Thursday, September 11, 2008


The Greenburgh Town Board will be knocking on doors this Sunday beginning at 6 PM to encourage students to sign up for the innovative Xposure after school program. Town Board members will join Xposure Director Raymond Thomas –outreaching to members of the community. Supervisor Paul Feiner, Town Councilmembers Sonja Brown, Diana Juettner, Kevin Morgan, Francis Sheehan will meet at the center at 6 PM on Sunday to start the door to door efforts.

If your child (K-8th grader) is interested in signing up for the program and if you reside in unincorporated Greenburgh – please attend the open house at the Theodore Young Community Center this coming Monday, September 15th beginning at 6 PM. The Community Center is located on Manhattan Ave.

The town received a grant of $167,500 dollars from the Lanza Family Foundation to start the program.


Would you like to see your k-8th grader open up their own savings account with the money they earn from learning?

Would you like to see your k-8th grader invest in the stock market and become a part owner of some fortune five hundred companies?

Would you like to see your k-8th grader eat better?

…learn about science…computers…work ethics and be a host on kidsTV and KidsRadio?

If yes, come to our Xposure Foundation after school program open house.

MONDAY 6 PM Theodore Young Community Center

Theodore Young Community Center

Xposure Foundation, Inc

Executive Director Raymond Thomas 347 418 6534


Anonymous said...

Paul were you paid to learn I know that I wasn't.
Why should anyone get money to learn what is their right .
This only happens in black areas. It started in Brooklyn and now you have the b---s to have the program here in Greenburgh.

Will this also be initiated in the Fairview school system.
What a disgrave.
We are starting to follow a communistic way of teaching our children.
Have you forgotten that this is America.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother to knock at my door.
With all the school taxes that are paid here in Greenburgh to have a good school system you have the nerve to bring in this ridiculous program just for the Fairview community.
Why are their children in need of more assistance than they receive at the center at this moment.
Could it be possible that they are
so stupid that the hours spent in school plus the after school programs do not help them at all.
If that's the case you should make every school a boces so this way they will be schooled into some sort of a trade.

Anonymous said...

This is embarassing. We should be ashamed that we are wasting everyone's time with this.

Anonymous said...

Instead of initiating this program why is it that you do not have in place a random drug test for all employees ,dept heads right down the line.
There is one for the DPW I think but not for the dept. Heads.
I think anyone that works for the town should be tested.
They work arround our homes ,town hall but above all with children.
I'm surprised that this was never done here in this 80th town on the list of best places to live.

These workers whether office or outside workers know more about each and everyone of us than the crooks that come from elsewhere to do us harm.
Paul ,many of the large companies have this program in play.
I do think that you are too far behind times for not putting this in play.
No one should be excluded.
This goes for the board members also.
I'm not saying or accusing anyone of a drug problem but if the program in in use for some employees it should be there for all including department heads.
How can people safeguard our children,take care of town problems if they are abusing in one form or the other.
Paul wake up this problem is wide spread throughout every town
Stop it from going foward here in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Instead of initiating this program why is it that you do not have in place a random drug test for all employees ,dept heads right down the line.
There is one for the DPW I think but not for the dept. Heads.
I think anyone that works for the town should be tested.
They work arround our homes ,town hall but above all with children.
I'm surprised that this was never done here in this 80th town on the list of best places to live.

These workers whether office or outside workers know more about each and everyone of us than the crooks that come from elsewhere to do us harm.
Paul ,many of the large companies have this program in play.
I do think that you are too far behind times for not putting this in play.
No one should be excluded.
This goes for the board members also.
I'm not saying or accusing anyone of a drug problem but if the program in in use for some employees it should be there for all including department heads.
How can people safeguard our children,take care of town problems if they are abusing in one form or the other.
Paul wake up this problem is wide spread throughout every town
Stop it from going foward here in Greenburgh.

feiner is lying about this program said...

This program is a fraud! What's worse, the town failed to disclose that the $167,500 Lanza grant is a matching grant, which means that the town has to pony up $167,500 in new spending to pay for its share. And because no public comment was permitted before the town board voted to accept the grant, no one could even ask what the town's contribution would be.

Feiner, Sheehan and Juettner must be voted out of office for failing to disclose these critical facts, for failing to do their due diligence about this program, and for failing to protect unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers.

With a 22% tax increase this year, and a threatened 22% tax increase next year, who the hell do Feiner, Juettner and Sheehan think they're kidding? Go door to door? Unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers would be well advised to slam the door in their faces!

Anonymous said...

Paul is it true that the town has to us some of its fund that traditionally went to the existing after school prgram to run this Exposure Program. The amount of money that center is bleeding the tax payers of is a sin. Also, what about the part-time worker who was paid over $4,000 for over 100 hours of work in a two week period? who signed off on this the interim commissioner, the comptroller. Where are the checks and balances. When is the board going to hire a new commissioner for that center?

Anonymous said...

Will current afterschool workers will loose there jobs?

Foe of Felon Feiner said...

Please abide by the law and post a proper and legally correct notice of this roving public meeting. The Dromore Road fiasco is minor compared with this. How dare the Town Board hold an illegal and improper meeting (which is EXACTLY what this is if, as implied, a majority Board members participate).
Respect for the law should prevent you from some of the antics you've imposed - but you believe you are above the law.
When the Fortress Bible suit is settled I hope the judge will hold you personally liable for the damages. Perhaps a brief sojourn in a state prison will reawaken your lost respect for the law.

plundered by fairview said...

"To tax the community for the advantage of a class is not protection: it is plunder."

Benjamin Disraeli

xposure rips off poor children said...

Unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers who want to see how irresponsible Feiner is for supporting the Xposure program should check out the program's website and see how it offers underprivileged children the opportunity to purchase $350 Iphones for $1,000 and $50 backbacks for $250.

Yes, that's right. This program, for which Greenburgh's town government has agreed to fork over $167,500 of our tax dollars -- a fact no one ever mentioned -- is in the business of ripping off the very families they pretend to be helping.

Juettner and Sheehan ran for office four years ago with the promise that they would be an independent check on Feiner's irrational behavior. By supporting Feiner's agreement to do this program, all three should be voted out of office.

Who in their right mind could support such nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Who's doors are you knocking on?

Why don't you head on over to one of the private k-8 schools and speak to those principals? There are hundreds of Greenburgh kids in those schools many poor! Whoops! wrong color.

not just stupid, but illegal said...

This is obviously a social service program for underprivileged children. So why are only unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers being asked to pay for it? What law provides for that? Finneran only deals with recreation. If this program is truly beneficial (and it sounds like an ripoff), it should be paid for by the entire town and open to all of the town's underprivileged children.

Anonymous said...

Did you give us a chance to vote on this stupid expenditure.
You know I think most of the residents are tired of you spending our money which you say is going to the poor people of Greenburgh.
Where are these people???????
I think that we in the other areas are getting poorer and poorer every day.
We don't complain to you or make demands of you.
You have shown too much favoritism to the Fairview community and constanly stating that they are poor that they figured if the boss says so then we are poor.
The center has tAKEN A LOT OF MONEY and they have not shown you or the board where it went.
You gave out jobs there for the summer paying them mega bucks. WHY?
You have people employed at the center with criminal records and you have the nerve to allow them to work with children even if they are the same color.
Drug testing is necessary for all employees of this town from the department heads down to the clerks and sweepers.
Paul I think that you will be reaching the end of your stay here in Greenburgh,
I voted for you each and every time but this will change the next time arround.
You have done too much damage to the middle class that many of us has lost respect for you.
I'ts your own doing.
We don't ask for anything we just want to be trearted fairly.
You have taken from us and given to Fairview . We do not owe Fairview ,you or the rest of the board anything.
We pay taxes with the worse services.
We get tax bills that are incorrect because someone is too stupid to follow the news or the newspapers.
Waterm bill that will be just as bad as our electric and heating bills.
Come on listen to the middle class who voted you in office this time arround.but be assured of one thing the next time arround will be different.

