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New York Construction's Best of 2009 Winners Announced: Yankee Stadium Earns Project of the Year Honors
Posted by jack_buehrer at 9/14/2009 5:26 PM CDT

It's always nice to recognize people and firms for the hard work they've done. It's even more gratifying to reward excellence after a tough year.
And 2009 was a tough year.

But on Thursday, Sept. 10, we convened a panel of distinguished judges - experts from all across the region, representing different states, firms, associations and disciplines - to select the Best Projects of 2009 from the nearly 150 total submissions. That number was down from previous years, thanks, mostly, to fewer project completions than we've seen in a decade. But within those submissions, the judges found 45 unique projects worth recognizing. A remarkable feat for a year that gave us so few reasons to smile.

This year's competition also saw all of the McGraw -Hill regional publications welcome submissions from outside their traditional coverage areas in an effort to allow consideration for projects in all 50 states. New York Construction, which already covers New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, opened up its competition to New England. And New England responded by earning awards for projects in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

We'll be honoring all the winning projects at our annual Best Of Awards Breakfast in New York on December 10. Firms that worked on any of the winning projects will be be getting details on that event in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, let's hand out some hardware. See all winning projects below:

Judge’s Awards:

Overall Project of the Year:

Yankee Stadium: New York, NY

Developer/Owner: New York Yankees/Tishman Speyer

General Contractor: Turner Construction

Design Firm: HOK Sport

Submitting Firm: Turner Construction Company

Best Architectural Design:

The Church of Saint Aloysius: Jackson, NJ

Developer/Owner: The Diocese of Trenton

General Contractor: Woodward Construction

Design Firm: Erdy McHenry Architecture, LLC

Submitting Firm: Erdy McHenry Architecture, LLC

Best Engineering Design:

South Ferry Terminal Structural Box: New York, NY

Developer/Owner: MTA Capital Construction

General Contractor: Schiavone/Granite/Halmar

Design Firm: Stantec Consulting Services

Submitting Firm: Stantec

Best Project Management:

New York Law School’s New Academic Building: New York, NY

Developer/Owner: New York Law School (Studley, Inc./Owners Representative; VVA, Inc./Project Manager

General Contractor: Pavarini McGovern

Design Firm: SmithGroup, Inc. with BKSK Architects

Submitting Firm: Pavarini McGovern

Best of 2009 Winners by Category:

Civil/Public Works

Project of the Year

Narragansett Bay Commission CSO Program Phase 1: Providence, RI

Developer/Owner: Narragansett Bay Commission

General Contractor: Not Listed

Design Firm: The Louis Berger Group

Submitting Firm: The Louis Berger Group

Award of Merit

Hudson River PCBs Alternative Drinking Water Supplies: Troy, Waterford, Halfmoon and Stillwater,NY

Developer/Owner: United States Environmental Agency, Regency 2

General Contractor: AECOM

Design Firm: Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.

Submitting Firm: AECOM


Project of the Year

Lincoln Center Alice Tully Hall: New York, NY

Developer/Owner: Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

General Contractor: Turner Construction

Design Firm: Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Submitting Firm: Turner Construction Company

Award of Merit

Brooklyn Children’s Museum: Brooklyn, NY

Developer/Owner: NYC Department of Design and Construction/Brooklyn Children's Museum

General Contractor: Skanska USA Building

Design Firm: Rafael Violy Architects

Submitting Firm: Rafael Violy Architects


Award of Merit

National Grid Sag Harbor Former MGP Site Remediation: Sag Harbor, NY

Developer/Owner: National Grid

General Contractor: Sevenson Environmental

Design Firm: AECOM Environment

Submitting Firm: AECOM Environment

Award of Merit

Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Contract 35G: Brooklyn, NY

Developer/Owner: New York City Department of Environmental Protection

General Contractor: Skanska USA Civil Northeast Inc./Perini Corporation/Picone/McCullagh Joint Venture

Design Firm: Greeley & Hansen/Hazen & Sawyer/Malcolm Pirnie Joint Venture

Submitting Firm: Skanska USA Civil Northeast Inc.


