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Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday – January 20, 2009 – 2:00PM


(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

2:00p.m. Executive Session – to Discuss Police Chief Designee Decision & Legal
3:00p.m. Special Meeting – to Appoint Police Chief Designee
3:15p.m. EHA Residential Parking Committee
3:30p.m. Planning Commissioner
3:45p.m. Drug Courts
4:00p.m. Valhalla Superintendent`
4:45p.m. Interview – DPW Commissioner – Executive Session
5:30p.m. Adjourn

Upcoming Work Sessions (Agenda Items are Tentative and Subject to Change


Anonymous said...

How many applicants were there for police chief, and how many were interviewed? How many external applicants were there? Where was the position advertised? Was a search firm used? Whom did the Town Board consult regarding qualifications; it's a very different position than when the last chief was hired.

The reason for these questions is that this process seemed to go so smoothly for such a critical position.

(Mr. Feiner - Please respond to each of the six questions.)


There were 3 applicants for this position---all of the applicants are on a civil service list. Unlike other departments in town government the town is required to hire from civil service lists. We can't open up the appointment process to every police officer in the region.
Each of the candidates we are considering is highly qualified. Each has worked for the Greenburgh police dept for a number of years and each of the candidates is highly qualified. We consulted with members of the Police Advisory Board and received helpful input from a number of citizens and civic leaders. PAUL FEINER

Anonymous said...

Where is the police report on TDYCC no-show jobs?

feiner is updating his blogiste emails slightly better said...

Paul while on the subject of Hartsdale when is the eye sore Sppok town AKA barnes and nobel going to be painted a better color then the orange that has been there since October. Last year it was changed to white a couple of weeks after Oct. 31 .

Suggestion for library; Why are we still giving free holds on books and videos when Scarsdale and other libraries charge. Why not charge a little bit for holds not as much as Scarsdale does. We could use the money can't we?

feiner is updating blogsite slightly better said...

sorry meant spook town

Anonymous said...

The Envelope please!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for replying, Mr. Feiner.

Anonymous said...

What is the Valhalla superindent on the agenda for? Are we demanding our money back?

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

What about the $200,000 you apparently gave the Fairview Fire District?
Are there controls in place to determine how the money is spent - and that the purpose is a real townwide purpose, not a local fire district purpose?
Or, is it not politically correct in Greenburgh to insist on complete and correct documentation?
Why shouldn't the Fire District be required to submit, under penalty of perjury, an affidavit swearing the funds are being used for a Town-wide purpose and telling the Town just what that purpose is?
Would it be racist to inquire about the procedures in place at the Greenburgh Housing Authority?
Why doesn't the Housing Authority REQUIRE aid recipients to produce their Federal tax returns as proof of income?
Greenburgh, if it is ever to escape from the ghetto of sloth, corruption and avarice into which it has sunk, must become not a business, but business-like in its view of its functions. Good documentation would be a good, and presumably non-threatening, place to start.

Anonymous said...

That money was given to a Fairview fire district.
Now about the housing authority they owe the town one half a million plus interest but that too is in Fairview.
The people that live in the apartments do not want to reveal their income because they know very well that they don't belong in affordable housing .
But then again this all takes place in Firview.
An area that cannot do any wrong in the eyes of our supervisor and town board.
Go ahead keep taking our tax dollars plus our services to keep this sector happy.

As far a the Valhalla area they should return the monies received because it was taken under false pretense and above all our dear supervisor gave it to them.
They should be made to return every penny plus interest.

The state comptroller said the money was to be used townwide,what is it Paul that you will not and do not understand about this ruling.

Did you study any type of law?
Do you understand the meaning of the word honest?

adios tres non amigos said...

and next to feiner was juettner and sheehan scheming to get the money back to the valhalla school district

ecc president bernstein was right
these two and feiner have to go.

hal samis said...

Paul Feiner said...

"We can't open up the appointment process to every police officer in the region."

Does it take an Xposure graduate to learn how to read Feiner?

Let's see if the obvious questions extracted from the above will yet be answered.

Paul, are there any OUTSIDE candidates on the civil service list that we have interviewed? So far, you've only looked at those serving in Greenburgh. Let me make sure you understand the question: so once again, I'm not asking that you interview EVERY police officer in the REGION as you chose to answer; my question is HOW MANY, IF ANY, in the region have you interviewed?

I think that visitors to your blog would agree that this is a reasonable question. So, how about it?