Anonymous said...


" ... the $167,500 Lanza grant is a matching grant, which means that the town has to pony up $167,500 in new spending to pay for its share"?


If this is true, then the Fairview school district should pay the matching funds, certainly not the municipality. If the town has a spare $167,500 sitting around, then it should be used for catching up on neglected municipal services, not for optional academic-like activities.

Anonymous said...

Will you be going door-to-door in the Edgemont and Pocantico sections of Unincorporated Greenburgh?

Anonymous said...

Yes this true its a matching grant which means that your taxes are going up and he is introducing in programs. Paul must GO!!!

palin? said...

and who will replace him?

thats what he is banking on. and its not a bank that will fail anytime soon.

you gotta palin?

palin? said...

and who will replace him?

thats what he is banking on. and its not a bank that will fail anytime soon.

you gotta palin?

What a waste!! said...

Wow! The Town's CSEA workers can't even get a decent wage and now we find out Feiner authorizes $167,500 in new spending for a phony after school program that no one asked for and no one needs. I can't believe Feiner kept this a secret. I also can't believe Sheehan would post a resolution on this $167,500 grant without ever mentioning that we taxpayers would have to come up with a matching $167,500.

Feiner, Sheehan and Juettner: ALL THREE MUST GO.

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh school district scores are the pits. I like this program. Can help our children. Friends in Brooklyn are raving about Xposure!

Anonymous said...

Xposure is not b__s. Xposure is not babysitting. Xposure can be a valuable tool for our youth. Our school district should embrace it.

Anonymous said...

"Our school district should embrace it."

Okay, so let THE SCHOOL DISTRICT embrace it and pay the matching funds, NOT THE TOWNSHIP.

money can't buy everything said...

6:40 & 6:50 (same dude?)

Save it. $25,000 per child (highest in the entire COUNTRY)spent to educate badly in GC including all kinds of wacky programs. Millions on programs and facilities at TDYCC including camps and transportation. Louis Bronze Children's Center (rent free).Police Camp.

Enough. There is nothing more money can by to help these kids. It's just wasteful.
There should be better parenting and less money spent.

Anonymous said...

"Greenburgh school district scores are the pits."

Actually, this is not true. Greenburgh Central's scores are above average. It's just that the neighboring school districts' scores are all exceptionally above average, so it makes GC seem low in comparison.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT a program that should be funded at all, much less funded by unincorporated Greenburgh. No way, no how. Feiner, tell us more about your friends in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Xposure can be a valuable tool for our youth.

Who is OUR youth? Not my kids? Not my neighbors kids? Why has OUR YOUTH become the youth of Fairview only?

I'm sick to death of hearing about "our youth" when in FACT everyone knows exactly which youths are being referenced.

This town should hand its head in shame.

Anonymous said...

7:08. This is true. The scores are not completely in the toilet. Ranked #33 in Westchester.
Do you think we're getting our 25K per kid worth?

snookered. said...

Folks! Don't be fooled. Almost every dime in grant money is matched with your tax dollars! The board would like you to think otherwise. It's all "YAY! look at this super grant we got! Free money! WHEE!" when they snooker the matching balance out of your pockets.

I've asked this question before & never got an answer. Anyone?
If grant money is obtained using the demographics of only a small part of the towns population(Fairview), doesn't this naturally preclude "outsiders" from having this grant money better used to serve them? In other words, the money can only be used for programs for the underprivileged, poor, black, minority,..........?

Yes? No?

Anonymous said...

But since when did unincorporated Greenburgh become responsible for providing Greenburgh Central with supplemental educational services? Towns aren't supposed to be doing that. That's the business of schools. That was one of the reasons why the state comptroller said the Town's giveway of tax dollars to the Valhalla School District was illegal. But this Xposure deal seems to smell to high heaven.

hal samis said...

Mr. Feiner,

This is your blog. Residents know you read it.

A reasonable question was asked regarding whether this grant requires matching funds from the Town?

If it is true, the Town Board deserves the criticism it will certainly receive.

If it is not true then I will respond to the anonymous posters.

However, this should be resolved forthwith.

And, again it is your blog. You really don't want to be using your blog to fool people.

Anonymous said...

You are confused. Look deep into Feiners post. Look past the words filled with rainbows, puppies and all things warm & fuzzy.

This is not a Greenburgh Central program. This is a Greenburgh youth program. Greenburgh youth=Greenburgh Central=Fairview and a slathering of non-Fairview, dotted with a bunch of illegals living here.
Got it? I completely understand your confusion though.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the school district will be providing busing to the TDYCC for this program?

Anonymous said...

Xposure is awesome! Opportunities for children. Opportunities for advancement for our kids. My understanding is that Xposure will replace the current after school program. Give it a try. Hopefully, this program will improve state test scores.

Anonymous said...

If school district did their job we wouldn't have this argument.

Anonymous said...

Poor Samis, why is he the last to know? Yes, Hal, the Lanza grant requires a matching sum from the town in the amount of $167,500. And no, Hal, Feiner doesn't want to admit it. See Anon at 8:14 for Feiner's non-response to your inquiry. And to think you worked for this moron's reelection.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 8:14. Edgemont's state scores don't need any improvement, thank you very much. So why is Edgemont paying for this ridiculous program? If Edgemont has to pay, so should the rest of the town, including the villages!!! Who does Feiner think he's kidding with this BS? And the rest of the town board is just as guilty.

Anonymous said...

8:14! LMAO! Feiner? That you?

remember 2009 said...

juettner and sheehan - wrong for greenburgh.
in fact - terrible for greenburgh.

two different yutes said...

8:14. Edgemont doesn't need to improve test scores. Hartsdale doesn't either. Hratsdale folks over oodles of cash to GC and then pays tuitions to properly educate thier youth.
So I ask, what "youth" are you referring too?

yutes said...

correction "Hartsdale"

Anonymous said...

Can we add Sonja to that list? I want to know who was arrested carrying drugs, driving her car!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Who's going to run against these butt heads on the board next election? Paul's expiration date is long over.

Anonymous said...

The children will be shuttled from various GC schools to the community center in air conditioned buses, equipped with snacks, drinks, entertainment, a monitor, a tutor to help with home work and a registered RN.

Because the Xposure program might run late, there will be dinner on hand to go along with OT pay for those very qualified Xposure instructors.

Anonymous said...

i need to understand, there is a grant for 167K. Is this for one year? For 3 or 4 after school teachers? No wonder they are chomping at the bit for these jobs. And the town would have to match?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the town has to match. That's the part that Feiner failed to disclose when he announced this grant. And all the other board members went along with this fraud on the town. Sheehan is especially to blame. He posted the resolution accepting the grant on the town's website, but didn't post the Lanza grant agreement itself. So he (along with Feiner) knowingly concealed the true facts from the taxpayers.

These are very bad people.

The CSEA said...

Paul and the Entire Town Board, You claim you're broke and you go ahead and do this. We wish we knew this at the last Town Board Meeting, you would have ended your meeting at 2:00A.M.. Bring your pillows to the next one.

Anonymous said...