Award of Merit

Greenburgh Public Library: Elmsford, NY

Developer/Owner: Triton Construction Management

General Contractor: EW Howell Construction General Manager

Design Firm: Beatty, Harvey, & Associates Architects, LLP

Submitting Firm: Beatty, Harvey, & Associates Architects, LLP


Anonymous said...

what exactly is the award of merit for. For Al to oversee a project that was never completed correctly. Oh wait the award must be for the leaky ceiling. Did the town get the same award for the multipurpose building which also leaked within a year of being built. Is the Town hiring horrible contractors or is the town not overseeing the work the contractors are doing. Maybe the town should get a merit for the 911 Memorial wall on central avenue, and the merit goes to, the nicest partly tiled wall in the world.

Anonymous said...

You forgot another Regula fiasco The Town Garage .
Al was in charge of the construction of the new building which was to garage the garbage trucks and would you believe a truck could not be enclosed. His plans were tooooooo short.
A great place to store salt and sand.
Paul was he given an award for this.

Anonymous said...

Not on time, and over budget. Yes folks, last year, the Library moved about $100,000 from their operating budget to capital to acquire things that were part of the original construction budget. This year, the town Board approved even more money (last work session, it was indicated for a security system that was alos part of the original budget. But the Town Board insists that the project is on budget.

As to the award of merit, maybe someone should contact the award granting group and tell them to actually visit the library when it is raining. They just might rescind the award. (Go Samis.)

I'm starting to seriously think about moving to the 79th best place to live, because the reality is that the 80th best place is pretty screwed up.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful recognition for our town. After all we do have one of the most prominent buildings in Westchester.

I am certain the leak issues will be resolved. This award may actually embarass the contractors to make these repairs a higher priority. YOu may wish to use that thought when discussing outstanding building issues with them.

As a resident of Greenburgh, I would like to thank all those who had the vision and who put in the time to get us this building. These tough economic times will pass, and we can all enjoy this building and all the services our library provides.

Paul - please pass this on to the library personnel.

Anonymous said...

The town taxpayers voted for our library. Mr. Samis (anonymous 6:18), as a non-taxpayer you need to butt out. What's surprising is how much you use the library yet you always manage to be negative about it. Maybe you can find another place to live because Greenburgh doesn't seem to suit you. Stop bashing and start doing something other than complain. Yes, the 9/11 Memorial was not thought out - the Supervisor wanted the glory of a fast response and ended up with egg on his face. Maybe they will see fit to move it. As to the leak at the library - these things happen and I am sure the contractors will address it and repair it. When you find the perfect place to live let us know!

wall must go said...

that wall must come down
what a disgrace fema money was used in its construction!

hal samis said...

Did someone mention my name?

Unfortunately Mr. Buehrer is on vacation so I can't get his side of this and no one there seems to know what the criteria are for "merit".

While I'm waiting for the magazine's side let me throw these observations up for general discussion. Whether I use the Library or not is irrelevant; nor whether I pay taxes to support the Library is likewise not relevant to discussing architecture. What is important is whether the building is DESIGNED well. And it is not.

1) The glass-walled upper level does not stop the morning sun glare from invading the interior. The result is that it makes it difficult to work in the affected areas and the sun also takes its toll on library materials which are exposed to the sunlight. If you've ever wondered why the chairs in the periodical area are places right next to each other when there is lots of space so they could be spread out -- that's because they are sheltered from the sun if they stay between the columns at either side of the "swoop".

2) The urinal in the mens room on the second level is exposed to view when the door is opened.

3) The second elevator, located in the back office area, cannot be used by the public and when it is used to bring returned books back to the children's room, staff must travel the entire length of the building to do so. However, the second elevator COULD just as easily have been positioned nearby the public elevator at the midpoint and if ever needed (say when a children's program let's out) by the public, it could be used.

4) The water fountain on the lower level is located at the far wall of the meeting room which is available for rent to private groups. To get to it, patrons (and staff) must pass through two closed doors.
It could just as easily been located in the main area where the stacks are located.

5) The outdoor children's area (if it ever opens) was planned without a gate (kids could run into the adjacent, active driveway). It was I who caught it and the gate was added to the project as an "enhancement". Also, still uncorrected, is the ramp over the concrete lower level which leads from the building to this children's area. Both of the ramp walls have an unclosed space large enough for a small child to climb through and fall down to the concrete below.

