Wednesday, September 09, 2009


At a recent meeting of the Greenburgh Town Board two residents spoke of the value of CPR training. One mother advised the Town Board that her small childs life was saved because a child care provider who worked for her provided CPR after the child choked (and after the frightened mother failed to successfully stop the choking).
The presentation made me reflect on an unpleasant fact: most people do not know what to do if a family member has a choking incident. Even if someone had CPR training years ago –if they don’t get refreshers, they will forget what needs to be done.
I would like to suggest that all school districts teach every middle school and high school student CPR. CPR training by a qualified instructor could save lives. Students should also learn how to relieve choking and how to use an AED –automated external defibrillator.
If one life is saved because of this annual instruction it would be worth the cost. Providing CPR training to every middle school and high school student and reinforcing the training each year makes a tremendous amount of sense.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Anonymous said...

I completely agree.

Yet another unfunded mandate said...

Wonderful -- just what our financially pressed school districts need right now -- yet another unfunded mandate from a government official who, like every other governmental official these days, is supposed to have budget troubles of his own. How much do you think government mandated CPR in the schools would cost? Maybe Feiner should make his proposal to his the Ardsley School District at an Ardsley School Board meeting and see what Ardsley school board members think of his great idea. It's not surprising that this great idea comes from a town supervisor who, having given us a 31% tax hike these past two years, can't even get his own financial house in order when it comes to taxing and spending.

Paul Feiner said...

I am going to make this suggestion to the Ardsley school district--and to the other school districts. If your son or daughters life is saved because of the program you'll agree that you were wrong when you posted this blog comment.

Jim Lasser said...

Mr. Feiner, why not begin with something at the Town level?
REQUIRE any vendor using space at any Town facility for any "educational" purpose begin by teaching CPR to anyone who wants to attend for free, then allow them to teach whatever they want to "their" students.
You could start with Xposure and follow on with the swim teams at TDYCC.
Perhaps for the next (non-election) year simply dispense with the handing out of minor recognitions, kudos and attaboys at Town Board meetings and do 15 or 20 minutes of CPR teaching.
REQUIRE the Fairview Fire District which has received considerable sums for providing "town-wide" services sponsor and run CPR courses on a regular schedule.

They, perhaps like every one of those sources suggested above EXCEPT the Fire District, have neither the time, nor the money, nor the qualified staff to undertake such an important venture.

Anonymous said...

CPR courses are a good thing but the are available in many places including babysitting course by our fire department. Hartsdale I believe.

G'burgh resident said...

Anon at 5:32 and Jim Lasser, save your breath. This is just another feel-good blog subject. Feiner has no power to push any mandates on the schools.

Also, I have heard more than enough of the "if one life is saved" tactic from the police chief and Feiner. You can make that argument about everything. For example, what if one life is lost amongh the kids in the Xposure program because a child spreads swine flu. Should Xposure be dropped? Well it should, but for real reasons, not the silly scare tactic.

Anonymous said...

ITA 8:15
This is the very same Feiner that pulled the drug awareness program in ALL ( not just our public schools) and REFUSES to replace it with another one.

The welfare for the children of Greenburgh is not equal according to Paul. Some lives are more precious than others and he directs money to redundantly fund
programs for the betterment and safety of any a handful.

Anonymous said...

correction "ONLY" a handful

Anonymous said...

I think anon at 5:32 a.m. (!) was right on the money in suggesting that Feiner actually show up in person at a school board meeting to make his proposal. That way, when school board members ask him how he thinks their district should pay for it, e.g., hike taxes, cut programs, etc., he'll maybe understand why CPR training, while important, is not the kind of program that should be mandated in the schools. To the contrary, it's the kind of service municipalities like Greenburgh should be required to offer, for a fee, through its parks and rec dep't, to those willing to pay, provided there's sufficient interest. Maybe before he opened his mouth, Feiner should have checked with Gerry Byrne to see whether the town offers such training, and if not, why not.

Anonymous said...

He should check with TDYCC (life guard program), Parks & Rec, Westchester Community College and the fire departments. I think at least 3 of the above mentioned offer the course.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that Paul no longer uses the topic MISCELLANEOUS? Perhaps that would have been the proper location to have an intelligent discussion on what went on at last night;s Town Board Meeting. Cudo's to Sonja for speaking the truth about the Assessor.

Hartsdale Home Owner said...

Instead of mandating the schools provide the service (which Feiner can't do anyway, so this is all election-year hot air), why not take this issue seriously and be creative: Since widespread CPR training among the citizenry would presumably reduce demands on the town emergency serivces, why not give a minimal town property tax credit to those residents who show present CPR certification documents?

Anonymous said...

I guess we have one person on the board that is looking out for the public and our tax dollars.
Yes the report on the center should be released since the investigation went on for some time which was paid by our tax dollars.
All the papers from the assessors office should be made public also.
Why is the rest of the board constantly covering up what we the taxpayers should know about the goings on that cost us money.
Thank you MS.BROWN you have guts to stand up to the other four who see no evil,hear no evil but do speak evil.
It's about time that we do have someone who has some decency left to make known what is important to all .
And now to the circus part of the meeting. The town clerk should be asked to resign asap.
May I ask why is she allowed to make herself heard at every drop of a hat.

Anonymous said...

Why dosent Parks and Rec offer a lifeguard class in the summer any more?

Anonymous said...

Who pays the insurance to cover any mishap in the school who is teaching this course?
Are they willing to get sued if something goes wrong?

Anonymous said...

Dear 4:14PM
As long as we're making papers public, how about the purchase documents for 177 Hillside Avenue and Taxter Ridge?
As neither is the subject of current litigation, they should be FOILable, but they're not.
Perhaps because there is SO much money missing and unaccounted for that they could become the subjects of criminal prosecutions?