Paul why is it that you and the town board constantly lie when it comes to all the aid given to the black children in Fairview.
It is a crime because you rape us for no good reason.
We educate our children in the schools and above all at home WHY can't these people do the same.
Instead they go to work, collect welfare,live free,have free babysitting,free police protection and what ever else they can get off of the state and the government.
One can see that you cannot be fair with your decision makings.
Because of this you and the other
members of the board have to go.
We need a government that is for all the peoples not only for the blacks.
Maybe we should look at some other towns government how and who runs them.
By the way not only do we pay school taxes but we have to match a grant given for a program to equal a grant given for the children of Fairview.
Why not let the users pay??????


Oh Duh! Wake up people. Right here on this blog, there in black & white are numerous allocations of matching grant money. Yes, you paid for this! I just pulled this from the June archives:

Greenburgh participates in a CDBG program and is eligible for grants. At last nights Town Board meeting the Town Board unanimously voted to support the following grant requests. Although we are endorsing almost $900,000 worth of grants the county (which administers the program) will be screening each of these applications and will probably approve between $100,000 and $200,000 of the applications. A more detailed summary of the grants that we are seeking can be found on the town web site: (look for resolutions, Town Board meeting). My personal favorites: the Solar Hot Water system, the expansion of the after school program (we’re going to model the expansion on a very successful program that exists in Brooklyn) and the initiative to revitalize Manhattan Ave. I thought that the Commissioner of Planning, Thomas Madden, did a first class job highlighting ways that the town can enhance the look of one of the most important streets in our town – Manhattan Ave.

Installation of a Solar Hot Water System at the Theodore D. Young Community Center

Requested CDBG Funds: $168,750 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $56,250 (cash)

Expansion of the After-school Program at the Theodore D. Young Community Center

Requested CDBG Funds: $120,000 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $300,000 (in-kind)

($40,000 per year) ($100,000 per year)

Department of Community Development & Conservation Manhattan Avenue Street Revitalization

Requested CDBG Funds: $250,000 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $50,000 (cash)

Greenburgh Parks and Recreation – Yosemite Park Play Equipment Replacement

Requested CDBG Funds: $150,000 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $50,000 (cash)

Greenburgh Police Department – Travis Hill Park Crime Suppression Video System

Requested CDBG Funds: $40,500 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $13,500 (in-kind)

Greenburgh Police Department – Youth and Senior Programs

Requested CDBG Funds: $31,500 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $13,500 (in-kind)

($10,500 per year) ($4,500 per year)

Town of Greenburgh – Mentoring and Leadership Development Program

Requested CDBG Funds: $67,500 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $22,500 (in-kind)

($22,500 per year) ($7,500 per year)

Greenburgh Public Library – Young Adult Technology Engagement Plan

Requested CDBG Funds: $16,680 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $5,560 (cash)

Greenburgh Nutrition Program – Double - Deck Convection Oven

Requested CDBG Funds: $9,150 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $3,050 (cash)

Theodore D. Young Community Center – 16 Passenger Bus

Requested CDBG Funds: $30,277 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $10,092 (cash)

Check out what I highlighted in bold. hahaha! Snookered! This "amazing" after-school program was already in the works!!!
AND Looks like CDBG grant money is being used as well along with the Lanza's and YOURS. This may answer blogger 7:34's question.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information.
We the taxpayers are getting hit twice for things being done in Fairview.
They receive so many grants that we have to match which means that they are getting everything scott free.
These are the hidden expenditures that have been hidden from the taxpayers.
What happened to all the grant money that the center received for renovations that never took place???
You not only budgetted the money in our yearly taxes but we also had to match the sum.
So this means that Fairview gets to live free all the way arround.
They want and we all pay.
Why has this board been so dishonest with the residents????
Sure we all want the best of everything but we are getting nothing .
This grant thing has got to stop since you have given all to Fairview.
There are other areas in Greenburgh or have you forgotten those that foolishly put you all in office.
Cora is now talking about a grant for about $400,000.00 to have some affordable housing built in Greenburgh by the housing Authority does this mean that we have to pay half.
The housing authority has used the police department for private protection this too was done by a grant for the first year we paid half but then the grant for the next three years fell thru that's what they say so they received police protection at our expense.
WHen are they paying us back??????
Paul these programs have got to stop.
In my world rape is a crime not matter how and when it is committed.
You and the board have committed a crime against all the residents of Greenburgh.
You are all a big disappointment and above all a disgrace.
Sheehan said of someone using bad language at a town meeting was uncalled for well I have to tell you the words that that gentleman used were nothing. Your're lucky that I was at home because with my bronx language they would have taken me away to jail.
You all deserve to be bad mouthed at these meeting.
We have got to show our teeth now because you have been crapping all over us for many years.

Inquirer Confirms Town Pays Half!! said...

The Scarsdale Inquirer today confirmed what Feiner and the rest of the town board failed to disclose -- that the $167,500 Lanza grant was a matching grant for which the town's unincorporated area taxpayers must pony up another $167,500.

Today's Inquirer also points out that this new spending violates the town's prohibition -- at a time of a 22% tax hike for this year and for next -- against any new spending and new hiring.

On top of that, the Inquirer confirms that the Xposure program is ripping off poor kids by charging them $1,000 for a $350 iPhone and $250 for a $30 backpack.

Francis Sheehan is quoted as calling the Xposure program "one of the best things that ever came to the town." If Sheehan weren't up for re-election next year, he should be recalled for making a comment like that -- and for lying to the public about its costs.

Feiner himself should be turned out of office next year for promoting this joke of a program at our expense.

And Samis, who bellyaches about a $3,000 contract for a curator for a sculpture garden in Hartsdale, why so silent? You of all people should be outraged by this charade. Have you been fooled or just "gooljarred."

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that Samis is a little tired of fighting for us and then to be ridiculed by some people that he is not a property owner.
He has done great things for Greenburgh and I am sure that he will not be silent on this grant business.
What we need is unity to fight the system.
If we want new representation we have to stick together to do so.
Thanks to the inquirer for bring out other points of interest.
Boy how dumb can we be thinking that grants were a give away.
The boards' dishonesty should be rewarded by voting them out.

budget reality said...

ok greenburgh - which door?

number 1 - 5% budget cut = 30-50 jobs eliminated - still means 10% tax increase

number 2 - no changes in 2008 budget = 17% tax increase

number 3 - 5% increase - say hello to our good friend 21-22% tax increase.

this lesson is free - the taxes have to be paid.

white middle class said...

Paul, Your little game of playing Robin Hood is flawed. You're not robbing the rich to feed the poor. You're robbing one color middle class to feed another color middle class.

You can no longer hide behind that do-gooder image that you try to project. We see and hear you loud & clear.

PS. Robin Hood was nothing but a thief looking to make a name for himself. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Warning to town board members: Before you go door to door promoting the Xposure program, you'd better make sure you've done your homework on who these people really are. If you think you're embarrassed now, having lied to the taxpayers about how much this will cost, just wait. There's more to come and it isn't pretty.

hal samis said...

Again, to anonymous bloggers who want to criticize Samis (me).

Samis is known for a pretty sharp online pen and writing skills including precise vocabulary. In both applications, I choose words carefully. Thus, I resent the implication that I have been surprised or not done my homework.

The post I wrote yesterday @7;49 was to get the answer from the Town Supervisor, the proper authority; to let him respond to anonymous postings made before mine. I invite you to read my post again to consider whether you want to withdraw your conclusion that I am in the dark.

As most of you know, Education/Schools are not topics that I follow since I never had a child in Greenburgh schools. My interests in Greenburgh are varied if not eclectic. Not paying taxes either and has given my freedom to choose my concerns (without the influence of affecting my wallet) which seems to bother some anonymous bloggers on my choice of how I spend my free time and Greenburgh "hours".

The Library and real estate issues have, so far, been my major pursuits.

