Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The Town Board asked the Comptroller's office to implement a hand scanning program for part timer's. The Board approved the following memo at yesterdays Town Board work session. This will improve controls.

---- Original Message -----
From: Michael Kolesar
To: Paul Feiner; Diana Juettner; Sonja Brown; Kevin Morgan; Francis Sheehan
Cc: Bart J. Talamini; Dipak Pandya
Sent: Tue Dec 30 16:32:49 2008
Subject: ADI Implementation Plan

ADI Implementation Plan

In accordance with our commitment to provide the Town Board with an ADI Implementation Plan, we offer the following:

1. Hire the open payroll position as soon as possible and train this individual in all of the various elements of the ADI system from the perspective of the payroll function. The payroll function has been without this capability and resource since the end of last April 2008.

2. MIS has estimated that the Town needs one ADI clock for every 100 persons who would be using the system. In order to have an adequate number for the peak summer months, therefore it is estimated that the Town needs 3 for Parks and Rec and 3 for the TDYCC. These cost about $3,000 each, so that would be an investment of about $18,000 plus installation / wiring cots of about $1,000. It is estimated that from issuance of purchase order to receipt will be about one month. In addition there will be annual maintenance costs of approximately $400 per clock or $2,400

3. MIS estimates that complete installation and testing at each location and for each clock will require one calendar month.

4. Upon completion of training under 1 above, payroll can begin the process of rolling out the system and training an appropriate number of individuals in each location as to system maintenance, i.e. adding individuals, deactivating individuals, the approval process, handling exceptions, etc.

The specific timetable appears to be the following:

1/15/09 – Board authorizes the hiring of the second payroll person

1/16/09 – 3/15/09 Interview & hire second payroll person

2/1/09 – 3/1/09 – Place purchase order and acquire additional clocks.

3/1/09 – 4/1/09 - Install and test new clocks

3/16/09 – 4/30/09 Train new payroll person; train department personnel in details of ADI system

5/1/09 – 5/31/09 Add 600+ summer employees to payroll system as well as input ADI relevant information for each of these new employees in the ADI system.

We look forward to the Town Board's support for this plan and will proceed with it upon receipt of a sufficient number of affirmative responses.



one lies, the other swears said...

Nice! Because of theft of services at TDYCC, we have to spend more money.

What did the investigation conclude and what action was taken other then attempting to prevent this crime in the future, with the individuals involved?

Um, restitution? Have them haul trash for the elderly and disabled, to the curb!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with internal controls? Internal controls save money.

Anonymous said...

Oh , Hi Paul.
Internal controls don't save money, they prevent money from being stolen.
They also cost money to purchase and maintain.

Did you factor this "saving" into the 7% cut to TDYCC?
I'll bet you did.

Anonymous said...

Good Move Paul

Including p/t staff is the right thing to do. Now let's include the highest pay Town staff;Dept Heads.

Anonymous said...

Where I work, whcih has a LOT more employees than the Town, PT workders submit time voucers every week that their superivsor signs. Works just fine.

Anonymous said...

Well it's about time that what Kolesar was trying to explain to you the entire board finally was acted upon.
You know dam well that he knows his
business and how it should be done.

He took plenty of acido from all of you but he proved his point.

Job well done Mike.

Anonymous said...

Even though management is on salary they should still be accountable for their hours put in or at least have physical proof if they are putting time in. What is done on the lowest levels for example part timers punching each other in on a time clock most likely happens on a bigger level. Let department heads become responsible for time put in

hal samis said...

Headline we'd like to see department.

Town Board Weighs Purchase of Lie Detectors.

At a cost of $1000 per Town Board member, the Town Hall dais can be equipped with permanent, energy star polygraphs. The devices resembling seat cushions can, with 99% accuracy, measure the vibrations given off when individual members of the Town Board address the Public. Voice activated, the device calibrates movements of the Board members through their bodily shifts on the seat cushions and transfer these impulses to a network of sensors embedded within the cushions. There they are converted to fiber optic impulses which are read, measured and fed to display panels mounted on the dais in front of each Town Board member. When the panels glow a bright red, the display indicates that a lie is being told. Town Supervisor Feiner, announcing his decision to keep the cost to taxpayers as low as possible in these difficult times of fiscal emergency, ordered the cheaper displays without the green for truth diode citing that truth is a non essential and that he he was committed to keeping the tax increase below double digits.

