Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Greenburgh Town Board has asked Councilwoman Diana Juettner to chair a fundraising committee to help raise funds for our meals and wheels program. The meals and wheels program provides food to elderly, homebound residents. Unfortunately, we have a waiting list and cannot provide help to every resident who needs it. I have asked Lynda Maranino (who runs the program) to provide a summary of the conditions of some of the seniors who are on our waiting list:












Daughter does not live in area

The town spends about $800,000 budget for meals and wheels. However, most of the money is reimbursed by the federal and state governments. The total cost to the town is under $300,000 (after we reduce the $800,000 budget by reimbursements and sale of meals). We serve about 275 seniors. We have about 10-15 people on a waiting list.

If you would like to be part of a fundraising committee to help the town provide service to some of the families listed above please e mail If you would like to make a donation please send contributions to Greenburgh Nutrition Program, 11 Olympic Lane, Ardsley, NY 10502.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Questions said...

is this $800 grand paid for by A or B budget?

Why in fact is the town even in this business - the houses of worship pay no taxes - this is something they and other non profits should be doing as part of their mission.

These are perilous times. We have to question every expenditure and ask if could be provided by someone other than the overtaxee taxpayer in greenburgh.

No one wants people to go without food but I have to feed my family too. If a family does not live in the area, then ask them to send a check.

And Diana Juettner? She has been asleep at the wheel for decades. All of a sudden she is going to be an effective fundraiser?


Anonymous said...

You tell us of all the problems that these people have.
Where do they live?
If they live in the affordable housing complexes they can very well afford to pay.I feed those that NEED it.
This town is going in one direction.
How many of the senior citizens pay toward their meals at the center?
Your problem is that you never do any investigative work to see who are the people in need.
Sooner or later we too will need some help will you be there to help the people that you have screwed all this time to help the people in Fairview.
We work hard to put food on our tables nothing comes free to us.
So please cry on someone elses shoulders. We had enough.

wrong choice said...

Why is juettner in charge - feiner is the best fundraiser on the town board.

Still wondering - is this an A or B budget item?

hal samis said...

You know, I'll bet that, if the Town hadn't just committed $167,000to an after school program (matching $167,000 from a grant) so that 8 year olds could learn to write resumes or trade in the stock market, residents would be a lot more receptive to getting these people signed up and off a waiting list.

For that matter, if it really were a concern, perhaps the Town Board would not be funding after school programs without enrollment and using the taxpayer's money in a more judicious fashion.

How dare the Supervisor/Town Board pretend to be sympathetic to "meals and wheels" while flushing $167,000 down the Community Center toilet?

There must be an affiliated program: votes and wheels.

Although everywhere else it is referred to as "meals on wheels".

Certainly the selection of Diana Juettner was an inspiration; she has herself been the beneficiary of "mercy" votes over the years.

marie juettner? said...

hal - what about sheehan's ramp to nowhere ($175,000) and his phony comprehensive plan ($400,000).

And where is the valhalla money (1.2 million that sheehan and juettner wants to keep paying to the valhalla school district?)

let them eat sheehanigans?

correct name said...

The correct name is Meals on Wheels.

There is one in White Plains. The have a nice website and an easy way to dontate:

To donate to Meals-on-Wheels of White Plains, please click on the icon below.

If Juettner is in charge, what a waste. That do nothing never answers any emails or phone messages. Hope she is gone in 2009.

Anonymous said...

My father received Meals on Wheels service in Mount Pleasant, which was very helpful since he was old and had difficulty in the kitchen. HOWEVER, he paid the full cost of the meals. Mount Pleasant didn't required that he pay, but it was pleasantly encouraged. And since he had the means to pay, just not the ability to get around well, he never felt like he was free-loading.

