Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Metro North job opportunity-- conductor



> Metro-North
> Metro North Railroad seeking Assistant
> Conductors are train service employees, responsible for collecting
> fares and
> ensuring that customers have a safe and comfortable ride.
> Their major duties
> include: 1) registering on-time for duty; 2) making clear
> announcements and
> answering customers questions in a helpful and friendly manner; 3)
> climbing
> onto and preparing trains for service; 4) computing fares, selling
> tickets,
> making change and preparing and submitting cash reports accurately
> and on
> time; 5) enforcing train safety rules and working safely;
> 6) operating doors
> at station stops as well as assisting customers on and off trains;
> 7)
> responding to medical emergencies, equipment breakdowns, and
> evacuating
> customers in emergencies; and 8) assisting with yard switching
> duties and
> assisting in making up trains.

> Applicants
> must
> have a minimum of two (2) years experience in the areas of customer
> service
> and/or cash handling. You must be able to read and speak English
> fluently;and
> possess excellent communication skills; be able to perform simple
> mental
> arithmetic quickly and accurately; and be able to climb onto a
> railroad car or
> station platform from ground level. >
> The
> starting rate
> of pay will be $23.16/hour, which is seventy (70%) percent of the
> full rate of
> $33.09/hour, pursuant to the current labor contract. A>
> first day of employment: Railroad Retirement and Metro-North Pension
> Plan.
> Effective the first day of the month following the month you begin
> employment:
> Hospitalization, Major Medical, Prescriptive Drugs, Life Insurance
> and
> Accidental Death.>
> All newly
> hired Assistant Conductors are required by contract to pass a
> qualifying
> examination for promotion to Conductor. The examination is given
> between the
> completion of two hundred (200) and five hundred and ten(510)days of
> actual
> work as an Assistant Conductor. The
> job openings
> may be Extra List positions. > SELECTION

> To
> be selected for a
> position, an applicant must: (1) meet the minimum requirements in
> the job
> posting, (2) pass a written examination (if applicable),
> (3) satisfy a
> background investigation (which includes credit, if applicable), and
> (4) pass
> an oral interview, during which the interviewers will further
> evaluate the
> applicant's qualifications for the position. > APPLICANTS MUST APPLY ONLINE TO BE CONSIDERED.
> In
> order to apply,
> click on the 'Add Job to Basket' button, and the
> 'Return to Job Postings'
> link. On the View Job Postings page, click on the
> 'Apply for Jobs in Basket'
> button. If it is your first registration you will need to
> provide an E-mail
> Address and Password so we can identify you in future. If
> you do not have an
> E-Mail address, you can obtain one at no cost from
> various web mail providers
> (,, etc.).
> You will need information about
> your education and past work experience to complete the
> application. Please
> fill out the application fully, and answer all screening
> questions. If you do
> not complete the application fully, you may be
> automatically eliminated from
> the process. You will not be able to save part way
> through the application and
> finish later. The entire application process will take
> about 15 minutes, so be
> sure to allow enough time.
> Employees who do not apply
> online via the Intranet
> may be disqualified


Anonymous said...

Where do you apply for this?

hal samis said...

Dear 10:03,

But I'm assuming that the MTA is looking for people who can lead, not have to be led.

Ever heard of search engines like google?

Anonymous said...

I tried that, but it doesn't seem to be listed.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal


hal samis said...

Anonymous, Android, Accomplice

Looking at it from the perspective of one more good thing that happens in our town, then the person seeking the job is not so far off base when complaining that after the lengthy job description, the Supervisor, who doesn't bother to read what he posts, was unaware that there was no place to respond to since he did not post the "letterhead" that was the origin of the online flyer.

Still. even though the job is not posted on the MTA website, I would assume that there is a place in the online application (for all jobs) to specify which position you are applying for.

