Thursday, January 15, 2009

back door pickup update

The Town Board approved the resolution posted below authorizing back door pickup of garbage once a week for $300 a year. Exemptions for individuals (households) who are disabled and whose income is below $36,000 a year.
We prefer not to provide the service. We are outreaching to private carters and will be inviting them to offer residents the service at reduced costs/more frequency.
I have asked the Town Attorney to take a look at the town code. It is possible that the Town Board may have to amend our code to authorize private carters to provide the service.
We also may wish to require private carters to start the service after 7 AM. Some private carter companies start their day earlier than government (at 6 AM) and most residents would not like to hear the sounds of garbage trucks in their neighborhood so early in the morning.
We will be discussing this on Tuesday--at our work session.


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Paul & CRP said...

Look who Paul wants to pick up our garbage:

The Feds Say That Galante Diverted Millions from Trash Businesses
Friends of ours: Matthew "Matty the Horse" Ianniello, Genovese Crime Family
Friends of mine: James Galante, David Magel

A Danbury trash magnate arrested in a Mafia case in June diverted millions of dollars from his businesses to his minor league hockey team, no show jobs, race cars and questionable stockholder repayments, federal authorities said Thursday.

James Galante, whose businesses handle about 80 percent of southwestern Connecticut's garbage, carved out exclusive routes for his companies and paid Genovese crime family boss Matthew "Matty the Horse" Ianniello $120,000 a year for mob muscle to enforce his territories, authorities said. That meant higher prices for businesses and homeowners, authorities said.

Galante and Ianniello were among 29 people arrested in connection with the alleged scheme. In a related development Thursday, another trash hauler became the first defendant in the case to plead guilty.

Galante's defense attorneys challenged a court order putting federal marshals in charge of his businesses, saying they were ruining the businesses. But federal authorities said they had improved the cash flow by stopping diversions that amounted to more than $4 million last year. They also said the businesses are now facing competition.

"If any 'blame' is to be assigned for the changes wrought by these incidents, it lies squarely on the shoulders of the defendants, who decided many years ago to operate the 25 companies as an illegal bid-rigging and price-fixing cartel," prosecutors wrote.

A hearing is planned Tuesday on the challenge to the federal monitoring. "Our position is by their own admission they're running it into the ground," said Hugh Keefe, Galante's attorney. "You took a guy's business away from him and turned it over to a bunch of incompetents."

Keefe said the reported diversions will be dealt with during the trial. "Even if that was true, the business itself was thriving up until the day the feds decided they knew more about running a trash business than Jimmy Galante."

Authorities said they were monitoring the businesses, not taking them over, and denied they intended to sell the businesses. Galante owns the Danbury Trashers team of the United Hockey League. The team was disbanded after Galante's arrest in June.

Meanwhile, the trash hauler who admitted his involvement in the scheme Thursday, David Magel, 33, of Baldwin Place, N.Y., pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge in U.S. District Court in New Haven. Magel is general manager of CRP Carting in Elmsford, N.Y.

Prosecutors said the scheme was enforced by extortion and threats, and participants sought to operate it in eastern New York. Magel met with several other members of the enterprise, two of whom were associated with an unidentified Connecticut-based trash carting company, at a diner in Mt. Kisco, N.Y., in 2004, authorities said.

After the meeting, Magel engaged in a series of telephone calls with other members of the enterprise to implement the scheme, prosecutors said. On Dec. 21, 2004, investigators intercepted one conversation between Magel and two members affiliated with the Connecticut carting company during which Magel agreed to provide inflated quotes to customers of the other participants in the conspiracy, authorities said.

"I'm shootin' for the ... gusto here," Magel said in the conversation. Magel faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced Oct. 25.

Keefe said he was not sure if Magel's guilty plea would affect Galante. Authorities would not comment on whether Magel was cooperating against the other defendants.

Anonymous said...

if you pay your g-man 500.00
(cash only) you can have back door pickup of garbage twice a week

Anonymous said...

Paul- you have lost your mind. 13,000 in taxes and you want another 300 for back door pick up. I'm going to let my garbage build up and bring it to your back door. Oh wait-gaited community..I forgot. All of you on that board are living in a fantasy world. You are a bunch of idiots running this town into the ground! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Well here you go again getting yourself in more trouble.

Who the hell do you think you are telling me that i have to have a private garbage company pick up my up garbage.

You should be investigated because you are definetly showing ties to the mafia.