Are there any existing Police Chiefs that we could interview? I assume that once you have qualified by passing the exams to get to that level, you can be on the list.

I asked the Town Board before whether any of the candidates would do things differently than Kapica. I have not gotten an answer. Isn't this an opportunity to get another viewpoint of law enforcement rather than that held by the three clones of Kapica?

Why isn't the process open? The Town has allowed the public to sit it on other employee interviews. The difference here is that a Police Chief cannot be removed except for cause. A Chief has no term limits. If you choose badly we are stuck until the new Chief retires. Instead, you are pulling the wool over the public's eyes again by conducting these interviews in Executive Session after asking the public to send you questions or tell you what we're looking for. "Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch." If you're doing behind those closed doors is asking our questions or following our input, then what's the need for all the secrecy? At least to the extent of how the individual candidate views the job, why he thinks he can do the job and whether he contemplates any changes.

Let me guess; you want us to believe that you've followed our wishes and asked our questions.

Just like you followed our wishes on the 2009 Town Budget or even on a more local matter, Fulton Park.

Town Board, we don't trust you half as far as we'd like to throw you.

Finally, as you have stated twice, each of the candidates is highly qualified and probably already knows the local streets. However, let's face it, the Police Advisory Board and civic associations and input from a "number" of citizens
(1 is the loneliest number, 10 is a number, 20 is a number but a "number" of citizens means nothing to me). The asked and answered routine between 7:20 and you at 7:44 is just too phony especially when someone returns today to thank you for answering when you really haven't other than to state what is already known: 3 and they are already on the force.

How about taking another stab at how you define "highly qualified".
If what you're saying is that they passed the test as others have and that Kapica has recommended them, surely for such an important position you would go to someone as highly qualified but independent for help. Other than the Town Comptroller, your and the Town Board's picks to head up Town Departments is not a scorecard to be proud of. The difference, though, for this position is that it is a permanent selection, one not subject to your renewing or not renewing their contract.

And, when it comes down to it, no one on the Town Board knows the differnce between highly qualified and not so highly qualified.

None of this is meant as my lack of endorsement for the officers under consideration. I'm just concerned that Greenbugh is not looking at anyone outside the Department when it could and should. That it took far more time to select a Department head at the TDYCC. That the choice that the Town Board made came from a list of candidates INTERVIEWED and selected by a citizen's committee which is certainly not the case here. Here the entire selection process is taking place behind closed doors.

And that you aren't allowing that the Town has candidates outside the Greenburgh Police Department that it could interview.

Put that on your Work Session Agenda!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that the United States Senate "interviews" the "finalists" for the members of the President's cabinet IN PUBLIC, and the Town Board can't open even a portion of the selection process to the public. Why not reveal the names of the "finalists"? When a President or President elect does that, then the public vetting really begins. That's when the real searches into someone's background comes out. Once in a while a "finalist" is actually rejected. That's open government. Not the sham of the Town of Greenburgh.

What's the hurry? It's only Jnauary. Wouldn't just a two week delay so the Town Board could receive comments from the public be worth it? Oh, I forgot, this Town Board doesn't care what the public says or thinks, just look at Fulton Park and the sham and shame of this new "work force" housing definition.

President elect Obama had it right. We need change and we need it now.

Anonymous said...

The US Senate doesn't interview the finalists, they interview the nominee?

Anonymous said...

Heard that the Town Board asked a Police Chief from another jurisdiction to help conduct police interviews.

Anonymous said...

When did the town board loose trust in Kapica.

I think he knows will be best qualified for the position.
If I were asked whom I thought would be a good chief I think I would choose the same person as Kapica.
The board should have plenty of faith in this present chief to choose somone who should follow in his footsteps and maybe could add a little more knowledge to the job.
When your a cop your a cop regardless of the title.
I do think Kapica chose the correct cop to do the job.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the new Chief.
I'm sure with all your years of service you know which end is up.
I do hope that the chosen one is the one that lives here in Greenburgh.
In case of an emergency he has maybe a ten min. drive.That's what is needed someone who lives in the same town that he works in.
He makes money here and he spends it here.

Anonymous said...

To 2:52 PM:

Obviously you choose not to see that "finalists" was in quotes. DUH?

The point is that during the process of naming a cabinet Secretary, there is much public vetting (or if you don't understand that word = review). Who are the three? What's the secret?

Maybe if the names were released, the public might be able to step forward and offer comments on each individual before the "annointment".

