) but that was years ago and he betrayed his backers once he became more enamored of the comforts of his seat. What his tenure has illustrated is that smart and hard work alone do not the right man make.

And, don't be surprised if some "anonymous" blogger tries to steer the conversation away from this plan with some "pressing" other issue.

G'burgh needs 3 new votes said...

Samis is right about some things, but dead wrong about what's needed at the Town Board.

His mantra of "just three votes" means just that. If we want the town to recover from the Feiner-led Bush-like disaster that's befallen it, the Town needs three new votes, not two.

That means Feiner must go too, along with Sheehan and Juettner.

Re-electing Feiner means that he'll continue to enjoy support from Morgan and Brown. Those "three votes" will unfortunately mean more of the same, and Greenburgh can't afford that.

So, no one should assume that anyone who dares to challenge Feiner will be a "flawed" candidate. You can't be anymore "flawed" than Feiner right now, and no, he doesn't deserve to hold office anymore. Ask the folks in Fulton Park. Ask residents of Edgemont. Ask residents of Hartsdale who seem perpetually to get the short end of the town's stick. Ask residents of Fairview who think Feiner and Brown's "new direction" for the community center is the wrong direction. Ask residents of North Greenburgh if they're happy with paying double digit increases for town services they don't use. And finally, ask residents of the villages if they're still happy with Feiner in charge.

Samis and Feiner may think Feiner's got them in the bag, but don't be so sure.

Anonymous said...

Last night's performance by Gay Silverman should win her an Oscar for the quiver in her voice and calling the issue a "catfight."

The issue about her use of the TDYCC pool is not a catfight. It is about the allocation of time at the pool for the Fastbacks, the lap swimmers, the students in the aerobics class and the swim instruction class. We signed up to swim, do aerobics, or learn to swim. WE don't have a problem sharing the pool. There was a meeting in the spring to work out the evening times so that we could meet everyone's needs. Ms. Whitehead's statement about choice for children is a red herring. It disguises the fact that she is allowing two teams to use the pool when only one can fit into the times without cutting into the evening.

If Ms. Silverman feels so mistreated that she has to put a quiver in her voice perhaps she should consider another facility. She is not offering anything that the Fastbacks can't offer. In fact, she is duplicating what they do except that the Fastbacks are a local team.

It was quite apparent at the meeting that the concerns of the swimmers were irrelevant to the board and to Ms. Whitehead. We have sent emails and gotten no answers or answers that have nothing to do with the time problem. 30 minutes is not enough time. Since the pool, at this point, cannot support two teams with all the demands upon its time, I think that the Fastbacks should be supported.

hal samis said...

My "business plan" does not expect to see the three votes in place until the second round of Town Council elections occurs. And that means in three years. What I hope is that Brown and Morgan will see the handwriting on the wall after next year's election and assess their personal longevity accordingly. In this case, the Town may not have to wait as long as 3 years.

I don't disagree with 11:03 that there could be someone and, if so, would very much support any strong Supervisor candidate with bonafides. However, heeding "that which doesn't kill me, makes me stronger", I think that any straw man candidate with no financial support, no existing name recognition, or running with a half-hearted effort, only gives Feiner a stronger case after the fact to say that he has won the hearts and minds of the population. In the case of Berger, voters felt that she needed driving directions to find Town Hall. So, if there is someone who can rise above this liability, I would be happy to support him/her for I agree that things are at a all-time low, not conditioned solely upon the coming tax increase, but because of how all town business being handled.

However, "hearts and minds" as above is a catch phrase which should be explained. In my preceding post, I doubted that significant numbers of voters are concerned with issues. Instead, what Feiner successfully does is endear himself in voter "hearts" as witness his briefly riding whatever passing train (cause) or partisanship that may have appeal to individudal voters. That is the basis of snow angels, meals on wheels, dog parks and swims, open space, "affordable housing" etc.

He is on the side of every species, phylum and sub-phylum of voter (albeit only for days) and wishing seniors (those that get out and vote) happy birthday on their birthday is emblematic of his strategy to win their "hearts". So given a predeliction to score points by appealing to the "perceived reality" rather than deal with the "objective reality" allows Feiner to triumph again and again at the ballot box. One day he rails against County government and the next he thinks they should be looking into rowboats on Sprain Lake. All this is based in the knowledge that he has the war chest and the database and the office and the Town email/dais to promote himself. The nuts and bolts seldom fall into place but, as always, this is a minor detail.
Then too, his experience reminds him that voters have short memories.

So, there is no premium for waiting. If there is a strong and viable candidate waiting in the wings, the time is ripe to come out of the shadows. I can assure you that if one exists, I won't be supporting Feiner or his team this go round.

Anonymous said...

I think last night's Town Board meeting was quite embarrassing to even watch on T.V.. Mrs Williams forgot to take her medications before she came and should have, rightfully so, been escorted out of the building. Of course the policeman should be black. Why doesn't the Supervisor use the gavel in front of him. Maybe someone should teach him how to use it. People who act so rudely should be penalized for the next two meetings and not be allowed to speak

Anonymous said...

So eighty percent of the swimmers are Greenburgh residents and within that total thirty nine percent are minorities.
Does this make a difference in the amount that they should be paying for the use of the pool.
Let them all pay the going price.
That's the problem here in Greenburgh there are too many freebees .
How in the hell can you run this center always showing a loss.
This has got to stop.
Your raising taxes in leaps and bounds and you all have the nerve not to charge the going rate to all the users.
Well it is true what we need is a good manager to run the show.
One that will see to it that we make money with the present facilities.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is NOT an issue of sharing pool time with Silver Streaks -- it IS ensuring they are paying what everyone else has to pay (which is not happening). It IS also ensuring that EVERYONE has to share -- not just the FAST Team and others who use the pool. I am going to suggest that the FAST Team get to share the pool with Silver Streaks from 12:30-2:30 on Saturday afternoons since we have to share the pool with them from 7:30-9:30. Why does my daughter HAVE to get up at 6:45 a.m. on a Saturday morning to attend swim practice when the Silver Streaks has a choice of times. To be fair and to be given a choice, as Ms. Whitehead suggested last night, should go both ways!

It is also very disturbing that Ms. Whitehead blatantly stood in the back of the room last night with Gay Silverman. I thought she was a town employee -- though I am not sure why she is still acting commissioner in light of the police activity regarding her. Why hasn't she been put on a leave of absence and when are we going to finally get a new commissioner?

Concerned citizens for Samis said...

Samis for Town Council!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 12:55 posting. It was very disturbing to see Ms. Whitehead standing with Ms. Silverman. One would have thought that Ms. Whitehead and Ms. Silverman were co-directors of the Aquatics program. And, to say that Ms. Silverman's time was restored is ridiculous. If she hadn't paid at the time she wanted to use the pool, she should not have been allowed to set foot in the pool area or use the lanes.

