Thursday, September 03, 2009


E HARTSDALE AVE SIDEWALK SALE THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th BEGINNING AT 10 AM. There will be at least two (possibly three) groups performing as part of the farmer’s market music series. Special thanks to Town Clerk Judith Beville for organizing the farmer’s market music series. One of our volunteers, Adriana Volpe, also an aspiring events planner, has spent the past several weeks reaching out to and recruiting businesses on East Hartsdale Avenue to participate in the Saturday, September 5th Sidewalk event.
Along with the sidewalk sale, we will have two – perhaps three – groups performing as part of the Farmers Market Music Series. Both Adriana and Lee Mouzakitis, Records Management Coordinator/Office of the Town Clerk, both played a significant role in representing the Town during the last twelve weeks of performances by showing up each Saturday at 10:00am to greet performers, video-taping their performances and remaining until 2:00pm when the last act was over.
Please come to DeSanti Plaza on this Saturday, September 5th to welcome/ greet residents, business supporters of the sidewalk sale and music events as well as to acknowledge Adriana Volpe and Lee for their diligence, commitment and hard work in ensuring that both events were a success
This Weekend on…..
- Farmers Markets: Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Tarrytown, E. Hartsdale
- Evening Star Show in Yonkers
- Closing Weekend: Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival
- Free Entertainment in Dobbs Ferry and Ardsley
- Westchester Kennel Club Dog Show
- "Way Back When" Sidewalk Sale, The Hartsdale Village
- The Green Corn Festival @ Philipsburg Manor, Sleepy Hollow
- Jonathan Kruk, Storyteller, Irvington Public Library
- Beach Party, Fundraiser, Millwood Swim Club, Millwood
- Hot Tuna, Tarrytown
- Labor Day Antiques & Farmers Holiday Market, Pound Ridge
- Open Labor Day: Hudson River Museum
Go to for more information on these and many more events this weekend.

Amateur Photography Contest
A Quadricentennial Celebration of the Hudson River
The Rivertown libraries of Dobbs Ferry, Hastings-on-Hudson, and Irvington invite you to submit photographs of the Hudson River. There will be two groupings for judging: Photographers under 18 years old and Photographers 18 and older. All entries will be exhibited from September 12th until October 24th, 2009. Winners will be announced on Saturday, October 17 from 4pm - 5pm. Submissions will be accepted at Dobbs Ferry Library through September 9. Go to for details.

An Exhibition Opportunity in the Arts Exchange Gallery. ArtsWestchester
Announces “Fumetto” Competition. DEADLINE: September 17th
Westchester-based artists are invited to submit their work on climate change as part of our “Fumetto” Competition. “Fumetto”, ArtsWestchester’s fall exhibition, will be the third in a series of exhibitions concerning environmental sustainability sponsored by Swiss Re. Go to for the details.

DON’T FORGET! – September 11, 12, & 13..……….
- Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst
- Lights on Irvington: A Vintage Village Weekend Celebration 1909 - 2009
- The 3rd Annual “Take Me to the River” GrassRoots Music Festival, Hastings
- Dobbs Ferry Festa
- Yonkers Riverfest 2009
- Eco-Fair, Tarrytown
- The Hudson River Swim for Life, Nyack to Sleepy Hollow
- Native American Day
- Street Fair and Second Sunday, Sleepy Hollow
- New York Metro Reptile Expo
- DOG SWIM SEPTEMBER 13th Veteran Park
Visit for all of the details on these and many other events in the coming weeks.
ARE YOU OUT OF WORK. VISIT (Greenburgh Jobs Group) for job opportunities!


feiner needs to updare blogsite/emails said...

Paul thanks for updating last week that Shop Rite was the store trying to get into Midway and I feel they will be a nice addition. However Paul you did not answer my other ? s which were.

The sidewalk sale will be nice but will the parking district put the meters out of service for Saturday or will the meter reader have a field day making his quota giving out tickets to cars.

Oporto has left us and you have not mentioned this and who might be comming in. Is the reason they left due to parking problems or maybe the landlord tried to raise the rent in these tough economic times.

The Old Gaseteria sight which you said Starbucks is comming to. I have seen no work going on for a while and heard Starbucks is not comming. Is there an update on this topic?

Hope to here a response of any kind from you as I feel these are important topics and not that you're tweeting like a bird or judging a mustatche contest.

Anonymous said...

Yes Shop Rite will be a welcomed sight for Greenburgh.

We need some good competition to keep some money in our pockets rather than driving into Yonkers .

I do hope that this plan is approved.

Paul Feiner said...

The parking district is independent of the town. There is free parking at the parking district sites (garage) on Saturdays.
I have heard that a new restaurant is coming in to replace Oporto but no application has been filed as of yet.
Starbucks is not coming in to the building at the old gaseteria --however the owners are trying to find a suitable tenant.

feiner will (needs to update blogiste/emails when prompted to do so said...

