Monday, September 15, 2008


Hello Supervisor Feiner

I would like you to post my full unedited response below.

I want to personally thank you for your vision and dedication to our communities and the education and well being of our youth. Our country desperately needs more leaders like yourself.
I can no longer sit on the sidelines while cowardly bloggers sit back and try to use swift-boat style fear and intimidation tactics to scare people into thinking that a new and innovative program like Xposure is not needed. And yes I have been fingerprinted by the New York State Department of Education and so will anyone working for my organization. Exactly what are people afraid of? Is it that just maybe our children will become more engaged and interested in learning?
Is it that maybe our children will become financially literate and avoid the pitfalls of no savings and bad credit? Is it that our children will become more prepared for the world of work? Is it that our children will realize they too can become Scientists, Doctors or Engineers? Is it that some of them may become the next Obama? Is it that our children will become successful, productive citizens?

I am a Social Entrepreneur with an accomplished career providing direction and leadership for many non-profit organizations. But before I get to some of my career accomplishments it should be noted by those divisive trouble making curiosity seekers that I received a Top Secret Special Background Investigation security clearance from our nation’s military as a member of the elite U.S. Air Force Airborne Command Post. Specifically my job was to design, maintain, and repair high tech electronic communications equipment directly responsible for our nation’s defense. After honorably serving my country I went to work in corporate America as a communications engineer for Eastman Kodak and Digital Equipment Corp. for 10 years before deciding to take a proactive role in social issues affecting our youth and communities. I was hired by Rutgers University to help rehabilitate adjudicated youth returning to Newark, N.J. communities.
Below are more of my career accomplishments:
• Region Leader - Medgar Evers College - Directed Brooklyn School to Careers Initiative.
• Program Manager - P.A.Y.B.A.C.C. and Providence Malta Prep adjudicated youth programs in Jersey City. The New Jersey Juvenile Justice - Community based programs
• Assistant Director – W.A.Y. (Work Appreciation for Youth) foster care youth development program for The Children’s Village where I developed “The 6C’s”, work ethics employment retention tool, and Co-wrote, “THE WAY TO WORK”, pre-employment workshop series for at-risk youth. I am currently a member of the board of directors for The Children’s Village Institute located in Dobbs Ferry.
CV Institute


Chairman: Kenneth Kirshenbaum
Board members:, Paul Jenkel, Michael Schaenen, Ray Thomas
President and CEO: Jeremy C. Kohomban

The Children’s Village Institute supports the programs and activities of The Children's Village. The Institute executes its mission by identifying and disseminating information on best practices, model programs, workforce training, advocating on behalf of issues to help children and families, conducting fundraising activities, and providing financial and other forms of assistance.

• Sr. Vice President - BP Vance Real Estate on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. I am no longer in Real Estate but many of the great articles I have written can be found in the resources newsletter section of the website.
• Director - B.E. L.L. Afterschool Programs PS. 67 and PS 81 No Child Left Behind SES Provider.

NOTE: A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change = XPOSURE FOUNDATION INC.
In this great capitalist country of ours those same principles can be applied in the world of business.
Fabulous 1 Bedroom w/ Private Balcony and great 25th floor city views in Luxury Full Service Bldg.
Price: $789,000
Broker: Raymond L. Thomas

During my stint in the world of real estate I soon realized my passion for the education and future of our youth called for me to manage the B.E.L.L. After-School programs for Brooklyn’s PS 67 and PS 81 elementary schools. These programs are No Child Left Behind S.E.S. programs designed to raise standardized test scores in Reading, Math and Science.
It is while managing these programs that I felt the need to create something that would address our student’s educational needs in a more holistic way.
That is how XPOSURE FOUNDATION INC. was born.
It is important to me that student be excited about learning. It is important to me that teachers teach lessons that are interesting, engaging and skills rich. It is important to me that parents and schools become true partners in our children’s education.