Greenburgh's expense could be reduced by actively encouraging participants to pay for their meals. Just a simple friendly notice each week that the meal service costs $25 per week (or whatever it costs) per person, and that a weekly contribution would be greatly appreciated to be able to provide this service to additional neighbors in need.

juettner mia said...

what a concept. pay for what you get.
juettner - are you listening?

juettner - are you there?

oops i forgot - its silent diane.

Anonymous said...

MEALS-ON-WHEELS. Sheesh! How can you get that wrong, Paul? Good grief, even my 10 year old knows it's meals-on-wheels.

Ellen said...

I'm in total agreement with Hal. Seniors in this community seem to be continually ignored. Who looks out for them? Apparently, not the town supervisor or the town board from the looks of this. To spend the money on a ridiculous after-school program and in the same breath/blog say that there is not enough money to support and show respect to our seniors is disgraceful. These people need our help and respect, not some 8 year old giving them stock picks.

Anonymous said...

If everyone paid their share in the lunch program we would have enoughmoney to feed the fifteen plus.
You know and I know the patrons at the center do not contribute their fair share.
Well they are considered dirt poor while they drive to the center in a newer car than my own.
Paul why not check out these poor people that have lived off of the fat of the land for most of their lives.
Stop stealing from Peter to give to Paul especially when Peter has more than Paul.
I don't mind the program but I do think feeding some people just for sake of feeding them to show numbers is wrong.
Many of the poor people that eat at the center if it were allowed would eat three meals a day and never cash in on their own money.
Some people know just how to play a good game.

count on this said...

count on juettner to get to the bottom who is free loading....

just kidding - she is the queen of free loading

Anonymous said...

Why not cancel that science program (not at all essential) and use all those funds for senior services (more essential).

Anonymous said...


Eliminate all twenty-five vehicles used by Feiner appointees.

Tax payers, voters, and most of all disabled seniors can no longer afford Feiner’s luxury perks to political hacks. Given the choice, I would let town appointees drive their own cars to work like the rest of us, pay $4.00 a gallon like the rest of us, another $1,000.00 a year in car insurance like the rest of us, and make car payments like the rest of us. Why should his appointees be BETTER OFF? than the working people in Greenburgh? Why are LUXURY PERKS more important than feeding our HOMEBOUND SENION CITIZENS?

Anyone who volunteers to fundraise for meals on wheels is a fool, when Feiner is giving our free rides to his appointees.

Hey Paul, why don’t we put this up to vote? Cars vs. Meals for Homebound Seniors.
What do you think people will vote for?

Anonymous said...

Town employees cannot take their cars home. There are only a few exceptions involving public works and police.

Anonymous said...

Ah feinally, the other side of the Roman maxim "Bread and Circuses"

Anonymous said...

Town employees cannot take their cars home. There are only a few exceptions involving public works and police.

You are very misled if you believe the above statement

Look into this Paul it would be good for PR

Anonymous said...

Why did you not think of the people who need meals on wheels before the xposure program and the new dog park .

Anonymous said...

The town needs to get it's priorities straight. Let's see . . . DOG PARK VS. PEOPLE EATING???? that's a no-brainer. What a disgrace to society. I cant believe the town is more concerned about getting donations for a DOG PARK while on the same town website they have a WAITING LIST for MEALS ON WHEELS. i'm sure those senior citizens will be happy to know that they can't get any food because people in the town of greenburgh are too concerned with the physical activity of their dogs. I hope Mr. Feiner doesn't have eldly parents and if he does i hope THEY have food on their table. i have a dog and love her very much. i also have an elderly mother (82 years old) who continues to buy only what she can afford because she has to live on a fixed budget. The town shoud do away with their waiting list for meals on wheels give those people some FOOD!!!!!!

what budget said...

is this A or B budget item- anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Town is smart. Town programas should be funded, in part, with private dollars.

Anonymous said...