Why should I have strange people come to my house to pick up my garbage while I pay for this service in my yearly taxes.

There is only one update for back door pickup and that is to reinstate the service that we had all these years.

What will you be taking away from us next.
Will you be charging us to travel on the roadways so you will have enough money to fill the potholes and put back all the so called curbs that have been broken due to snow plowing.
Will you be charging us for having more than one car in our driveways.
will you be charging us for the air we breathe.
Paul I only have two words for you and the board and it aint happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Paul you are becoming another Hitler.

You are trying to ruin the lives of many households in Greenburgh.

We knew that you were and are some kind of a nut but now you have proven that you have some sort of ties with the underworld.

And many of us thought that you were a fine jewish man what a mistake.There is no difference between you and Madoff.
He stole money and you stole our services and a good way of life by giving our hard earned money to just one area that has been crying poverty for the past eighteen years.
You made many cuts in the unincorpoarated area but tell me what cuts has the center made NONE.
You cut our services and granted the money to the center.
Has the housing authority paid the money over five hundred thousand dollars NO.
Don't go after them but hit the people that pay high taxes .
Your mentality is getting to a point of that worse than a child.

Why do you have after thoughts about the law that Regula,you and the board passed .
Did the county or state officials tell you to reconsider.
Well we await your answer as to why there will be an update.
The complaints did reach the officials and we do hope that they will do the right thing for the residents of Greenburgh

Anonymous said...

Feiner is not endorsing any private company-- he is going to offer residents a list of competing companies to choose from.

hal samis said...

What's a blogger to do?
Especially when he assumes that whenever the water gets too hot on a topic, the Supervisor creates a new entry on the same topic so as to steer traffic away from the danger zone.

Of course he could update the existing topic by ADDING his comments or new information there but that's not going to solve his problem. On the other hand, I, and others who have made the effort to respond to the topic and its collected replies can do this:
Bring over from the original topic, what the Supervisor would rather be left unsaid and UNSEEN. Anonymous boos and hisses don't trouble him but when there is a well-reasoned and informative message, then he does what he does best -- hide.

And, that is why the catch-all topic, The Week of...keeps appearing and disappering with certainty.

From the original backdoor pick-up post.

"Sent to the Town Clerk who started a policy last year of allowing residents to submit questions to the Town Board or Town Departments and these questions would be answered at the Town Board meeting.

It actually happened for about two meetings. Then the tinkering began. The first time the submitted questions were answered AHEAD of 3 minute comment. When the Town Board realized that the Public could then respond to the answers during the following Public Comment, the Town Board then shifted the answer period to after the Public Comment; this meant that the answers would be the "last word" and that the Town Board could create any fiction -- a skill set that Mr. Sheehan and Ms Brown were quick to exploit.

In those days of yore, there was always the expectation that the injustice could be corrected in the 5 minute Public Comment held at the end of the meeting. The last 5 minute comment period was April 9 2008. Thereafter, the Town Board always managed to load up the front of the meeting with Police promotions (could be held at the Police department) citizen awards, Tappan Zee Bridge reports, etc....anything that would eat up the clock and freeze out the Public from speaking for 5 minutes. This was accompanied by an "interpretation" by Town Attorney Tim Lewis that at Public Hearings, the Public was limited to two 5 minute periods.
The latest timewaster gimmick is using the Xposure children for political purposes -- to shield the Town Board and take up the time for business at the meeting. It matters not that Town Board meetings take place during the school week and that keeping the kids up to "perform" on cue is a higher purpose than getting to bed early or, gasp, even staying at home to study.

Now we are at the most audacious phase. The questions submitted are not even answered after 3 minute comment is over. The newest script revisions call for the Town Clerk to ask the Town Supervisor after the public has spoken: Would it please the Town Board to answer the questions (previously submitted questions and questions raised during 3 minute Public Comment) now and the Supervisor shoots back, "we'll do it at the end of the meeting". Of course, were the questions to be answered, at the end of the meeting, there are few residents remaining in Town Hall. But that's not a problem because Feiner ignores the Town Clerk at the end of meeting and adjourns the meeting without allowing the answer period. And that's how your Town Board deals with the Public or its taxpayers and voters.

And, since Mr. Regula has come up on this blog and it appears that his anonymous detractors won't be attending the next Town Board meeting for his going away homage (another diversion to eat up the clock), here's just the questions I submitted to the Town Clerk (and also read aloud at the meeting during my 3 minutes) concerning Mr. Regula's return engagement.

Sent to the Town Clerk, cc Town Board.