XPOSURE is not a program, it is a movement whose time has come and can not or will not be stopped by any swift-boat style tactics. Look into my background a little deeper and you will find that I grew up in the Housing Projects of Newark, N.J. where crime such as drug dealing and murder with no exaggeration were the norm. I have been blessed with success and it my duty to give back and to show others how to do the same. I am here to personally let all the cowardly anonymous posters know that fear and intimidation tactics will never deter me or my efforts to provide better opportunities for our nation’s youth. If anything it makes my resolve stronger. I am honored to have an opportunity to serve the great community of Greenburgh!
XPOSURE is not a program, XPOSURE is a MOVEMENT.
“21st Century Results require 21st Century Thinking and 21st Century Tools”

I will later post the phone number of PS 67 Principal Ms. Cheryl Ault. The negative bloggers should contact her about Xposure’s contributions in providing computer and smartboard training for the schools teachers. The trainings are currently being conducted by XPOSURE on Friday’s and Saturday’s (Free of Charge). That is what a true partnership in educating our children looks like.

Below is a letter from Ms. Sadie Silver – Principal of Brooklyn’s PS 28.
Ms. Silver later shared results from the state’s science exam and stated that students who participated in Xposure scored higher on the tests than their peers.

Raymond L. Thomas Jr.
Executive Director/Founder
Xposure Foundation Inc.
“To accomplish great things you must dream as well as act”.

Public School 28
Warren Prep Academy
1001 Herkimer Street
Brooklyn, New York 11233

Phone: (718) 467-2865 Fax: (718) 953-4189
Principal Assistant Principal
Sadie Silver Theresa Lovelace

May 6, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Raymond L. Thomas Jr. was contacted by me, Ms. Silver, principal of Warren Prep Academy, Public School 28K in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to bring the Xposure program to our school. Mr. Thomas worked diligently with our staff to begin recruiting parents and students for the program. There was an overwhelming response from our parents to enroll their children into the program.

Mr. Thomas and his staff recruited 20 students for the program. The programs the Xposure After-School Program offer include Financial Literacy, Technology, and Science. Recently our children began preparing for the NYS Science Exam and all of the Xposure students understand the scientific method thoroughly. Their academic language in science has improved greatly and their motivation towards school has increased because they look forward to attending the Xposure After-School Program.

We are very fond of the Xposure Program and all the programs that support higher order thinking. Their use of technology is preparing our students for the future in ways that are unimaginable. We look forward to working with Mr. Raymond L. Thomas in the future and truly believe that all of the families that participate in the Xposure After-School program will be very well rounded.

Sadie Silver
Ms. Sadie Silver


Anonymous said...

i smell a palin here. the man protests too much. serious questions have been raised about this "movement."

this posting makes me even more leery.

Xposure clearly not vetted said...

Why can't Mr. Thomas post a resume which would tell us when he served in the military, when he was discharged, whether his discharge was honorable, when he worked for Kodak, when he worked for DEC, and when he held all these other jobs he claims to have held?

It's also pretty clear from his posting that Mr. Thomas never went to college and certainly has no college degree. And this is a person who the Town is putting in charge of educating undeprivileged children about finance and the stock market? You've got to be kidding.

Mr. Thomas talks about making sure he and his employees are "fingerprinted" but what assurance does the Town have that he and his colleagues have no criminal records?

He tells us that he's on a board at Children's Village, but he's only on an advisory board there. He's not a member of the Children's Village Board of Trustees. Children's Village posts the bios of its trustees. It does not post the bios of its advisory board members.

He lists Ken Kirschenbaum, the chairman of this advisory board, as a reference. Mr. Kirschenbaum is the accountant who prepared Xposure's highly questionable tax return -- the one that shows Xposure raised $400,000, but spent only $66,000 on children's programs, and then spent another $21,000 paying a very suspicious consulting fee to an executive with the Lanza Foundation.