The $4,500 for the sculpture curator and artists (and the $65,000 for the "Arts Council" -- 1person) are limited efforts but meaningful in the sense that while the Town Board is faced with the possibility of considerable employee dismissals that they would still be considering such frou-frou as this. In any case, they did the right thing and tabled it.

Since my library expansion examination will soon end, I shall have that time to look into other matters and you might have noticed that I have been testing the waters for other issues. Mr. Blog historian will probably be able to similarly locate my posting of a few months ago in which I asked for direction as to what should be looked into.
I got no takers then.

This after-school issue caught my eye because I was annoyed by the time stolen from the Town Board meeting to mount this show and, the consequence being that there was no time for public comment, 3 or 5 minute. And what was really the eye-opener was when after the presentation, Sheehan stole further time from the meeting to read the roster of who's who in Greenburgh education and had been invited to attend the show. What made me wince was how educators could be so stupid as to think that they were being saluted by this recognition when what was really being paraded in public was "You jerks, you run school systems and your pupils not only don't know how to read, write or add: but also the typical Central 7student doesn't know how to buy stocks or open a savings account. Lucky we have this after-school program to compensate for what you fail to provide". And perhaps, if the teachers and administrators did't get that they were being humiliated in public, perhaps they are to blame for low test scores.

For the record, the Lanza Foundation does provide non-matching grants, i.e. the three months of cybermobile service and some Sunday library hours.
And, as far as I know, the famous State and Federal grants to the library do not require matching funds. So, the presumption that everyone should know that matching money is required needs more tolerance -- which is why I asked the Supervisor, who posted the topic and who conducted the Town Board meeting which included the after school program dog and pony show, should be the one to explain or justify what is involved. You might view it as my generous gesture to allow him to use his own blog to 'fess up.

I agree that the cost to the Town should not have been concealed and that while the Town Board claims to be seeking input from residents, the Town Board's reluctance to point out that this was not "free" would certainly make residents want to reconsider whether this program is something that the Town should be involved with. I have a greater tolerance for free than for those which cost.

Furthermore, at a time when the CSEA employees have not received their 2008 increases (which were included in the budget), it is no time to argue that the Town's funding for this after school program was similarly already in the budget.

So the bottom line is not that I have been fooled or been silent (unless you forgot my posting about this program on another topic) but that I won't play the fool by wading into the middle of an issue before I do my homework. And, in the areas of education/schools, this means beginning at the beginning for me, a parent with child in his junior year in college; this makes it even less likely that analyzing after school programs is going to push my hot button.

So, if your comments were your version of inflicting the "Pepsi Challenge", you need to sweeten the stakes.

Anonymous said...

I can only think of two reasons why Paul spends our money on all of this crazy stuff.
1) white guilt.
2) he's really AF.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hal!

AF? said...

AF? is this palinspeak?

now, why would you second guess paul?

lipstick on a pig said...

I beleive AF=African American.

Anonymous said...

I'm I reading this right?: 300K!!!!

Expansion of the After-school Program at the Theodore D. Young Community Center

Requested CDBG Funds: $120,000 Matching Town Funds Proposed: $300,000 (in-kind)

($40,000 per year) ($100,000 per year)


If the Inquirer says we pony up a matching 167K, What is this 300K above for?

"just say no" said...

Valerie Whitehead is quoted as saying the center's after-school program budget sill fund $150,000 and the equipment budget will fund $17,550. Of course, if you look at the TDYCC budget for 2008, none of these funds are allocated, which means this will all have to come from new tax dollars.

What's worse is that it's now becoming clear that the town board did no due diligence on the Xposure program or its personnel. Parents of children who might be interested in the program would be well advised to "just say no."

Paul Feiner said...

This is an e mail I sent to Nancy Taddiken, superintendent of the Edgemont Schools.
Please be advised that the Xposure after school program is open to Edgemont students. The after school program, run five days a week, is designed for K-8th graders. Students will meet at the Theodore Young Community Center (a place that many students use for various activities already—such as swimming) Monday thru Friday from about 3-6.

Students (even kindergartener’s) will be paid for their participation (about $2 a week) and will actually invest in the stock market, learn about banking, investing, etc..

For more info call Ray Thomas at 347 418 6534.

I encourage you to advise parents of this program. We received a grant of more than $167,000 from former Scarsdale resident Pat Lanza –who is involved in the Lanza Family Foundation.


PS: Please advise PTA Presidents of the program as well.

Paul Feiner said...

The match that everyone is talking about is what we have always spent on after school programs.

Not good enough. said...

How nice of you Paul! What about the other 1800 kids in Unincorporated Greenburgh who don't live in Edgemont or don't attend GC? How will you get the message to them?

What "match" are you talking about? 167K? 300K? 300+167K?

Anonymous said...

There is no line item in the TDYCC budget for "after school programs." Where is this taxpayer money coming from?

Don't WASTE my time said...

Please Do NOT knock on my door. I have a "DO NOT TRESPASS" sign posted along with a " No Solicitation " sign Posted.

warning: stay away from xposure said...

Greenburgh residents should not have anything to do with this program. There are unanswered questions about the program and its founder. There is no resume posted on Xposure's website for its founder. There may be good reason for that. Xposure has only been in business since May 2007 and has spent very little of its money -- only $66,000 -- on its "tax exempt purpose" which is providing educational services to low income children. It also paid $21,000 to a "consultant" who lives on Murray Hill Road in Scarsdale. But the real question is who is the founder of Xposure and why is Greenburgh doing business with him?
Again, residents are urged to stay away - and if town board members knock on your door, ask them what due diligence they did.

more about that "consultant" said...

That "consultant" that Xposure paid the $21,000 to is listed has having the same address as Pat Lanza, who donated the $167,000. If Ms. Lanza, who is one of Feiner's biggest contributors, is so well off, and she is, why is there an entity at her address receiving $21,000 in consulting fees???

There is something highly suspicious about this entire enterprise.


Anonymous said...

Feiner says Ms. Lanza no longer lives in Scarsdale. If that's so, why did Xposure pay a consultant living at her address in Scarsdale $21,000. Who exactly is living at that address?

residents beware said...

The consultant that got the $21,000 is listed as "E Cubed Consulting, Inc." It was formed in 2006 and had an address at that time as 35 West 90th St., Apartment 1E in Manhattan. Now the address is Ms.Lanza's former home on Murray Hill Rd. in Scarsdale. What gives? Whose apartment in Manhattan was that?

There's something very fishy going on here. Again, residents please for your own sake, and your children's sake, please stay away from Xposure and any town board members trying to get you to pay money to sign up for it.

The plot thickens said...

Looks like the owner of E Cubed Consulting is also the "executive director of the Lanza Foundation."

So why did Xposure pay the person who owns E Cubed Consulting, who is also the executive director of the Lanza Foundation, the sum of $21,000 for that $167,500 grant from the Lanza family? Was this a personal commission for also getting the Town of Greenburgh to pony up another $167,500, for a grand total of $335,000?

Was it a way to get the Lanza Foundation (and the Town) to look the other way when it came to looking into the background of Xposure and its founder?

Feiner has a lot of explaining to do. And he sure can't get away with saying that the matching money is coming from funds already being spent. This program is supposed to run from October to June 2009. Money for January through June 2009 hasn't even been allocated yet. So who is Feiner trying to kid here?

Loves a good plot said...

I'll join in on this fun:

Eric Eitel’s Experience
Executive Director
The Lanza Family Foundation
(Non-Profit; Philanthropy industry)

September 2006 — Present (2 years)

E Cubed Consulting, Inc. (Sole Proprietorship)
(Sole Proprietorship; Myself Only; Non-Profit Organization Management industry)

August 2004 — Present (4 years 1 month)

Providing consulting services to non-profit organizations looking to strengthen their major gift fundraising team and practices and train development staff.