Although money has not yet been allocated toward the purchase; it is expected that the cost will appear in the 2009-2010 capital budget this Spring.

However, before the Town Board decides to purchase this system, they intend to try it out under the most difficult of conditions. Thus, they expect to test it during the coming renewal of the WESTHELP agreement between Westchester County and Greenburgh. Such a Resolution is viewed as a unique opportunity to measure the device's ability to accurately record the results of the expected duck and cover drill between Town Supervisor Feiner and Councilman Francis Sheehan during the evening's Valhalla School District contract renewal segment.

The company that manufactures the devices, the Xposure Manufacturing Company of Lanza, Michigan, hopes to have a new, more powerful model ready in time for the scheduled public hearings later this Spring. The optional features of the new model will allow wireless, real time transmission of the readings to remote receptors. Xposure, on their website, reports that arrangements have been made to install one of the remote display devices in the State Comptroller's office in Albany. Xposure (XPOZ) was feined by the Department of State a few years ago when it was disclosed that it was using minors to manufacture the meters as well as violating minimum wage laws. The Company pleaded nolo comprendez to not only paying its young workers below NYS minimum, but also that it had forced them to invest their pay in stock of the thinly traded company.

This story was brought to you live from Greenburgh, the 80th best place to lie in America.

extra warranty needed said...


didnt francis sheehanigans say the law required a comprehensive plan but when asked to show where he started talking about the most wonderful program in greenburgh history - xposure

i fear that if sheehan is hooked up to the detector the machine will break so lets get an extended warranty!

Anonymous said...

Some points.
With the new ADI handscanners one would think that one person can be eliminated from payroll because now the data will all be electronic rather than hand inputed from time cards. I also think that many departmentheads do put in a lot of hours many off hours too.

Anonymous said...

Hand scammers.
There are ways around every system. How about management accountability? Isn't the center being investigated because a manager knew that time records were being falseified?

What's to stop employees from "scanning" in and then disappearing if the higher-ups turn a blind eye to it?

Anonymous said...

Hal You are Comedy Genius!

You made my morning! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Management Should Set An Example

Use the scanners. We have 10.00 p/h part time staff use 'em, let's have $135,000 staff like the Comptroller use 'em to! Not to do so would be penny wise and dollar foolish.Mike should be the first to volunteer. How about it Mike,can you set an example of accountability?

Anonymous said...

Well Feiner is now reaching out to those with criminal backgrounds ie.xposure.

What's coming next Feiner Madoff?

Anonymous said...

:D Yes, Hal is very funny!!!

Will the children attending Xposure have to be scanned as they are now get paid $12.00 per session, by the town? Those salaries distributed account for approximately $187,000 per year?

Are we hiring extra payroll help because of the added accounting of those 300 newly added program attendee/paid participants?

Surely they don't pay them in cash! I hope not. Now, that would truly be very, very funny.

Anonymous said...

$167,500+ for xposure came from a grant (Lanza FamilyFoundation)

Xposure continues to be a sham said...

Yep, and Xposure kicked back $20K to Lanza's son-in-law for the honor. In the meantime, Xposure continues to rip off unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers. Can you believe that Xposure results in a cost-per-child of $2,900 annually? Our uninformed supervisor and his yes-man Sheehan both claim not to know (because they didn't ask) what the cost-per-child is of the Y's program. Turns out it's about the same. But the difference is that parents pay the cost and contrary to the misinformation that Feiner and Sheehan keep repeating to anyone who'll believe it, the Y does offer financial aid to those who need it.

