Saturday, January 17, 2009


Javier Anderson, a 12th grader at Irvington High School, wants to be part of the historic Presidential inauguration on Tuesday, January 20th. He rented a 54 seat bus. Currently, 17 to 21 high school students are leaving Irvington High School on Tuesday morning after midnight and will be heading to Washington DC (anticipating arrival around 8:30 AM). They still have about 30 available seats on the bus. The fee: $75 round trip transportation (they will be back in Irvington around 11 PM on Tuesday evening).
If you would like to go to the inauguration and need transportation please contact Javier at or at 479-5423. Attendees will not have tickets to the inauguration but can watch the inauguration from the mall. You will also have the chance to enjoy the excitement, watch the parade, see some DC politico's when you're in Washington. It should be lots of fun. Hat's off to Javier for his persistence and hard work organizing the trip.
If you can't attend the inauguration in person - you can still watch the swearing in ceremonies on a large flat screen at the Theodore Young Community Center or on a screen at the new Greenburgh Library. The community center will also be offering lunch. The members of the Town Board and I will be at the local functions and look forward to joining you as we watch one of the most historic events in american history take place.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


ez pass said...

hi i live in fairview
where is my scholarship to attend?

Anonymous said...

no subsidies for this service.

hal samis said...

A new career for the problem solver?

Booking travel reservations, getting theater tickets, dinner reservations. Snow shoveling, garbage pick-up, zoning changes.

Vote for Paul Feiner to fill the newly created position of Town Concierge.

As for his former role , let's hire a professional Town Manager.

With this in place, Greenburgh might even crack the top 25 best places to live.

Anonymous said...

Not that such a position would be created, but Town Concierge would, actually, be more appropriate work for Mr. Feiner. Maybe that's what the Supervisor position had been 20 years ago, but now that Greenburgh is more city-like, I agree that we need a management professional. I wonder if there's a regional lobbyist position around that better suits Mr. Feiner's abilities.

Dear 2:34 said...

I hear XPosure is hiring.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine enjoying a bus trip with teenagers unless I could find my old bong from high school.

dear 7:58 said...

xposure may be hiring
greenburgh voters should be firing
starting with the three votes on the town board
named juettner sheehan and feiner

Anonymous said...

If the town discontinues its after school program (Xposure-funded with a $167,500 grant from Lanza) what will the parents do? Where will the children go after school?

Anonymous said...

BOOHOOHOO where will the children go?
There are after school programs that we pay taxes for.
The same programs that one has at the center are also at the school.
Nothing will happen to the children maybe it will be a blessing in disguise for them to study with other children.right in the school.
The center does not offer them anything different.
We will also save on the busing from the school to the center.
When did we promise to babysit for the parents of the children from the center.
No one has watched this place for eighteen years and see what has gone down.
Tax dollars being taken and nothing has been accomplished.
I heard that man from xposure speak at the town meeting at one point when he was introducing the children he requested that they comes down,yes it was said exactly
as I wrote it.
Check the tape and you will hear what I heard.
Is he the one that is running this program.

Anonymous said...

If the town discontinues its after school program (Xposure-funded with a $167,500 grant from Lanza) what will the parents do? Where will the children go after school?

Are you freaking kidding me?

They should go HOME to the adult or babysitter responsible for them IF both parents work. This could one of the Moms or Dads in a group rotation who works PT. He/She watches kids after school in an rotation with other parents who work and do same.
They go home to a babysitter or high school student(4 or 5 at a time) who gets paid for the 2-3 hours a day till mommy or daddy gets home. Babysitter or HS student gets a few buck, costs the parent around $30-$40 dollars a week.
They go home to the parent who has screwed up thier career so badly trying to work crazy hours just to be home to meet a child from school, because they can't afford childcare.

These people qualify for nothing free and are responsible for their children. They struggle and find a way.

OR in the case of Fairview children.....

they go to one of the several "after-school programs" offered by both the school district and Lois bronze (free)Xpousure, because even though there are so many out of work living in Fairview, there is no one available to be responsible for thier kids or anyone else's.
Go knock on a few doors over there at 12 noon. You'll find plenty of adults at home. Plenty that can be responsible and get paid to watch a few kids a few hours a day. But why should they when we are so consumed with giving them every little damn thing for free!