These comments might be both positive or negative, but for someone who is going to be in the public spotlight, i.e. Town Board meetings, responding to the press and TV, don't you think it would be better to make sure that there aren't any "skeletons" in the closet? Wouldn't it be embarrassing to the Town Board to learn after the "appointment"? (Oops, sorry, nothing embarrasses this group,not Fulton Park, not the end of back yard pickups, not Valhalla, not raping the fund balances, no nothing)

Oh, well you must be a member of the Town Board, one who won't listen and thinks they "know it all". Hmmm, I wonder who you could be?????

Anonymous said...

5:01 -- that would be all 5 of them, plus the town clerk.

Anonymous said...

To 5:39 PM:

The Cardinals win. As to your post, Amen.

hal samis said...

And who might 2:54 be?
From god's keyboard to your eyes.
Anonymous typing ambiguous.

Meanwhile back on the planet, how come Feiner won't answer my questions?

hal samis said...

Town Board: Put this on your Agenda. The "new" Library Board of Trustees only wants to save the Library as of the date they took office. They're not interested in looking into or reporting on what happens before the "Grand Opening" now pushed back three months for "cause".

My response to the one-sided tripe that passes as The Journal News.

"One has to ask why The Journal News reporter continues to write pieces about the Greenburgh Library and not bother to run them by the known opponents. Of course, that's what a puff piece is. But then, somewhere in Journalism School I remember learning news articles are supposed to be built around facts and even before this I knew that libraries are supposed to be about providing information: truthful information. So that brings me back to the beginning.

Let me attempt to provide an answer and correct the lies as entertained by both Ms. Anderson, reporter, and Ms.Contrata, Library Director. In a like article months ago, Ms. Anderson quoted Ms. Contrata stating that not everything has to be there on opening day. Well, what neither defined was Opening Day. The December opening was just so the departing Trustees could appear for the photo ops. The following day the Library was open to the public so that the Trustees could say that construction didn't take more than two years. Mind you, the Referendum providing the original $19.9 project was May 2005. At the Trustees meeting last week, the Grand Opening is now scheduled for mid April to coincide with National Library Week -- "whether or not the furniture for the childrens room has arrived".
Today the "$20" million project is not at the "fine-tuning" stage; it is simply not finished. Yes the roof is up, the lights are on and the heat is working but the project status is not what the Trustees and Contrata would have you think. If over $20 million has been spent, something should be the evidence of that funding but most library patrons have no means to measure whether it was spent wisely or, if not, what could have resulted had the money been more wisely allocated. All they know is that it is bigger, brighter and better than before the money was raised.

Residents should keep in mind that the original project's budget included nearly $4 million to cover contingencies and inflation so that it exceeds $19.9 is not laudatory. Neither is the project finished nor is this library the library that residents thought they were getting circa early 2005. What residents expected was a Community Cultural Center, a place where books, magazines and media met live theater, poetry readings, movie screenings and musical performances. Visions of a multi-purpose room that included banked seating, raised stage, projection booth and adequate parking were allowed to float. Instead what we have is a largish room with stack chairs, no stage, no projection booth and a sound system (gifted but not yet installed) and no projection screen (on order they say). As for parking, what we have are newly paved spaces just as far away from the front door as the former Town Hall parking spaces that no one wanted to use because they were too far. And instead of the 160 spaces of the Referendum, we have 120 which is inadequate for a capacity event in the auditorium when there are still library patrons inside doing library things. Residents were also led to believe that there are more meeting rooms but the auditorium lacks a room divider (budget) and the other meeting room is deep inside library bowels meant to serve staff meetings. Unless you want to call a computer training room with computers in front of you and an unfinished local history room meeting rooms, there just aren't any. Neither are there small group study rooms where kids can work together on a school project.

Ok, we're in the "fine-tuning" stage says the article. Mind you contracts were awarded December 2006 and these contracts were supposed to be comprehensive. But apparently this wasn't a long enough lead time because the fine tuning includes a sink in the employee rest room (think about that for a moment), soap dispensers in the restrooms, a urinal in the downstairs men's room (where the auditorium traffic will go -- before events, at intermission and after -- when lines will tend to form while the same level also hosts the most popular circulating items and hence the most traffic. Meanwhile upstairs, the lesser used restroom has a urinal. I've have been told, but not witness to, that the bathroom in the children's area also lacks a sink.

