Saturday, September 06, 2008

work session agenda tuesday--open gov forum with bob freeman wed

Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board

Tuesday– September 9, 2008

(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

2:00p.m. Agenda Review

2:30p.m. Greenburgh Nature Center – Bird Aviary

2:45p.m. Requested Moratorium on Antenna Application Approvals

3:15p.m. Xposure Program Update

3:30p.m. Executive Session - Personnel

4:30p.m. 27 Main Street Corp. – Dobbs Ferry

4:45p.m. Court Issues

5:30p.m. Adjourn

7:30p.m. Reconvene – Comptroller’s Project List – Lee F. Jackson Conference Rm.

REMINDER: Bob Freeman (FOIL Law) will hold a public forum at Town Hall on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

East Hartsdale Farmers Market Live Outdoor Music Series – Performances to Date

September 13th – Jonathan Flaks, 10:00am to 12:00noon and

Al Frankel, 12:00noon to 2:00pm

September 20th – Tara Pavone – Music of the Beatles, Carole King and Broadway, 10:00am to 12:00noon

and The Blues Mothers. 12:30pm to 1:30pm

October 11th – Ceasar Cantori

October 18th – Musician to be confirmed

We are looking for more jazz artists! Please contact Judith Beville, Town Clerk at: 993-1500

Upcoming Work Session

September 16, 2008 – Work Session

House calls / Community Outreach Meetings:

September 7, 2008 – About 5:30PM – Intersection of Melissa Drive and Secor Road after the 9/11 memorial at Richard Presser Park


Disgruntled said...

What a shame none of the items listed here will be available to ordinary cablevision subscribers. Beginning Monday one must have a digital cable box to view the now misnamed "public access" channels in Greenburgh.
So much for open government.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to cable-choice with Verizon? That was approved a year or two ago, no? The only choice my street still has is Cablevision.

more sheehanigans said...

another false note played by sheehanigans

the self proclaimed master of it all failed greenburgh once again with his empty promises

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting last night, and I was outraged. Number one: this program will fail! The Center is not even in favor of it, who will pay for it next year?

Will the "new" commissioner of the CC be in charge of the program??
This program is a joke...the "founder" should sell used cars.. maybe the Town Board could buy a new fleet.

Second: Mr. Feiner, think before you speak! Your comment after the 40 minute Xposure demonstration (by the way, this learning tool had numerous misspelled words...what a joke)getting back to your comment: " maybe a kid from greenburgh can be an obama ?? what did you mean by that? If you were pitching this in edgemont or your neck of the woods, would you have used a different person. You are an idiot.

My 14 year old child could make that program we sat thru last night on his computer. Why does this BS program cost so much...I wonder what the "CEO" drives !!!! I saw him pull out of the lot !!! Not for profit my rear end.

And my last point, on this divided Town. Woodlands HS sings the "black" national anthem before basketball games. Last night you made your residents sit trough a video (produced very well) but did any of you idiots listen to the words in that song? Watch it on the internet and listen to the words. I dont live in fairview. Nor should I be subjected to a video at a town board meeting that says that the Town is a ghetto, or a video that says girls dont have to be "Hoes".

By any chance did you see the majority of the rear of the room exit. It was sickening!!!

This Town is a joke, we are a laughing stock in the County and the State.

P.S. Judy, we are tired of you thanking everyone, you are the Town Clerk....just do your job!!

Anonymous said...

Paul what is going on at the center teaching young children rap.
Is this where our money goes and how do you keep saying that the center and their programs will make better citizens out of the Fairview children.
They are being taught to become first class criminals.
Shame on you and the people that run the center.

juettner guilty too said...

and dont forget that juettner was pushing for video games in the library.

where did we find her? paul please do something about this in 2009

ed krauss said...

Cablevision diital boxes plus remote controls installed can be obtained FREE OFF CHARGE. Just call: 1-800 353 9821.

This is not a joke.

Anonymous said...

And that monthly fee that Cablevision will then charge for the use of their cable box -- just send the bill to Ed Krauss, he'll pick up the cost for ya. Thanks Ed.

Anonymous said...

it is bad enough that Cablevision unilaterally changed the deal it made -- and didnt the town approve it -- but to have to have more than basic cable to watch townmeetings is outrageous. No matter what ed says.

Anonymous said...

Cablevision's new deal is up for approval by the town right now. Only problem is, because Greenburgh no longer offers "open government," the text of the new contract is not posted anywhere. If ya wanna look at it and suggest the town insist that its public access channels be provided as part of basic cable, you gotta file a FOIL request.