I'm sure that there is another facility out there who would be happy to have Ms. Silverman and her team swimming at their pool. Just because she has been using the facility for so long doesn't mean that she should be allowed to deprive the local people of swim time. It has become very clear that Ms. Silverman is taking advantage of the TDYCC. If she cannot pay on time, cannot put in for time when the schedule is being set up, and has to come to a meeting with an act to rival Sarah Bernhardt, she should not be catered to.

The Fastbacks are the local team. Those of us who swim at the TDYCC pool are doing so for fun, health, recreation, aerobics, or whatever. 30 minutes is not enough time for anyone. Maybe Ms. Silverman should make do with an hour and a half of practice. That would be a nice accommodation to the needs of the community.

Anonymous said...

why should we pay taxes for a facility that does not bring in revenue to cover expenses.
Swim teams that abuse the time and days allowed at the pool/
One team pays one amount and the other another.
Could it be possible that all these people that use this pool are destitute.
These people know how to cry a good game and we have a supervisor who is constantley drying their tears by giving them more and m ore freebees.
Does thirty nine percent make a difference because they are minorities?
How many pay the going rate?
What documents do they produce to get a freebee let us know since we pay the taxes maybe we could do the same to get things for nada. .

Anonymous said...

How about Samis for Manager of Greenburgh.
We would have been ahead of the game had the board listened to him
concerning the library project.
We would be ok with what he said as far as the comprehensive plan was a waste of money.
How many other things did this man bring to the publics attention that has cost us money.
Had they listened to him when it came to the purchase of TAxter Forest just to please Gold so he could have a bigger parcel of land,how much would we have saved .
The xposure project another farce to please someones friend.
All the above and many more have conributed to a double diget tax not only for this year but many more to come.

hal samis said...

Dear 4:45,
Thanks but no thanks.
I know what I don't know and I also know that those in office don't know either.

The Town needs "professional" skilled, non-partisan management. And the currrent Town Board is not going to buy into that.

But graduates of the Alice's Restaurant movement have a recipe cooking to deal with that roadblock.

Right now we're biding our time while the Town Board continues to build their own gallows.

Keep the faith. There is an answer.

Anonymous said...

Hal Samis you are the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Listening to the news tonight it was mentioned that the Tapanzee Bridge will be gone.
This is a good time to unload the Taxter so called park for a new bridge.
Yhe property is large enough to have the entrance and exits.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Paul since Valerie Whitehead didn't work out at TDYCC why dont you make her commissioner of the Dog Parks. No administrative skills are necessary and she can hire the "felons" to work with the dogs instead of our kids.

Anonymous said...


New programs F
Lying to the public A+
Initiating grants F
Backstabbing Past Commissioners A+
Time and Attendance C
Encouraging teamwork F
Micro-managing A+
Being a Control freak A
Involving the community D
Informing the community about Xposure program F
Committed to the success of Xposure F
Committed to being made permanent in the position of commissioner A+++
Manipulation A+++
Being an inspiration for staff F
Being an inspiration for the community F-----
Likelihood of getting off from police investigation INCOMPLETE
Nepotism A+
Cleaning her car, the red taurus station wagon F

Stick a fork in this chapter of the community center: She's DONE!!

Anonymous said...


To the idiot poster who replied that the Multi-purpose center is used and rented, please provide us with a list of how much revenue is taken in. Two, you neglect to mention that the Parks Dept has a bloated budget of 3.2 million dollars. Answer this: How much of that budget goes to maintaining under utilized, poorly designed, Multi-purpose center? the Parks Dept is a three month operation. Once the pool and tennis close down, what do all sixty staff do to occupy their time? Lastly, if there was room for people who use the Multi-purpose center at the TDY Center, why was the cost of 1.3 million dollars justified? Were citizens involved in the process? Was there a study done to indicate a need? No. Hey folks: A LITTLE CREAM IN THE COFFEE NEVER HURT ANYONE!

Anonymous said...


To the Town Council:

Why oh why is the Community Center closed to participants for September at night from 5pm to 11 pm? When I spoke to staff about this, I was informed this month that there would be repairs and painting at the Center which would interfere with programs. However, maintenance staff goes home at 5pm. That being the case, why are people being turned away from a Center that is fully staffed and funded by my tax dollars? Who’s minding the store here Paul? This is a waste of money and worse still, several staff told me that they want to work but aren’t allowed to. Paul, please take about thirty seconds to answer this and provide some explanation. Why are you allowing this to happen Paul? Why don’t you answer calls? Several messages have been left for you at Town Hall, none of which were returned. So why do we have to pay for no show jobs and non-operating facilities?

Anonymous said...

Only certain TDYCC employees are writing these blogs about the Center. If you really are not happy there why don't you just quit and join people that do actually work in the real world.

Anonymous said...

So Cab Calloway's home will become a historic landmark.
You have got to be kidding.
You had many important people living here in Greenburgh but this never came to play for them .
Why are you doing this are you still looking for the black votes.
It seems that you are in favor of everything that will cost the rest of the town monies just to please the black in Fairview area,
What did Cab do that other people have not done.????
You just want to take another house off of the tax map to please a few.
That is wrong.
OLd farm road had a tv celebrity living there for years.,
The Geiseman estate should have been designated into a landmark since he was a great inventor
We have had many famous authors whose books are still read over and over again.
Oh I seem to forget to write one thing they were white folks..

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the legality involved in getting a referendum on the town ballot next year imposing term limits on elected officials?

hal samis said...

You mean what will come to be known as the Feinerman Law?

Some of us are already looking into the feasibility of a similar purpose Referendum.

Anonymous said...

Happy days will be here but Paul has done enough damage to last us a few years to come.
It looks like he is getting back at the residents by spending more and more money.
Is he trying to get even with us for wanting him out.

hal samis said...

Question for the Comptroller
cc. Town Clerk

Is there a breakdown of what it cost unincorporated taxpayers for each new vote for Feiner in last November's election?

Anonymous said...

Today was "Elmsford Day" I noticed that the grandstand trailer was provided by the city of White Plains and not Greenburgh? Why do we have this thing if is not even being used by our own?

samis trifecta said...

samis for supervisor and for town council (replacing silent diane juettner and francis sheehangans!

just three votes in one fell swoop.

tora, tora tora
samis, samis samis!

Anonymous said...

Hal is clearly intelligent, and I find some of his posts entertaining (especially on the street whre you live).

But --

he can't seem to get over the library. Whether or not you voted for it (and shame on you if you lived in Greenburgh at the time, and didnt vote), its over. Give it up. There are much bigger issues we have to deal with now.