This posting by Mr. Thomas raises more questions than it answers. These blog postings are not swift boat tactics. These are the legitimate questions that would have been raised had the Town disclosed that taxpayers would be paying for this "movement" as Mr. Thomas calls it. And had the town permitted residents to raise questions about it at a town board meeting before accepting the Lanza grant.

Anonymous said...

The accusations did not come from the air.
Why are you taken this view that they are not true.
Conduct an investigation to see what is and what is not.
The problem here is that because this is a black program you want it to go on without the proper answers to questions that the residents are asking.
We have to match the funds well we deserve an investigation.
If the residents of Fairview want this program make them and them alone pay. It's for their childrens benefit they want it so they have to pay.
If I knew how to write in yiddish I would try because you don't speak our language any longer We ar tired of paying out all this money .
You are committing a crime against all the residents of Greenburgh.
Please do not compare this blog to our next vice president.
It sounds more like the other party candidates.
Paul wake up time is passing and you keep loosing ground each and everyday.

Anonymous said...

STOP the fighting. Think of our children.
Give this program a chance.
Provide parents with a choice of after school opportunities.
Support xposure!

Anonymous said...

The Lanza Foundation should be reported to the Attorney Generals office for a complete investigation.
How can you vote in a program when the residents say NO plus no investigations made to determine if the program is legit.
You say that they grossed $400,000.00 dollars and only spent $66.000.00
Well I too am interested in making this kind of fast money.
And they put gangsters in jail.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mr. Thomas's website still offering to sell $300 iPhones for $1000 and $30 backpacks for $250? Why didn't he address that in his lengthy defense? Is the answer that the kids' parents who'll be asked to shell out the bucks are funding Mr. Thomas' "movement"?

The time has come for the Town to put a hold on this project -- and to do so quickly before any parents are duped into paying $300 to enroll their kid.

Report Xposure to the AG said...

If anyone wants to see the Xposure tax return -- the one that shows it received $400,000, spent only $66,000 on kids' programs, and gave $21,000 back to the exec from Lanza, go to You have to register, but the registration is free, and the information is free. You'll see for yourself that Feiner and his cronies should have looked at themselves.

And then, when you've taken a look, complain to the Charities Bureau of the New York State Attorney General. No way should the Town be giving town taxpayer dollars to this organization.

Anonymous said...

Please place Thomass credentials on the website.
Your judgement counts for didley swat.
Boy Paul here is another Regula who you claim walks on water and parts the seas.
This Thomas seems like a more than perfect person IN YOUR EYES Alone.
Pray tell will you be coming up with more false gods before your term has ended.
It seems to me that you already feel that you all lost the election and you want to give it to the residents so we are left with a more than heavy tax load.

pimp my town said...

mr thomas - you cannot fool all the people all the time.

unless you post a FAQ and provide detailed answers to questions about xposure's income and expenses and relationship to the lanza foundation, you will possibly be seen for what is sometimes known as a poverty pimp.

xposure only formed in may 2007 said...

From the New York State Secretary of State website:


Selected Entity Status Information Current Entity Name: XPOSURE FOUNDATION INC.
Initial DOS Filing Date: MAY 14, 2007
County: QUEENS
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE

Greenburgh citizen said...

Mr. Thomas,

It is unfortunate that you have come under fire here. This has detracted from the real issue at hand. Personally, I don't care about you, your program, credentials or lack there of.

You point out and make it clear that Xposure is a conjoined venture with other public schools. Fine. The Town of Greenburgh is not in the education business. Period.

Also made clear is that Xposure is an advantageous tool for the TRULY underprivileged children, children where services are lacking. No problem. Despite what some people here in Greenburgh would like you to believe, Greenburgh is not Bed-Sty. Not even close.

I'm sure the Supervisor would be happy to open up our books and show you just how generous the tax payers are to the "underprivileged" of Greenburgh. You will be impressed at the millions of dollars that go towards the betterment & enrichment of children deemed "underprivileged". There is a wealth of programs & services in place.