Anonymous said...

i wish all neighborhoods in unincorporated greenburgh could have the option for verizon tv

hal samis said...

"Where o where has my little dog gone, o where o where can he be..."

If not at the Town Park for the swim meet and greet, then perhaps he is busy reading the Hartsdale Flood Study, the results that your Town Board don't want human residents to see.

Maybe the dog will get a better idea of alternate swimming holes, at least better than Hartsdale residents or Greenburgh taxpayers are entitled to know.

In addition to the dogs, the other readers may be the outside Counsel whom the Town Board wants to hire for $25,000 to defend the Town from lawsuits filed by the Hartsdale merchants and residents.

I'm supposing that the results of the completed study are not favorable to the Town and its DPW and that is why they Town isn't rushing to make the study results available to residents -- even to those that have FOILed for it.

And I don't think that the results of the study just came off the presses either -- I think they've been out for months.

Of course with no public comment at Town Board meetings, there is no opportunity to bring this up in public.

Which is what the Town Board revels in while they proclaim open government from the other side of their face -- one side used exclusively for photo-ops during the front-loaded time wasters at the beginning of the meetings.

Even Bud Collyer can't "beat the clock" the way the Town keeps time.

So the next time it rains cats and dogs, think of $25,000 spent on the study that won't see the light of day.

And what are you doing for those cats, Mr. Feiner?

ed krauss said...

5:41 9/07

What if there's no bill? What if what I said is 100% accurate? What if of uninformed, critics-without-porfolio, who are in reality
jerks, discourage others from benefitting from my post, what will you pay?

If any and all of you have doubts, simply call Cablevision and find out.

Anonymous said...

I don't live arround Hartsdale Ave. but flooding is getting to be a way of life on all roadways because our great commissioner of public works is not doing the job that he is supposed to do.
That is take care and clean all catch basins.
I too am thinking of suing the town for water in my basement and garage.
We have stated over and over again what should be done but Feiner's best buddy Regula just doesn't care about the residents because there is nothing in it for him.
What are you waiting for to give him a big pink slip. the noose will be getting much tighter in the coming months .,

Anonymous said...

Get real. Much of Westchester gets flooded everytime it rains. Greenburgh is not alone. There are some problems the town has that can't be solved by Feiner, by the Town Board or by government.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Krauss is half right.
The digital cable box required to view Town Board meetings is available at initial charge. The rental fee is $9.95 per month with an additional $0.99 rental for the remote. The other "gotcha" is that you will require one digital box per set - and one for each VCR, and one for each DVR. So, if you've got several sets, the costs do mount up. For single set households it isn't the end of the world - but it isn't what was promised either.

whats wrong with sheehan? said...

sounds like the bill should be sent to the grand wizard of all things digital - francis of sheehanigana

ps - seems old francis is getting more and more like silent diane - he just sits there sphinx like when it comes to westhab.

whats wrong with mr comprehensive plan?

Anonymous said...

The exposue program is a big waste of time and money when you already have a after school program in play.
The money that you are spending foolishly is a crime.
This money can be included with the rest of our tax dollars that went astray.
Why is it when it comes to Fairview no one I said no one checks whether they need the money or did they use the money for repairs.
Paul favoritism has got to stop.

Sauce for the gander said...

As I do not have digital cable and work for a living - I will be unable to ask Bob Freeman one question which has troubled me:
IF a quorum of Town Board members are present at a meeting in a private home (as alluded to by the phrase "house call") doesn't that constitute a "meeting"? Shouldn't there be minutes and shouldn't all of the niceties of public meetings be required? Or is that only required if the meeting is in a lawyer's office and the discussion is about Dromore Road?

ed krauss said...

To 9/9 5:17 AM, and maybe the same person at 9/7 5:41PM

Your compusive attempt to embarrass me can't succeed simply because I have the truth on my side, and you offer zippo.

It's easy enough to find out. Call Cablevision and get the whole truth.

I can' be embarrassed because I am right. You can't be embarrassed because when your lie is found out, no one will know who you are, except of course you. And you know you're full of it now. I only hope you haven't turned off anyone from calling to get their FREE, totally FREE cable box.

But, I've found that more preposterous lies posted on this blog have had traction, so why would your's be any different?

Posting at 5:17 AM maymean you can't sleep with your conscience and you're correct, 100% correct in that analysis.

Anonymous said...

Ed, If you cant even get the rental cost of a cable box right, please give up suggesting for Town improvements.

Anonymous said...