Feiner and Sheehan, realizing that the Xposure sham will blow up in their faces, insist that only those on welfare (or who collect DSS) qualify for financial aid from the Y, which is false.

Feiner and Sheehan can't be replaced soon enough. They're costing taxpayers huge amounts of wasted money while at the same time cutting essential services.

liar,liar,pants on fire said...

$335,000 Xposure funding. $187.5 Lanza, $187.5 Town.
Total Funding= $335.0k

$300. per child (if collected)= $9.0k
total funding= $334.9k

Mr. Thomas' take= $335.0k
Paid to students= $187.2k
Total Expenditure=$522.2k

NEGATIVE -$187.3k
This assuming that anyone actually pays the $300 fee.

Total donation by the generous citizens of Greenburgh=
*approximately $334.7

* does not include fees not paid, transportation to the program or any additional donations solicited.

XPOSED said...

2009 the year of XPOSURE!

What will we Xpose in 2009?
What candidate will be Xposed in a few months?
Will Town Hall suffer and die from over-Xposure?

Stay tuned.

Y supporter said...

I'm going to contact my local Y chapter & let them know that our elected officials are deliberately misleading people with false information.

Anonymous said...

7:05 if you only knew. Some department heads put in that much time for their lack in confidence in themselves. And it is not about how many hours you put in, it is about what you accomplish in the time you put in. But than again, if they are putting in extra hours the town should be able to see it through the hand scan, and if they are putting in less hours, well than the town board will also be able to see this.

In these very rare but true times people should be held more accountable for their jobs, especially highly paid individuals.

Anonymous said...

How are those stock portfolios the xposure kids' money was supposedly invested in doing? (Are actual stocks being purchased? and who collects the brokerage fees?)

the answer said...

the brokerage fees were given to the tdycc - would you expect otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Xposure Afterschool Program

Have any the people here even seen the Xposure Program? Isn't worth an investment to help children help themselves? Let's see, the program is new, it's different, it's successful.
It's criticized!

Oh brother. said...

It's costly BS and it will be the ruin of TDY and Feiner.
Now that just may be worth the investment.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the 1/6 work session. Bill Carter did not represent the TDY camp fees for 2008. Why?
Brown" I'm concerned that we are trying to make TDY look like parks & rec. We don't want to do that"

Anonymous said...

To 6:20

Let's assume that the program will help the children. The point is that it is not the business of the town to do this kind of program. It is the business of the town to provide municipal services.

Anonymous said...

We have been paying TOV kids to go to camp for free?! Holy cow!
Carter "Biggest run we have on the bus is from Elmsford"

hal samis said...

controls? what me worry?

"papa told willie, you'll ruin my home

you and that hand jive have got to go

Willie said, papa don't put me down

they're doin' that hand jive all over town

hand jive, doin' that crazy hand jive"

While Valerie Whitehead is "right back where she started from"

t d y double c,
make her give back her salary

doin' that crazy hand jive.

Anonymous said...

I heard this evening that Valerie Whitehead is STILL received the salary of an acting commissioner. Could SOMEONE tell us why this is still occurring?

Again, she was responsible for removing the aquatics director due to 'budget constraints' but here she is still getting a salary when there is now a commissioner in place. Mr. Feiner, could you please answer this question. This is beyond crazy!

Anonymous said...

Extras may be nice when there's a budget surplus, but as 7:25 said, "It is the business of the town to provide municipal services." For example, is there a street-cleaning schedule published somewhere? Instead of going deeper in the red with cute lil optional services, get the basic municipal services handled.

Anonymous said...

Brown" I'm concerned that we are trying to make TDY look like parks & rec. We don't want to do that"

Until someone has the good sense to sell the Center, why not have it appropriately organized as a division of Parks & Recreation? It would certainly save money by ridding an extra commissioner and other duplications of services and staff.

Anonymous said...

$167,500+ for xposure came from a grant (Lanza FamilyFoundation)

... and the rest (another $167,500+) comes from the town budget.

Anonymous said...