Anonymous said...

5:11 This is the reason that there should be an investigation by the Attorney Generals office..
There is an awul lot of money missing as we will see in the coming months.
Their days of covering up criminal acts by some dept heads will be over.

Anonymous said...

Instead of pushing CPR upon us why don"t you recommend that people wanting to learn CPR contact their local Red Cross.

hal samis said...

You folks who are complaining about the Town Clerk fail to understand that she is merely doing her job.

What used to the Town Clerk's job is more than capably handled by the staff of the department; most of whom precede Ms. Beville in office by years.

Thus the Town Board recognizing this has given her an assignment which she is well-suited for -- both in skill and personality and Randy Newman terms.

Her job is to sit in at meeting and be the Town Board attack dog. She is to deflect criticism away from the Town Board by making herself the center of attention and the object of disaffection. Given that the public has only 3 minutes to say what feel necessary, Ms. Beville's objective is to steal as much of those 3 minutes as she can and interrupt those speaking as often as possible. Then after they speak, she is encouraged by the Town Board to do the wrap-up and make editorial comments that the Board members would like said but are afraid to do so themselves.

And needless to say the Town Board can appear sympathetic but "their hands are tied" because she is an elected official, one who is running without opposition.

Personally, I wish Pat Weems had run instead against Beville. The job pays well and the frosting on the cake are the stipends which few are aware of.

Finally, what does Ms. Beville get out what elsewhere would be considered professional hari-kari?
Well, for starters she gets the nod of the Feiner team and perhaps something that is harder to prove:
residents continue to wonder why Feiner is still looking for ways to funnel money to the Valhalla School District (remember the Alamo and WESTHAB) and just what has the Town done to collect what should never have been paid in the first place says the State AG.

Those who recall the flurry a few years ago when the toughest ethics laws in the state were created may recall the exception that was created for Steve Bass. The new ethics board saw a conflict of interest in having a town employee paid by the town and another employer whose business affairs might create an appearance of impropriety or situations in which two employers might be acting at cross purposes. Bass who worked for the County and was a Town Councilman would have had to give one these jobs if the new ethics board had any guts. In addition to this, the law exempts those serving on school boards -- which is why Beville can be on both the Valhalla School District and be the Town Clerk. Anyone see any potential for problems even though the Town Clerk doesn't have a vote?
Of course those laws were created at a time when the Town Clerk sat there and kept her mouth shut and just took meeting minutes or made copies. Today (last night) she spoke more than the Town Council members combined and Thomas Madden makes the copies.

One more thing...the great Karnak has just whispered in my ear...he predicts that the Valhalla School District will be offering CPR classes and that will become this year's SAT class struggle.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Beville is doing a fine job. SHe runs an efficient office. SHe is energetic and is trying hard to make things better for all of us. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I'm glad she takes on more than she has to. We're getting more than our monies worth.

Anonymous said...

Education "mandates" come from the State ( While the role of Town Supervisor provides no power or influence with curricular matters, Mr. Feiner, as a citizen and parent, is welcomed to contact with his suggestion.

Individual districts may choose to add "extras" beyond the state mandates, though clearly none of our local districts are in the position to add on anything after having to make significant cuts this year.

There are, however, suggestions already posted above that are within the scope of township that the Supervisor and Board do have the power to implement.

mandate? try this said...

lets add a new mandate: term limits

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 9/10/09 10:54PM:

Ms. Beville is an obstructionist. She fights to keep information from the public when they FOIL it to "protect" the Supervisor and others. She is not a Town Clerk FOR THE PEOPLE.

Her ego is so fragile that she still cannot admit that her continued assertion that the proposed Cablevision franchise agreement is for 10 (ten) years, not 7 (seven) years is incorrect.

What a shame.

hal samis said...

Dear 10:54,

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But with this kind of effusive praise, why are you afraid to post with your name?

Your assessment will rise?
Your garbage won't get picked up?
Your street won't get plowed?
Your library card will be revoked?
You won't get a copy of next spring's events calandar?
You will get arrested?
The Fire District will be busy if you need them?
Alan Hochberg won't ask you to join his committee?

Why do I get the feeling that this blogger is thisclose to the Town Clerk?

Anonymous said...

As close as Feiner is to three other misfits. Lewis ,Belville, and above all the assessor.
WHat gives Feiner???

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 10:54 that Ms. Beville is doing an excellent job. I find her very energetic and is trying for all of us. Enthusiasm and the positive energy that flows from her IS contagious. It will OVERSHADOW the NEGATIVITY that certain individuals maintain. More people in this town should use Ms. Beville as an example and spend a small amount of time volunteering. Let's not forget lessons learned from the heoric efforts displayed by many on 9/11/01. Our town, our county, our state, and our country will be much better off. GO JUDITH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hog wash!!!

She does not know what it is to to a somewhat good job.
Her only position is interferring in business that is not part of the job description.

She should resign.

Anonymous said...

Beville is a rather well-meaning, but intellectually challenged novice of a public official who doesn't understand the meaning of basic civility. Because of her limited skill-sets and inability to recognize her obvious blunders and limitations, she can occasionally be quite annoying, particularly when, sensing that the public is making fun of her, she becomes defensive. Greenburgh public officials, including Beville, should spend time at a village board meetings or even at meetings of the County Board of Legislators, where the public has an opportunity to speak without interruption, and where no matter how critical people may be, civility reigns. Beville may not be very bright, and she certainly embarrasses herself when she speaks, but she can still learn to be civil. Perhaps her colleagues will help teach her. She reflects poorly on them as well.