"More for your ever popular series of questions to be answered at Town Board meetings.
These for whoever is overseeing the employment of Mr. Regula and Mr. Nana.


1) Who determines whether Mr. Regula or Mr. Nana are to be "activated"?

2) Who determines whether either or both should be called?


3) What are the reasons whether either or both should be called? i.e. in the case of snow, 2 inches? 5 inches? or in the case of garbage pick-up, a driver is out sick?

4) If Mr. Regula is called, does his contract allow him to charge the Town portal to portal pay @ $90 per hour?"

Let me add now to the above: who is there to verify his hourly claims?

Mr. Regula, of course, was the overburdened head of DPW who was so "threatened" by the notion that he would get fired were he to turn down what would normally be a full-time job (overseeing a $20 million library construction project) and, that his "spontaneous" retirement last year would be threatened, must have really wanted to take on this job. A job which meant that, he as the Town's only point man was in the unique position to sign off and approve the work done (or not done, who would be the wiser), to approve the change orders for their ratification by a Town Board which was clueless to what they were voting on (if it's ok with Al...) and thus we have a Town Board voting to approve the Town paying TWICE for curbs that clearly were the fault of the contractor; a delay claim resulting in "assumed" higher cost ($48,000) for asphalt and now the Town is facing a notice of delay claim for $240,000 (that the Town has to win because there is no money remining in the Library construction budget to pay it). Having already acknowledged the delay in the approved change order, on what basis do YOU think the Town can defend against this outstanding delay claim.

Yes, Mr. Regula might have seen opportunity in being the point man. We should all express our gratitude to him at the Town Board's ceremony to express their official thanks. Hopefully, he won't be billing for his attendance.

Oh, by the way, the Library isn't finished; there is a lengthy list of work to be done (if the Town Board can find someone to ask for it -- the problem being that there's no one to ask) and this work will be supervised by _________? Your guess is as good as mine; that's another unanswered question. Don't say the Construction Manager, Triton, who managed to earn out an extra $300,000 OVER their OWN original estimate of $612,000 for their services. But like Mr. Regula, they're off the job since 12/31/08.

Maybe without them, all's well that ends without their valued assistance. Even the gravy train has a last stop.

1/15/2009 12:20 PM

Anonymous said...

Is 9:18 anti semitic?

Anonymous said...

This has got the be the one of the best examples of "penny wise and pound foolish". This was a very stupid move on your part.

Using the Xposure kids and making them perform like circus animals does not help your cause. Unconscienceable!

hate speech must be condemned said...

hal samis asks what is a blogger to do?

among other things condemn in the strongest terms the libelous charge equating mr feiner with the dictator of nazi germany.

rantings of this nature have no place here or anywhere.

bloggers who post such rubbish do tremendous damage to the political process and civil society by calling the town supervisor the equal of a pathological mass murderer who destroyed among other things european jewry.

whoever wrote this needs help and a history lesson.

there certainly can be disagreement with the board's policies. but there can be no disagreement that to call a town board member "hitler" is wrong.

lets stop the hate speech.

Anonymous said...

9:18 - "fine jewish man"? is that what becomes of "nice jewish boys"? gevalt!

hal samis said...

Dear 5:46,

You've got me over a barrel. On one hand using Hitler as the comparison is a little over the top.

On the other hand, which dictator is on your "ok to use" list.

Currently, Feiner and his Town Board have conspired to "murder" public comment at Town Board meetings.

Not content to merely limit speaking time, they are trying to push it back later and later in the meeting and to escape the "commitment" they made to allow 5 minutes for additional comment at the end of the meeting.

Allowing 3 minute comment is not a legal requirement but the Town Board would be foolish to eliminate a long standing tradition which serves them by saying that their's is an open government that listens to our residents.

So what they have discovered is that they can use the beginning of the meeting as a launch pad to provide public service announcements, promotion ceremonies, photo ops, etc: the more the merrier -- at least while the clock is ticking away toward the 11:00 goal.

Witness the second appearance of the Xposure kids who are shamelessly paraded in public for what purpose? What the viewer sees is an opportunity for Sonja Brown to introduce the TDYCC Director who introduces the Xposure Director who introduces the teacher who introduces the kids who are so proud to explain that they are tracking stocks. Apart from the real world stock market crisis with large real dollar losses affecting real people, this Xposure "make believe world" with fractional shares (albeit at the low prices of today, the downside is slight) the kid who has been tracking Apple is no different than the race track tout who "knows" the stats of how a horse has run in the past. Cost to TAXPAYERS for this entree to the world of speculation (get those 8 year olds hooked early) around $170,000. Is this really what the Town of Greenburgh needs to be sponsoring? So let's look forward to seeing Xposure again and again. Let's have these kids perform stupid pet tricks; keep them out late and not at home studying. All for the purpose of entertainment and a photo op.