Paul thanks for your reply.

Anonymous said...

What's happening to all the other vacant stores along 119 and central avenue.

Boy you have taxed most of these businesses right out of Greenburg.

Keep taking taxpayers money to pay for both centers and both departments of recreations but above all the parks and we too will have to leave this town.

When Yonkers completes it's new project you will have a ghost town as far a businesses go.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Supervisor has stated that he will move to raise all fees that the town levies because residents won't consider that an increase in taxes.

How stupid does he think everyone is? I guess pretty stupid. On the other hand, enough of the voters keep returning him and his cronies to office, so you get what you deserve

hal samis said...

Let's speculate how the sidewalk SALE is going to work. And does "sale" mean the occasion of items being sold on the sidewalk or does it merely mean the ordinary i.e. "Labor Day Weekend" sale found everywhere including downtown Hartsdale?
* indicates a possibility for sidewalk participation

2 beauty parlors, cutting hair doing nails on the sidewalk?

1 liquor store, free booze? call the SLA.

1 florist*, the chance for a tenant paying rent year round to compete with the farmer's market.

3 banks/credit union, get 6 five dollar bills for $25?

1 gas station, always "on the sidewalk"

1 "art gallery"* however it seems sketchy.

1 boutique* alert police if the dressing room is also the sidewalk

1 bakery*

3 "gourmet" food marts*

1 chain drug store* surprise, sunglasses, lawn furniture, charcoal, lawnmowers, pool toys and suntan oil on sale

1 mom and pop style drugstore

1 gym* flash! they may be peddling membership deals available only to residents of the northern hemisphere for a limited time only

1 drycleaner, spots are "off" year round

1 vetinarian, have fido's hair cut or blood pressure taken

various prepared food purveyers*
samples on sale for take-in

"farmers" market, picked from the Bronx just hours before


But what may not be music to taxpayer's ears is the thought that somehow their taxes are being used to compensate the staff of the Town Clerk's office for "c'mon kids, let's put on a show".

Anonymous said...

Well we get what we deserve ,,,,pray tell is there anyone else running for this disfunctional office that we could vote for. Whether we vote or refuse to vote Feiner and his two croonies will get reelected.


Anonymous said...

Parking tickets due to the lacking of places to park

Anonymous said...

hal sarsasmis is not really funny

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of parking in the garage. A 1/2 block walk might kill you?

Anonymous said...

Now come on now Hal. You even feel compelled to make your nasty statements towards a "Sidewalk Sale"... WIll you NEVER end? Or are you going for a haircut with Fido on the sidewalk?

It went well and the kids had a blast with teh face painting. What a great idea to have this at teh train station. Each year will get better. Our town needs more of this.

hal samis said...

Face painting...
Isn't that what town elected officials, when posting here as anonymous, do when they pat themselves on the back?

Why was this Saturday different from all other summer Saturdays? You the lady in the front row with her hand up...Right, there was a sidewalk sale.

How did the "SALE" do which was the nexus of this day and the subject of my prescient "nasty" post. Clearly, the bar is not set very high if the accomplishments of elected officials abetted by their underlings aka "volunteers" (on company time -- did you think that this was put together only during lunch breaks and after work) are to be graded by a handful of kids who weren't at Presser Park.

Another case crying out for Detective Double Dip's investigation.

"Just the facts, ma'am".

Anonymous said...

Checking the film that was shown at the town meeting we could have counted the people on one hand.
What a farce.
The town clerk said that it was a success .I hate to see what failure looks like.

Anonymous said...

Work on the audio at town hall so we could hear the cat fights clearly.
Your mettings are turning into a zoo.
The stink is getting to all the public via television.

Stephanie Kavourias, HPPD said...

What Supervisor Feiner did not mention is that parking violation fines go to the Town, not the Hartsdale Public Parking District.

The Sidewalk Sale day was fun. I personally came down to the village 3 times - all 3 times the streets were mobbed. It's been a long time since we've had a fair in the village and it was nice to see everyone out enjoying the festivities.

Adrianna Volpe, a local resident, volunteered a lot of her time to organize this event. It's shameful that our Greenburgh neighbors feel they have to be critical of everything.

The Hartsdale Public Parking District provides free parking on all Saturdays on the Pipeline (Site E), on the two upper levels of the Site A Garage, Site B (on the northbound side of the railroad) and Site D (south bound entrance to Bx River Pkwy). In addition to this, while we were not able to offer free parking at all of our sites we did suspend enforcement and worked on a good will basis with the public. No parking violations were issued on this date.

Kudos to Adrianna for all her efforts. Some store reported a significant increase in sales and shopper traffic on the day of the event. Others reported that they have had new customers visit their stores since the day of the fair as a result of the exposure from the fair.

Can't we ever say that something is good? This was a great event and I and my neighbors look forward to it again next year.