If you sit down with the Greenburgh Central BOE, I'm confidant that you will see the same. As other bloggers have pointed out, we vote to increase our school budgets each year despite roughly 80% of the children in the district attending private schools and agree to spend over 25K per child to education "our youth" who attend GC. No other school district or town, anywhere, can boast about the amount of effort and money that goes towards providing our youth education or opportunities here in Greenburgh.

So, the problem here is that we are facing a financial crisis. We are broke. We are facing double digit tax increases and the loss of services that effect us all.

We simply can not afford this program and it is simply not needed here.

Since I will assume that you have good intentions, why would you take the money of a struggling town, for a program that is a duplication of efforts already in place, for a population of youths that does not fit the demographics or psychographics of the programs intended target?

You should be embarrassed to look to waste the money of the taxpayers for something that is best served in areas we're it is REALLY needed and were money, and opportunities for enrichment of youth, is truly lacking.

Another blogger used the term "dumbing down" and honestly, that's exactly what this town does to its youths. We are not impoverished! While we certainly do have underprivileged children here, Greenburgh does not rank high up on the list of those truly in need. While our SD needs improvements, throwing more tax dollars for more programs is not practical or the solution.

Sorry that you have been dragged through the dirt here but you only have Paul to blame. He refuses to listen to all of the taxpayers and he has taken advantage of our generosity and commitment to better our youths by his misguided interpretations of who & how that is to be accomplished.

I wish you well on your endeavors but sadly, I can not support Xposure here in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh must really be an affluent community. It can piss away $335,000 on something that is unproven, run by a mysterious director, with a questionable balance sheet, all at a time when there is a fiscal crisis in the unincorporated section. By the way the villages are still partof this town, and when the fit hits the sham they won't be able to duck.

Why are there so many blanks in this "movement?" Why is this not a shool district function? How naive are the five elected members of the board? On second thought, that's a dumb question and I apologize. After all we'er still not finished paying for their absentee management approach to the library.

What else will they huck up? Will Greenburgh be the very first of the 100 best places to live to file for Chapter 11 protection? Not even the "shadow" knows.

It's may not be too late. Xposure can still be EX-posed.

outrageous prices said...

so go back to bed stuy and push your $1000 iphones.

for those without an iphone - the original price was $600 - which was quickly cut to $400

the latest iphone goes for about $200.

greenburgh citizen is right - we cannot afford this movement.

more weirdness from xposure said...

now this is weird - is thomas posting his own social security number? if this is really a corporation, why isnt he posting its tax (employer) id number?
if he posts his ss#, what else will he post?

12116 97TH AVE
Asset Amount (available with data download)
Income Amount (available with data download)
Form 990 Revenue Amount (available with data download)
Employer Identification Number
(nine digit number assigned by the IRS to identify a company) (available with data download)
In Care Of Name
(the officer, director, etc. to whose attention any correspondence should be directed) RAYMOND L THOMAS-PRES-158-66-4863

Shoo troll said...

Dear Raymond Thomas Troll:

I wish you would stop the character assassination of Mr. Thomas, the constant references to overpriced merchandise and such, as your rantings make you sound an ass.

I an dead against this Xposure program but you're starting to make those who oppose it look bad and give the real kooks (Paul) a reason to stick it to the opponents even more.


what obama must do said...

i agree - xposure is a hoax.

now what should obama do?
call for charlie the rangler to resign from congress.

thats real change.

Anonymous said...

Stop the name calling! Stop the slander!
Stop the libel!

slick said...

why is xposure unable to answer probing questions? voters are not fooled by a slick website. juettner, the so called educator on the town board may be, but she was never too slick.

hal samis said...

From an expert in communication, let me say that this Xposure response does indeed raise questions. Even allowing for the puffery and numerous job titles held for short periods, Mr. Thomas' explanation not only raises more questions but also is troublesome in that the author, Mr. Thomas or committee, does not seem to understand how people present themselves to the world. Certainly a single "sold" real estate listing is not indicative of success in brokerage. The point here is that the Xposure program, perhaps to differentiate itself from competing programs, seems to want to give 8 year olds a sense of the business world and personal finance. Yet Mr. Thomas does not convey any reason to believe the he himself has grasped the nuances.