Last night I learned that Feiner has approached the Library to have a monthly segment at the Town Board meeting to alert residents to what's going on at the Library. Three birds with one shot: Library gets to crow; Feiner positions himself as the Library's best friend and it will take up more time. Only the nitpickers to complain.

So, what is there about this strategy that is not what a clever, modern dictator would do?
You don't need soldiers to capture and control thought -- you just need to remove their access to their audience -- other residents.
Let them use a soapbox while the Town Board can use the dais, the airwaves and the Town's internet mailing list. That's a level playing field isn't it. 1776 freedoms matched against the new millennium's technology. And live from Greenburgh, the Town Board, by their election, has the right to appear center stage and push dissent off to the side, off camera, speak unlimited and have the first, the second, the third and the last word. But this is not the open government that Feiner preaches. He and the Board should not be allowed cake for preaching and cake to chew.
If he wants to eliminate the public from his show, then let him do so. What is irksome is promoting that he listens to the public but then tries and succeeds in finding new ways to marginalize and contain that input.

I,a Jew, am not offended by any reminder of Hitler. I don't go out of my way to resurrect his atrocities but the world is witness to a few cut from the same cloth and still in business. They thrive isolated and apart without the cover of a World War. Wasn't it our own Town Board that found it necessary to remind residents and the President and the UN of Darfur?

So, pretending to be shocked and offended is really more of the shoot the messenger and not deal with crimes school of concern. I allow that probably your intention was not to be part of that club but wouldn't it be more productive to concentrate on the crimes rather than the prose that seeks to draw attention to them.

If I have to refer to the Town Board (clearly the bottom of the barrel through the implementation of just five votes), I would and do view them as the forerunners of fascism, a way of enslaving people through a slower application of mind creep until one day the public wakes up and discover that while free to walk around and earn money to pay the taxes that support their masters, they no longer have any rights regarding how they are governed.

The flies have found a way to conquer the flypaper.

plain silly said...

hal - your complaint is misplaced.

the fault lies with the polity (and perhaps the party of which you are a district leader) that elects the 5 town board members who run the place like the village in the prisoner series, that doesnt get involved, that doesnt build bridges, that doesnt care for anyone else outside their little fiefdom.

in feinerstan the courts are still open. in fact, a case against mr feiner and the town was just heard this week in albany.

or perhaps the good folk of greenburgh (outside the ecc) are basically happy with the status quo.

if you think any crimes have been committed, take it to the district attorney's office.

as you know, several complaints have been filed against the town with the state comptroller's office with great sucess (westhelp, sewer district).

to call greenburgh a dictatorship is laughable. what dictator puts work sessions online? perhaps you should spend some time living under a true dictator like mugabe before you toss around words like that so easily.

you are far better than this. i would expect such nonsense from palin. not samis.

Anonymous said...

I have become increasingly embarrassed to call Greenburgh my hometown. We are in desperate need a management professional at the helm, someone with executive leadership experience who can transition us out of all the mess that Mr. Feiner has chosen to create over the years. Is impeachment a possibility? I'm asking this as a serious question. The man is just not a competent manager.

Anonymous said...

Hey genius,
the owners of CRP have never been indited of anything. Further more
the so called Dave was not working for CRP when he did this crime. Look around the world everybody is going curb side pick up.

Signed a concerned worker!

Anonymous said...

I believe that going private like CRP would save the town millions. All the other towns are doing the same. They pick up the cost of trucks and isurance for each individual worker. Put that in your computer keys and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

How come everybody else can bring there garbage to curb side except people in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

The village of Ardsley only picks up garbage at the curb.

Anonymous said...

Do away with sanitation all together and go private, we could save millions

Anonymous said...

While you're at close the police dept and have state police take over. save millions! look into it!

Have the YMCA take over TDYCC and save 3 million more.

Merge the 3 fire depts and drop the village FD's and save millions

Anonymous said...

If you just get rid of greenburgh garbage and go private you will save millions. Greenburgh guys are lazy any way.

Anonymous said...