Anonymous said...

It,s not over until we see it's 2009 budget. Very curious to see how it is going to be maintained and how much it is going to cost to run.

Anonymous said...

My point is what do you propose to do? Mothball it? I understand you are unhappy, but it cant take up evevry agenda.

hal samis said...

"he (Samis) can't seem to get over the library"

The "Library" is not just about an isolated issue or a building. It represents everything that is wrong with the Town and all the same "baddies" appear in supporting roles.

If you're tired about hearing about the "Library", then just change the channel.

The Library that will open, whenever, is not the Library that was promised. If you paid for a four wheeled "Rolls Royce" but only got two wheels for the agreed upon price, I'm thinking you're going to be unhappy even though you still got a "Rolls Royce". And, if everything is not there one the first day, it is not because taxpayers didn't vote enough money for the project; it is because, simply put, the project ran out of money. The Library of the Referendum, May 2005vs the Library of Today, December 2008 -- only about $2 million separate them. AND, the original amount included over $3 million to deal with contingencies and inflation. Get it?

The "shame on you" rightfully belongs to those who turned their back tracking the project, not for those whose interest only was to see a bigger building.

Accordingly, here's what I sent the Town Board on Friday.

"As per Triton's Master Budget dated 9/23/08:

Triton has noticed the Town that their fee to the newest forseeable end of the project will now total $903,964.
Ok to call it $904,000?

In their response to the Library's RFP, Triton was awarded the contract with a $612,000 bid.
In their own project budget used for the Referendum, Triton listed their fee @ $612,000.
One would assume that Triton, in estimating the entire project, would have the ability to estimate their own fee -- at least maintain their $612,000 fee for six months until their contract was executed.

Will someone in Town government please explain to the taxpayers how this "knowledgeable" firm expects to walk away with $292,000 more than they bid?
Will someone in Town government please explain to the taxpayers how the firm that is charged with running the project expects to walk away with a fee that is 48% higher than they bid?
Will someone in Town government ask Mr. Regula how this happened?
Will someone in Town government ask Mr. Regula why this happened when he assured all that the project was on budget and not delayed.

Put another way, using $20,500,000 as the new "on-budget" high watermark, the Library budget has increased from $19,900,000 by an additional $600,000 or 3%.

Perhaps Mr. Regula, the town's team captain and quarterback, will have time to answer now that he doesn't have to leave his office to inspect potholes.

Maybe someone in Town government will look into how, after all the discussion about a signed agreement from Triton to work three months at 1/2 fee, that this fee still continues to seesaw and is now shown in their latest budget as $11,724 per month or $35,172 for three months when they show their monthly rate for 8 months as $21,724 per month or $173,792.

My problem is that 1/2 of $21,724 is $10,862, not $11,724.
This extra $862 monthly or $2586 over their agreement appears to represent their contempt for the Town (certainly they would expect me to voice an objection) or perhaps some special arrangement with Mr. Regula who approves these invoices. Sorry it couldn't be the full fee, Mr. Regula.

Now some may argue what's $2500 or so on a 20 million dollar project and I agree that it is chump change. However, it represents without any deep analysis how Triton has been running this project and it is just the tip of the iceberg in the overall cavalier manner by which they have disrespected the Town and the Library and its citizens. All of the deviations from the original Library presentation and attendant amenities were done to delude the public into believing that the project remained on budget. The necessitiy for this can be attributed to how Triton mismanaged the project from the very beginning.

I charge the Town Board to review the entire project history with the intent to unearth grounds to hold Triton financially responsible for their failures to manage the project in a professional manner and place first the needs of the owner, the Town, as their highest priority -- rather than the needs of Triton.

Furthermore, I request the Chief of Police to look into what, at this stage, can only be referred to as rumors regarding the possible participation of the Town's liaison to the project, Al Regula, partnered with the Construction Manager in a scheme to inflate project costs for his/their personal gain: such activity causing severe financial hardship to the Town, its Library and the Town's residents.

Certainly, the original estimate for the project duration was that it would take 18 months to 2 years to complete. It was on this timed basis that Triton estimated its fee. Given that the Referendum cleared the way for the project to begin in earnest; given that final Town approvals were secured by May of 2006; any delay after May 2008 demands a written explantion. One thing is certain: Triton benefited from any extended employment."

Just wait for the review of the change orders! Of course, the public still hasn't seen over $100,000 of them -- nor has the Town Board which only gets to see them AFTER the work has been done but only then so that the Town Board can vote to approve (robber stamp) them. Mr. Regula is the "committee of one" to approve them. Does this system bother anyone?

Anonymous said...

Passed by the new library today. The retaining wall already looks shabby! Was this due to poor craftsmanship or inferior products used?

Anonymous said...

How much was Regula's cut.
We all know how he works big deals.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between open government and anarchy. I have always been proud to consider myself part of the Greenburgh community. After listening to many Town Board Meetings and attending the most recent one, I am ashamed of what these Board Meetings have become.
I have watched while people’s reputations are slandered without consequences to the slanderers. That is not open government, that is the beginning of anarchy. With the right to speak on federal airwaves comes the responsibility to speak the truth and to stop slander from occurring. This is not happening. Without consequences, a group has organized to destroy the reputation of the Silver Streaks. All the facts are false and are constantly repeated so that it appears to be true. Some Board members know the facts and yet permit the injustice. Are they so weak that they cannot stop it?

Anonymous said...

I am not a swimmer, but I dont think the Silver Streaks should get a subsidy. Their rep talked about how they were paying 20% more than last year, etc., but would not say what they are paying. I am so sick of Feiner and his crew cutting special deals. Everyone should pay the same. We pay high taxes. No more special deals.

Anonymous said...

correction -- residents should pay the same. The part of silver streaks that is not resident should be charged more. and proof of residency???

Anonymous said...

That is ridiculous. It makes no sense.

david gourevitch said...

Dear Anonymous Bloggers About The Silver Streaks. I would be grateful and appreciative if you would identify yourselves. Anonymous blogging is the refuge of scoundrels and cowards. Best, David Gourevitch

Anonymous said...

If Silver Streaks should pay the same as everyone else then they should get a refund. They are paying more for team pool rental than neighboring teams are paying for pooltime in facilities that they do not own. None of the bloggers has the facts, just the lies that have been fed to them.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if someone was to divulge all facts regarding Silver Streaks because if the rumors are false, the facts need to be told.

I was told that Silver Streaks pays $65 an hour for pool that not true? I was told that Silver Streaks has paid between $3 thousand and $10 thousand dollars a year for the past few that not true?