A word about the doubled in size building. Where did that extra 23,000 feet of space go? You see it from the outside but how is it used? Without considering the expansive childrens area, only about 4000 feet of functional space is for the patrons. This includes the downstair circulating items, the larger auditorium, the computer training room. However, the childrens area has eaten up only about 3000 more feet and the bulk of the 16,000 extra feet is back-office space for the staff to work and play in or unusable and wasted. Two spacious offices upstairs (Asst. Director and Reference) and downstairs beneath the new wing is entirely for staff use while behind the computer training room are found the internet office, the Library Director (hidden away), the employee rest room (less sink), the employee lounge (with kitchen) and a conference room (unfinished) for staff. Not bad for what the Budget shows as a staff of 27 full time employees. Then too, consider that deliveries enter the library on the west side but are processed at the east end. But what of the remaining space? It exists as waste, useless for any purpose. Check out the second floor, the area in between the elevator and the stairway. Patrons don't need this much space for transit but what else can it be used for? Ditto the area before you get to the childrens area. Downstairs, look around and under the stairway and try and think how the empty space in front of the elevator can be used. As for the stairs themselves, lots more of steps but get used to using them when the children's programs kick in as the one, small public elevator is commandeered by strollers. Why is the library upstairs? In the old building, only the strollers had to go downstairs. In the new building everyone using the "larger" library has to go upstairs so that the infrequently used multipurpose room, on late night events, can rule the entry level. Were events to be underway after the library closes for the night, the auditorium wouldn't have to close as well. But remember, those using the library until closing still need parking until they leave. None of this would matter were the Trustees to have chosen a "vanilla" one story rectangle centered on the plot. One end of the building would be the auditorium, the remainder the library and parking would be equidistant. But then, the building wouldn't be visible from the highway to non-residents shuttling between the TZ bridge and CT.

Indeed, it could be argued that the second floor, other than the daycare center masked as a children's library, is depreciating daily as books, newpapers and especially reference materials give way to internet search. The library of the future is assuredly going to increase computer terminal space, lend out Kindle readers and reduce hard copies and their costly dedicated square feet.

But let me return to the fine tuning. I don't believe that this is solely the result of undersight; that someone goofed and forget to order furniture. A piece of the puzzle is hinted at by noting that some delayed purchases are already goodwill offerings by library support groups, these are but the tip of the iceberg. The "cold" facts are that much of what isn't in place is not just because of multiple human errors but because there is no money left for them. Just like the Town Board manipulates its own Budget by moving money from one department to another or, from one line item to another, so has the Library's Referendum funding been moving around as the project appears to wind down. The problem is that once money has been "borrowed" from the near $900,000 furniture lines or the near $300,000 in technology backbone (not computers) or the $100,000 in landscaping and spent elsewhere, there is no money in the budget to replace it. Thus we have the desperate call for outside funds to complete the job. If you understand this then you can understand how a $19.9 million budget was from day one insufficient to build a library costing $22-23 million even with fingers crossed and the mucking up from Al Regula and the Town Council. And at least one of the then Trustees knew this. When Director Contrata dissembles that their 2009 operating budget is lean and worries "there are some pieces of equipment we just need" that is the first admitted-to public wake-up call that equipment (capital goods) just aren't there even though the capital items were funded in the expansion budget. In 2008, the Trustees got the Town Board (fearing the intake of truth serum) to allow the library to use some of its operating budget for capital purchases.

Where did this money come from, say around $100,000 still leaving a near $300,000 end of year surplus? Weren't you led to believe that the Library had no money to operate the cybermobile and maintain Sunday hours and what survived of these operations was due to grants. What the Trustees did was walk away from their commitment to the cybermobile to bring construction caused downsizing of service in line with patron expectations and, as they became party to obvious shortfalls in the expansion budget, they lied about their operating cost so as to have this money available for face-saving on the construction project. Taking this money into account, the new project cost is now about $20.5 million and rising.
What remains in the degraded project? No one knows; they don't have a punch list or the services of a Construction Manager. Hint of more problems...the Construction Manger is now officially off the job taking home $900,000 instead of the budgeted $612,000.

Yes there are new Trustees, including one whose day job, or what remains of a career, is mounting public relations programs.
This alone guarantees that more of these puff pieces will appear in print. Who beside myself is willing to point out that libraries, motherhood and apple pie aren't wearing clothes but still spending our tax dollars injudiciously. And please Ms Anderson, look up the meaning of "lounge" before you write more about the library."