Private individual philanthropy coaching.

sells real estate too! said...

12116 97TH AVE
11419-1321 347-418-6534

Raymond L. ThomasLicensed Real Estate AgentBP Vance Real Estate, Inc. 212-534-4444 x30 or

DAMN! Uses the same phone # for both!

Don't kid us, Paul said...

Paul, You tell the Edgemont superintendant that the Xposure program is open to edgemont students.

Who do you think that you are kidding. To say that the program is open to all is a fraud. Edgemont children do not need Xposure and you know that they won't participate.

You say that the TDYCC is open to everybody, but how many people who don't live in Fairview use it. Very very few.

Be honest and say that these programs are for the Fairview residents. Be honest and say that you feel that the Fairview community has greater needs. Be honest and say that you feel that the rest of unincorporated Greenburgh should pay for these needs.

We won't appreciate it but at least you won't be playing games with us.

Concentrate on cutting expenses instead of making new ones. There are many programs at TDYCC that can be cut.

Anonymous said...

Ah! 7:55 is a voice of reason.

He can't admit this for obvious reasons. He knows it's wrong. I'm beginning to think some big mouth in the Fairview community has the goods on him.

Regardless, I'm going to sit here and watch this blog thread as it has become like a train wreck that I can not turn away from.

I have set out my snacks.

Anonymous said...

Some of you naaaaaaaahsayers are wacko's. You object to anything and everything that is good. SICKO, as Michael Moore would suggest.
Xposure is great. The Lanza Family Foundations donation is generous.
Find a legitimate fight to fight.

Anonymous said...

I think the consulting firm and the Lanza Foundation should be investigated by the Attorney Generals office.
As you say something smells and if it is so it should be exposed.
Who was this Lanza family??

Anonymous said...

The Town should not be in the education business. Plain and simple. This will lead to yes, another lawsuit. And the Town should not be in business with any Foundation that doesnt spend very much money on its charitable purposes, but what it does, spends about 1/3 to s consulting company that happens to have the same address as a major sponser.

Anonymous said...


Xposure appears to have minimal experience in this area, if you look at their IRS filings. AS to Lanza, if they are so great, why do they want money back from Xposure. I dont understand.

beware: xposure is a fraud said...

Sadly, there may be much more to be learned about Raymond L. Thomas than the fact that he's also a real estate broker.

Based on public records, we know that Xposure has been in existence only since May 2007, that it's collected about $400,000 in grants, that it appears to have spent only $66,000 in "program service expenses," that it sells on its website a $350 iPhone for $1,000 and a $30 backpack for $250 and that it appears to have given the head of the Lanza Foundation a $21,000 kickback. There's no accounting for more than 50% of the money it's raised.

Based on public documents that town officials could just as easily have checked as the public can, Xposure has all the earmarks of a fraud.

But there's much more to be learned about Thomas himself which is why it's so important right now that no town tax dollars should go to Xposure, no town residents should enroll their children with Xposure, and no town residents should entrust their children at any time with Xposure.

The public can deal with Feiner, Sheehan, Brown and the other town board members, and their collective gross negligence in this matter, at a future date when all the facts are on the table.

Anonymous said...

Tha Lanza Foundation does many good deeds. It seems like someone involved smells though. It would be a damn shame if the Lanza family gets dragged through the mud because of a possible "bad apple"involved in the foundation.

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove lives! Destroy reputations via innuendo, misrepresentations, lies. You bloggers should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that smells are people who are soooooooo jealous of a good program that Feiner is involved in that they can't wait to tear it apart.

Anonymous said...

that it sells on its website a $350 iPhone for $1,000 and a $30 backpack for $250

Where do you see this?

Anonymous said...

No one is destroying anyones' reputation.
The public wants to know who the administrators of this foundation are.
I for one would like to know who was the Lanza family.
Where were they from.
What was their business.
Does anyone have some amswers.

Anonymous said...

Did the Town even ask for a list of references? Schools where Xposure had done work before.

I think the old TDYCC programs actually made more sense. Like Homweork time. I guess I'm an oldfuddy duddy.

Its just like the town doesnt care that Westhab has only done rehabs before.

Why does Unincorporate Greenburgh have to always be the guniuea pig????

Anonymous said...

check out web site. watch the WABC News testimonial.

Anonymous said...

Xposure is new. So is Obama. Both rock!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to see where Xposure is selling kids the $350 iPhone for $1,000, go to Xposure's "fun finance store." Here's the link:

According to the WABC TV video, all the money for Xposure has come from the Lanza Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of people get "taken" by con men. If Lanza did, it is sad, not a disgrace. But once the Town and Lanze know, and dont back out, then it is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Yep. You can buy an iphone for $1000. Yep.

Anonymous said...

How is it that residents were able to figure this out, but Feiner and the other idiots on the town board could not?

Anonymous said...

Don't call town bd members idiots. Idiots are people who don't accept change. Don't you want to educate our youth? Don't you want students to get smarter?
Don't you get upset when people send their children to Maria Regina to get a better education?

Anonymous said...

Oh please! The town knows it! They just think that WE'RE all IDOITS!

I can blame them. We look like idiots.
All of this blah, blah, blah on the blog, at town hall......they just sit there, stare at us & do whatever they please.

Anonymous said...

Maria Regina is a good school. It's also expensive. If parents had confidence in Greenburgh schools they would educate their children here, not privately.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Raymond L. Thomas of Xposure is the same Raymond L. Thomas who used to live in Hawaii? If so, the Hawaii Department of Consumer Affairs is looking for him. Something about a major fraud involving a children's camp he ran there. Seems he fled the islands back in 2004 with all the money and no one's seen him since.


The people who mismanage Greenburgh housing are fighting better education.
GREENBURGH - Residents of rental apartments run by the town's Housing Authority will have to wait a bit longer to achieve their dreams of home ownership through an authority project.

After 12 years, construction is still pending for six low-cost homes the authority hopes to build on Warren Avenue in the Fairview neighborhood.

The Housing Authority planned to build eight town homes there in 1996, but decided to wait for the state to build a sound barrier and drainage system near Exit 5 of Interstate 287 to reduce noise, fumes and runoff from the highway.

By the time the wall was up, Greenburgh had lost a $360,000 federal housing grant awarded by the county to help build the homes.

Cora Carey, chairwoman of the agency's board of commissioners, said the project faced another delay after neighbors objected to the eight attached homes on a parcel on less than an acre about five years ago.

The Housing Authority had to reapply for state, federal and county funding after reconfiguring plans for six single-family homes in 2005.

With construction prices far higher today than they were more than a decade ago, the authority's acting executive director, Raju Abraham, said the agency reapplied for funds and has since received a $646,000 federal grant to construct the homes.

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh's Raymond Thomas would have had to undergo an ethnicity change - not the same person as the Hawaii Raymond Thomas.
Sorry to disappoint you!
Half truths don't work in Greenburgh.
Xposure rocks!

Anonymous said...

I wish the town management would spend even half as much energy on basic municipal services.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 9:53. How do you know that the Raymond L. Thomas of Xposure is not the same Thomas who ripped off the kids' camp in Hawaii? How do you know the guy in Hawaii has a different "ethnicity"? What did you do to check that out? How can you be so sure? You gotta pic?

Anonymous said...

I get upset when people send thier kids to Maria Regina because they are white and can not go to Woodlands without getting harassed,threatened, treated badly,and be forced to participate in programs that do not encourage diversity. Singing "LIFT EV'RY VOICE AND SING" at the start of basketballs games instead of the "Star Spangled Banner" is also a factor. Why should anyone have to pay to send their child to a private school so not to face racism? For christs sake! They don't have Black history month at Wooodlands, it a black history school! And God help you if you're a mixed child. I know a kid that had to leave because the administrators insisted that she pick a color! "You can not be both black & white. Choose!"