It is definitely NOT about sharing the pool with Silver Streaks -- nor is it about criticizing what Silver Streaks is all about -- what it IS all about is ensuring that EVERYONE is being treated the same. How can we be sure that is happening? The rumors state otherwise. The only way we can have these rumors put to rest are by having all the facts known.

Who would be able to provide this information?

Pete Lori said...

Why? What difference does it make if the person signs their name? Do you think you're being taken more seriously or that you are of a higher authority just because you leave your name here?

Do you want to know who you should personally call on the carpet just because you don't like what they say?

Anonymous said...

People who are afraid of Feiner dont post their names. I dont care about the total amount Silver Streaks payes. I want to know per hour. That Silver Streaks woman who spoke at the twon meeting sure acted like she owned the place.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the facts can't just be told once and for all re; what Silver Streaks pays per hour and finally put this all to rest!

Enough is enough already.

And to David, I disagree that those who choose to post as anonymous are cowards. Unfortunately in this town, there are sometimes repercussions to those people who leave their names -- and also, is Paul Feiner a coward too? Because we all know he posts anonymously as well!

Anonymous said...

The Silver Streaks has contributed about $400,000, maybe more, in pool rental fees during it's time at the Center. The reason that the fees decreased during the last few years is that we have decreased pool time and even when we have a contract, we have been locked out of the pool. Our records were shared with members of the Town Board. Our scholarship amounts were shared. We were scheduled to pay alot over $20,000 this year but our hours were changed and so Sept. is less for the Town than contracted. Every time we are stopped from using the pool, the taxpayer loses money. The person who you should be angry with is the person who cuts the Silver Streaks time and locks us out of the pool. Consider what we are going through. We provide a service to the town, we do not require staff assistance, we pay money to the Town, we have a program that has won an award from United States Swimming for excellence, we have a coaching staff of 4 with a compined coaching experience of 78 years, and we have always been admired and cherished until the pool director re-arrived.

Anonymous said...

Someone should check on why the pool director was fired the last time. That may shed some light on the problem she has created with Silver Streaks.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand.....It all makes sense to me. Good luck Silver Streaks. You have my vote

Anonymous said...

I think it speaks volunes that they wont tell how much they pay per hour. And there needs to be a system for requesting pool time. No playing favorites. We have a town team. Town and or school based teams should have first preference. I am tired of paying huge taxes and then Feiner and his team giving away use of facilities paid for with TOV taxes. If Silver Streaks doesnt like it, tell them to go to a Y or another pool.

Anonymous said...

Silver Streaks IS a Town Based Team, haven't you been listening to the blogger. I am a lap swimmer and even I know that they are a nice group of kids. They are from Greenburgh, my kids are in school with them. All you want to do is eliminate them so that you will look good. Why don't you concentrate on swimming and stop your unsportsmanlike behavior.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that they are a town-based team...aren't they located in White Plains? That is what it states on their website.

Anonymous said...

Unincorporated Greenburgh is White Plains, NY 10607

Anonymous said...

According to the woman from Silver Streaks at the town meeting, a large % of the team is not from Greenburgh.

hal samis said...

I'm not a great swimmer so I'll just dip my feet into the water.

I admit that there is little regarding this matter that I do know and even less that I care to learn.

What I find annoying though is what was stated by the Silver Streaks at the Town Board meeting: that they paid 20% more than the year before and 20% more than the year before that and...

If they paid too little once upon a time, and they are still paying too little today (as compared to other users) then either throw them out or charge them the same as others with similar needs. What is so elusive about understanding the concept of pro rata?

When is the Town going to learn that "all animals are equal" and not "some animals are more equal than other animals"? Had Orwell only thought of swim teams instead.

Frankly, this is a variation on the nonsense played by Westhab in the 22 Tarrytown Road hearing.
They started with 42 units and in two subsequent spins of the wheel (lowering the unit count each time) they claimed that since they had already reduced the project size, that what they now have before the Town Board must be acceptable solely because they played the game.

When the one great scorekeeper comes to write against your name, he'll mark not that you won or lost
but what you paid, not your claim.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the fast team, when I was looking through my Greenburgh book, I notice there were two sets of rates. One for residents and another for non residents. So I should assume you allow Non residents to swim for the fast team. If the Silver streaks pays in excess of $20,000 I believe the town of Greenburgh would call that revenue for the center. Silver Streaks needs a life guard. However the very nominal fee that fast swim team is paying has to pay for rental, life guards, stroke refinement and coaches oh yeah swim meets, ribbons, awards dinners etc. Did I forget that's right the Greenburgh residents pay for it with tax dollars. Tax dollars are not paying for Silver Streaks swimmers. Let's not loose sight of the most important reason for being at the center...The children, they just want to swim. They are a family together they take care of each other, we are a 1 tier swim team. The older children take care of the younger ones, help them guide them and teach them. That is what makes good citizens.

Just to clarify that on saturdays the silver streaks swimmers don not have a choice on if they feel like swimming @ 7am or not. The early swim if for older more experience swimmer, it is a much quicker pace. The children that swim early must also swim @ 1230pm with the rest of the team. In between the swims the children go back to the coach's house have lunch, do homework, chat and then go swim again. I call that family as well as dedication by the coach and swimmers.

Anonymous said...

For 9/29 -12:43am - I verified that Silver Streaks/Ms. Silverman has not paid a dime to use the TDYCC pool. The Town's policy is a certificate of insurance and payment three weeks in advance. SilverStreaks had not done either. I paid $115.00 (resident rate)in advance of my daughter's pool party. I plan on filing a FOIL request to check exactly how much Gay Silverman has paid the last 5 years. It will be ready for the next town board meeting.
The writter obviously doesn't have a clue how the fees work.
Private organizations pay to rent the facility - classrooms, gym, lounge approximately $225.00 an hour I believe. Silverstreaks pay $60.00 an hour for a pool that rents to the community for $115 or $160.00 an hour. This team (Silverstreaks) children pay $1,800 to swim on the Silverstreaks team before they can use the pool.
50 kids X $1,800 = $ 90,000 WHY CAN'T Silverstreaks PAY WHAT DUE TDYCC - Town taxes are high enough without the Center not collecting revenue -that's desparately needed. I will check with the aquatic director tomorrow to see how much Gay Silverman owe's the town. I'm sure she'll know the exact amount. In fact, Gay Silverman are you paying Valerie Whitehead $$ so you can avoid paying the town? Since Valerie Whitehead is under investigation by the police for stealing money and paying her no show -felon nephews $$$$ for jobs they didn't show to work. Valerie does not have any ethics nor does Gay Silverman. Pay up now!!!!! Resolve the money issue and give the community back their swim time now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sleeping with Alan was the best revenge. ukw

Anonymous said...