My apologies to those already familiar with my back story. However, lacking a newspaper, I believe that it is important to offer a blast of the truth when officials or agencies use these media to spread intentional lies. It is well known that The Journal News' reporters seldom bother to investigate beyond the truth contained in a press release.

Samis' library criticism misplaced said...

My wife and 10-year old son visited the new library last week, were issued new library cards, and checked out several books. He pronounced the new space "really cool" and can't wait to get back, return the books he's read, and check out some more.

Samis is right on the money when the criticizes all the waste in Greenburgh's politically-driven budget. But he's way off the mark in continuing to fight over the size and design of the new building.

Nor is it constructive to blame the library trustees, present or former, for deciding, in their discretion, not to spend allocated funds (regardless of the impact on service) and allowing those funds instead to go into the library's fund balance -- call it a "rainy day fund" if you like -- in order to supplement capital expenses to make the new building better and better.

Indeed, one of the principal purposes of an accumulated fund balance in municipal budgeting is to raise money for capital projects.

That purpose was reflected in the town's fund balance policy, adopted in December 2007, which prohibited using the accumulated fund balance for operating expenses. Feiner and the others on the town board last month conveniently forgot that restriction when they decided, for election-year political reasons, to raid the fund balance to reduce the tax hike this year from 13 to 8%.

The library trustees are given an annual allotment of town revenues raised exclusively from the unincorporated area to fund the library's needs that year. Samis could have served on the library board and urged his colleagues to support his favorite expenditures, like the bookmobile, and opposed saving money for future capital expenses, but he elected not to do that. Chances are he already knows that he'd get little support among the library board for taking that position.

That the current library board may be deciding to do that is their prerogative. The problem they face, however, is that the town board, for political reasons, can no longer be trusted to allow the library trustees to use their own accumulated fund balance for capital purposes.

Who loses when that occurs? Why of course, the library patrons, including my ten-year old boy with a love for reading.

Anonymous said...

To 1/18/2009 11:49 PM:

What the Library Administration and Library Board of Trustees ought to be doing is be honest with the taxpayers and indirectly with the Town Board. The Town has an annual capital budget. If the Library needs additional capital, that is the process through which capital spending should be justified and give the public the opportunity to comment at the public hearing on the capital budget. Inflating their "operating" budget to build up their fund balance so they avoid public questions is not the open government way to go. In addition in 2008, the Library said it "couldn't afford to operate the Cybermobile" yet it apparently still has a fund balance at the end of the year of may be $300,000. Who is kidding whom?

Sorry sir but I think you are off on this one.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the new Police Chief, I agree with "What's the hurry? It's only Jnauary." There are other eligible candidates not from Greenburgh. Nothing against the Greenburgh candidates, but it might be beneficial to get in some new blood. At least give the others on the list an opportunity to interview.

hal samis said...

Dear 11:49pm,

Sorry, but I don't defer to the wisdom of your ten year old boy unless he has something to say about what the emperor is wearing.

As for serving on the Library Board, the result of doing so would be to limit my ability to be an activist in other matters of state. Board members do not publicly criticize fellow Board members or those of other Boards.
And if the "new" Library Board starts off doing things right*, then I won't need to spend any more of my time tracking this one.

It is never a good call for any Board to lie to the public. It is never a good call for any Board to divert funds away from their primary use to a non-publicized one. Especially when the purpose is to cover up their own mistakes. And stop the white-washing that it makes sense for the Library Board to accumulate funds for "future" capital expenses. After this expansion, what future do you have in mind for what they called "the library of tomorrow". What they have done is take current operating funds (cutting service to do so) to fund capital expenses of YESTERDAY because they are too proud to admit that they were wrong.

And, why defend either the Library Board or the Town Board, both who continue to avoid the reality that the Library expansion is way over budget and way behind schedule? Is your answer that it is over and done with and therefore should be forgotten? If so, then lets remove all the history books from the library shelves.

So whereas I am delighted that your son has discovered the library, as long as the Library, management and trustees, take to the media to make a lemon into lemonade, I'll be around to explain that all that extra sugar is unhealthy.