To 1/8/08 8:07 AM

The Comptroller's Department has been on an electronic log in system for a long time. They just don't publicize it. It's called the Town's computer sytem, where their sign in and sign off times are recorded each and every day.

Check it out. You'll find out how much "free" OT the taxpayers have been receiving.

Anonymous said...

Another bit of misinformation about Valerie Whitehead. Valerie is not receiving the acting commissioner salary and is being paid at her pre-commissioner salary.

Anonymous said...

To 10:47 Then why isn't she on the ADI scanner system?

lie cheat steal said...

Why is Valerie White getting so much negative attention? She is just one in a long line of thieves at TDY stealing the hard working money of the good citizens of Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe what's going on here!
I taped the last work session and could no believe what I was watching.

Those poor seniors! How in Gods are we letting this board get away with this?

Next topic at session, camp fees. Has Robbinson be reappointed to TDYCC? If so, hasn't his salary been added to the TDYCC's budget?

What kind of phony display at an attempt to collect camp fees was this? Carter " It will look like I got here and implemented these changes. It looks bad for my credibility" "I'd like to the the (phony) increase spread out over a 5 year period"
One board member (Morgan?) had the good sense to point out the TDYCC camp fees included free transportation, lunch and extended hours. Those facts were glossed over pretty fast.

Brown looked very stressed and yes, she made the remarks several times about not wanting to make it look like it was becoming a Parks & Rec camp. WTH? Ms. Brown, what do you mean?
Also,when determining a "base" fee for TDYCC camp, "We're not locked in right?"

What is going on here? what display of nonsense is this? You steal right before our very eyes!

I'm completely outraged!
We have paid for nonresidents to attend camp for all of these years and payback is NOW we're out of money so we'll take your essential services?!

Paul! How do you sleep at night? SENIORS! Disabled! Not only is it physically challenging for them but change presents emotional challenges for them. you can't just babble on about volunteers as if this solves the problem. Shame on you!

You're so big on organizing volunteers (NOT) why don't you get some volunteers to work the TDYCC? I've never heard that suggestion. Doesn't any family that partakes in the FREE services give back? Why not?

My child's HS school gives out scholarships for those how have financial hardships. Those children MUST WORK in the school office a minimum of 5 hours a week to GIVE BACK. Are the people of Fairview so extra, extra special that they are not expected to give back? why?

What's wrong with you? I really think you have lost your mind completely. This is how you repay the generosity of the people of Greenburgh? yes, generosity! We have been willingly supporting the center for all of its good for years.

You're Greenburghs version of Jim Baker!
This is an absolute abuse of power. It warrants a full investigation of were the tax payers money has gone and were it's going now.

I'm stunned. I almost can't believe that this is reality it's so completely UNBELIEVEABLE.
Someone slap me! This must be a bad dream!

Anonymous said...

To: 703 Whitehead is the Only Problem

How sad that the ENTIRE Community Center's reputation is tarnished because of one person's greed and vindictiveness. That person is Valerie Whithead who is under Police Investigation, NOT the TDY.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Whitehead is not the problem.

Feiner is the problem for refusing to listen and believe the resident of this town.

The center has been in trouble since he came to this town.
He made everything free at the expense of others.
He has given them millions and millions every year without full disclosure.
Where has our money gone.
He should have been on top of things instead of letting the center officials run the show and run with the money.
If the center brings in money why the hell does it need three million plus each year to open their doors.
Something has been smelling all these years and Feiner just poopooed it.
It's not his money it's ours.

Anonymous said...

The center reputation tarnished because of one person ----YES _____
You are right and the name is Feiner not Whitehead.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. The jig is up. The centers reputation is tarnished and deservedly so. GREED is to blame.

Anonymous said...

Todays NY Times had an article, albeit about NYC, but one has to beleive it is just as valid in Greenburgh, about how public sector jobs, with their lavish benefits, are outpacing private sector compensation. When will our Town Board address this?

Anonymous said...

Todays NY Times had an article, albeit about NYC, but one has to beleive it is just as valid in Greenburgh, about how public sector jobs, with their lavish benefits, are outpacing private sector compensation. When will our Town Board address this?