If there is a consistent thread to discussions about the Town of Greenburgh and its governance, it may be summarized as follows:
Application of rules, whether they are laws or regulations, is so inconsistent that there are many unhappy members of the community.
Citizens must be able to rely on the consistent enforcement of law because inconsistent enforcement results in, at the very least, an impression of favoritism and corruption.
Our Supervisor has been inconsistent in his application of the rules - and freely admits he is willing to break the law to accomplish what he regards as a desireable goal. Is it any wonder then that others, from the director of the Greenburgh Housing Authority to the director of the TDYCC to the various department heads within Town government have adopted the same attitude? We are no longer a government of laws, we are a government of men - and down that road lies chaos and tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Gay Silverman - don't blame the current aquatic director for your methods. She's the town agent trying to enforce the Town's rules and regulations.

We have been complaining about your program for the past 10 years. Finally the center has someone in the aquatic office who's qualified and willing to do the right thing for all the children and citizens of Greenburgh.
Pay up or get out!!

Anonymous said...

September 29, 2008
5:15 PM


Comptroller's Office
Employment Opportunities Print this page Email this page

Page Navigation
Back To Comptroller's Office

Employee Benefits and Forms

11 Olympic Lane, Ardsley, N.Y. 10502
(914) 693-8985


SALARYRANGE: $37,566 - $61,242 plus benefits

EMPLOYMENT PERIOD: Year round, 35+ hours per week.
Includes specific weekend and evening work

Under the direction of the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, responsible for the administration and organization of recreational services, activities and programs for a major segment(s) of the Town’s total recreation program and do related work as required.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
· Plans, develops, implements and promotes a specialized activity phase of recreation on a community-wide basis.
· Administers a major segment/facility of the municipal recreation program.
· Administers a major segment/facility of the municipal recreation program.
· Plans, organizes, promotes and directs specific recreation activities and specific events.
· Assists in the administration and organization of the total comprehensive recreation program.
· Supervises trains and evaluates subordinate staff personnel.
· Supervise and assist with the maintenance of facilities and equipment.
· Prepares publicity/promotions for assigned portion of the program.
· Represents the Department at meetings with other community organizations.
· Prepares special reports for the Commissioner regarding needs and effectiveness of services in assigned area.
· Organizes the program of and directs a recreation center.
· Acts as Sports Official when needed.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES ANDATTRIBUTES: Good knowledge of the theory, principles, practices and objectives of public recreation; good knowledge of the purpose, use and benefit of sports, games, arts and crafts, dramatics, dancing, music and other activities in a municipal recreation program, familiarity with the methods and procedures involved in public agency administration and personnel practices, interviewing and employment procedures; familiarity with planning and equipping recreation facilities and areas; familiarity with community organizations; ability to plan, organize and promote recreation activities/programs; ability to assess resources and facilities realistically; ability to supervise subordinate professional and non-professional personnel; ability to lay out and plan the work of others; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; ability to exercise professional judgment in problem solving and evaluation; ability to work with others and guide subordinate personnel; creativity; reliability; physical condition commensurate with the duties of the position.

Anonymous said...

tell me more! alan who!!

task for a new year said...

end the era of misrule by do nothing juettner and francis "spend spend spend" sheehanigans

Anonymous said...

Recreation Supervisor. Sounds like a perfect position for Al Regula. I'm sure he gets alot of recreation with Edie on the back of his Harley. Maybe thats why she made a 2 million dollar mistake. Too much Harley and not enough paying attention to business. Al is definitely the King of Recreation. A modern day Nero. He goes riding as Greenburgh burns. The Library, the Cash for Trash Scandal, The Roof of the Multi Purpose Ccenter. These tragedies all have the fingerprints of Mr. Albert Regula all over them yet he never seems to be held accountable. A
very clever Supervisor he is indeed.

Anonymous said...

Paul now is the time to start making changes. The truth is starting to come out and believe me this is just the beginning.
Stay tuned for the next episode .
You were warned over and over again but in your eyes Regula is your grey haired boy who cannot do anything wrong.
You are falling and no one will pick you up.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the hiring freeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Anonymous said...

the only hiring freeze is in the highway department so dont get mad when your leaves and snow pile up mark my word!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We go thru this every year. Pile up of leaves is the norm for all the roadways.
This is the way Regula pays back the ones that complain.
Then comes the snow another pay back.
He does nothing about the cars parked on the roadways.
He does nothing to those that use snow blowers and throw the snow on the roadway.
He does nothing to tell his men to take it easy when plowing because they throw back all the snow onto peoples driveways.
We the residents pay to have our driveways clean along comes his men and we have to start all over again.
So tell me what does this man do that is so special that the supervisor keeps him on.

Anonymous said...


1992: There should be term limits.
2008: Except for me of course.
1992: Criticizes Tony Veteran for the use of cars for town employees.
2008: The Greenburgh fleet has expanded to 22 vehicles, all of which go home at night.
1992: I promise to follow up, and actually did at that time.
2008: Could someone explain to me what follow-up means?
1992: Kept his word.
2008: Put it this way, if you put a poly-graph near him, it would never shut down.
1992: Let’s have citizen committees for many different aspects that improve life in Greenburgh.
2008: What’s a committee?
1992: You could call him at home.
2008: Please deposit 75 cents for the first minute.
1992: If this blog existed, it would be full of praise, support, and promise for a bright future.
2008: 90% of the postings here are complaints because of inconsistent following of the rules, favoritism, citizens not being treated fairly, staff morale non-existent, and Paul’s reputation has denigrated to your stereo-typical negative politician. Anything to get reelected, anything to avoid confrontation, and talking on both sides of his mouth. Many of us who live in the town don’t really want to talk to you Paul, because we have no faith in your word which is meaningless.


Anonymous said...


Don’t you want to work in a place where hard work, accomplishment, and education have impact? Sorry, Julia, it doesn’t work that way in Greenburgh.
Wouldn’t it be great to work for a town where staff is treated with respect?
Oops, sorry, Julia, no respect in Greenburgh.
But Daddy, How do you get promoted in Greenburgh? I thought it was with hard work. Well, Julia, I think there are some things you don’t understand just yet. But in Greenburgh you get ahead by back-stabbing your boss, doing as little work as possible, and being a person who’s generally disliked.
But Daddy, I don’t understand?
Well Julia, it’s easy. You just treat certain people really nice. And you treat other people well – not too nicely.
But Dad, if I accomplish allot and really act as a leader, won’t that get me anywhere in your town? Julia, no. See we have a lot of limited people who are not really good in their jobs here, especially appointees. You see Julia, they’re not that bright, and they’re rather lazy, and hey listen, they probably don’t put in any where near 35 hours a week. You see Julia, if you accomplish allot, work hard, get an education, these dummies get really jealous and they’ll hate you for it.
Julia, why don’t you go back to bed. And please, don’t even think about working for the town of Greenburgh. You’re my daughter and you’re just too good to be working with these peasants.