Town is DUMB. Funding necessary public services (like cleaning the streets and providing police patrols to all neighborhoods)is the reason we pay taxes. Eliminating wasteful frills (like an afterschool program of questionable value and more parkland than can be sustained by the tax rolls) and exercising meaningful fiscal discipline (like properly overseeing the library construction project) is how we keep a strong bond rating - private dollars belong funding private programs.

Anonymous said...

This is an "F" budget item. For those unfamiliar with the "F" budget it is the budget for the re-election of Feiner...

Anonymous said...

To anon who talks about getting good bond ratings: The town's bond ratings are highest possible. Sorry to disappoint!

Anonymous said...

For 9/29 -12:43am - I verified that Silver Streaks/Ms. Silverman has not paid a dime to use the TDYCC pool. The Town's policy is a certificate of insurance and payment three weeks in advance. SilverStreaks had not done either. I paid $115.00 (resident rate)in advance of my daughter's pool party. I plan on filing a FOIL request to check exactly how much Gay Silverman has paid the last 5 years. It will be ready for the next town board meeting.
The writter obviously doesn't have a clue how the fees work.
Private organizations pay to rent the facility - classrooms, gym, lounge approximately $225.00 an hour I believe. Silverstreaks pay $60.00 an hour for a pool that rents to the community for $115 or $160.00 an hour. This team (Silverstreaks) children pay $1,800 to swim on the Silverstreaks team before they can use the pool.
50 kids X $1,800 = $ 90,000 WHY CAN'T Silverstreaks PAY WHAT DUE TDYCC - Town taxes are high enough without the Center not collecting revenue -that's desparately needed. I will check with the aquatic director tomorrow to see how much Gay Silverman owe's the town. I'm sure she'll know the exact amount. In fact, Gay Silverman are you paying Valerie Whitehead $$ so you can avoid paying the town? Since Valerie Whitehead is under investigation by the police for stealing money and paying her no show -felon nephews $$$$ for jobs they didn't show to work. Valerie does not have any ethics nor does Gay Silverman. Pay up now!!!!! Resolve the money issue and give the community back their swim time now!!!!!

9/29/2008 1:59 AM

certificate may be inadequate said...

a certificate of insurance standing alone may be inadequate
it seems current law requires an actual agreement of indemnification

if this is true - those in charge should be hung by their fingertips

Anonymous said...


1992: There should be term limits.
2008: Except for me of course.
1992: Criticizes Tony Veteran for the use of cars for town employees.
2008: The Greenburgh fleet has expanded to 22 vehicles, all of which go home at night.
1992: I promise to follow up, and actually did at that time.
2008: Could someone explain to me what follow-up means?
1992: Kept his word.
2008: Put it this way, if you put a poly-graph near him, it would never shut down.
1992: Let’s have citizen committees for many different aspects that improve life in Greenburgh.
2008: What’s a committee?
1992: You could call him at home.
2008: Please deposit 75 cents for the first minute.
1992: If this blog existed, it would be full of praise, support, and promise for a bright future.
2008: 90% of the postings here are complaints because of inconsistent following of the rules, favoritism, citizens not being treated fairly, staff morale non-existent, and Paul’s reputation has denigrated to your stereo-typical negative politician. Anything to get reelected, anything to avoid confrontation, and talking on both sides of his mouth. Many of us who live in the town don’t really want to talk to you Paul, because we have no faith in your word which is meaningless.


Frank Musantry said...

I just read all of these blogs, and find myself appalled by the obvious lack of concern for our seniors who can not get a hot meal, yet qualify for this program. It is truly a shame that so much time is spent criticizing our elected officials, rather than make positive contributions. Even recommendations on how our seniors could get meals would be of help.

These are hard times for all of us, yet most of us get to eat three meals a day. Certain seniors in our community are unable to get one, due to the circumstances of their lives.

If the "Anonymous" individuals who have time to just stir up negativity would spend that same time into being creative and helpful, perhaps these seniors would already be on the list, and receiving a hot meal.

Society should first take care of their seniors and youth. These two groups are the essence of our society.