Friday, September 05, 2008


I hope you will consider attending this meeting –and joining the Greenburgh Climate Action Task Force. With your help we can make a big difference.




First meeting Monday September 15 at 7:30 PM

Greenburgh Town Hall

Join the Greenburgh Climate Action Task Force to help Greenburgh continue to be a leader in the energy conservation.

There is an urgent need to reduce the use of coal, oil and gas due to the impact on the climate and global warming. Costs of fossil fuels are spiraling and impacting all sectors of the economy. A transition to clean energy will create new, sustainable jobs in Greenburgh.

If you are motivated to be part of a task force that will act to save energy, please come to this meeting. We are looking for representatives from government, business, educational institutions, faith communities and the environmental community.

What will the Climate Action Task Force do?

* develop an action plan to save energy and reduce carbon emissions in Greenburgh

* create a sustainability program for conservation and efficiency,

* increase the use of renewable energy like wind, solar and geothermal

* promote land use and transportation alternatives

* inventory total greenhouse gas emissions, recommend a reduction goal and a

strategy to achieve the goal

For more information:

Contact the Town of Greenburgh Energy Conservation office: 993-1649

Allegra Dengler

Deann Cartwright


Anonymous said...

A cute idea, like many others, but baseline municipal services are still lacking. Climate action and pet events are nice, but not when the supervisor chooses not to supervise the primary services required of a township. As a result, the potential benefits of optional services just appear to serve as a smokescreen to distract from significant management problems.

Anonymous said...

The services in our town are excellent. Better than neighboring towns.

Anonymous said...

Why is political hack denglar on the payroll?

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:01 -
The taxes in our Town are high. Higher than neighboring towns. Way, way higher.
Things in Greenburgh aren't better, just feiner.

town's bad news getting worse said...

You think taxes are high now, just wait -- the news is going to get much much worse before it gets any better.

With Tropical Storm Hanna about to impact our area, it's well worth noting that the Town has done nothing to deal with the flooding problems on East Hartsdale Avenue. What's more, all of the stores that were flooded on EHA in April 2007 are now suing the Town. Why, you ask?

Because the Town was warned two years before, in writing, that the drains in that area were clogged with debris and that even if cleared, they couldn't withstand a major storm -- yet the Town did nothing.

On top of that, Feiner issued a press release right before the storm hit congratulating himself for getting the Town's storm drains cleared, but it turns out they weren't.

After the floods on EHA, Feiner and the town board pretended to take action by voting for a flooding study to recommend what should be done to prevent another flood. Again, another press release was issued in which town government congratulated itself.

Guess what? The study was never issued or it issued, it was never made public. So much for our tax dollars at work.

So now the stores on EHA want millions of dollars in compensation from the Town for its negligence.

But that's not all folks, much more bad news is coming as a result of Feiner's mismanagement... and it aint pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the DPW will be out cleaning sewer grates today. All the ones on my street are covered in weeds and debris. Why isn't there a regular street-sweeping schedule?

Anonymous said...

9:42 is correct. The town was warned by the HPPD as the HPPD did a video surveillance of the pipes running along EHA because there was a continual sewer backup in the office if the HPPD.
The tape of the alarming discovery of tree trunks, missing grates and debris was sent to town hall. There was NO RESPONSE!

Ironically, Feiner and the store owners are trying to place the blame on the HPPD construction.

The HPPD built a new office above ground level in part, due to the constant flooding below and the lack of response by the town. No way in hell did the HPPD contribute to clogged drains pre or post construction. Does anyone think that after spending all of that money trying to alleviate water problems at the Site A garage, the HPPD wasn't diligent in keeping things clear?

There is no flood study because the results do not swing favorably in pointing the finger at the HPPD and it shows negligence on the towns' part.

What more does one need as poof of this?

Putting who's to blame aside, how can the board not produce the study or correct the situation? I'm astonished at the flagrant attempts at deception going on.

do nothing diane said...

and what did juettner do?
oh yes - she was busy sleep walking.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that suddenly Juettner's narcolepsy is an issue?
For more than a decade it was perfectly OK with Supervisor Feiner to work around Juettner's naps. Now that he's being exposed as asleep at the switch the part-timers are suddenly being attacked. Strange, no?
Feiner isn't finer any more - just a political hack with the idea he's entitled to a lifetime sucking at the public teat.

more than just a political hack said...