*They just voted Thursday without discussion to release funds (funding already in their budget) to hire back part-time workers. If these workers were not on the job before the vote, then what assures the new Trustees that they are necessary or that the former workers are really needed? Without them, the library operating for three weeks, has been getting praise from persons such as yourself; on what basis, other than this is how we operated in the past, is there a demonstratable need for this continued expense?
Does anyone really think that the work is so demanding? Returning items to the proper shelves? Can you think of a job with more pressure? And with all of the most frequently ciculating items located on the lower level, bringing these items from "Aix to Ghent" is a matter of but thirty footsteps. If patrons have to wait two minutes to get through the check-out line because there are already but two employees at the circulation desk, is it essential to add a third? Does the idea of cutting fat apply only to other Town departments? Of all the Town departments, the library remains the most coddled, a long standing tradition introduced by the former Library Director. And, no one has ever justified this practice, instead deferring to business as usual. If you look deeper into library management practices, you will see that they promote when employees are eligible, not when someone of a higher pay grade is needed or a slot has opened up. Good for the employee; bad for taxpayers. In the real world, this is the equivalent of making everyone a Vice President (at that pay scale) just because they have the time in. The result is to have a top-heavy team with job descriptions that make returning items to the shelf inappropriate; thus the need to hire part-timers and pages to do the grunge work. In a nutshell, that is what is wrong at the library on an operating basis.

And since I don't really come into contact with the staff of most Town departments I have no basis for comparison or the intent to denigrate the staff of other Departments when I say that the library staff is most gracious, polite and seeking to please and that I have no quarrel with them collectively or individually. In fact, I argue that they should not be denied their overdue CSEA wages, especially since taxpayers have already been charged for the cost.

hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Feiner,

Has the Town interviewed anyone from outside the Greenbugh Police Department?

Why are these interviews held in Executive Session?

Still waiting.
Why the sudden silence?
Is it because I tripped you up on your misdirection (see above, January 16, 1:44) that "we can't open up the appointment process to every police officer in the region"
when, in fact, you hadn't opened up the process to ANY outside Greenburgh PD.

And, that would not be because the Town is required to conclude the matter this month.

Folks, doesn't the Town Board bite the bipper.

Anonymous said...

The Town has to make an appointment from a civil service list. The top 3 candidates get interviewed and they pick the best one. It's the law! Hal do your homework, before you make dumb statements! This is NY state law. You don't want the Town board to break any laws, do you?

hal samis said...

Are you saying that the top three candidates on the list were all from Greenburgh?

Are you saying that even if there is some reasonable objection to the top three candidates (highest scores on the test), that Greenburgh MUST choose from among these three?

What's worse than dumb is dumber.
Even when citing the law as you wish it to be, you are anonymous.

hal samis said...

dumber and dumber 2.0

"The Town has to make an appointment from a civil service list."

but not just those on the list from Greenburgh.

Did the Town Board interview anyone from outside the Greenburgh Police Department?

the inability to answer even a simple question says something to residents.

Anonymous said...

All Promotions in civil service come from within each dept. Call County personel dept. and maybe they can get into your thick head.

Anonymous said...

Let me try this again!
All candidates must be qualified/certified by the county civil service dept before a municipality can promote them.
The qualifications are listed on the application before you even take the test. Only Greenburgh Police Dept employees may be considered for a promotion in Greenburgh. All municipalities also do it this way because, it's the law! To keep it fair they do it by test scores. They may pick out of the top 3 scores.

Anonymous said...

But other municipalities have hired police chiefs from outside their districts.

hal samis said...

Is Chief of Police a civil service position?

Anonymous said...

Does Valerie Whitehead have a civil service position? Is she qualified? What does she do?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Chief of Police is a civil service position, just like Sgt, Lt, and Capt. Positions are filled from a civil service test, of which you choose out of the top 3 spots.
Hal, Just let it Go! this is the way it is done.

Anonymous said...

Paul how many children are enrolled in that school system from westhelp.

Don't believe the representatives of that schol district.
They want the money any way that they could get it.

the money was ruled for the entire town and that's what you should do.
How about puting it into a fund to cover the upcoming double diget taxes for the following year.

Anonymous said...

Chief Joe Decarlo is music to my ears.
You made a good choice.

Anonymous said...

Instead of giving Valhalla the westhelp money how about reinstating services that you removed from some of the residents.
They don't need the money as you heard it was a good marketing example to include some other school.
Whar happened to the rest of the schools in Greenburgh,.

Judge Rosenburgh when your right your right. They want the money for themselves.

Anonymous said...

i been picking up garbage for over 20+ years do not buy garbage pails with wheels on them(dont listen to paul)when they are empty they will blow and roll all over(i know)town code states that each household can have only two 20 gallon garbage pails check with paul or town web site.THE SANITATION DEPT WILL IN FORCE THIS CODE STARTING 1/26/09 WITH CURB SIDE PICK UP ONLY