Tuesday, September 23, 2008




Last week Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, Vincent Houston and Ted Mason walked Sprain Lake as a follow up to their initiative to persuade Westchester County & Yonkers to authorize boaters to launch boats on Sprain Lake (located in Greenburgh/Yonkers) for recreational purposes. They were able to locate possible launching areas at the lake that would not interfere with golfers who enjoy golfing at Sprain Lake Golf Course. Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick, who has been promoting the use of Sprain Lake for boating for many years, met with Feiner, Houston and Mason before the walking tour.

A brief follow up walk is being scheduled for Saturday, October 4th at 10 AM @ Sprain Lake Golf Course. Feiner, Houston and Mason hope to show county and local officials as well as recreation enthusiasts possible launching areas for boating.

Currently, the only other lower Westchester County place to row is on Glen Island and the course is almost full to capacity. The NYAC, Pelham Community Rowing Assoc, Iona College, Pelham H.S., Riverdale H.S. and various other individuals are all using this site. It is essential that another site be opened for these booming water sport. Rowing and kayaking provide a tremendous opportunity for H.S. kids to participate in lifetime a sport, and may even help them acquire college scholarships. It would be great for the Greenburgh and Yonkers High Schools to be able to start programs for their students.
There has also been an incredible surge in Masters rowing programs. Many are returning to the sport they loved in college, and many more first time rowers are experiencing the joy of being on the water and improving their health through the great cardiovascular benefits of rowing.
Photos have been submitted to the county re: possible launch sites for boats.. These site are at the northern end of the golf course and do not in any way interfere with the golfers. There is also plenty of land that would be suitable to erect a temporary fenced in area to store boats for a trial use of the water. If all goes well and the community embraces the use of the lake, a permanent structure could be built for the storage of the boats.
There are several colleges in the area that are also looking for a better site to row. They may be able to assist with the installation of the fenced in area and help provide equipment for the high school programs to use to get started. This could be a revenue generator for the county, according to Supervisor Feiner. We have an asset that is not being taken advantage of by Westchester residents. We can enhance the quality of life for many people if we open up the lake to boating.


view from yonkers city hall said...

word on the street (or the lake?) is that the mayor of yonkers is backing the golfers.

has feiner invited mayor phil for the tour?

hal samis said...

A typical page from the playbook.

Taxes are going up everywhere and what better antidote than to promote another amenity. And how now County government, do you have a use after all?

Of course, some initial outlay to buy boats, boathouse and hire staff will be required.

Priming the pump is not the solution to local budgetary matters however wars are generally thought to be good for the economy. Perhaps another war with Yonkers will lower taxes in Greenburgh. Since we're not really trying anything else other than looking for new ways to spend,
there must be an "uncommitted" voter/boater out there somewhere.

Let's shift the focus away from existing problems and look to spend more money on new toys. We don't ask how much is that doggie in the window; what the Town Board worries over is will that doggie have a park to run in.

Please Mr. Feiner, you must recognize that what worked in the past isn't appropriate now. When tax increases were low, no one really cared because there was always increasing revenue from outside sources. In case you haven't taken note, the milk train doesn't stop here anymore.

How about finding ways to work with what's already on the table.
Playing waiter to voters is going to cause a reawakening of interest in automats; you may choose or not to substitute the words "professional manager" for automat.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a food concession at this site.
Whaqt else will be offered to the boaters.

outsource it said...

i dont fully get the samis post
the whole thing could be outsourced to private groups.

however, if we spend any money on this, something must be given up
like the absurd taxter ridge.

hal - may i suggest kennedy marina in yonkers as an example of what a private group can do.

but on the other hand - you are right - paul's playbook needs to be updated.

Anonymous said...

This may be a nice idea, but understand that this is almost exclusively a Yonkers/Westchester matter. Only a tiny portion crosses into Greenburgh - most of which is wetlands and not navigable - and access to the lake, if allowed, would be in Yonkers.

So, while it would be wise for Greenburgh to support Yonkers in its venture, Greenburgh will understandably have very little say in the matter.

And, as Mr. Samis said, "How about finding ways to work with what's already on the table" - i.e. dirty roads, clogged sewers, inappropriate project funding, etc.

Anonymous said...

lets try and figure out what happened with the 3 % raise already put into the 2008 budget which was included in the tax increase for the csea. Maybe it is time for the town to put certain useless projects on the side ie. dog park, spooktoberfest. How much is this stuff costing the town is their revenue coming back in for any one of these.

Anonymous said...

George we know it's you.

union disconnect said...

my son likes spooktoberfest
typical of a union hack to try to get rid of something as nice as that

tell you what - lets close town hall every other day and adjust salaries accordingly - we will survive

Anonymous said...

What happened to "no new programs" and concern for every dollar spent?
If you find fiscal discipline too difficult, give up your well-paid sinecure and spend a decade or two in the real world.

DRW said...

Does Feiner actually pay property taxes and understand what we homeowners are dealing with?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just paid my school tax bill. This new enhancement is not a town program. The property is controlled by the county. The lake is controlled by the city of Yonkers. I believe that if the county/city authorize boating - it could be a money generator.

Anonymous said...

to all csea members you need to set up picket lines in front of BOULDER RIDGE and at the A&P every weekend

Anonymous said...

"I believe that if the county/city authorize boating - it could be a money generator."

I believe the same, however this is not a Greenburgh concern.

On the other hand, street-cleaning and weed-wacking are Greenburgh concerns.

Anonymous said...

What is the construction work going on at the sprain lake. I see a lot of clearing there just south of it?

Anonymous said...


1992: There should be term limits.
2008: Except for me of course.
1992: Criticizes Tony Veteran for the use of cars for town employees.
2008: The Greenburgh fleet has expanded to 22 vehicles, all of which go home at night.
1992: I promise to follow up, and actually did at that time.
2008: Could someone explain to me what follow-up means?
1992: Kept his word.
2008: Put it this way, if you put a poly-graph near him, it would never shut down.
1992: Let’s have citizen committees for many different aspects that improve life in Greenburgh.
2008: What’s a committee?
1992: You could call him at home.
2008: Please deposit 75 cents for the first minute.
1992: If this blog existed, it would be full of praise, support, and promise for a bright future.
2008: 90% of the postings here are complaints because of inconsistent following of the rules, favoritism, citizens not being treated fairly, staff morale non-existent, and Paul’s reputation has denigrated to your stereo-typical negative politician. Anything to get reelected, anything to avoid confrontation, and talking on both sides of his mouth. Many of us who live in the town don’t really want to talk to you Paul, because we have no faith in your word which is meaningless.


Anonymous said...


Don’t you want to work in a place where hard work, accomplishment, and education have impact? Sorry, Julia, it doesn’t work that way in Greenburgh.
Wouldn’t it be great to work for a town where staff is treated with respect?
Oops, sorry, Julia, no respect in Greenburgh.
But Daddy, How do you get promoted in Greenburgh? I thought it was with hard work. Well, Julia, I think there are some things you don’t understand just yet. But in Greenburgh you get ahead by back-stabbing your boss, doing as little work as possible, and being a person who’s generally disliked.
But Daddy, I don’t understand?
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Julia, why don’t you go back to bed. And please, don’t even think about working for the town of Greenburgh. You’re my daughter and you’re just too good to be working with these peasants.