Anonymous said...

All i have to say is, are you kidding me? I hate to say it but I am completely disgusted and just down right embarrassed for some of you. I have seen children handle themselves better than some of you people.

I will say I am a proud member of the Silver Streaks and to read some of these posts is very upsetting. Not only are you attempting to ruin the reputation of a great swim team, you are doing it without class, in a very ill-mannered way, but everything you are saying is 100% false. I have been on this swim team for 7 years and not once has this situation ever been this bad. Now, you want to talk about unfair treatment? I have walked into the pool to get glared at, to be given dirty looks as if I'm some kind of animal. I don't even have the privilege to use a locker anymore because my stuff and the stuff of my teammates have been stolen numerous times. I've swam in that pool when it's been so cold, I was shivering for two hours. I've swam in that pool when it's been so hot that I almost couldn't breathe. I've swam in that pool when the chlorine levels were so high that my eyes were burning almost an HOUR after my practice was over. I am one of those kids who gets to get up every morning to go to the "double practices". I consider it an honor to be there every morning. If your kids don't like waking up at the time that they are given, then tell them not to go. I have heard them complain and say that the only reason they have to swim practice is because their parents made them. I WANT to go to practice every day, that's why I'm there. And why do I continue to swim in a facility that has treated not only me, but my friends in such a bad way? Simply because I love swimming. And because Silver Streaks is my family. Not only is Gay Silverman a wonderful coach but she is everything I look up to in a person too. For her to be treated in such ways when at that pool when she is respected everywhere else is disgraceful. What has changed over the past few years that you have lowered yourselves to making false statements to remove us from that pool? You talk about us like we're insects, yet I have been in the locker room with your own children, hearing them say good things about us, that they like us. So we must not be so terrible, right?

Now I have read some of these posts for a couple days and I did not feel inclined to say anything until now. It's come to a point where it can't be tolerated anymore. You have unsuccessfully attempted to ruin our swim team, and for what? This is unacceptable. It's SAD. I have sat here and watched some of you say foul, nasty, cruel things about my swim team, my family. For a bunch of adults to be acting that way is sickening. When you treat a group of kids so badly, who are we to look up to? Would you like us to walk in to the community center and look up to you, to respect you, when you have done nothing but try and tear us apart? It's completely inexcusable. And no offense, but I'm sorry that a TEENAGER had to be the one to bring this to your attention.

Anonymous said...

nice work MOM

Anonymous said...

Again, don't take it personally. The taxpayers of this town just want to ensure that Silver Streaks is paying what they are suppose to. Is that so darn difficult? I truly do not care who swims in the center's pool - as long as they pay what everyone else is.

I can't believe the pool conditions have been so daughter doesn't complain about the temperature of the pool except to say it is a little cool. I have also swam in that pool as a lap swimmer (who swims right before your team does) and have never dealt with the conditions you say you have...again, it has just felt a little cool but actually after swimming for a while, it feels quite good.

So are you saying that the pool temperature changes when the Silver Streaks team enters the pool? That is an awful accusation. I also don't know of any parent on the FAST Swim Team that would look at ANYONE as if they were animals...especially children (if that is indeed who you are).

Again, I hope at the next board meeting, we can FINALLY put all this to rest once the payments of the Silver Streaks team has been made public.

I hope you are reading all of this Paul -- can't we finally get some real answers so we don't have to talk about this any longer??????

Anonymous said...

When will we know what the true fees for swimming are?
How many claim that they are poor?
How much do outsiders pay ?
What are the costs to run this pool?
How much money is generated to help run the pool ?
How much money does the center generate to run itself?
In todays world if companies are not bringing in revenue they are closed down.
This is a good idea because we cannot keep paying taxes to a failing institution as this center and the day care center.
Why should taxpayers be made to help people that will not help themselves?

Anonymous said...

Well it looks as though Central Avenue is being cleaned up but the part that belongs to Greenburgh on the side of the roadway is disgusting.
Regula you can't say that this is county property because we are now paying for a mishap on that strip.
Hop to it Regula I think this is a little job that will not take you away from doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Mis-guided TEENAGER -
This writer is sure you listen to Gay Silverman - unfortunately.

Her (Gay) negative remarks surely have influenced you. The children of Silver Streaks are not the problem except they steal from each other and blame the center patrons - I am sure no one else uses the lockerroom during Silverstreak practice time. Look to your swimteam members for stealing.

The issue at hand is the unfairness of time allocated, fees not being paid and the amount - inadequate to say the least.

Silver Streaks is a PRIVATE TEAM.

Swimmers pay $1,800 to be on the team.
The fee to rent the pool is $115.00 an hour or $160.00.
Why aren't they paying the fee to cover the cost of use?
That's the issue. Each revenue generating department is required to raise a certain amount of revenue.
Why can't the fees be appropriate enough to cover cost? If fees were determined based on the market and applied maybe the town of Greenburgh financial crunch would not be so severe. Let's raise non-resident fees and have a small increase for residents. In January I learned at a Town Board meeting fee increases have been proposed for the past 2+ years. Fiscal management and responsibility can change things in Greenburgh. Let's be fiscally responsible! Paul & board members

Anonymous said...

CLOSE THE CENTER DOWN. Problems solved!

Anonymous said...

This center must be closed.
With all the adverse publicity how can anyone with brains keep it opened.
It not only steals our tax dollars but now it has been made known that fellons work there,teammates steal from one another,free lunch service and what ever else could be gotten free by the people that use this den of eniquity.
Why should our hard earned money go to pleasing a chosen few.
Paul either you stand up to whomever runs this disaster or you can count yourself out of a job come next election.
The center ,daycare and housing authority have been doing a good job in scamming the federal,county and above all the Greenburgh governments.
May I ask what else has to be brought to your attention to show you that we the taxpayers are right.
Why must the state comptroller office investigate the goings on .
We have brought everything to your attention but you do or say nothing.
Have you forgotten the other taxpayers in Greenburgh whom you love to rape well we will not forget when election comes arround .

Anonymous said...

It is very sad, disappointing and just makes me sick to know that as adults you are acting like fools. I have been a part of silver streaks as well for many years. We just want to swim, don't you get it. This keeps me off the streets and keeps me from sitting in front of a t.v. I am more focussed and I have great friends. As a team we swim 5 days a week for more than 25 weeks. Don't you think we should get a discount for all those weeks. Do you think we could afford to pay more. Plenty of us get help with the fee. Some of our parents have lost jobs and they are still on the team. We care about each other and we don't need to call others names and act unfair, rude and nasty. We are never nasty, always respectful. We love to swim and we work hard at it. It turns my stomach to hear and read all these out of line comments. If this is what government is all about. I want no part of it. Fast parents have not been nice to us. When you insult silver streaks you insult us. We take it personally.