6) Consider all the wasted space in front of the elevator on the second; under the stairs; under the swoop; a meeting room deep in the bowels of the employee area beyond the large, public meeting room. It is not intended for the public which means that the new, larger Library with "more" meeting rooms is limited to the large room which lacks room dividers.

7) Unlike the Library of yesterday, the Library of Tomorrow has the circulation desk on the lower level while the bulk of the stacks and reference area is on the second floor. This includes the Reference Desk. Even though the downstairs desk no longer accepts returned items, there can be lines BECAUSE many of the questions that used to be directed to the Reference Desk are now being answered by the Circulation Desk because the Library doesn't want to send patrons, who may have already waited on line, upstairs to the Reference Desk. This and many other matters (including using the meeting room after hours) could have been handled better were a new, one level building been built.

8) The additional parking spaces (now 120) versus the old Library's 39 parking spaces are really not "new". They are just as far from the building (and further) as were the spaces at the old town hall which no one wanted to use because they were "so far away". Now, the 120 spaces are insufficient and there is no money to create the nearer 34"landbanked" spaces that were removed from the original plans.

9) The former and surviving "loading dock" on the west side of the library is at the opposite end of the building from where materials are packed and unpacked. If the loading dock is no longer to be used as such, then what is its purpose?

hal samis said...

There's lots more but time and space are such as they are. Let's see what bloggers make of what I have posted so far.

hal samis said...

As for Anonymous @ 10:14,

No I did post @ 6:18 and I always, repeat, always sign my work. I am not ashamed like you are of what you put up on this blog.

Interesting though that you suggest: "Stop bashing and start doing something other than complain."

Ask your Library Board and your Town Board, separately and together, why neither body would even interview me for openings on the Library Board.

Ask too why Diana Juettner, an incorporated resident, is the Town Board's liaison to the Greenburgh Library, an unincorporated financial obligation. That is, if you're really concerned about my making comments because I don't pay taxes. Ok, bad example, she never makes any comments.

Incidentally, I accept that the building still has leaks; at least this is such an embarrasment that they are doing something about it but guess what, taxpayers have paid them to fix it -- yes, your Town-employed watchdogs have already approved change orders to fix the problem -- but still no fix has appeared.

To my mind the only thing coming near to merit regarding the Library is that the mismangement merits an investigation.

addendum to samis said...

you forgot sheehanigans ramp for no one, another $175,000 white elephant

i might add that the interior staircase between the floors is hard on the legs because its steep.

no one knows if the geothermal system will work. last year their were space heaters everywhere.

hal samis said...

Dear 2:56,

There are lots of problems but I'm responding to the posting that the Library (its architect) is deserving of some type of honor from this magazine.

The ramp was not a feature that originated with the architect although one wonders whether $175,000 would have been better spent (if not in terms of aesthetics) on an outside elevator for the same purpose.
Given that neither a ramp or the elevator is ever likely to be used, I would favor the less visually obtrusive element.

Anonymous said...

10:14 - I can't imagine what this Library would have been without the Hal Samis's of the Town. I remember way back when he stated that a bus that was to drop off children in the front entrance would not be able to make it around the circle before it was even built. Turns out that he was a 100% right. Nobody did anything to correct it. And by the way Mr Feiner, where is the American Flag that was supposed to be put in front of the building. It's in all the initial plans. Don't tell the project ran out of money for even that.

hal samis said...

The devil's in the details.

Although the Town Board Agenda now has Greenburgh as "a best place to live in America" (who could quarrel with that) it certainly is a long way from the mistaken "80th best place to live" when that list by Money Magazine was only considering cities, not towns.

Likewise, when you read down and discover that NY Construction Magazine (a McGraw Hill publication) calls Triton Construction the owner/developer of the Greenburgh Public Library, you recognize that the Pulitzer Prize for reporting is not going to Mr Buehrer this year.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal,

Once again you fail to disappoint me. You prove once again that you are just arrogant. You should use your knowledge and obvious talents in every field to good use. But no, then you would be criticized. You would never put yourself in that light where YOU are responsible. What were you like in the sandbox as a child? Did you always get your way? Did you play well with others? One can only imagine.