And before anyone goes spouting off, save it. I've had kids in the school district. I've lived it.

Now THIS really upsets me!

And this BS going on with the town and these programs for "the chosen" and the money!

I don't know how ANY of them sleep at night. Both the school board & the town board. Bunch of racist pansies. Not one will stand up for what is right!

I can't believe in this day & age that this town does all that it can to divide.

Barak Obama would be ashamed to live in Unincoporated Greenburgh

Anonymous said...

I find all these reports about Xposure very disturbing. I sure hope the town board reconsiders its plan to know on doors Sunday night about this. A lot of folks won't know about all these unanswered questions.

hal samis said...

"Knock, knock"

'Who's there?'

"Town Board"

'Town Board who'?

Certainly not the "whoo" of a wise owl.

Let me quote from the original Feiner posting.

"Would you like to see your K-8th grader invest in the stock market and be a part owner of some Fortune 500 companies?"

Here's a partial list of well known stocks that your son or daughter could have bought earlier this year.

Bear Stears, Lehman Brothers Holdings, Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual, Citigroup, Wachovia Bank, General Motors, Pfizer, Merck, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, American International Group,
Google, MBIA, Macy's, Mastercard...

There's no greater satisfaction for a parent than discussing the quarterly earnings projections outlook with your kid. And good news mom and dad, not only will these programs keep your kids connected online for more hours, you won't have to drive them around to soccer practice or little league any more.

According to P.T. Barnum,
"You can't get your kids speculating in the stock market early enough in life".

Anyone remember Soupy Sales telling kids to go to their parents pockets and send all those green pieces of paper to their friend, Soupy? How does this strike you? "Tell your K-8th grader that they can get paid to learn". Sure makes a good case for attending public schools that don't pay for attendance. But hey,
do these schools encourage you to buy or sell ludicrously marked up iphones or back packs. "You know kids you can't really participate well in the program without the official Xposure backpack or iphone, available only through..."

And if getting all this super business experience is just what the teacher ordered for your 6 year old, don't go signing up with that con artist Harold Hill and his River City Boys' Band, instead maybe the Town Board can refer parents to other after school programs that offer day trips to Foxwoods or AC. I understand that they've got some really cool video games and free cokes.

Attention Lanza Foundation (the Lanza money comes from L-3 Holdings (kids, take note: nyse symbol LLL), a large defense contractor chaired by Frank Lanza until his untimely death, and attention Town Board: it is always good to get in on the bottom floor before Xposure has an established track record. And, what better recommendation is there then "it was advertised on tv". But be warned...there's competition.

There are other "non-profits" out there competing to educate your children and they too pay money to those who sign up for the program and will even pay for college tuition.

These outfits have been in business for years, are government backed and they offer opportunities to broaden your horizons, free room and board, clothing, generous salaries, life insurance and a good immediate vested medical plan. If you're interested in signing up Greenburgh children in these free programs, please contact:

The United States Army, Air
Force, Navy, Marines...Please specify if you are interested in studying at either the Iraq or the Afghanistan campus.

Graduates of these program may be eligible for affordable housing at 22 Tarrytown Road, Greenburgh.

So whether it's investing in the stock market or investing your children in the armed services,
the Town Board can provide a free program ok, so maybe it's not free like lunch) tailored to fit your family's needs.

So next time you hear the knock at your front door, spread the welcome mat out for whooo? Just testing to see if you've been paying attention, your Town Board.

Hopefully, they'll "knock three times"!

And hopefully, you won't tie a yellow ribbon round that old oak tree, either.

obama and public school said...

obama sends his kids to private school.

Anonymous said...

So the housing authority received a six hundred plus thousand dollars grant from the federal government which means that we the residents have to match this amount.
Let the Fairview community make a match. They are the ones under the guidance of the Black Angel that want these town houses so they should fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing beter than a well-written, well-grounded blogpost from Samis.
Hal, you're dead on target. Again. Sorry I can't use my name, but I can't afford to repair any more vandalism to my home or business.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Feiner promise of no new spending?
I guess the old joke of "How can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips move." applies in Greenburgh even today.
"Watch my lips, no new taxes"
"Watch my lips, no new spending"
Different leaders - same lies.

Anonymous said...

There used to be signs at highway construction sites: Your Tax Dollars at Work.
The TDYCC needs a sign which reads:
Your Tax Dollars at Waste.

p.leavy said...

Good morning.

There are 4,710 children under the age of 18 living in Unincorporated Greenburgh.

Of these 4,710, only 779 live in Fairview. The rest of the 3931 kids are consider non issues. Of the 3931 not living in Fairview, 2162 live in Edgemont, were fortunately, the school district and parents see that the needs of these children are addressed both in and outside of school.

The remaining, unfortunate 1769 kids living in Hartsdale, are completely invisible to all boards(town & school)and any service, enrichment, mentoring, after-school, educational, nutritional and safety program available is taylored to the needs of others.

I met with Paul & Kapica when the DARE program was cut. The former DARE program, criticism aside, was the only program that reached out to the entire student population.

In my meeting there were many mentions of budget cuts. I was told that there just isn't any money, sorry.
I stressed that the program needed to be replaced with something these kids can participate in, as drug awareness is a critical issue for all children, and this very large group of 1769 kids were going to be left with nothing.

After much shuffling of words, pleas, he asked if I and the other concerned parent who was there, could volunteer to create a task force to introduce a replacement program. He said he would see if he could get some grant money.

That was months ago. Haven't heard a word since. Don't ever expect to either. I just added this to my growing list of ignored issues I have and that have gone unanswered.

Boy! I'm getting pretty used to getting the Bums Rush! I used to take it personally but I've come to realize that it's not directed at me! It's directed at my entire community!

Paul, please don't respond to my post. My post was not to spur you on to gyrate me around pointlessly. It was just to inform others.

p. leavy said...

Hal! Love the 12:35 post!
Whoooooooo? Whooooooo?

ed krauss said...


Great question. Well, Mike Bloomberg, who was a Democrat most of his life, is being term limited, and Greenburgh exigently needs a supervisor who can add 2+2 and arrive at 4.

Greenburgh also needs an immediate shot of integrity to overcome the mendacity prevalent whenever the supervisor- as well as his left-hand man( sitting between him and "silent" Diana) Francis Sheehan- speak.Truth in Town Hall, at the elected level, is like hen's teeth.

Greenburgh also needs someone with management, administrative and financial skills in decision-making positions.

Finally, it needs someone who knows what's going other words a hands-on manager.

As far as Sheehan and Juettner, given the Panama Canal hole they've dug themselves into,Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber could fill the bill.

If, however, Bloomberg decides not to take on the "Feiner Machine,"we the people have more than a year to collect petitions for a passive referendum (there's that "dum" again) to opt for a REAL manager, a Town manager to run the day-to-day operation. With a manager in place, even if Feiner wins, he would be limited to just making dumb policy decisions.That too can be molified if the winners of the Tweedle Dumb and Dumber race have any smarts, dumb policy decisions would without question be at a minimum, because Sonja and Kevin will be unyoked from the "heavy hand" of the always "mild mannered" Paul-the-Non-threatening.

If Bloomberg wins, no sweat. He's a $1 a year man. If we are successful with or referendum, and Paul still wins, since he is no longer "manageing 'partner,'" his salary will be reduced to that of the other "equal" board members.The balance will comme out of the operating budget. However, the few bucks it costs will be more than made up in savings from a quantumly more efficiently run town government, and increased productivity from each and every department.