Anonymous said...

If Brown is complaining that the TDYCC is being made to look like Parks and Rec she is barking up the wrong tree. The TDYCC IS Parks and Rec. The TDYCC is filed with recreational programs and what is Yosemite if not a park. You can'r change that just by calling it a social place.

If she wants it to be an educational place then she should turn her attemtionm to Central 7. The town should be in the business of providing municipal services not providing education. That's the job of the Board of Education

brown and bernstein said...

brown apparently knows one thing
if tdycc is parks and recreation and the villages have to pay for it (that is, if bernstein is successful in his lawsuits) then good bye tdycc.

bernstein case is heard in albany on tuesday.

decision end of february.

if he wins big (finneran out the door) - it may turn the town upside down.

hello 2009 - its gonna be a doozy

Anonymous said...

I wish Sonya Brown would just leave! She has done nothing for this town. I can't believe, she even won her election and we are stuck for 2 more years with her.

term limits needed said...

she was with paul. he plucked her out of obscurity (or was it the handout line?) and put her on his payroll.

has she ever voted against feiner?

btw - can you name any accomplishments of juettner in 18 years??

Anonymous said...

Give Sonya a chance at least she speaks out more than one can say about Juettner.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All of this is in perfect accord -
Go look up who Ted Young was - and his employment history with the Town.
BTW Paulie, why didn't you sign the criminal complaint against him?

samis for town board said...

the right thing
juettner to resign
samis to be named as replacement

news to many said...

could you please elaborate for the audience? tell us all about ted Young.

5:56 said...

Ask Mr. Feiner - he refused to sign a criminal complaint alleging embezzlement, fraud and theft by that individual very shortly after replacing Tony Veteran as Town Supervisor

Anonymous said...

Troll (Internet)
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"Do not feed the trolls" and its abbreviation DNFTT redirect here. For the Wikipedia essay, see "What is a troll?". For other uses see Troll (disambiguation).
An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.[2]

Contents [hide]
1 Etymology
1.1 Early history
2 Identity trolling
3 Usage
4 Concern troll
5 Parody
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8.1 Troll FAQs

[edit] Etymology

Artist's conception of tuna trolling operation in fishing.The contemporary use of the term is alleged to have first appeared on the internet in the late 1980s[3], but the earliest known example is from 1991[4]. It is thought to be a truncation of the phrase trolling for suckers, itself derived from the fishing technique of slowly dragging a bait through water, known as trolling.[5] The word also evokes the trolls portrayed in Scandinavian folklore and children's tales as they are often obnoxious creatures bent on mischief and wickedness. The verb "troll" originates from Old French "troller", a hunting term. The noun "troll", however, is an unrelated Old Norse word for a giant or demon. [6]

[edit] Early history
Prior to DejaNews's archiving of Usenet, accounts of trolling were sketchy, there being little evidence to sort through. After that time, however, the huge archives were available for researchers. The most likely derivation of the word troll can be found in the phrase "trolling for newbies," popularized in the early 1990s in the Usenet group, alt.folklore.urban (AFU).[7][8] Commonly, what is meant is a relatively gentle inside joke by veteran users, presenting questions or topics that had been so overdone that only a new user would respond to them earnestly. For example, a veteran of the group might make a post on the common misconception that glass flows over time. Long-time readers would both recognize the poster's name and know that the topic had been done to death already, but new subscribers to the group would not realise, and would thus respond. These types of trolls served as a Shibboleth to identify group insiders. This definition of trolling, considerably narrower than the modern understanding of the term, was considered a positive contribution.[9][7] One of the most notorious AFU trollers, Snopes,[7] went on to create his eponymous urban folklore website.

By the late 1990s, alt.folklore.urban had such heavy traffic and participation that trolling of this sort was frowned upon. Others expanded the term to include the practice of playing a seriously misinformed or deluded user, even in newsgroups where one was not a regular; these were often attempts at humor rather than provocation. In such contexts, the noun troll usually referred to an act of trolling, rather than to the author.

