Wednesday, September 02, 2009


2009/2010 STAR SCHOOL TAX SAVINGS--AND HOW MUCH YOUR STAR BENEFITS WERE REDUCED BY COMMUNITY.... This info was prepared by the office of the Receiver of Taxes (David Dwinell is the Receiver).
STAR is a state program. The NY State Legislature determines how much funding is appropriated for STAR. Funding was reduced from the state budget due to the NYS budget crisis.
The first number is the STAR subsidy. The second number is how much the taxpayer is losing in STAR assistance compared to last year. In Tarrytown, for example, the reduction was $335.75 for basic STAR. Seniors who receive enhanced star saw their STAR benefits go down by $628.58.
(2940) (5560)


TARRYTOWN (601) $1,858.17 à $335.75 $3,514.09 à $628.58

IRVINGTON (602) $1,676.70 à $305.41 $3,170.90 à $571.82

DOBBS FERRY (603) $2,034.36 à $361.71 $3,847.30 à $ 677.09

HASTINGS (604) $2,175.27 à $386.42 $4,113.77 à $723.35

ARDSLEY (605) $1,764.09 à $268.21 $3,336.16 à $501.33

EDGEMONT (606) $1,737.68 à $282.86 $3,286.22 à $529.07

GREENBURGH 7 (607) $1,164.57 à $161.26 $2,202.38 à $301.12

ELMSFORD (609) $1,451.60 à $220.64 $2,745.21 à $412.40

POCANTICO (402) $839.45 à $130.72 $1,587.52 à $244.40

VALHALLA (405) $1,505.44 à $253.17 $2,847.03 à $473.67

The STAR exemption is a tax credit given by the State of New York.

New York State determines these figures and the Town of Greenburgh

credits the amounts that we are advised


pain said...

when will these crippling taxes end....

oh yes, when i move

Anonymous said...

Yes. I'm with you. Looking to move. Can't afford Greenburgh-Greenburgh Central taxes. Boy, you have to be rich to live here.....or stupid.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Edye McCarthy calculated the STAR taxes correctly????????

Anonymous said...

The NY State Legislature cut back STAR in every community.

Anonymous said...

Did the comptrollers check out all the assessors figures??????

Michael Kolesar said...

It is not the Town Comptroller's responsibility to check out the Assessor's calculations. That being said, when it has been attempted in the recent past, the results were not heart warming.

I know.

Anonymous said...

Mike you are one hundred percent right,as far as Feiner goes NO ONE steps on this assessors toes///I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul what's the story

this assessor has a job for life even if she screws up the works.

What's the answer to why she is still here. She did not put in a full day or week while you know who was working here and now she is doing the same.

Again what's the story?

Anonymous said...

Has this assessor reassessed the homes that have been renovated into mcmansions. I do not think so.
Homeowners are enjoying the luxery
of living in grandeur while still paying the taxes on the old house.
Thetown is loosing plenty of money because she has not been doing her job.

I have checked the tax roles and noticed this oversight.
I do think that any home that has expanded ,,where the residents live while this is going on should be reassessed asap.

Anonymous said...

From the Town Board agenda for this coming Wednesday, September 9th:

AS 2 – 9/09/09 Resolution authorizing Consolidated Edison to make a payment in the amount of $175,042.25 to the Town for the Fairview Fire Department for the purposes of correcting an assessment error regarding Special Franchise Property Assessments.

I wonder what this is all about? You don't tell that the Town's esteemed Assessor, who is very often missing in action made yet another mistake, do you? Where oh where Town Board does the buck stop? How many more of these do we, forget about you, have to learn about. The public deserves a full written report, not a two minute oral snow job.

Anonymous said...

If she did make another mistake you can rest assured that Feiner will not give her the heave-ho because they both have the same beliefs. This would look bad with his religous family.

Michael Kolesar said...

I hate to break the bad news, but the amounts cited as to the current year's impact are not correct. The calculations failed to take into consideration the Assessor's error from last year.

Anonymous said...

There are many more errors that this assessor has made,but she will
keep her job regardless how much damage she does to the public.

Feiner does not give a dam.

Kolesar you are so right that's why you were fired.
One can see the screwups that are still working who keep costing taxpayers mega bucks Those being the so called lawyer [who needs outside help to make descisions]and this assessor who has faltered by not working full days and one that has made many mistakes .
Thanks Feiner you are lucky that there is no one running against you --this makes you a shooin.cause if there was you would be out of a jog.
I for one have no intention of voting this year because you are all liars.
Good and honest government has gone down the drain.