While I am prepared to give some latitude in letting the Community Center run itself, I would remind readers that there are bigger fish to fry in Greenburgh and even though $700,000 has caught the attention of bloggers, at its beginning the $20 million Library expansion did not.

And, while this "issue" reigns, the little matter of the coming budget/tax increase continues to be shunted to the sidelines.

Penny wise and pound foolish come to mind.

But to be honest, while I am not commenting here on the merits or deficiencies of the Town Supervisor, I question the sanity of Mr. Thomas having written:

"Our country desperately needs more leaders like yourself (Feiner)."

This may appear to him to be the dawning of the age of sucking up to but in my vision Mr. Thomas is all aquarius.

samis for vp! said...

our country desperately needs leaders like hal samis.

dump biden - samis for vp!

caveat emptor said...

xposure has not responded to anything.

to the contrary, this whole movement looks shady.
buyers beware!

Anonymous said...

turnout tonight at the open house was enormous. People love Xposure! Unless, they don't have kids.

Anonymous said...

This is a ripoff of the kids and their parents. If the town board won't respond to the legitimate questions raised about the program and its founder, the only alternative taxpayers will have is to ask the Attorney General to investigate Xposure, to ask the Westchester DA to investigate whether there were improper payoffs, and to ask the State Comptroller to stop the town from using town taxpayer dollars to fund a school program.

Anonymous said...

If that's what has to be done let's go for it.
Feiner is trying to put us in a deeper hole

Anonymous said...

"The Town of Greenburgh is not in the education business. Period."

The existence of the program is not an issue for me. But it is highly inappropriate, and perhaps unlawful, for the township to provide the matching funds. If the school districts are interested, fine, that's at their professional discretion. There will likely be a lawsuit if an academic program is paid for using town funds.

Anonymous said...

Psychiatrists find these blog posts interesting and revealing. Why would anyone devote so much time making up allegations against someone he or she doesn't know.
Can anonymous provide me if info on your childhood?
Have you lost a job in the past 16 months?
Did you have any medical illnesses recently?

Anonymous said...

Read it. Know it before you speak.

D. The Department shall be divided into the following divisions under the control and direction of the Commissioner: (1) The Division of Recreation and Cultural Affairs, which shall develop and administer Town-wide programs serving the recreational and cultural needs of Town residents.
(2) The Division of Social Services, which shall affirmatively address the social and educational needs of Town residents by providing, directly or through agreement with the county or New York State, counseling, tutorial programs and whatever other related services the Commissioner deems necessary and appropriate to alleviate the effects of poverty and cultural deprivation and to promote individual improvement and self-sufficiency.

Anonymous said...

If the Town code says this is supposed to be a town-wide program, then why isn't it being paid for town-wide?

Anonymous said...

What is Greenburgh "Division of Social Services"?
I'm I reading this wrong? Is it part of parks & rec? If so, does that mean "commissioner" means Gerry Byrne?

Anonymous said...

I came, I saw and I love the program and it's concept. I have two children and I enrolled both of them. I was a little skeptical but a lot of questions were answered with the great presentation Mr. Thomas gave.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that this Thomas looks to implement his program in all black neighborhoods.
Is it because he gets fools like us white folks to pay into his scheme.
Paul have you too lost your marbles.
It seems that you can't see further than your nose.
Start going after the school system here in Greenburgh since your plan is saying that the children are not being educated properly.

TOTAL BS said...

Day 1. Lesson 1, Chapter 1:

Hello kiddies! Today we're going to talk about the collapse of Lehamn Brothers, bankruptcy and what's happening in the financial markets and how it effects us.

