Thursday, September 10, 2009


Lights on Irvington!
Celebrate our wonderful village in 3 days of feel-good, family-friendly festivities, including the Illumination of Village Hall, a Vintage Main Street Fair, evening Fireworks, and an Old-Fashioned Family Picnic in Scenic Hudson Park!
As part of our 2009 Hudson Quadricentennial celebration, Lights on Irvington looks back to the start of the modern era in 1909, when our village celebrated the Hudson Tri-Centennial in grand style. It was only 100 years ago, but what a different world. Flight had just been achieved, cars were rare - Broadway wasn’t even paved, silent movies and ragtime were popular entertainment. In New York City, the very first skyscrapers were being built. It was a time before radio, television, satellites and space flight…let alone computers, cell phones, iPods and the Internet.

Come join us for a weekend full of festivities!

Friday Sept 11
Illumination of Village Hall and Street Café Kickoff - 7pm to 9pm
The Village Hall Illumination Project, approximately 30 minutes after sunset, directed by Irvington High School art teacher Thom Johnson, fulfills a plan conceived a century ago. Stroll, eat, and drink up and down Main Street as Barber Shop Quartet and period music fill the Volunteer Ambulance Corps Plaza - which will become an open air café.

The “Best of” Film Series... Benefit Event! - Starting at 9pm
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: Live in Barcelona
Presented By Irvington Town Hall Theater Commission
General Admission also includes: movie snacks donated by Geordanes Neighborhood Market and after party hosted by Chutney Masala Indian Bistro at their restaurant on the River.
Order tickets online at or the Box Office (914-591-6602)

Saturday Sept 12 - Noon to 5pm
Vintage Main Street Family Fair
Enjoy 1909-era music from the Chrysalis Choral Ensemble, The Westchesteraires Barbershop Quartet, and pianist Kinny Landrum playing vintage period songs. Merchants will display their wares and you can relax at sidewalk café tables outside our eateries and delis. At Village Hall, view a display of vintage village maps and pictures. The Main Street School will host author Hudson Talbot’s presentation: River of Dreams, you can meet Judith Doolin Spikes and Anne Marie Leone - authors of the new book Irvington Then and Now, and view students’ Hudson River projects. Bring the family…enjoy, learn, eat, shop.

Saturday Sept 12 - 7pm to 9pm
Fireworks Display, Matthiessen Park
Enjoy music by Irvington High School Band beforehand – fireworks approximately 20 minutes after sunset. In observance of park rules, event is limited to village & school district residents and guests.

Sunday, September 13 - Noon to 5pm
Old Fashioned Family Picnic in Scenic Hudson Park
Relax and enjoy with rides, hourly music, vintage games, a storytelling tent sponsored by Irvington Public Library, a children’s art tent, costumed historical figures…an afternoon of family fun!


P. Leavy said...

I just passed the 9/11 wall at Presser. I wish I could avoid it but I can't as it sits in the gateway to my home in College Corners.

As a person who lost a family member that day, I find the condition of the wall offensive and disgraceful.

It should be torn down out of respect to those living here who have lost family.

It was a political tool at its inception and continues to be in disrepair, now that photo ops and good deed credit taking opportunities are long gone.

The town should apologize to the public and victims families for this embarrassing monument at Presser.

hal samis said...

The Supervisor has roamed far and wide throughout the Town entire to learn that residents can't afford to live here.

He worries about a citizen who can't afford to cut her grass. So he finds someone to do the work and polish up their college application.

He worries about the costs of schools, fire departments and running the County because everything is running smoothly at home.

He worries about people who have lost their job and he spends a great deal of his time running help wanted ads because these efforts have paid off to the extent of finding how many? people jobs over the course of how many? months.

He worries that people would think ill of him so he tells us that he wants no part of any benefit that may derive from any cert reduction
that may be won by his condominium association. He worries so much about this one that he forgets to say the check will come to the association, not him, and it will be used to reduce future maintenance cost charges or pay for condo improvements or repairs for all owners including his unit (despite his plea exclude me) because the association is not going to start making adjustments for his one unit or instruct him not to look at the newly purchased shrub or drive over the repaved driveway or pass the repainted guardhouse.

So, let me pass on a bit of advice for all of you who are still sick, tired and poor despite his efforts.

Here's a way to save money.

Don't go to Irvington tonight to watch a recorded Bruce Springsteen Concert.

Depending on your pocketbook you can buy the dvd of the concert from Amazon for $14 new or $8 used.
Buy a few boxes of microwave popcorn for, say $8 and invite friends over. Buy some snacks and soda and beer. Cost of the night including buying the dvd vs less if rented from netflix: under $75 for, say 15 of your nearest and dearest friends.

Or you can follow the recommendation of P. T. Feiner and pay $25 per person x 15 by participating in "Amazing Irvington Weekend" because Mr. Feiner is also your weekend events publicist.

Harsh economic times method of coping = $75
Harsh economic times method of coping ala Feiner = $375.

And upon whom are you depending to keep your taxes down...?

Anonymous said...

Is this now the miscellaneous category? If not, where can it be found?

Anonymous said...

Time to remove this as the events have come and gone. How about restoring the weekly misc. posting?