As for bandwagon, I was hoping that our local version of Sol Hurok, the Town Clerk, would grant me more time to perform at the Town Board meeting. I think that many residents would find me no more offensive than her promotion of music groups during Town Board meetings. More and more, the Town Board meeting is beginning to resemble the Tonight Show and I don't mean just because of public comment.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone would be complaining about these postings if the Supervisor also did the job he is being paid to do. These postings in addition to things like fire district consolidations, working with that sleezeball Sam Swirka (not sure of spelling) against county officials, etc. are all methods of distracting us from the real issues that affect us - town tax increases, poor services, lack of infrastructure maintenance, spending down of our reserve funds, etc. Also of nonsense is the 80th Best Place to live PR - the Town paid for this designation. A recent study showed that Westchester Property taxes are the highest in the country. AAA Bond Rating - read Mike Kollesars comments on another area of this blog - S&P still reports that Kollesar is comptroller and this AAA rating only means that the Town has ability to keep raising our taxes to keep up with the bonds. Mr. Feiner is a PR man, not a fiscal manager and certainly not a leader. If you don't believe these facts just wait to see where we are financially a year from now.

Anonymous said...

Watched the town board meeting last night and was very disturbed to hear Kevin Morgan and Feiner tell Bernstein that it's wrong to study the fire protection districts that service their own neighborhoods because they think any change would increase their taxes, while it's perfectly alright to study consolidation of Edgemont's fire district, where Bernstein lives, with that of Fairview and Hartsdale, even though it would result in a tax hike for Edgemont of more than 21%. I also thought Bernstein's ideas for allowing Fairview to bid on servicing the fire protection districts sounded pretty reasonable. I can't believe the town board is against competitive bidding. To quote McEnroe, you guys can't be serious. Also sounds like Bernstein may have some good information about those fire protection districts that Feiner and Morgan don't want the public to know about. I want to hear more about this.

hal samis said...

Attended the Town Board meeting last night and thought it was very wrong for the Town Supervisor to continue his silence regarding the release of the correct STAR numbers. This is two weeks after I first brought it to the Town Board's attention (as if they didn't already know) and only confirms that there is no open government in a Town which won't even acknowledge an honest mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hal you know very well that our dear supervisor will coverup all of the assessors' mistakes.

Have to get to the bottom of this association.

Anonymous said...

Bob, nice of you to check in and pat yourself on the back.

Anonymous said...

We may not always agree with Hal Samis and Bob Bernstein. However, they are the only two who ask questions and raise our awareness. More residents need to attend the TB work sessions and TB meetings. Feiner & Co. are running this Town into the ground.

They are running uncontested once again. This is no way means that the public is happy with them. It simply means that no one has the money or the stomach to run against them.

If you support this tema, fine. That's what democracy is all about. If you don't support them, DON'T VOTE for any of them on election day. Let this be the smallest nod of approval they receive. Maybe they'll get the message and maybe they'll be challenged two years from now.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal,

I watched the Town Board meetings and ONCE MORE am appalled by YOUR ANTICS. YOU NEED to SHUT YOUR MOUTH. YOU ARE OFFENSIVE.

hal samis said...

I'm surprised your mommy let's you stay up so late.

Ignorance is bliss said...

Paul's Fire District consolidation committee has its first big decision to make tomorrow. Do they include a study of the Fire Protection Districts or don't they. My guess is that Feiner has already ordered Hochberg not to. Feiner does not want the taxpayers to know that the citizens of the Fire Protection Districts are funding the Villages!!! Yes, that's right, their tax dollars are being gobbled up by the Villages and NOT for their fire protection! State Law dictates that only up to 35% of the contract amount can be given over to the Village Fire Departments for Fire Protection. Remember those words "up to." That means that by LAW, a MINIMUM of 65 cents of every dollar that the citizens of the Fire Protection Districts pay out in taxes remains with the Villages!!!!! Shhhhhhhh! Feiner does not want that info out there for public consumption. Feiner is raping the Fire Protection Districts in order to fund the Villages!!!! Is this why several of the Fire Protection Districts are run at a defecit Paul???????