And just to set the record straight, we all know we have confronted and caught some of the little girls going through the silver streaks bags. We solved the problem, we take our bags with us to the pool. It didn't scare us enough to leave we feel this is our home too. Don't we count?. Is this town only big enough for one team? If you have two teams it's kind of like our government, checks and balances. Not a monopoly.

Anonymous said...

No ... I don't think you should get any discounts...neither should the FAST team. Everyone should pay what they are SUPPOSE TO...why is this so freakin difficult?????????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We too are hurting but we do not aqsk for help.
Yes you swim five days a week at our expense.
Will this keep you off the streets.NO.
Stop making excuses to get some freebees at the center.
Some of us hold down two jobs to make ends meet but we are too proud to ask for alms at others expense.
You swim five days a week you should pay the going rate if not stop swimming.
Your swiming does not put money in my pocket in fact it takes away from my family.

Anonymous said...

a lot of people hold down two jobs, don't feel slighted

Anonymous said...

I don't feel slighted I'm just mad that these leeches want everything for free.
They seem to be always crying to get things without paying for them.
How many receive freebees from other programs at the center and day care.
We pay for everything that we have and are proud of our accomplishments.
Why should our tax dollars be spent when these people can very well pay for everything.
Have you noticed what kind of cars their parents drive?
The next time that you are either at the center or day care please take notice of the cars.
The same goes for the housing complex where many claim that they cannot pay high rents.
Fraud on top of fraud and our supervisor helps them along to commit this crime.
He is afraid to check into all the allegations put forth by many of the bloggers and above all by the residents.
A sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 7:55. "most" are not the "have nots" It's a shame that out tax dollars really do not go towards those that really need it. These people are using money for luxuries because everything else is either discounted or paid for.
Middle class are going to freeze this winter because they can't afford fuel. They won't get squat because they work hard, report income, pay for everything without assistance.
The near future is bleak for the working middle class. Will Paul feed use? Keep us warm? Help us to keep our homes? Our jobs?

Anonymous said...

The pool should be for residents, town teams, school teams, for school districts within greenburgh. If adult lap swimmers are having trouble getting times, then silver streaks should not be there. If they can be accomadated, they should pay the going rate. Paul, we had a 23% property tax increase last year, and more this year. I dont see the town making any effort to control taxes.

Nikki Miller said...

Reading these comments and posts, it truly breaks my heart.Its truly heartbreaking to see what adults write and see how hurtful adults can be about a harmful group of kids doing what they love, swimming. To us, swimming is more then just a sport, it's our life. We form friendships that last a lifetime. Going to practice is like going to a home away from home, and Mrs. Silverman is the person I look up to the most. Swimming is more than just a sport to me, it keeps me off the streets, helps me manage my time in a efficient way, I meet people from all over NY at different swim meets, and form friends that last a lifetime and share a common passion. I love Silver Streaks with all my heart and to see it getting slandered is just ludicrous. I assure you, we are a fine group of kids and all we want to do is swim and have fun. Everyone comes to pratcice with a smile on there face and ready to give it there all, no matter how hard pratcice can be. We work hard and are extremely proud of what we have accomplished. It saddens me to know that even the 8 yrs olds are worrying about if they will have a place to pratcice the next day. For the past two years during the summer I swam for GST, both of those years I received the high point trophy for the age group 14 and under and 13 and under. I was apart of the giant meet that helped us stay in division 1. I have always come to pratcice and shown respect to everyone, and respect was given back. I felt comfortable there, like I was apart of the community. Now, when the winter comes and I rejoin with Silver Streaks, all the bonds that I have made in the summer seem to dissipate. I am now looked as a enemy instead of an ally. I don't understand this double standard. Everyone from Silver Streaks is a tax payer of Greenburgh and as members of the community, we should be allowed rights to the COMMUNITY center. At this point in time, all I want is a secure place to swim, with reasonable times (so the little children won't be getting home at 10 o'clock) and reasonable days.
America was founded on choices. The Pilgrims came here in order to have a different religion. We have two candidates whom we elect to be president. There will always be competition in America such as Coke or Pepsi, McDonald's of Burger King. Choices make people happy and they can see variety in the world. Power is distributed and checks and balances are made. Members of the community should have this choice, FAST or Silver Streaks?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Valeria & Sonja - we know you wrote the above blog - and your both on Silverman payroll. Maybe she's financing your drugs Sonja and Valerie helping you pay off your debts - Both of you are hypocritical -
Hope you both go to jail.

Black and white strips will look great on both of you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

January 2008 - Hopeton White & William Bland contracts not renewed.

Feiner - A new direction for the Community Center - appoints Valerie Whitehead (no education, experience secretary) Community out rage follows

Now the V.Whitehead appointment (7 months later) has come home to roost - An Investigation for "thief of service" paying no show nephews/felons at CC for jobs they never showed to work.

Paul - What's the new direction now?-prosecute your appointment VW-
Leave the management of Town departments to the educated recreational and parks professionals. The TOG will be a better place.
Anonymous due to necessity-being vendictive is Paul nature along with being saddistic- oops I finally figured out Paul

Anonymous said...

12:00 AM post...
nice try but theres a name..

Anonymous said...

Response to Nikki Miller -- I don't think anyone is arguing with the fact that the children on the Silver Streaks team love to swim...that is great. I'd like to think most children on swim teams love to swim since there is so much practice involved. The point is...that everyone should be paying the same amount of $$ to use the pool.

No one should be exempt of that...the FAST team nor Silver Streaks.

Anonymous said...

I live in unincorporated Greenburgh, and I'm disgusted by the ridiculous behavior of the adults that feel the need to accuse people unjustly. I want to believe that we are intelligent human beings and we don't buy into nasty comments and rumors. Fast and Silver streaks I'm sure can come to an agreement, so they can co exist in harmony. There are so many more pressing issues than the one of name calling and immature behavior. What are we all showing our children. There is enough pool time for all. Issues should be has everyone been fed in our community that needs to be?

Anonymous said...

Does everyone pay the same amount?

I think the tax payers pick up plenty. $35 a class, $294 per swimmer for 9-10 months.

Everyone contributes if they are making good use of facilities , being repectful, and helping others. Kindness goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

The Theodore D. Young Community Center, Department of Community Resources seeks to improve the quality of life for Greenburgh residents by providing a variety of educational, cultural, recreational, and social activities and services. The original mission of the Center set forth 30 years ago continues today with the goal of lessening problems caused by poverty, racism, and cultural deprivation.

