Friday, September 11, 2009


COMPLAINT---THERE ARE TOO MANY FUN CHOICES TO MAKE THIS WEEKEND. GREENBURGH’S ANNUAL DOG SWIM (Sunday), the weekend events in Irvington, the 3rd annual Take me to the River Music Festival in Hastings, the Dobbs Ferry Festa, the Eco Fair in Tarrytown, the RiverArts Welcome Party in Hastings. And, much, much more. I can’t remember a weekend with so many incredible choices to make. Each of these events is world class quality!
Frank Jazzo, town historian, just advised me that Greenburgh will be sponsoring two ADDITIONAL EVENTS THIS WEEKEND—Hart’s Brook Park & Preserve 10-12. Hear about the history of the former Gaisman Estate and tour its unusual barn and stable that has yet to house a single cow or horse. Then take a guided walk to the pond in the Preserve. Tomorrow—at 1:30 meet at the Ridge Road county park (parking lot). You will walk a wooded trail to the historic Odell House property in Greenburgh, which served as a headquarters for French General Rochambeau for six weeks in 1781 while George Washington and his Continental Army camped less than a mile away. Rain or shine!

This Weekend on…..
- Farmers Markets
- September Concert / Sing-a-Long / Remembrance
- Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst
- The Sky Tonight, HRM
- Lights on Irvington: A Vintage Village Weekend Celebration, 1909 - 2009
- “Our River, Our Remembrance”, Tarrytown
- The “Best of” Film Series... Benefit Event! In Irvington
- Free Music in Ardsley Tarrytown, Dobbs Ferry
- Eco-Fair in Tarrytown
- Continuing Ed Open House at the NY Botanical Gardens
- Yonkers Riverfest
- Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest, Dutchess Fairgrounds
- The 3rd Annual “Take Me to the River” GrassRoots Music Festival, Hastings
- Dobbs Ferry Festa
- Closing Reception at Blue Door Gallery
- Native American Day, Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site
- Opening Reception: Mia de Bethune, Irvington Public Library
- Salsa Lessons and Live Music, ArtsExchange, White Plains
- Street Fair and Second Sunday in Sleepy Hollow
- Hudson Valley River Ramble, Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site
- The Hudson River Swim for Life, Nyack to Sleepy Hollow
- Dog Swim at Anthony F. Veteran Park
- New York Metro Reptile Expo, Westchester County Center, White Plains
- Center Stage Screening “The Headless Horseman”, Hudson River Museum
- Welcome, This is a Neighborhood Watch Community: A Staged Reading, Sleepy Hollow
- RiverArts Welcome Party & Membership Drive, Let it Bee Farm, Hastings
- Broadway Tonight with Alan Menken and Friends, Tarrytown
Go to for more information on these and many more events this weekend.

Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday – September 15, 2009 – 9:00AM
(As of September 15, 2009 – Work Sessions will begin at 9:00AM)

(Please note that, although the Work Session Agenda is shared with the public prior to each Work Session, the Agenda may be revised at any point up to the start of the meeting as well as during the meeting, if necessary.)

(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 35 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours,
depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

09:00AM: Special Meeting
09:10AM: Bennett Kielson (2008 Audited Financial Statements)
10:30AM: Budget Meeting – Building Inspector
11:30AM: Budget Meeting – Library
12:30PM: Executive Session – Legal/Personnel


Feiner violating state law again said...

Why is the town supervisor using town resources, including the town's email system, the provide free publicity for, which is a private, for-profit commercial business? If this isn't a violation of the town's ethics code, it should be. Since when are our tax dollars supposed to be used to support private companies? Aren't these gifts of town resources to private companies a violation of the state constitution, which prohibits such gifts? Not that it makes any difference, but one wonders what and its owners are giving the supervisor in return for this extraordinary favor?

hal samis said...

(restored by the blog resussitator)

hal samis said...
The Supervisor has roamed far and wide throughout the Town entire to learn that residents can't afford to live here.

He worries about a citizen who can't afford to cut her grass. So he finds someone to do the work and polish up their college application.

