Sunday, January 25, 2009


This blog was created to give residents an opportunity to give their views on town matters by posting their comments. Many of these comments have been sharp and even mean-spirited, but that is OK because even mean-spiritedness is communications. I have not required people to give their names, and most postings are anonymous, and that is also OK. But recently there have been slanderous and malicious attacks on the lives of residents which have nothing to do with the business of the town. This blog is no place for personal and slanderous attacks. Although I do not believe in censorship - and want residents to continue to express their views on town issues (anonymously or using their name) - I recognize that this blog has the potential to become a forum to destroy people's lives. I will not allow that.
In the future -- any slanderous and malicious attacks on the lives of residents which have nothing to do with the business of the town will be deleted. Hopefully, comments will be deleted rarely. Please feel free to e mail me at if you feel that a comment that is not deleted should be deleted.
Most blogs require bloggers to register. I feel that registration discourages participation. And --also want bloggers to retain their anonymity, if they desire. If the blog continues to be misused we will reluctantly require registration.
This blog provides town officials with the chance to obtain feedback from residents on many town issues. It's been useful during the review of town policy. Please don't misuse this open government tool.
I invite your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

This is good. Nobody should be allowed slander, and certainly not anonymously. Don't wait for someone to complian. Just delete the sexual stuff and the unjustified and unsupporeted accusations of dishonety.

good post said...

finally a good post
lets debate ideas and policies not personalities

Anonymous said...

Very good idea. Just don't confuse attacks on a person which have nothing to do with the town with sharp attacks that go to a town issue, even if those comments are rough. Criticism of the Town Board, even name-calling, must be OK. But leave their sex lives and families out of it.

Anonymous said...

How about letting pictures along with comments be posted ?

Marc Herman said...

It is not possible to use images in comments left on the blog. This is a security limitation of Blogger itself, and not something that I can change or implement. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. Take it up a notch. Read your message before you post. In most cases your argument will be more persuavive if you stick to facts as you see them and leave personal vilification out - no matter how much you dislike someone. Gutter comments just make your post a personal tirade and that weakens your case.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy that this blog has been posted to remind people how they should be speaking. After all, the blog is on the www that all, including the young, can access.
It`s just unfortunate that this had to come after several ruined a perfectly good news story blog.
Thank goodness that blogger doesn`t allow people to post photos....because if a blog had to be written to remind people how to speak....who only knows where this would have gone with photos being posted!!