Woodslands HS Sings a black national anthem? Mr Feiner, since you are aware of this; how do you allow it to continue? Has woodlands turned into private school?

Anonymous said...

Well the supervisor finally admitted that there is a problem with Central Ave. with all the empty stores.
You can blame the civic associations for poisioning your mind as to what is needed and what is not needed.
What will happen with this area is anyones guess when all the stores open up in the new complex in Yonkers.
Where were the Edgemontairs when all the other cell towers were going up.
Now because it is at this shopping center {Midway} they are getting up in arms.
The size of signs bother them.
The lights bother them.
Drive in windows bother them.
Table and chairs on the outside of a restaurant bother them.
Well did they ever stop to realize that they bother the rest of the residents because of lost businesses and reduction in taxes for one reason or another.
This cell tower is needed by this company and it must be granted because we are looking at a good law suit by the company and by the property owner.
Sheehan I take off my hat to you for standing up to these bullies who want everthing their way.
They are the ones that ruined Greenburgh with all their wants and don't want along Central Ave.
If every business cried out for a tax reduction because of lost revenue I would like to see who these people would blame.
Of course the answer is the supervisor.
We have many cell towers and no one put up a stink as these people are doing.
Enough is enough.
Do the right thing as town board members and grant the request to the cell phone company.

Anonymous said...

Feiner has nothing to do with the school district. He does perpetuate a "for the black community only" attitude that does extend in the school district so indirectly he effects it.

If Woodlands were a private school requiring a 25K tuition per year, do you think they would be in business? Remember folks. GC spending per child is the highest in the entire country!

I wonder if this was a plus when figuring rank on Greenburgh being # 80 something. If it was, obviously it's misleading. Someone might have thought "how nice! look at all of this money these people pay in taxes for education! They must really value it!" FARCE.

Anonymous said...

"Much of Westchester gets flooded everytime it rains. Greenburgh is not alone."

True, though Greenburgh opts to neglect its basic municipal responsibility to do street cleaning, and this choice results in flooding that could be prevented or minimized.

Yonkers and Mount Pleasant, for example, conduct regularly scheduled street cleaning, thus reducing liability for flooding; Greenburgh does no street cleaning, thus increasing liability for flooding.

Like trash pickup and police protection, street cleaning is not an optional municipal service - except in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:36 -
Edgemonters ARE concerned about all of those things. If the rest of the unincorporated area thinks they are not important then so be it. If Edgemonters are perceived as whiners, then make them leave the Town by foisting them off on Scarsdale. Oh, wait - then the rest of TOV has a revenue problem!
Edgemonters care, at least in part, because they resent the waste and corruption for which they are paying! And that the rest of TOV doesn't give a damn is shameful. Stop complaining about taxes and squeeze the corruption and the politicians-on-the-take out -

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:49

In your comment you state that there is corruption within our political ranks.
Pray tell who are these politians on the take here in Greenburgh.
I think you have to blame someone so you pick on the town board who cannot seem to get out of their own way.
if you have proof of this bring it to our attention .
By the way I'm not referring to what many of you have said about developers and lawyers cotributing to those running for reelection.
All those alligations were settled some time ago.
The antenna is needed and it must be installed. We cannot afford another law suit.
By the way are you saying that your buddies who are on the board from the last group are on the take,well I do hope that you can back up your accusations

Anonymous said...

This antenna is needed as all the others for good service.
Why should it bother anyone to see a flag pole that will double as an antenna.
The ones that claim that they are against this project are the same ones that vote everything in and then plan to move leaving the other residents to face the taxes.
Instead of fighting to stop progress why not join together to stop the black national anthem being sung at Woodland HS
Then and only then can you say that you are fighting for a good cause .There will be more going up arround what will you do then,move.

lyrics? said...

what are the lyrics to this so called black national anthem?

does the anthem have a song title?

or is this blogger's bridge to nowhere?

Anonymous said...

2:34: Have you ever used GOOGLE? Try it, you'll like it.

Anyway, here is a link for ya. AKA " Lift Every Voice and Sing"
It happens to be a lovely song with heart warming lyrics. However, it should NOT be a replacement for the National Anthem nor is it appropriate for the school district to allow it to be so.

Anonymous said...

Great -- the Black National Anthem being played at school events. Another example of totally dysfunctional Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Is Sonja Brown getting preferntial treatment from the police, why wsnt her name and the name of the fellow driving her car in the drug incident released?

drugs in Browns car said...

