Sunday, January 25, 2009


The Greenburgh Town Board will hold its first outrearch meeting of the year this coming Tuesday evening from 7-9 PM at the Greenburgh library. A week from Tuesday we will hold our second outreach meeting at the Theodore Young Community Center. Future outreach meetings will be held in Edgemont, E Irvington, Donald Park and other sections of town.


hal samis said...

Curious as to why an outreach meeting can be called for a start time at 7:00 when the Town Board meetings which used to start at 7:15 are not scheduled until 7:30.

Furthermore since it is unlikely that these outreach meetings will start with police promotions, certificates of appreciation, Tappan Zee updates from the State, the Xposure Follies, and all the other things that are on the Agenda to make the meeting end at 11:00, why are these outreach meetings held with the expectation of getting right down to business while Town Board meetings are not?

Why are these nights different from some other nights?

Anonymous said...

Why is the sky blue?

Anonymous said...

Because that's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Hal is there anything that anybody does correct or just you

hal samis said...

Doesn't that present a dilemma?

All those people getting paid to do things wrong?

Doesn't it seem odd that rather than focus on the things that those getting the paycheck do wrong, your only problem is with me who is not taking any of your taxpayer dollars?

Since you have written on this post and my only comment here was about the meeting time, what part of my comment is wrong or bothers you?

You only get credit for the "he's always criticizing" line when
you've got my mistake to point to.
Otherwise, you're just playing shoot the messenger.

Anonymous said...

Shooting the messenger is an old and honored political tactic - an we in Greenburgh are honor-bound to follow tradition, no matter how stupid it is.