He worries about the costs of schools, fire departments and running the County because everything is running smoothly at home.

He worries about people who have lost their job and he spends a great deal of his time running help wanted ads because these efforts have paid off to the extent of finding how many? people jobs over the course of how many? months.

He worries that people would think ill of him so he tells us that he wants no part of any benefit that may derive from any cert reduction that may be won by his condominium association. He worries so much about this one that he forgets to say the check will come to the association, not him, and it will be used to reduce future maintenance cost charges or pay for condo improvements or repairs for all owners including his unit (despite his plea exclude me) because the association is not going to start making adjustments for his one unit or instruct him not to look at the newly purchased shrub or drive over the repaved driveway or pass the repainted guardhouse.

So, let me pass on a bit of advice for all of you who are still sick, tired and poor despite his efforts.

Here's a way to save money.

Don't go to Irvington tonight to watch a recorded Bruce Springsteen Concert.

Depending on your pocketbook you can buy the dvd of the concert from Amazon for $14 new or $8 used.
Buy a few boxes of microwave popcorn for, say $8 and invite friends over. Buy some snacks and soda and beer. Cost of the night including buying the dvd vs less if rented from netflix: under $75 for, say 15 of your nearest and dearest friends.

Or you can follow the recommendation of P. T. Feiner and pay $25 per person x 15 by participating in "Amazing Irvington Weekend" because Mr. Feiner is also your weekend events publicist.

Harsh economic times method of coping = $75
Harsh economic times method of coping ala Feiner = $375.

And upon whom are you depending to keep your taxes down...?
9/11/2009 1:05 PM

P. Leavy again said...

Restored as was previously removed by "blog administrator"

I just passed the 9/11 wall at Presser. I wish I could avoid it but I can't as it sits in the gateway to my home in College Corners.

As a person who lost a family member that day, I find the condition of the wall offensive and disgraceful.

It should be torn down out of respect to those living here who have lost family.

It was a political tool at its inception and continues to be in disrepair now that photo ops and good deed credit taking opportunities are long gone.

The town should apologize to the public and victims families for this embarrassing monument at Presser.

9/11/2009 12:29 PM

Nice going Paul. How about fixing the damn wall or apologizing for its condition instead of deleting my comments?

P. Leavy said...

My apologies. My original post remains in another topic. IT WAS NOT REMOVED OR WAS RESTORED.

hal samis said...

I too must apologize, which includes even leading P. Leavy astray. We are both safe and sound and unharmed on an "amazing weekend" while here we also reside on an "incredible weekend".

Maybe if the Disney Company reads this blog they will want to buy Greenburgh. They've heard that we raise student superheroes.

But this is such a fun place apparently and I look forward to next week's Supervisor's listing guide to find the most entertaining High Holy Days services. Can it get any better here. Consider: even Camelot (which didn't even make the 80 best cities to live list) in its heyday had nothing over Greenburgh.

True, we're a little shook by this year's rain May to September.

But imagine if our King Arthur spent all his time blogging, tweeting, my faceing, writing letters to the editor, sending out gblists, jousting with Sir Spano and championing Ms. Wompa (the 7 deadly sins of our narrative), who would be around to take Maid Beville to the street fair? Oi, guenevald!

If only he knew how to handle a woman; however the reality is it's going to be a long fortnight before any reprise of if ever I would leave you because the milk maid is out making hay in the field inspections but she's really in the barn bringing the haverstraw to the horse stalls.

So in answer to the question what do the simple folk do? They don't do anything because they don't have any money -- all of it being taken from them in taxes to pay the piper, Ray Thomas.

What of Madden the Magician you ask; he's being considered for a sabbatical to take a trip around the world to research a book, "Reservoirs of the World" jointly commissioned by the United Water Company and the Ray Catena Group of Companies: "lex us get you there". However, Count Mike in reverse has ruled that this trip serves a town purpose.

And the king? Are you wondering what he's doing tonight? He's walking all over Greenburgh to see for himself if you can hear him when you watch or replay the Town Board meeting.

