Monday, January 05, 2009


Basic C.E.R.T. Course
(Community Emergency Response Team)
Given by the
Westchester C.E.R.T./C.C.C. Coalition
@ Westchester County D.E.S.
4 Dana Road, Valhalla, NY 10595
Starting: January 21, 2009
Ends: March 14, 2009
8 Wednesday Evenings 7:00pm–9:00 pm
One Saturday (practical exercise) 03-14-09 9:00am-12:00pm
Pre-Registration is Required by January 14, 2009
For an Application and Course Schedule Send
Name, Address, e-mail & Phone # to:
or FAX: 914-949-7116 (attn: P.O. Peter Dandreano)
For more information call: P.O. Peter Dandreano 914-682-5334 or
Richard Edelson (914) 428-8337 CERTRedelson@att,net


Anonymous said...

Sick of Grrenburgh Poli-tricks said...
Photos of Valerie Whitehead, Sonja Brown and Gay Silverman will be making the news soon!

Yep, Brown and Whitehead (George A)on Silverman payroll. That's how they got rid of the Pool Director who was trying to collect fees from Silverman for her Silver Streaks Swim Team ($20,000). The Comptroller office knew she (Silverman)owed the funds and had to fight Paul Feiner to collect $$$. Who rents a facility and doesn't pay up front? No one. We paid $10,000 up front for my sons Bar Mit. No special deals.

When you rent a facility you deny any one else from renting the facility. When you don't pay up front and cancel when you don't use the facility the facility="TOG" loses money. It's a no brainer.

And yes Whitehead is under investigation and it's supposely been sent to the DA office - but hopefully as stated the "wheels of justice move slowly" but do move-I know several staff who spent 2 1/2 hours or more at the police station - who never saw the Whitehead's felony nephews work at TDYCC. I pull my children from the center. You are not suppose to have criminal working with children (child molester/assault and battery etc).

When is Paul going to be a MAN and step up and say, "I screwed up-Whitehead was terrible mistake" or will he just wait and let the DA offfice do his dirty work - Yep the latter is his MO

Sick of Greenburgh politricks and BS - Let's recruite a real person for Town Supervisor