Since the overwhelming majority of those who post on this blog do so in anonymity, I don't know how many unduplcated, net posters ther are. And since a goodly % of them are or have had there eyes open to the "Feiner Flubs," and the (with due credit given to the creator of) Sheehanigans, I would hope all of you, anonymously or otherwise, give your first, opinion to the idea, and more importantly work to get it done.

Feiner, no matter how often and at what screw up cost, still has his avocates.Witness this blog with the exposure of Feiner/Sheehan neglecting to mention the $167,000+ matching funds, still has post-9PM posters defending him. (Sheehan, to my recollection, has none.) Even if we forget about the fairly rock solid allegations against Xposure, the obvious absence of due diligence on the part of the Board (in this case ALL OF THE BOARD) there are still two(if the two are really one) defending him AND an education program they know absolutely zippo about.

(As an aside, it confounds me why anyone would defend an act of incompetence which costs the defender money. Those defending the DEBACLE known as the "Library Construction
' project, where in my calcultions will cost more than the $20,000,000+ that is currently known, and include approximately $3,000,000+ of pure unadulterated WASTE, accuse those who criticize the waste as anti-library, anti-education.)

Back to the task at hand. Feiner has screwed up this town for nearly two decades. Saying he has to go, is step #1, Getting rid of him is the ultimate goal, and words alone on a blog will not do the job.

Please, please think and then let's act. We may not know each other, or we do and don't particularly like each other, but we have a common enemy
and that's all that really matters.

So if I've offended you, or you disagee with some or all of my postions on matters, please keep your eye on the target.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You idiots!! The pay the kids receive is part of the programs employment training component. It is tied to how well the students perform in their jobs as junior tutors or interns. They receive weekly online evaluations in areas such as: being on time, completing assigned tasks, completing homework assignments and Xposure's work/life ethics The 6C's = Commitment, Compromise, Courtesy, Control, Choices, Communication.

Maybe some of you idiots should have learned some of these concepts and values. If you had a program like that you may have done something with your life. If you have this much time to blog nonsense you obviously are unhappy and most of all unproductive. That is probably why you spend all your time spewing negativity.

Bottom line = Get a life!!!

Anonymous said...

There are some really dumb people out there.
The Fun Finance Store is just a mock up at this time. They recently implemented this component and their web programmers are still working on it. The items are simply there to test the functionality of the store. So stupid don't try to use the life savings in your credit card it won't work.
What a bunch of dumb GOOBERS!!

Anonymous said...

HEY STUPID!! The phones and other items are not for sale!! This is a mock up!! duhhhhh

Anonymous said...

1:15 & 1:17
Raymond Thomas? That you?

If it's a mock-up it should be indicated as such at the website. Maybe the programmers are still working on that.

Regardless, there is some pretty fishy stuff going on here with Xposure.

warning to all g'burgh residents said...

This is a warning to all residents of unincorporated Greenburgh. The Xposure program is a fraud. Its promoter, Raymond Thomas, did not post his resume for good reason. Law enforcement is now contacting government agencies in Hawaii, California and upstate New York to see if they can find out more about him and his background.

Anonymous said...

Hey --google raymond thomas --there is a photo of the hawaii thomas. He looks totally different than the Greenburgh xposure Thomas.
Please, don't spread dirty, stinkin, lies to discredit someone who is trying to do some good for the community.

Anonymous said...

Is the blogger who calls himself Ed Krauss the same blogger who once had a printing contract with the town?

Anonymous said...

Does the Town have a resume for Raymond Thomas of Xposure? Couldn't find one for him on the Xposure website. I'm very troubled by all this talk. I'd like to know more about him. Surely the Town has some background information on him, doesn't it?

ed krauss said...

Yes, Paul. You know he did. And you also know it was awarded based on the lowest Bid.UNLIke the Triton bid on the library which was awarded by the town... AKA Paul Feiner.

If the posting is not you, it's from one of your sycophants to whom you fed the information.

Anonymous said...

You racist idiots are a bunch of IDIOTS!! This town needs a program like this to give our kids a chance. Let's face it the program can do no worse than our school system which continues to fail our children. i bet most of you who print this stuff send your kids to private schools.

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:26.
Oh woes is me! Stop your bellyaching! GC has the highest per student spending in the entire country. The best of the best! Give these kids a chance? What more do you what?

Greenburgh Central does fail children in more ways than one. The parents of those kids have failed them too. When are the parents going to assume responsibility for their children's education? When?
Stop looking towards everyone else's charity to make up for something that needs to take place in the home. Guidance, instruction, discipline, encouragement and a higher level of expectation! Stop pointing fingers, placing blame and asking for more.
Either send your kid to a private school, move to a new school district or fix the GC problem which will include getting parents to stop "dumbing down"

Options 1 or two are the easiest as option 3 requires parents to assume responsibility for their childrens education and from what I've seen, that ain't gunna happen.

You may resume your blaming, finger pointing and denial.

Greenburgh Mental said...

*sits down with snacks and drinks to read the chaos*

Anonymous said...

Ed: I posted the question and had a government job. It wasn't Paul who posted the question.

seen in dobbs ferry said...

juettner was spotted at the dobbs ferry festa today looking somewhat bewildered.

feiner and sonya were also there but clearing enjoying themselves.

feiner was sporting a peace now button that seemingly was handed out by a westchester peace group that has been quite anti-israel.

the event was clearly palin free.

it was assumed klondike bar had closed the deal on juettner and sent her packing. if she runs again, she will face incredible opposition as her record is atrocious thanks to both the blog and the work sessions being broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Don't judge a button wearer by the person who gave the button but by the person who wears the button. People who wear buttons may have differing opinions on Israel and world politics. The above comment is just plain STUPID.

Anonymous said...

Well, on the bright side of this matter, Mr. Feiner has now destroyed any possibility for his re-election next year.

Anonymous said...

Mr Feiner has an interesting view of the world. He feels guilty about being white, denies being Jewish and hates the fact he is RICH. So, to compensate for his advantages, he attacks anyone who shares any one of his major sources of angst.
He shamelessly panders to "black" leaders of Fairview who are little better than gangsters.
He wears a "Peace Now" button and views Hezbollah and Hamas as poor misunderstood champions of the downtrodden.
He derides Edgemont's efforts to stand up for responsible government.
How long will Greenburgh allow him to lie, cheat and steal instead of governing?

Anonymous said...

Dear P. Leavy,

Many of the children living in Unincorporated Greenburgh are resident in Ardsley or other school districts besdies Edgemont or GC. The village lines are no the same as the school district lines.

Anonymous said...

Michael Koleser for Town Supervisor, he is the only person not afraid to address the issue.

Anonymous said...

anyone can nominate themselves!

Anonymous said...

Michael is the only person in the town who speaks the truth and is not afraid to stand up to the town board and their sheenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Did Kolesar bother to check out anything re Xposure -- like pull public tax returns?

Anonymous said...

Kolesar doesn't want to be supervisor. He wants to be Town Manager.With all this blog bull about how wonderful he is, it appears the campaign has already begun with Ed Kraus leading the way
as his campaign manager/cheerleader

Anonymous said...

Why is this educational program being run out of TDYCC and not a school? Is it to avoid state requirements that people working in schools be fingerprinted? You can be certain that anyone working with Edgemont or Ardsley school children would be subject to rigorous scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

Both Kolesar and Kraus have publicly stated they think Veterans should be available to Ardsley Village residents even though they dont pay taxes for use of Town parks. I dont think that is fair.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether the Xposure program is good or bad.