I for one, am proud of this new library. Yes there are some issues. But every new building goes through that. I am confident that each problem will be addressed and repaired. The people responsible for fighting for this building should be commended. This building IS our future. Our children will flourish BECAUSE of the work and services this library provides.

Anonymous said...


What planet are you from.

Hal called the shots from the unset.
He saw things that many of us overlooked including the town board.
Yes this is the time to coverup all the mistakes that were made on the original drawing board.

Had we listened to Hal ,Krauss and a few more individuals we would not have the problems with this white elephant .

This so called work of art will cost more and more money because there was poor planning .
How many things are still waiting in the wings to be completed?
What does the real cost of this library run the taxpayers?
So you had a special heating system how come the portable heaters?

One can say that the taxpayers of Greenburgh were robbed.

hal samis said...

Anonymous, Androgenous, Annoying,

We all make mistakes in typing on this blog but I need to point out some of yours.

"Hal, Hal, Hal
Once again you fail to disappoint me. You prove once again that you are just arrogant." Huh?

And all the time I've been trying so hard to appoint you too.

But the Town Board, and before them, the Library Board, must also be "disappointed". Tonight the Town Board is voting to appoint hastily (no cut-off date publicly announced AND no notice given on the Library website) two persons to the Library Board effective January 1, 2010. These persons are no doubt likely to see aye to aye with the whims of the Library Board President whereas I would not likely be one who would go along with the crowd -- but what's the big deal about 6 votes for and 1 against?

Why am I writing this? Because:

"You should use your knowledge and obvious talents in every field to good use. But no, then you would be criticized. You would never put yourself in that light where YOU are responsible."

So what you should know is that the Library Board did not even interview me in the Spring for a Board vacancy -- violating their own rules in favor of the wife of the Library Board President's racketball partner. And with this "short term" slot filled by the Libraary Board, the Town Board which solely appoints expiring term vacancies will, per the Agenda for tonight's meeting, be voting to re-appoint this person to a full term slot as well as appoint another to an expiring vacancy. So what's the beef? The Town Board also selected these persons without interviewing me.

Of course they can do what they want; make and break their own rules at will.

But the point I am making for your anonymous eyes is that I consider this proof that I am willing to be in a position of responsibility and subject to criticism -- if it is an area that I have some knowledge of. Certainly that I am willing to be criticized, slandered or attacked is of record on this blog as I sign all my blog comments.

Whether people agree or disagree with me is their right; however there are few residents who can claim as much knowledge about the Library which comes from public documents or, in some cases, insiders leaks.

So, in recognition of your acknowledgement: "You should use your knowledge and obvious talents in every field to good use." I would remind you that a person who does not pay taxes has a special value to taxpayers who do: if I argue for spending less or eliminating waste, I do so not because I am looking for ways to protect my wallet but for ways to protect yours.

Anonymous said...

Hal - you're fixated on the view of the urinals...are you on some kind of watch list?

Anonymous said...

Hal, the good samaritan. I am sure you have no concern about my taxes or my wallet - you just like to hear yourself talk. While you wiggle away at the microphone at the meetings you should just consider moving on - our Town does not need you to protect our wallets. Your constant bantering at the meetings is disruptive and counterproductive. Isn't there somewhere else you can go to hear yourself or watch yourself on TV? The County Board of Legislatures meet on the first Monday of every month - go bother them for awhile.

Anonymous said...

2:23 - I'm proud of being an American. As far as states, munipalities and their construction projects, I'm not investing my limited pride resources that far down. From what I see, Scarsdale - the gold standard of prestigious communities - makes due with an antiquated modest library, chock full o' books, with nary an empty shelf or wasted space. That kind of library (sort of like our old one) is fine for my sort of pride. But like Ruritanias everywhere, I guess minor league Greenburgh has to take its "pride" where it can find it, so I'll try to proudly glance at the Greenburgh Slope (TM) as I drive along 87 (not exceeding the speed limit, of course).

Anonymous said...

Well well 10:08 I haven't seen you at town hall fighting for honesty as Hal has done many many times.

We need him to oversee the wrong doings of this town board.

