Monday, September 08, 2008


Leonard Jackson Associates is anticipated to provide the Town Board with a briefing re: E Hartsdale Ave flood study at the September 24th Town Board meeting. Copies of the report will be released to the public.


Anonymous said...

What took so long???????
Did Regula direct them as to which way to go.

Anonymous said...

A few days anonymous was complaining that there was no report. Can't anything make anony happy?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

hal samis said...

Read the posting carefully. To me the briefing on September 24 does not rule out that the Town did not have the flood study already in its possession while for how long remains unknown. What the posting only acknowledges is that there will be a briefing.

The kind of openess that is spun after the cat is out of the bag.

Perhaps, Leonard Jackson Associates is also "anticpated" to reduce their fee for delivering the study, something we should wink at, so long after promised. After all, the purpose of the study was to determine the cause of the flooding and the longer the Town was "in the dark", the more it is possible that history could repeat itself. A 100 year flood plain does not mean that it can happen only once in any 100 years.

did feiner park free? said...

curious about something - i saw mr feiner park his car arond 6 pm opposite the closed hsbc bank in "hartsdale village." (closed due to the flood?) he didnt check the parking meter. is this another perk of being in office?

Anonymous said...

Who cares if he didnt put a quarter in the meter. Mabe he forgot?

timmie weinberg calling said...

so its ok for feiner to not feed the meters like everyone else?

have we truly sunk this low in greenburgh?

maybe the long forgotten timmie weinberg was right -feiner sat times thinks he is an emperor not just the supervisor of greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

how many times have you gotten a freebee when you parked at a meter.
Did you ever stop to think there was plenty of time left.

Anonymous said...

The hell with the report have the corrections been made to help the store keepers or will this be another DPW plan shoved under the rug.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Regulas' track record if there is nothing in it for him you can whistle dixie all you want.
We need a new DPW department head and I mean today not tommorrow.

Anonymous said...

If it were a new roof for TDYCC there would be no question about spending the money.
Because it is about an "invisible" maintenance item there will be no money spent.
To figure out whether the Town will budget funds simply ask whether a project will generate a photo op. If so, Feiner and Sheehan will rush to support it with our money.

Anonymous said...

This is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I got a dam ticket, I forgot to put money in the meters. I know dam well that the town idiot, Paul Feiner didnt get a ticket!!!! Just more politics, and perks of being a civil servant

Anonymous said...

Well if your're suffering from dementia why blame the supervisor.
The next time you park see if there is a meter that has more time .
I'm sure that's what the supervisor did not only did he save money but he also saved himself a ticket..

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of the arrogance of "public servants" The Supervisor doesnt feed the meeters. The police speed, even when they are not going to emergencies.

Anonymous said...

If its such a great job why don't you f**ckin run for it.

Anonymous said...

Aaah, 10:40, spoken like a true FOP

Friend of Paul

Anonymous said...

The guy deceives the public for months and months hiding a flood study that we paid for, and you people are squabbling over where he put a dime in a meter?

Why would he? Isn't he above the law?

Anonymous said...

Why does the flood study need to be "released"? Was it being held hostage?
For a group that brags about open government, Paulists and Sheehanigans alike still want the public kept in the dark.
Why aren't the minutes of the Town Board's meetings posted on the website? Why does a citizen who wants to read them have to file a FOIL request?

I pay taxes too said...

Question, Why are all the curbs in Ardsley so pristine and the ones in Greenburgh look terrible ? Don't we pay taxes too ? We have the same DPW.

Paul Feiner said...

Hi. Read the blog comments about me not feeding the meter. Please be advised that I have received a number of tickets over the years from the hartsdale parking meter people and have always paid the fines. I do not want or receive special treatment.

rangel defense? sad said...

so why didnt you feed the meter?
you didnt even check it.
or was it a spanish meter and you didnt have a handy translator from charlie rangel's office nearby?

timmie weinberg may have been right (for once and only once)

hal samis said...

Again, when did the Town first receive the Flood Study?

This is an important question which measures just how "open" the government really is?

Controlling the release date is managing the "news" and an open government is obligated to make known the bad news along with the worse.

The "storm clouds" are gathering over Greenburgh and coming events will not be washed away just by clearing drains.

Anonymous said...

So he didn't feed the meter, Did you check to see if there was more time showing.
How many times did you do the same thing.
Come on we have all done the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The study will show that the DPW has not done their job. Yes the county is also responsible .
This town has a genius as the head of the DPW who refuses to do the right thing for the public.
The flooding did not take place yeaterday this has been going on for some time .
He has been in charge for over thirty years knowing all the street problems and doing nothing.
The town had to spen money to find out what could have been avoided throughout the years and now we have to spend more because of law suits. Regula you gotta go,

do the right thing said...

feiner did not check the meter. that he brazenly did this in open view is unfortunate in the least.

seems rangelism has creeped out of harlem and is alive and well in greenburgh.

paul - admit the error, pay the fine as if you had been caught and apologize - dont hide like palin.

Anonymous said...


I've always wondered why you are so (insert sarcasm) fond of the HPPD. Must have been those tickets! What's interesting is that the fines from the tickets go to the town. The meter revenue goes to the HPPD. I guess you'd rather see the money go to the town, eh? So much so that you'd pay $15 fines to the town instead of 25 cents to the HPPD.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to live in a town that tickets its Town Supervisor when he doesn't put money in a meter. Shows he is honest and does not receive unusual treatment from the cops. Would this happen in Yonkers?

Anonymous said...