5:17 and so does every other City and Town, Greenburgh is the only Town that offers this "special" door to door service.
You no it is going to take one of the Town workers falling on someones property and the resident getting sued, for this idle issue to stop!

Anonymous said...

Do away with sanitation all together and go private, we could save millions

1/16/2009 5:18 PM

who will pick up the garbage if the private sanitation workers go on strike ????????

Anonymous said...

crp has been doing my business in hartsdale's garbage for 15 years with never a problem and from wut i have heard "david magel" hasnt worked there since that news came out or they probably wouldnt have a license

Anonymous said...

It's funny. How do these people get their heavy newspapers out on recycling day, but can't get their garbage out. I'll tell you why. They are not recycling, that's why.

Anonymous said...

That's right 8:05. The people affected have made comments to not buying newspapers any longer, avoiding plastics when choosing drinks and such, leaving recyclables in cans for weeks until someone can help them or not recycling at all.

Anonymous said...

So I don't recycle.

I have neither newspapers ,plastic or cans and if I did I would bring them elsewhere that needs the money.
Greenburgh government has not given the residents a fair shake on this recycling program.
And pray tell where has the money gone??Would the money received helped with the budget?

Your commissioner had the money spent way before the amount of money was received.
Did we need all that he purchased?
Where are the small dump trucks?

Anonymous said...

8:41 Yeah, right!!!!!!!!!!

hal samis said...

January 16 1:38,

So you made it through the fourth chapter of the "Dummy's Guide to Propoganda and Disinformation".

You know, the chapter where the writer poses as a friend or ally of the position or (me) but adds that extra bit of seasoning which really turns out to be advocacy for the opposition.

Like you don't think that we have a dictatorship here in Greenburgh because the work sessions are televised. If that is your proof, then how come what happens at the Town Board meeting is not consistent with what happened at the work session. How come there is often a completely new version of what was presented just the day before? When did the changes occur? Where did the changes occur? The Directors Guild of America (DGA) recognizes a job title: Script Supervisor. Does NYS also have a line item for this and where is it in the Town budget?

And reviewing Chapter two, you do remember the suggestion to attribute words to the subject: words that were not actually written. Thus when you write that
" to call greenburgh a dictatorship is laughable " perhaps you should go back to the first chapter, where it says 'don't try to fool people when they can easily verify your lie' because readers need only scroll up to see that I charge the Town Board with being "the forerunners to fascism" on a post which began by commenting on an earlier anonymous posting which likened Feiner to Hitler.

If you can't beat me with my own words, I guess you need to substitute your own and call them mine. How about eliminating the middle man and just play with yourself.

As for Mr. Regula, he's out of here in three months after the Town Board wastes more of YOUR and other resident's tax dollars. It doesn't come from my pocket. All I can do is try and point taxpayers
in the right direction and if THEY want to pursue justice, they can find the right means of sanction.
In the meanwhile, pay the money he wasted, pay him his consultant's fee and just sit back and think about the possibility that you paid him a third time.

And as for being "far better than this", I have x-ray vision and can spot the knife your are hiding behind your bock. Better there than in than in mine.

Anonymous said...

The sewer guy spoke at the town meeting. Has anyone looked at his website?? He has an e-mail from Regula that shows that the town has kept money that should have been given back to the public. I'm sure that if Regula screwed the town on sewers, he is screwing us on garbage as well.

Anonymous said...

What is the web address of the regula e-mail?

Get the truth at said...

Anonymous said...

Great stuff on that website. That guy should be made the new Chief. He is a great detective.

Anonymous said...

Tarrytown has curbside only collection

Anonymous said...

I suppose that a great deal of you are missing the point.

The town is eliminating quality of life services for the thousands of families here in lieu of proving nonsense ineffective, very expensive, programs and frills to the Fairview community.

If we have to buckle down, why is the town board electing to do this?

Debate the garbage issue all you like, feel free to insert another example of this travesty as there are many to choose from, but the facts remain the same. We are being robbed.

Anonymous said...

Feiner's Re-Election Strategy:

Give Fairview what they want.

Give the Villages as much as possible.

Screw everyone else to fund the above.

Anonymous said...

Addenedum to 7:53 -- charge the villages for as little as possible.

Anonymous said...

Elmsford's always had curbside service. We do fine with it. Of course our driveways aren't as long as the rich people in Greenburgh.

town board not pro village said...

the villages got a 9.6% tax increase from the town
the town board let the gpl steal the old town hall site for nothing
the town is providing A budget personnel to service the gpl at no charge for payroll and other services
the town board uses village money to subsidize nutrition programs for other town
the town is not trying to get back millions of A budget money from valhalla

its a fraud to argue this town board is pro village

in such a black and white manner

its certainly pro fairview

btw - how much time does the town board even spend on any village matters? practically zero.

the villages are paying alot for nothing.