Being part of the Silverstreaks swim family for 6 years and 14 year resident of the Town of Greenburgh. Proud to tell you that Silverstreaks swim team meets and over-exceeds the Mission statement of this Community Center. For example, to provide a professional and warm, caring environment for children in our community to build physical and emotional development. Ms. Silverman, as head coach, for 34 years, has not wavered in this commitment to children of all backgrounds in our community. Silverstreak swimmers come and stay, because of what she represents. Why? Integrity, Honesty, and commitment to the sport. She should be commended for over 3 decades of consistently supporting parents in building up the next generation of leaders.

There is a priceless mission of Silverstreaks to provide a medium, by which children can come together and form lifelong friendships. As a taxpayer, it’s good to know I chose to live in a community, with town council members supporting those who live by the mission statement.

Silver Streaks Parents said...

The Silver Streaks parents want to share some information with the community.

As parents of Silver Streaks swimmers, our primary goal is for our kids to swim. We want our children to swim at the Theodore B. Young Community Center in a positive environment. We also want to continue our relationship with the Community Center for years to come.

The Silver Streaks Swim Team was started by Alan and Gay Silverman in 1973. We were the first swim team to swim at the Center. We have been sharing the pool with FAST since about 1978, 30 years. Silver Streaks is a nonprofit, 501C corporation. Mrs. Silverman receives no monetary compensation as the head coach of the team. The assistant coaches, however, are paid for their time.

This year the fee for each swimmer is $1,850.00. Silver Streaks currently has 52 swimmers. 83% of our swimmers reside in the Town of Greenburgh and 33% of our swimmers are minorities. This year, Silver Streaks has awarded $17,875.00 in scholarships, $13,475.00 of which will go to Greenburgh residents. This year's numbers are consistent with prior years.

The money collected from the swimmers is allocated as follows: $25,000.00 - pool rental, $25,000.00 - salaries for assistant coaches, $25,000.00 - US Swimming and meet entry fees; and the remainder for t-shirts, trophies and parties.

We have a contract to swim at the Center. According to this contract, our pool times are as follows: exclusive use of the pool Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm; use of 3 lanes Saturdays from 7:30 am to 9:30 am; and exclusive use of the pool on Saturdays from 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm. The fee Silver Streaks is to pay for this use of the pool is approximately $25,000.00 for the year (September - June). According to our contract, our fee is calculated at the end of each month based on the number of hours used. The Center is to issue a bill to Silver Streaks at the end of each month. As of October 20, 2008, we have not yet received a bill for our September use of the pool. However, Silver Streaks has a credit of $1,200.00, which was overpaid by Silver Streaks for its pool use last year.

We would like to reach out to FAST parents and begin working with FAST parents directly in order to create a more positive and welcoming environment for all of our children. We would like to meet directly with FAST parents, at a time and place that is mutually convenient to answer any questions about Silver Streaks or just to get to know each other. Is such a meeting of any interest to FAST parents?

The Silver Streaks Parents

Anonymous said...

We aren't slandering the Silver Streaks. We are complaining about a situation that is becoming untenable for all involved. The water exercise class has lost its usual Thursday evening slot this year. Now that there are swim lessons being given on Tuesday and Thursday evenings the lap lanes are always crowded. Gay Silverman has been looking out for her team. She has shown no concern for the community of swimmers that exists outside of her team.

No one is stealing from the Silver Streaks in the women's locker room. We might be picking up stuff that has been left on the floor and turning it into the office but that's all. And none of us are giving the team members dirty looks.

If you feel so unwelcome perhaps it's time to find another place to swim. We work too and we work pretty hard. We look forward to swimming at the end of our workdays. But, I have yet to hear anyone in the women's locker room praising Gay Silverman or her tactics as a coach. She has barged in when the adults were changing on the assumption that we were team members. She never gives us any extra time to finish our laps even if her team is late in getting in. In fact, she is downright rude to us. She doesn't say hello, nothing.

I've heard plenty of complaints about Gay Silverman and the timing of the practices. I don't have the money to join a Y or a sports club. And I haven't seen as much dirt in this pool, or as much chlorine either, as I've seen in the Ardsley Middle School pool or my outdoor pool. We can usually see to the bottom and to the end.

If this pool is so terribly maintained then by all means, find another team or another place to swim.

Anonymous said...


Whereas you have entered into an agreement to rent space at the Theodore D. Young Community Center, and as a good responsible taxpayer, conscientious of the financial burden placed on our valued town residents, this letter serves to remind you that you owe $20,000.00 in rental fees which was duly noted from last January. Simply put, we taxpayers don’t know where you get the chutzpa from, to go to a town board meeting and play victim while shamelessly pandering to temporary commissioner, Valerie Whitehead. Add to the fact that you put down the efforts of the entire staff, who work hard every day to put out the best programs possible plus contrary to your comment, do indeed welcome everyone who enters through the center’s doors.

Now let’s figure this out:

A Valerie desperately needs money.
+ B You haven’t paid your bill.
= C: More shady wrongdoings!

Can you smell kickback?

It’s highly suspect when the department head praises the efforts of a space renter who is ten months behind in her rental fees. The temp lady should have initiated some efforts to collect money that was due to the town!

Paul, please investigate this.

PS. Gay, I’m sending you some kneepads. They should be useful at your next town board meeting.

Anonymous said...


Say it isn't so! Somebody pinch me!! The same Whitehead who is under police investigation, for hiring 5 people including her felon nephew to work no show jobs? These five people claimed to work 50 hours a week as part timers when the building was closed for evening programs. Huh? The same Whitehead who cried like a baby to the TDY Advisory Board? The same Whitehead who fired the Pool Director? The same Whitehead who never finished college? The same Whitehead who never supervised ANY f/t staff before being given a DOUBLE SALARY raise when appointed Interim Commissioner? The same Whitehead who gave away a $10,000 free day to Playland for the TDY Summer Camp, yep you read it right, that one day trip cost taxpayers $10,000. The same Whitehead who failed to inform the public about the Exposure Program? The same Whitehead whom staff protested her appointment in the Journal News? The same Whitehead who didn't start ONE new program since her appointment? The same Whitehead who has bought staff morale to its lowest levels? The same Whitehead who hasn't brought in one extra dime in grants? The same Whitehead who got the job without anyone else being considered? The same Whitehead who needs Councilwoman Brown to hold her hand to do her job? The same Whitehead who disappeared for 5 days when the Greenburgh Police entered the building?

Nooooo it can't be! I want to wake up from this bad dream!
Now before any of the folks she has taken care of respond, tell me one item here that isn't true. JUST ONE! This will be a long wait.

Greenburgh ranked number one for the poorest promotion standards in the USA!!!