Many of the parents living here have lost their jobs. The Town of Greenburgh is raising their taxes too. Since they may not be able to afford to pay thier mortgages, pay taxes or feed thier children. We will construct lesson 1 around these issues.

Lesson 2: We will learn about the phenomena of how you all are still able to participate in the frivolous program, despite the looming financial ruin of many families living in Greenburgh. Now don't worry your little heads about this. These problems don't effect you or your families. We always have money for you folks.

Lesson 3: Yes, yes, we know that there is other programs like ours that are taught in the hundreds of schools, like say, STOCK-TRAK, but ours is way better. Way, way better.

Lesson 4)Titled "Why but the cow if the milk is for free"

When to see know you're making a financial mistake. We will use our little town Greenburgh, as a example and discuss home buying here and review where this would be a wise investment. Disclosing income or earning enough income and owning your home may just not be the way to go. One must first look at the value the freebies your town supplies, that others pay for, and determine if it's a bad investment.
You'll be very surprised at the outcome of this analysis! It defies all logic and goes against the standard rules of home owning as the single wisest invest one could ever make! Fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Dear 7:30,

Where do ou live? How are your children getting to this program after school? How are they getting home?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Thomas has very poor writing skills.

He should better educate himself before attempting to educate our youth.

Anonymous said...

All this furor over an afterschool program. it truly amazes me. this guy must be doing something right I read the letter from the principal at PS 28 in Brooklyn. It seems if our schools were doing there job this would be routine. just my opinion

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting last night and I was impressed. My daughter will be attending.

Anonymous said...

What are you people talking about.
ACTING Commissioner Valerie Whitehead doesn't have the proper credentials for her position.

She is totally out of her league. What a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Hey DoDo your children are going to get there the way they always have. if you are going to comment at least say something.

Anonymous said...

Well you had better be prepared to pay another expense for transportation.
You see Feiner didn't look into the matter thoroughly.
Do you think he has some ties with this Thomas fellow.
He seems to be pushing real hard but he seems to forget we don't want it and further more we don't have the money to follow his lead.
Feiner you are out to get the residents of Greenburgh one way or another.
But remember we will win comes election.
We have to pay higher taxes but for sure you and the board will be looking in instead of out comes election time.
It may not bother you that you would be loosing your job but I do think it will bother your family as it has happened to mine yesterday.
How many more residents our in the same boat but do you care.NO
But thanks will be in order when election time comes arround and ballots have the names of Feiner,Sheehan and Juettner.
Pay back is sweet..

Anonymous said...

I am getting sick of reading all this BS. I thought i would be able to get some real info from this space but this blog has turned into a place for angry idiots.

Anonymous said...

Again some idiot with political aspirations. Stop lying. you didn't lose your job. You must be a republican operative. You dope.

Anonymous said...

The only people who post here are enemies of feiner. He will be elected again. He is trying to do something for this community you dumb a_____.

Don't let a few blog dogs influence the masses.

Anonymous said...

That Cora Carey is an idiot. She fashions herself as some sort of Al Sharton, the only similarities they share are they are both fat, black and ugly as hell. She is out for self not the community she is supposed to represent.

luv this blog said...

The only people who post here are enemies of feiner.

Any you are........?

Anonymous said...

I just found out that that Childrens Village Institute Thomas is on is a decision making body. they are a separate board responsible for fiscal matters. just doing my homework.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cora Carey is a dope who was fired from her job as a Principal.

Anonymous said...

Cora carey is your typical angry black woman. She should get a life. is she running for office? she needs to run on a treadmill.

Anonymous said...

I liked Mr. Thomas'presentation. I spoke to him afterwards and he was very genuine about helping our children. I am going to give him and xposure a chance and from the large turnout i think others will.

Anonymous said...

I read the journals new sarticle on the program. all the publicity this program is receiving is great for feiner.

Anonymous said...

I hear that River City needs instruments for a boy's band.

Anonymous said...

For Feiner, it's not about the children at all, it's all about the publicity he gets in the Journal News. What a shame!