In short there's not a lot compared with Camelot that Greenburgh hasn't got; it's just that we ain't got no Lancelot -- yet.

Fie on goodness, fie.

Anonymous said...

To Feiner violating state law--
why don't you tell us what's going on? I want to take my family to local events. Providing residents with info on what is happening, where and when is valuable.

Anonymous said...

If Anon at 7:55 is serious about finding things to do, he or she should pick up a newspaper or google things to do in your area. You'll find plenty to do. What's wrong is to have a politician use government funds to promote a private company, which is what Feiner does when he uses government resources to promote Just because Feiner thinks it might be "valuable" to provide the information doesn't mean it's legal to use taxpayer money to give a private company some very valuable free publicity without having to pay for the advertising. It's just like what Sonya Brown said at the Town Board meeting the other day. Feiner sets a bad example as a public official when he openly violates laws he doesn't like and dares people to sue to stop him. It's that kind of childish behavior that sets him apart from other elected officials and keeps him from getting the respect he might otherwise get from others who know better.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree. I appreciate the schedules of events. Easy to follow, easy to plan.
The info has made living here more pleasant.
Elected officials always promote businesses in their community. They should.

Anonymous said...

Helpful information about events is always appreciated. I moved here for the cultural activites, proximity to NYC. It is nice to know that I can be entertained in Westchester.

Anonymous said...

Date: 2009-09-01

Is the mayor violating the law too?

all governments support businesses said...

The Westchester County Office of Economic Development works hard to help businesses find the resources and hands-on expertise necessary to promote economic investment. Subscribe to the Office of Economic Development "Business Briefs" newsletter to lean about some of our success stories and how we can help your business.

Minority- and women-owned businesses (MWOBs) are a key component of our business community. If you are a MWOB, take advantage of our online registry designed especially for you. The MWOB program offers workshops and seminars and explains how to bid on government contracts..

The Office of Economic Development, the County of Westchester IDA and Team Westchester, a partnership of public and private professionals, offers business resources, financial assistance, and a wide range of related services and incentives to help businesses prosper in Westchester County. They played a major role in:

Keeping Westchester competitive – Since January 1, 2008, new IDA Projects will result in over 1,000 new jobs in Westchester County.
Since January 1, 1999, IDA projects have assisted over 10,000 Westchester 900 jobs.
Constructing, leasing, or sub-leasing more than 900,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space in Westchester County.
We support Green Initiatives. Take the Westchester Green Business Challenge to learn how your company can improve the "greenness" of its operations.

We encourage global initiatives. Learn about the county's global trade efforts, and how your firm can benefit.

We are happy to send brochure materials if you're interested in receiving more information. Or you can download and read a copy of Westchester County's 2008 Databook.

For many years, Westchester has played a prominent role in the film industry, given its proximity to New York City. The county has over 20,000 acres of parkland, miles of Hudson River and Long Island Sound shoreline. It boasts mansions, castles and other historic restorations representing 300 years of American History. Through its Film Office, Westchester County supports filming initiatives in all its cooperating municipalities. Contact the Film Office for information.

Anonymous said...

Supporting businesses generally is a proper thing for government to do. Singling out one business for free advertising at taxpayer expense, which is what Feiner does by promoting is blatantly illegal. It's too bad Feiner doesn't know the difference and can't recognize right from wrong. But as far as promoting activities one can enjoy in the community, there's nothing wrong with that. But that's very different from promoting an individual business at taxpayer expense.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner: You should have posted Weekend of Fun and Work Session Agenda as two separate items; just basic blog standards.

hal samis said...

Look I really don't care whether Feiner uses his blog to promote events.

On the other hand, only a die hard Feiner fan would defend what needn't be defended by inferring that without Feiner he/she wouldn't have any idea of what is going on locally.

Someone who has internet access such as is the case for one who blogs can easily get a more comprehensive picture of events by going to if they don't already subscribe to local newspapers, go to library or entertainment venue websites etc.