10:16. Of course Ms. Brown is getting preferential treatment! Haven't Ms. Brown & her friends always enjoyed this?

Although the arrest is public information, it was not released. I suspect if you call the Chief, he'll have to tell you about it.

Anonymous said...

In todays' journal news Cora Carey expresses her concerns about the affordable homes that will be built this coming spring.


To the town board I do hope that this debt is not thrown under a rug.
They used the service they have to pay.

sheehanigans a costly fraud said...

late in the evening last night a man named sullivan (?) got it 100% right.

the town is ploughing ahead with the latest westhab proposal without any overall affordable housing plan in place.

political fraud in greenburgh is spelled s h e e h a n, the bankrupt politico who pushed for a comprehensive plan at a cost of $400,000!

Anonymous said...

The fact that we will be getting a double diget tax increase is not new to the residents.

You have got to be stupid not to see what has happened in this town.

Now someone failed to send out the correct school tax bill.
What else is new.
This person should be fired.
If the newspapers carried this day in and day out for a few week why is it that questions were not asked.I read where the star program was cut by some funds where was this person whom we rely on being right.A pink slip is in order.
Stupid as stupid can be.
Is this the type of department heads that work for this town.
We were in trouble for some time but now we are getting into deeper trouble.
At this point the comptroller can only allert us as to what is coming. There is nothing that he can do to change what we knew for a few years.
The poor management skills of certain department heads with all the purchases of green space the end to development that would have brought in some revenue plus the freebees that the town has given to Fairview at the center,the day care center and the never forgotten housing authority.
The board has permitted us to be in this bad state of affairs.
Had they not voted to enlarge the library,purchase more parkland and spend foolishly maybe,maybe we would have been a little better,
The comptroller is doing his job.
He cannot change what is on the books at this time but maybe with his recommendatios we will see lower taxes in a few years.
Has the board learned how they have put many taxpayers in a tremendous hole, I don't think so.
I do think when election comes arround again we should stop to think if we want changes or do we want the same mismanagement that we have now.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar i do hope that you are not sorry that you took the comptrollers position here in Greenburgh.
I'm not because you are the only one that stands up to those that critisize you.
Why because you are one hundred percent for us the taxpayers.
Thank God someone like you came along to try to do the right thing in abidding with the laws
There won't be anymore coverup guys we finally got someone who knows what he is doing..

palin plan said...

it might have been worse had suzanne berger gotten into office.

she was tied to the westchester county government gang.

hint to town board - put taxter and the new library on ebay.

more on ebay said...

better yet - put the town on ebay

Anonymous said...

Put the Antenna Review Board on e bay for allowing that damn antenna to be built on Midway.

Anonymous said...

No, put Francis Sheehan on e-bay for opposing giving residents of unincorporated Greenburgh fair notice and the right to appeal decisions like allowing that damn antenna to be put up at Midway. And put Feiner on e-bay too for opposing giving residents the same rights of appeal that the town gives cell phone providers.

Feiner's excuse is easy. He's been bought off by the lawyers representing the cell phone companies. Sheehan has no excuse.

the devil and mr sheehan said...

yes he does - he cant stop engaging in sheehanigans.

Anonymous said...

This antenna will look like a flag pole.
Stop .
You would be the first person to fight with a phone company if your service was bad.
I think that will be perfect in that shopping center.
We should have more antennas so that service would be better with no dead zones.
We are not ready for another suit. This will happen this time.
If there is a law suit I think the people that signed the petitions against this project should be the ones to pay .
Why should all of unincorporated pay ?

Anonymous said...

Paulist of Shehanooligan the shame of Greenburgh is that a bunch of selfserving tribalistic amateurs are determined to destroy what might have been the 80th best small city in America.
We will get EXACTLY the government we deserve - NOT the government we desire.

Anonymous said...

Paul ,is there any department that is running in your town other than the building department without a blemish.
We have never had so much goings on since you took office and paid no attention as the screw ups.
Has something happened to you mantally???
This is our town where we pay enough taxes to be not nunber 80 but number 1.
Your hands off policy has been a disaster to all the taxpayers .
running a good town means hands on all departments.
When someone is a good boss favoritism gets thrown out the window but instead you made it your policy to keep your buddies on the payroll no matter how much they screwed up with their spending and not able to show the true accounting for each item.
We cannot blame anyone else but you and the town boards for all the tax hikes .
We are waiting to see what the budget is for next year,but at least we will have the possiblity to get some of you out of office .

Anonymous said...

I heard there are employee's amking a lot of money at the Center.
I want a job at the Center.