Feiner's more than just a political hack who thinks he's entitled to hold office for life. He's also got a vicious mean streak in him and when the Fortress Bible decision comes down, we'll see that it was Feiner's illegal behavior in violating federal law that will cost us taxpayers millions of dollars in damages. And because insurance doesn't cover willful violations of federal law, insurance won't cover it. Oh yeah, and that's on top of another double digit tax increase.

Anonymous said...

Take pictures of all the catch basins that are covered with debris this way you have proof that this was the cause of the flooding in your area.
You can call the town over and over again but the only answer from a secretary that's just as bad as her boss telling you that the crews are out working.
This town had better have plenty of insurance,
calling the town and having it on tape with the complaint and answers plus pictures will hold up in any court.
Paul we are fed up with Regula and believe it or not we are fed up with you.
Start thinking about another job when the next election comes arround.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that secretary scares me. I called to ask a simple customer service question - very nicely because I had called previously and she was snotty - and actually she yelled at me!

agreement on juettner said...

so its agreed - juettner must go

Anonymous said...

The preservation of the commons – climate, ozone, freshwater and oceans requires national action and accomplishments: regulations, incentives, technological innovations and promoting some natural modes of living which we have lost in the process of development that has polluted the climates of air and water. Every location is different and somethings cannot be done is some locales that can be done in others.

A meeting is a good start, but this is also a complex matter influencing the resource base of our livelihoods and the energy we used to make livelihoods. Locally managed interventions is a good start.


Anonymous said...

What a waste -- have Denglar attack the weeds on Central Ave. Why doesnt our town care about basic services?

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting last night, and I was outraged. Number one: this program will fail! The Center is not even in favor of it, who will pay for it next year?

Will the "new" commissioner of the CC be in charge of the program??
This program is a joke...the "founder" should sell used cars.. maybe the Town Board could buy a new fleet.

Second: Mr. Feiner, think before you speak! Your comment after the 40 minute Xposure demonstration (by the way, this learning tool had numerous misspelled words...what a joke)getting back to your comment: " maybe a kid from greenburgh can be an obama ?? what did you mean by that? If you were pitching this in edgemont or your neck of the woods, would you have used a different person. You are an idiot.

My 14 year old child could make that program we sat thru last night on his computer. Why does this BS program cost so much...I wonder what the "CEO" drives !!!! I saw him pull out of the lot !!! Not for profit my rear end.

And my last point, on this divided Town. Woodlands HS sings the "black" national anthem before basketball games. Last night you made your residents sit trough a video (produced very well) but did any of you idiots listen to the words in that song? Watch it on the internet and listen to the words. I dont live in fairview. Nor should I be subjected to a video at a town board meeting that says that the Town is a ghetto, or a video that says girls dont have to be "Hoes".

By any chance did you see the majority of the rear of the room exit. It was sickening!!!

This Town is a joke, we are a laughing stock in the County and the State.

P.S. Judy, we are tired of you thanking everyone, you are the Town Clerk....just do your job!!

Anonymous said...

By putting that program at the center is a big slap in the face to the teachers that are trying to teach the children at central 7
What happened ?????
Have their teaching skills gone out the window?
If I were a teacher in that area I would make it my business to strike.
Can this program provide what these teachers have been trying to do for a long time, good citizens and good students?
Boy you don't know how to save money. THis program is a scam ,which has each one of you on the board thinking that this is what the children need.
The video proved nothing.
The little skit presented by a youn lady was practiced over and over again All in all it made no sense.
This outfit is just taking up your time and the monies that will be allotted to them .
The program will do nothing for these children.

Anonymous said...

"Locally managed interventions is a good start." An excellent point, but if the town won't even manage its basic everyday obligations, I question how well it could manage such an important project.

Anonymous said...

I thought the town collected school taxes as a curtesy are you now taking over the school itself as to advising them what has to be taught .
Why don't you as a so called american tell woodlands to stop playing the black national anthem or have you and the ones that participate forgotten That is is AMERICA.

lying like palin? said...

lyrics please to the anthem...