And anyone who starts their job search with this blog to learn of job availabilites, particularly of the calibre offered here, probably would have trouble getting a job.

What is more interesting is the now you see it now you don't availability of what was the "week of" topic which Feiner removes, brings back, removes, starts on Tuesday whenever... There's more to Greenburgh than just the weekend and the Supervisor knows it but oviously is afraid of leaving the guest book open lest someone might have the opportunity to present a problem.

Maybe after the uncontested Primary the blog topic will return.

As for how this blog is rated, I like to think that any readership is to due to those, like myself, who contribute and raise issues. The attendance or interst at the employment ads and movie times (the classified) here is zip.

In fact, the success of this blog is not unlike how the bond rating operates. It is not astute financial management but the perception that the residents of Greenburgh are wealthy enough to pay whatever tax increases are necessary to repay the debt. That's it; no magic; no talent.

Thank ourselves for this blog and for the bond rating.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the town take out paid legal advertisements in local newspapers? It's a NYS requirement. The newspapers are for profit ventures.

Anonymous said...

Taking out paid legal advertisements in newspapers for purposes of giving legal notice to the public is not the same as the town supervisor using taxpayer dollars to give free advertising to a private company, which is a violation of the state constitutional prohibition against free gifts to private companies. The money given to newspapers for publishing legal notices for the town is in exchange for a legally required service. It's too bad we have a town supervisor who doesn't seem to know the difference between right and wrong. He sets such a bad example, and brings shame upon himself as well as his colleagues.

Anonymous said...

If you want more entertainment this weekend, stop by the Library. As you walk in the front door, there is a tent above your head that diverts the leaking water from hitting you. Is anyone from the Town Board a little troubled by this 20 million dollar project still leaking? With the White Plains Library closed on Saturday's and possibly Sundays ( I'm not too sure about Sundays), we now have out of town patrons laughing at us. What a joke that this can not be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Feiner Violating State law Again:

It appears from the New York State Board of Elections web site that the Supervisor's campaign committee has falied to file the 11 day pre primary report as required by state law.

Click here:

With no organized opposition, this is just one more in your face action of contempt for the public.

Anonymous said...

no primary for the supervisor on tuesday so no report required.

Anonymous said...


hal samis said...

Dear caps @ 1:17,

Your comment is not by itself the answer; nor is mine which follows.

"Is the Police Department roster out on patrol acting as deterrents or: are they in the Police HQ, driving EMS vehicles or putting in their hours as teachers at Police Camp?"

The tendency to simplifyy the conclusion does not consider the larger picture. Nor does having all the kings horses and all the kings men respond to every call and leaving the remaining sectors bereft of a Police presence while even routine "incidents" (please don't react that I call murder a routine event) witness all the firepower.

A good part of the problem occurs when all available manpower is deployed without any knowledge that the incident is already under control yet the back-up continues to arrive.

Of course, you too would send in all the troops if the reality were you suspected that units were not really where they are expected to be.

Mere numbers of officers on active duty is not the be all end all to solving the problem. Bigger is better only in a parallel world where the expense is maintaining them doesn't matter. Such is not the case in the Greenburgh of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 20...

The unfamiliar terms sticking to the Police Department are productivity and systems; hithertofore they may be referred to as the "missing persons" of the adminstration.

ed krauss said...

During the "Great Depression" of the '30's, NYC mayor Fiorello LaGuardia read the Sunday comics to the kids on his radio show. Eventhough the NY Daily News and/or Mirror only cost 2 cents, many families couldn't afford that paltry amount.

Fast forward to the "Great Recession" 0f '09, Greenberg Town Super one ups the "little flower," by not only "publishing," the "Feiner" WEB (Weekly Employment Blog) but also "publishing" the Feinr WEB² (Weekly Events Blog II). How lucky can a resident get to have the political titular head of or municipality foregoing the mundane, everyday running of our government, essentially putting it on "hold," to do this? Notwithstanding the fact he's running unoppopsed, it takes a courageous, fearless guy who says bah to financial planning, administrative oversight and managerial responsibility, in order to cheer up the lives of his "flock."