[edit] Identity trolling
In academic literature, the practice was first documented by Judith Donath (1999), who used several anecdotal examples from various Usenet newsgroups in her discussion. Donath's paper outlines the ambiguity of identity in a disembodied "virtual community":[10]

In the physical world there is an inherent unity to the self, for the body provides a compelling and convenient definition of identity. The norm is: one body, one identity. ... The virtual world is different. It is composed of information rather than matter.

Donath provides a concise overview of identity deception games which trade on the confusion between physical and epistemic community:

Trolling is a game about identity deception, albeit one that is played without the consent of most of the players. The troll attempts to pass as a legitimate participant, sharing the group's common interests and concerns; the newsgroups members, if they are cognizant of trolls and other identity deceptions, attempt to both distinguish real from trolling postings, and upon judging a poster a troll, make the offending poster leave the group. Their success at the former depends on how well they — and the troll — understand identity cues; their success at the latter depends on whether the troll's enjoyment is sufficiently diminished or outweighed by the costs imposed by the group.

Trolls can be costly in several ways. A troll can disrupt the discussion on a newsgroup, disseminate bad advice, and damage the feeling of trust in the newsgroup community. Furthermore, in a group that has become sensitized to trolling — where the rate of deception is high — many honestly na├»ve questions may be quickly rejected as trollings. This can be quite off-putting to the new user who upon venturing a first posting is immediately bombarded with angry accusations. Even if the accusation is unfounded, being branded a troll is quite damaging to one's online reputation." (Donath, 1999, p. 45)[1]

[edit] Usage
Application of the term troll is highly subjective. Some readers may characterize a post as trolling, while others may regard the same post as a legitimate contribution to the discussion, even if controversial. The term is often used to discredit an opposing position, or its proponent, by argument fallacy ad hominem.

Often, calling someone a troll makes assumptions about a writer's motives. Regardless of the circumstances, controversial posts may attract a particularly strong response from those unfamiliar with the robust dialogue found in some online, rather than physical, communities. Experienced participants in online forums know that the most effective way to discourage a troll is usually to ignore him or her, because responding tends to encourage trolls to continue disruptive posts — hence the often-seen warning: "Please do not feed the trolls".[11]

Frequently, someone who has been labelled a troll by a group may seek to redeem their reputation by discrediting their opponents, for example by claiming that other members of the group are closed-minded, conspirators, or trolls themselves.

[edit] Concern troll
A concern troll is a false flag pseudonym created by a user whose actual point of view is opposed to the one that the user's sockpuppet claims to hold. The concern troll posts in web forums devoted to its declared point of view and attempts to sway the group's actions or opinions while claiming to share their goals, but with professed "concerns". The goal is to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt within the group.[12]

For example, in 2006 Tad Furtado, a top staffer for then-Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH), was caught posing as a "concerned" supporter of Bass's opponent, Democrat Paul Hodes, on several liberal New Hampshire blogs, using the pseudonyms "IndieNH" or "IndyNH." "IndyNH" expressed concern that Democrats might just be wasting their time or money on Hodes, because Bass was unbeatable.[13]

A recently declassified World War II manual on sabotage recommends such techniques to derail any effective action: "Advocate 'caution.' Be 'reasonable' and urge your fellow-conferees to be 'reasonable' and avoid haste which might result in embarrassments or difficulties later on... Be worried about the propriety of any decision — raise the question of whether such action as is contemplated lies within the jurisdiction of the group or whether it might conflict with the policy of some higher echelon." [14]

Although the term "concern troll" originated in discussions of online behavior, it now sees increasing use to describe similar behaviors that take place offline.