Tip: Don't go before 12 though, you'll wake them up.

PS. Do you not think those Xposure kids look old enough to go home alone in the daytime? I'll bet they get left home alone in the evenings. Snow day? Who the hell do you think is "watching" them?

The people who are really struggling in this town get the shaft!

shafted? said...

problem is the people who are getting shafted do not run for office or vote

many of them are republicans which is idiotic in a one horse town like greenburgh an almost all of westchester below 287

Anonymous said...

"Where will the children go after school?" To the regular after-school program already in place.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Fairview children be treated any different than those in other areas.
My children stay for certain programs and if they want to come home they do so.
Some days I'm at home with them and some others I work.
Who takes care of my children??
Now we have to worry about children who leave school and need babysitting.
You have got to be kidding.
The watchful eye of parents makes good citizens.
The parents of these children don't give a dam because they got things for free and now they expect their children to continue the pattern.
Have you ever noticed how many welfare recipients follow in their parents footsteps.
That's the way of life for them.
Here in Greenburgh check how many generations have been accepting freebees.
With this present board there is no honor .
We have to continue paying taxes to satisfy the greed of others.
Thanks guys.

As far as the tickets for the Washington trip,the extras should be given free to the school children .
But please don't limit it only to central seven.

Anonymous said...

Xposure is open to every resident of unincorporated. It's a very popular after school program..,

Xposure is a fraud said...

Xposure may be "open" to every resident of unincorporated Greenburgh, but it actually serves only children from the Greenburgh Central school district because that is the only school district where the town, at taxpayer expense, buses children away from Greenburgh Central's own after school programs at its elementary schools and takes them to TDYCC for the town's "after school" program. It is a crying shame that the town of Greenburgh continues to get away with this waste of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for what is, strictly speaking, a school related expense that should be funded by the schools or, provided for by the Y at each elementary school.

Xposure is a waste said...

Xposure isn't that "popular." Based on its limited enrollment of around 120 kids, all from the Fairview section of town, the cost per child comes to around $2,900 per year. What town in these difficult economic times spends $2,900 per kid per year on a program that duplicates programs at the schools? Even the town's cost for seniors enrolled in the town's nutrition program is only around $1,000 per senior per year. Only truly mindless town board members, led by Feiner, could approve such reckless and unnecessary spending.

Anonymous said...

The TOWN pays for the bussing of students from school to the Community Center?! And only from GC schools?! I don't think that's a legal (or ethical) expense for the town, is it?

Yes, the town buses the kids said...

Yes, the town pays for the busing from the kids at the GC elementary schools to get to the TDYCC "Xposure" after school program. The rationale is that parents who work who therefore need the "after school" program wouldn't be able to get their kids to TDYCC unless the town provided the buses. Of course, this is an outrageous waste of town money, and underscores why after school programs are normally run at schools, including at GC, and not several miles away at some town "Community Center." But Feiner and his cohorts on the town board allow this wasted expense as a matter of course.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that the town pays for after-school programs for GC students, but to pay for transportation, too? Why doesn't GC at least pay for the transportation part? If kids from other town school districts wanted to attend, would the town pay for their transportation, too? Something sounds shady here.

Anonymous said...

GC doesn't pay for the transportation part because it runs its own after school programs at its elementary schools. GC does not support Xposure, which undermines these programs and is not in the best interest of the kids who need the after school attention the most.

Anonymous said...

That's right people. Not only does the town pay for this busing to Xposure, despite Paul @ 8:18

"Xposure is open to every resident of unincorporated. It's a very popular after school program..,"

not a peep to the other schools in the GC district or any schools outside the SD about Xposure. No bus for them. No word to school administration regarding the program.
Nope. Nada.

You can bet the GC schools sent home fliers to families all prepared by TDYCC. Sign up forms and all.

So it's not just for the kids who live in the GC SD, it's only for the kids that attend GC and trust me, they are paying the fee to attend either. Why would they when they get free "babysitting" from the GC SD already?