Anonymous said...

9:35, but all of this is a lot less than their share of TDYCC and Taxter Ridge. YOUR supervisor wants this.

Anonymous said...

Most people I know in TOV want the Valhalla money back.

Does anyone know what the statute of limitations is on asking for the money back? Can it be done next novemenber?

Anonymous said...

Question, if greenburgh garbage guys are not doing back door service this year they should be getting done earlier. That means that leaf pick up should get done without paying overtime this year.
What are your garbage guys doing now that they are done early.

Anonymous said...

Get it through your thick head. They dont care. Paul and the Paulettes dont care. They care about Fairview and TDYCC and making certain the villages dont have to pay for TYDCC and Taxter Ridge. That is it.

Anonymous said...

If the county,state and Greenburgh are in money trouble how about putting your heads together to sell Taxter Ridge dump.

We all need the money that this parcel will generate.

Sorry Gold we all need the gelt to survive. Have you ever thought of how much tax money you made Greenburgh loose because Feiner did you the favor of having a big yard.
Now is the time for heads to be put together to sell.
We may take a loss,but at least maybe it will bring in tax revenue.
It would be great if Avalon would extend their project to include this parcel.
MAybe a shopping mall can be put on this parcel together with apartments.


Anonymous said...

Feiner can not go against Danny Gold. Gold is the Chieftan of East Irvington and Feiner needs those votes. The rest of teh Town gets held hostage by Danny Gold.

valhalla and taxter said...

i live in a village
the valhalla money belongs to all taxpayers including the village taxpayers
i want it back too

as for danny gold and gelt - taxter was a huge mistake but lets leave the snide and veiled anti semitic comments out of it

that was uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

What happens to Gold when Feiner is either out or impeached.

Do you think he can get someone else arround his finger as he did with Feiner.

He led Feiner by the nose into the biggest disaster in this town.

I do hope that the county and state decide to sell the property.

Anonymous said...

Danny Gold will just threaten the next Supervisor. He is good at organizing the people in East Irvington. Gold will do anything to keep his power so he will fill Town Hall with his civic group to demonstrate the number of votes he controls. Voting blocks scare politicians. They usually give in to them.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Gold is the head of the democratic machine here in Westchester.

unelect taxter - forget gold said...

forget gold - lets petition for a referundum asking the town to explore selling the property - a decision of this nature (no pun intended) should not have been made by the brain dead juettner and the spendmaster feiner.

Anonymous said...

If a referendum is needed get the right person to set it up and I'm sure you will receive whatever help is needed from the entire town.

Anonymous said...

Gold is not head of the democratic machine in Westchester, just East Irvington. Paul needs him now more than ever. Paul has lost the Westhab people in Valhalla. Paul has lost the Westhelp people in Fulton Park. Paul has lost Edgemont. Ne NEEDS Danny Gold and Gold knows this. This is why Feiner can NEVER betray Danny Gold.

Anonymous said...

Paul you should be thinking about all the citizens of Greenburgh not only one person who has made you into the laughing stock of politics.

Yes you do need to get votes but is it worth loosing by following Gold.
He's using you more than you are using him.
Politics is great isn't it.
Sarten up paul and do the right thing for all of us in Greenburgh.

wanted said...

face it folks - we need an obama in greenburgh

we got feiner and juetter and morgan and brown and sheehanigans

we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Who will be responsible if there is an accident involving the pails left empty by the curb that will be blown all over the place by the wind.
Many of us go to work and there is no one to bring the pails down or up the driveway.
Since the pails are left curbside Which is town property will the town be the one to sue.

Anonymous said...

If the pails are left the right way at curb side with the top back on and put back in the driveways they dont blow around that much. Garbage cans are plastic how much damage do you think they can do?

Speaking from a garbage man's point of view.

Anonymous said...

i been picking up garbage for over 20+ years do not buy garbage pails with wheels on them(dont listen to paul)when they are empty they will blow and roll all over(i know)town code states that each household can have only two 20 gallon garbage pails check with paul or town web site.THE SANITATION DEPT WILL IN FORCE THIS CODE STARTING 1/26/09 WITH CURB SIDE PICK UP ONLY

Anonymous said...

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