I do know that it isn't the business of the Town government to be getting into education or educational programs. Let Lanza give the grant to the schools and let them manage the Xposure program.

Anonymous said...

Town manager my a$&, he cannot manager himself. He has the worst personality of any dept head to date. He has been given free reign to be rude and disrespectful to everyone he comes across.

How long will it be before someone addresses the issue?

Anonymous said...

Dear supervisor I would like to ask one question of you ,,what happened to the open door policy together with open government.
A lot of people were put in jail for many of the same crimes that you and the board has committed.
Yes you do have a license to rape ,steal and above all threaten people because we the people elect you over and over again .
Well I think we needed Taxter park together with the other parks,Fulton Park residents, exposure program.the community center and day care center to give us all a wake up call to set our sights on the next election.
Paul we ran out of time and patience.
We gave you and the board the benefit of the doubt but it seems that we all got screwed.
Next election we will do the the right thing which will be the greatest payback ever.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar may be a rough gentleman but he knows what has happened to Greenburgh throughout the years.
Now he has a job to try to put things back to the way they were many moons age.
It's a hard grind.
We had two bad comptrollers that knew the best way for coverups Nora and Stellato.
Sorry to both of you if I have to mantion your names but you were the worse.
Kolesar has a big job to do and yes we many need someone who speaks the way that he does to run this town.
With Veteran as supervisor the town board meetings were the greatest. Short ,sweet and to the point.
No fights and no questions.
The meetings of today ar hours long just to fool the public that they are doing their diligence as Feiner keeps saying to please the people.
No you are not pleasing any of us.
If Kolesar would run for supervisor I would be the first to work on his campaign.
We need someone that stands up to the wants of all the residents and not a chosen few..

p. leavy said...

Dear Anom 12:08,

I am acutely aware of this.

The 1769 "Hartsdale" kids I refer to does not include the balance of all kids in Unincorporated Greenburgh not living in the Greenville or Fairview communities, regardless of having an Ardsley, White Plains, Tarrytown, Hasting, Elmsford...PO address, regardless of school district boundary. The # is clearly larger.

I do not know the exact #, but the majority of TOV kids in the GC SD have Hartsdale or WP addresses. Since Hartsdale has the overwhelming # of kids in TOV not attend public schools, I referred to them collectively as "Hartsdale" to make my point. I am incorrect in doing so as I do not know the exact # of other TOV kids outside of Hartsdale PO.

Those kids that live in TOV but do not live in the GC SD are lucky enough to have the support of thier SD's, where in the GC SD, if you do not attend the public schools, and the majority do not, the town will not support programs to include them.

Also, ironically there are 3 major private schools in Hartsdale where most of the children who live in TOV/GC SD, go to school.

There is no effort to involve them in "community" services and the one service that was provided by the town to these children has been cut, yet we seen to "find" money for programs that again, serve a fraction of the entire community.

Yes, the program cut effected many other Greenburgh kids, not just Hartsdale or GC and, yes, the town $'s used for the new Xposure program comes from all TOV families and yes, I was seeking a replace program for ALL children affected by the cut.

Please understand that I have limited information as to exact population #'s yet have an understanding of the entire picture.

Anonymous said...

Well since this program is the greatest all school taxes should be lowered because the supervisor and the board are telling us point blank that the schools are not educating our children in the proper manner.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar only stands up for Village residents. He wants villagers to be able to use Veterans without taxation for such.

Anonymous said...

could it be possible that all the schools in black neighborhoods need this program for their children.
From what was stated on the blog this Thomas guy is going after black students alone.
Could it be that the school system throughout stinks only in black neighborhoods or could it be that the same people are waiting for miracles to help them in raising their children.
Smarten up folks he's only out to make a fast buck and our dear Supervisor is helping his cause along.
Paul why not work on a program to lessen the school tax burden of all the residents.
The schools are not doing their job so why should we continue to pay taxes when our children all go to private schools.
We too want the best for our children ,but we do not see you helping us in the same fashion as you do in Fairview.
All one sided Paul the hell with the rest of the town.

Anonymous said...

Getting to Kolesar he is the best thing that has happened here in Greenburgh.
We finally got someone that is not a YES man.
He stands up for what is right and honest.
He found the books in utter turmoil.
The previous people in that position had only one thing in mind that being coverups.
Move this money here and move this money there.
Shifting from one side to another whether it was legal or not.
If you think that you could do a better job than Kolesar knock on Feiners door to express your feelings.
He'll listen since he is part of our failure because of his poor management of certain departments.
Wait the best will be coming to light in the next few months.
Then we will see how Kolesar will be handling some of this mismanagement.Boy will you be surprised.
Honesty is the best policy.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar may not have the best way of explaing problems with milk and honey but he has sure enlighten us of all the wrong ways that a town should not have been run.
He is not a patsey.
He tells it as it is.
What's wrong with that???
we have gotten a snow job for so many years and now when someone is trying to clear the air you seem to resent it.
Well think again we need someone that knows what he is doing and one who is not afraid to stand up for what is right.
Keep up the good work .

Anonymous said...

Kolesar is the right man for the job of Town Supervisor. Good job Paul. You took the liberty of finding a replacement for you. Kolesar shouldn't be Comptroller. He should be Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar is the right man for the job of Town Supervisor. Good job Paul. You took the liberty of finding a replacement for you. Kolesar shouldn't be Comptroller. He should be Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Oh well now with your comment Kolesar now has another person on town board that would like to see him go.
You have given the supervisor food for thought,but Kolesar is the right person to put Greenburgh on the right track.
Let's consentrate on this job as comptroller and try to give him the thanks he deserves for bringing a lot of problems to show us how bad the previous comptrollers did their book keeping .
Coverups after coverups to make certain department heads look good.
Kolesar so far job well done let's hope that this continues without any interuptions.

Anonymous said...


To Supervisor Feiner and the Members of the Town Council:

As there is an official police investigation currently underway regarding Ms. Whitehead, why are my tax dollars subsidizing her salary? As she is alleged to have hired "No-Show" jobs, including her nephew (who is a convicted felon), why is she allowed to remain in that position?

At the very least shouldn't Ms. Whitehead be placed on Administrative Absence until the completion of the investigation?

Does it serve the public interest of tax payers to have her continue in a job like nothing happened? What example does this set for our young people and honest employees who are working their 9-5 jobs everyday? It's apparent that she had much to hide, because when the police entered the building, she ran out and didn't show up until five days later. These actions do not point to innocence. I feel sorry for all the employees of that center who work every day, who are dedicated, and wouldn't dream of being paid for more than one minute for which they worked. She has brought embarrassment and shame to that center. A cover up, or lack of response by Supervisor Feiner is unacceptable. The people of Greenburgh deserve an explanation about the current goings on at the center.

Is our Town Comptroller asleep at his desk while all this is happening?

Anonymous said...

Has the coverup at the center only taken place at this time with this one person.
Listen everyone had their fingers in the pot.
Everyone did what they pleased.
This was one part of town that everything was kept hush hush.
Not only at the center were things being covered up just look at the housing authority with their police protection.The first year was paid because they received a grant but above all the whole town had to pay half.After the first,second third and the fouth year noting was paid and nothing was said or brought to the publics attention.
The more the taxpayers yell the more we will notice that this area has swallowed up all the taxpayers dollars for their ill gains.
Paul why?
To top the cake this area is slated for some refurbishing on Manhattan Ave.
Isn't this great .
The area that pays the taxes along Central Ave. looks like a dump but then again Fairview will get a face lift.
Paul ,WHY do you keep rubbing S--T
into our faces. These expenditures only for the Fairview area have got to stop.
There are so many empty stores along Central Ave that it is starting to get the other store keepers worried.