6:43, Read the post above yours.
It appears that the blogger is suggesting that Feiner "sticks it" to the parking district because of the tickets.
What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

I hope the parking cops ticket everyone equally. Glad Feiner has been ticketed. No one should be above the law.
Proud to live in a town that treats elected officials no differently than they treat the peasants!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:18 is Feiner's easily recognizable anonymous post. The fact is, though, he treats himself quite differently from the peasants. For example, he's screwing the working class residents of Fulton Park by illegally changing the zoning in their neighborhood for a private developer whose vice president, who lives in Hastings, is a political supporter. But Feiner's own neighborhood won't be affected. That's because he lives in Boulder Ridge, a gated community a million dollar condos.

Anonymous said...


This is a wakeup call. It is time for the rest of the town to become villages -- apparently that is the only way to obtain zoning rule protections.

real clear politics said...

become a village.... fat chance.
edgemont has talked about this for 50 years..... and edgemont (unlike the hamlet of hartsdale) is a real place. the state is opposed to further municipal fragmentation.

to stop westhab, fulton park has to target two board members and tell them if they vote to approve westhab they will work night and day to defeat them in 2009 and 2011

sheehan should be at the top of their list.

but since feiner is already voting for westhab, and four votes will carry the day, two board members have to be targeted.

Anonymous said...

The residents cannot hide their feelings anymore.
We have been screwed for too long and I think now is the time to put everything on the table you want to continue as board members or do we get rid of you comes election.

juettner is a paulista said...

juettner has been screwing the town for years (nearly two decades)

watch for her to vote to approve westhab.

fulton park - where are your candidates? money is important but only a candidate gets elected.

Anonymous said...

Well if she is going out she will vote for Westhab.
As for Sheehan I think he will do the right thing for the residents of Fulton.
Now for the two new board members well that remains to be seen. I think that they will also do the right thing for Greenburgh and the residents.
We will have to wait and see.

sheehan revealed said...

really? sheehan said the comprehensive plan would be paid for by the tennis bubble.

the bubble burst.

has sheehan pulled out of the comprehensive plan?

oh, and this is the same sheehan who voted to appeal the bernstein case.

sheehan a friend of unincorporated?
yeah - like palin is a friend of polar bears.

Anonymous said...

Sheehan voted with Feiner and Juettner to close the hearing on Fulton Park with numerous questions still outstanding. That's about the most reckless thing he, Feiner and Juettner could have done. Imagine if it were your neighborhood and a neighboring property was being downzoned for a developer and there were lots of unanswered questions. This is why all three, Feiner, Juettner and Sheehan, must be voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

The state is not opposed to further fragementation. It is clear Feiner views unincorpoated Gburgh as the toilet of the town.

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh is still among the best in america, despite the blogger who keeps writing nasty things.
Wonder if Mr or Mrs. or Ms. Blogger spends your entire day thinking of ways to slander Feiner, Sheehan, Juettner, Morgan or Brown?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:55 -- there are an awful lot of people from Fulton Park who are quite angry at the town board right now. And there are quite a few other residents who saw the way the town board treated them who are quite angry too. I don't think they're slandering anyone. They speak the truth.

palinburgh said...

truth of course is an absolute defense to slander.
under current law, its nearly impossible to slander public officials if they are criticized for anything they do connected to their conduct as public officials.

juettner has to be the worst public official in the lower 48.

juettner is our palin. imagine is she opened her mouth!!

Anonymous said...

WESTHAB is not even going to be built in the heart of Fulton Park. The building is located in a commercial area, next to a deli.

Anonymous said...

There are delis all over Town. Many are adjacent to single family homes. It doesnt make it right for the town to change the zoning.

The purchase of a home is one of the most important decisions people make. I would ask people all throughout the town to look in their heart, and ask how they would feel if the town changed the zoning next to their homes.

Anonymous said...

Paul doesnt care. He lives in a gated community. That is his solution to ensure that neighborhoods stay what they are.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Feiner's real solution is to just get himself re-elected.
He long ago gave up his concern for what is right or just - his sole concern is the next set of election results.
Paul Feiner has completed the transition from maverick to master and has no shame about his loss of innocence.
This wouldn't matter, except that he is an elected public official. And, sadly, the only fulltime elected public official in Greenburgh.

juettner must go said...

and juettner is any better?
lets see how dromore plays out.

as for the library - she is the most responsible for this debacle.

adios dj in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Juettner isnt pushing for high density housing in single family neighborhoods. Much more imporatnat than libary issues.

juettner is a taxing mess said...

feiner said he is voting for westhab's proposal to change the zoning
juettner votes in lockstep with feiner
even when she doesnt have to as in the vote to appeal the taxter ridge case

the library is a financial fiasco that will drain the taxpayers for decades thanks to silent do nothing asleep at the wheel diane juettner

Anonymous said...

First of all Paul have you given Regula a pink slip ?????
Now down to the business of today.
If you change the zoning to please the developers of Westhelp I will be asking for a rezoning to allow my home which can very well be made into a three family dwelling.
and above all I had better get it.
If you change the zoning for these liars and not listen to yor Fulton park residents we will all ask for some changes to be made in our own areas.
The people that voted you all in office have spoken so you had better listen.
We won't forget when we get into the booths the next time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read anything in the local newspaper that either Regula was fired or resigned.
What are you waiting for.
Do you want your name to be muddier than it is now.
He has got to go.
Bt the way someone wrote about the noose arround your neck was getting tighter well in the next few weeks it will get worse.
You can't say that you were not warned.
Paul you have never managed this town to the fullest and now your department heads are uncontrollable.