The devil may be in the details, but if you bypass them, the devil doesn't enter the picture.

Anonymous said...

I guess Paul's idea of not giving overtime anymore doesn't pertain to the precious Police Department. Wait until he sees this bill to solve these murders.

Anonymous said...

LaGuardia famously read the newspaper cartoons on WNYC radio not during the Depression and not because of newspaper prices. The readings took place during the summer of 1945 because there was a newspaper strike.

ed krauss said...

Dear 9/15,10:24

Please remember, facts are inconvenient items when one has a literal license. Without my embelishments, I couldn't tie the two together. Besides, the Daily News and the N.Y. Mirror did cost 2 cents in 1945.

So you see I practice a Paul Feinerism- sprinkle a little truth in all your comments and the public will buy into ALL of it.

Believe it or not, I knew of the facts you mentioned, but as I stated above they got in the way of a good story.

Anonymous said...

As far as work sessions you are making it so hard for the public to attend.
What is behind this latest craze????
Do you serve coffee and donuts to those in attendance.

Anonymous said...

Feiner always manages to throw in the fact that he was a law student at Fordham - he never claims to be a lawyer. Did he sit for the BAR? This is ironic as he has no respect for the law. If he doesn't like a law he simply ignores it. The same laws that apply to all of us apply to him. He doesn't get the concept of having laws - they make for civilized society. Are all laws good? Of course not. Good or bad, we all have to abide by them and do whatever is legally required to change them - ignoring them is not the answer. Well, not the answer for most of us unless your Paul Feiner - then you can do whatever you want!

Anonymous said...

Paul Jay Feiner is an admitted attorney registered with the state, although the court database lists his law school as St. Johns.

Paul Feiner said...

I graduated Fordham with a BA and St. John's Law school with JD. I passed the bar exam and am admitted as an atty--but only practiced briefly (although I continue to pay my registration fees so I can practice if I wished

Anonymous said...

I had to stop to allow some tree cutting on someones property where i saw the town of Greenburgh highway workers doing the job .
Can some one tell me how this is possible when the tree is on private property.?

Have the rules changed for some and the hell with others.

Anonymous said...

Paul having those credentials maybe you can follow up by getting a job as town attorney .

Anonymous said...

What time is the dog swim this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Why is then that you have no respect for the law? Could you imagine what our society would be like if all chose to ignore laws simply because we don't like them or they don't suit our individual needs? I guess I know the answer, particularly in Greenburgh. There is zero enforcement of traffic laws on EHA. Come down here and count the number of illegal U-Turns, driving the wrong way in front of the train station, blowing through the designated pedestrian crossings when pedestrians are in them, jumping the double yellow line on E Hartsdale Avenue to make the left turn onto S. Central Ave., etc. The Town could balance their budget with a little enforcement; they might actually save a life as well - do we have to wait for someone to get killed before we start enforcing the laws? God forbid Feiner offend someone by having them issued a violation! We might as well throw the local codes in the garage because not even the town seems able or willing to follow the laws as written.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with P. Leavy - the 9/11 Memorial is a disgrace. It should never have been constructed at a busy intersection no Central Avenue. There's plenty of room at Town Park where a more dignified memorial could have been erected. The Town spent over $100,000 to install the sidewalk, benches and planters. What a waste of money. Can you imagine sitting on this corner trying to reflect on such a tragic event? I wouldn't feel safe sitting on that corner with my back to the traffic. You have to be nuts. Rather than pouring more money into this, why not just move it? Let the community decide where it would be most suitable.

Anonymous said...

I believe a recent board appointee has made contributions to the supervisor's campaign. Isn't this a violation of the ethics code?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner's response about being a lawyer explains a lot! All you have to do is pay annual fees to reamin a licensed lawyer? Do you have to complete continuing education to keep you up to speed with the everchanging laws? How about ethics? Seems to me you need a refresher course as you have lost all respect and regard for the law!