For example, James Wolcott in Vanity Fair[15] accused a conservative New York Daily News columnist of "concern troll" behavior in his efforts to downplay the Mark Foley scandal. Wolcott links what he calls concern trolls to Saul Alinsky's "Do-Nothings," giving a long quote from Alinsky on the Do-Nothing's method and effects:

These Do-Nothings profess a commitment to social change for ideals of justice, equality, and opportunity, and then abstain from and discourage all effective action for change. They are known by their brand, 'I agree with your ends but not your means.'
In a more recent example, The Hill published an op-ed piece titled "Dems: Ignore 'Concern Trolls'." Again, the concern trolls in question were not Internet participants; they were Republicans offering public advice and warnings to the Democrats. The author defines "concern trolling" as "offering a poisoned apple in the form of advice to political opponents that, if taken, would harm the recipient."[16]

[edit] Parody
A monster in the Munchkin card game is named the Net Troll. It is described as having "no special powers, and is really mad about it."

[edit] See also
Baiting (trolling)
Blogger's Code of Conduct
Breaching experiment
Encyclopedia Dramatica
Gadfly (social)
Hit-and-run posting
Sockpuppet (Internet)
Virtual community

[edit] References
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^ One early reference to troll found in the Google Usenet archive was by user "Mark Miller," directed toward the user "Tad," on February 8, 1990, saying "Just go die in your sleep you mindless flatulent troll." However, it is unclear if this instance represents a usage of "troll" as it is known today, or if it was simply a chance choice of epithet.
^ Cecil Adams (2000-05-14). "The Straight Dope". Retrieved on 2007-08-26. "To be fair, not all trolls are slimeballs. On some message boards, veteran posters with a mischievous bent occasionally go "newbie trolling."
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^ Moulitsas, Markos (2008-01-09). "Dems: Ignore 'Concern Trolls'.", The Hill. Retrieved on 26 May 2008.

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Malwebolence - The World of Web Trolling; New York Times Magazine, By Mattathias Schwartz; August 3, 2008.

[edit] Troll FAQs
urban75 Trolling FAQ: Comprehensive guide to the dark art of trolling
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alt.syntax.tactical FAQ
False repentance at MeatballWiki
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Anonymous said...

I Just watched the first 30minutes of the 01/06 work session, comptroller and deputy had the floor. Why is the deputy there? Moral support? He did not say one word while sitting there, not even a cough.

Michael Kolesar said...

To Anonymous 1/10 10:18 PM:

Why on something as innocent as your question do you hide behind "anonymous"?

The Deputy Comptroller was there for multiple reasons. First, if the discussion about hiring the second person for Payroll needed details about events before I was appointed Comptroller, he was there to give his first hand observations. Fortunately, that was not necessary.

Second, one item that we (he and I) wished to discuss time permitting (and we did) was the recently released proposal from the GASB. He did most of the primary research on this issue. He did an excellent job in briefing me and I was able to present the material to the Town Board, however, had there been any in depth questions about certain aspects of this proposal, he was in a better position to respond.

Finally, I keep the Deputy Comptroller informed on virtually every issue I am involved with in case I am not there for any reason, i.e. illness, death, etc. You should be comforted that he could step in in an emergency or other situation and keep things going.

You owe him an apology for your posting.

Anonymous said...

It is particulary important to have a deputy comptroller in a town like Greenburgh where the comptoller getspushed out ever year or two

Anonymous said...

Kolesar those that speak out concerning anything that you say or do are knit picking.

Yes you do need the deputy at your side.
For this person who commented it was ok that the head of rec was sitting behind the centers commissioner who by the way looked like a bobble doll shaking his hed up and down to all that was being said by the centers spokesperson.
Let's face it Kolesar some people are nver satisfied with all the honesty that you have brought to a failing town.
Keep up the good work and maybe you will be able to set this town back on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar, since he did the gasb research he should speak about it. When you tried to turn that part of the discussion to him, he refused to speak. Why dont you take a second look at the video

Anonymous said...

Wait a min. are you so sure that he didn't want to speak or is this another ploy by the supervisor and Sheehan writing because Kolesar has been stating all his concerns on what was passed at this session And received nothing but lip from Paul and Sheehan.
Check the tape I'm sure that the conversation was interupted by heir supervisor.