He's not by himself in trying to help the residents..... Krauss,Ella Bernstein and the judge are just a few..

Have you ever come up to tell the board what their mistakes are, Hell no.
Shut your mouth .If you are so knowledgeable as to how this town is being run come foward and give us your views and then we will decide if you're some sort of help.

Hal critisized the board and the library board way before the library was built.
He told them all that was wrong .Did they listen No so now we the taxpayers have to pay to finish off what was promised in the original contract.
Do you think this is honest business on the boards part and above all the library board .
What they did is pull the wool over all of our eyes including yours.

Anonymous said...

Many of us should have put the screws on having Al Regula oversee the construction of the library.
We the people and the town board never learned what a mistake this would be.
If we only paid attention to his previous I'll save the town money programs we would have saved mega bucks.

The March guy is now retired and laughing all the way to the bank..

hal samis said...

Dear 10:03,

Since I cited 9 items (off a larger list) of design flaws and the only one that caught your "fly" was the comment about urinals, I'm wondering about whom should be on a "watch list".

Even more damning is apparently either your enthusiasm tolerating the design mistake or why it doesn't bother you enough to want to see it corrected? In other words, apparently you think it is a good thing and the architect (an "expert" in designing libraries and public buildings) should be complemented (merit award) for this.

Whereas I think he should be sued to make it right.

Or look at it this way, the Library held its "soft" opening after taking possession last December, its "official" opening in April (although never announced as such) and we are coming up on 10months in which even this small problem is left unrectified.

Doesn't this tiny (from your view looking down) concern stand-in for the larger concerns. Or in your judgement, it's in one hand and out the other.

hal samis said...

if there's anything that can tear me away from this topic, it's the post coming from Feiner about school districts and colleges building affordable housing on their "surplus" land.

Not only does he again demonstrate that he has no idea of what affordable housing requirements are but again he is sticking his nose into other entities business instead of limiting his lack of knowledge to Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal

You are so into hearing yourself talk.


Fan of Hal said...

Im sure Hal's rent is effected by towns taxes going up up and away. Yet people want to critisize Hal for pointing out factual information that the average person doesn't have time to look for every day. Hal I believe your doing a great job of bringing the herd to the water, but the problem is you can't force them to drink. Well maybe after the town gets deep enough in the hole, thats when people will say we should have listened to hal.

Anonymous said...

To 6:19AM

I don't fault Hal from bringing up controversy. That is the heart and soul of democracy and keeps our system in check. I fault him for his method and crude way he talks and writes. He is EXTREMELY RUDE and for that his words lose their meaning and value. One must sift through miles of words that slander people who are trying to do good, in order to get to the REAL issue. He needs to attend some ANGER MANAGEMENT classes, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is the website for the Greenburgh Library Award of Merit.

Anonymous said...

"Hal Hal Hal" seems to be an obsessed stalker. Hal, maybe you should get the police to track down this guy's URL so you can get a restraining order against him.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:54,

I don't suffer simpletons lightly.
Assuming you are a resident and taxpayer, you need, like others, to determine if the problem started with me or whether I am commenting on or explaining the problem.

If you agree that the problem is important, then it behooves you to listen to and use the information provided by the messenger, even if you don't like the messenger or his or her manner of delivery.

What's more important how I deliver or what I deliver? Countless times I make the point that I'm not paying for the Town Board's mistakes; you who read and write on this blog are.

I am not changing and whether you want to listen and take action is up to you. You are the one who pays the price.

Futhermore, this is 2009 in Greenburgh so stop pretending you are living in Victorian England.
If it is any comfort I do give up my seat to seniors older than me but I won't say God bless you to those who sneeze (an example of good manners blindly followed but what is invoked is the instruction to God to bless the sneezer).

Let's worry less about my delivery system and more about the problem. I am in front of a limited number of residents; the mess that the Town Board creates affects all.

Slander? Care to cite an example?
Problems exist because of someone's actions. This is not the counterpart to a victimless crime; someone caused the problem and someone should take responsibility for it. But if your view is that there is no problem then your perspective fits.

As for writing at length, I am writing not just for anonymous self-styled "experts" like yourself but for those not so well informed and lacking the background. As I have also stated before, each of my comments clearly begins with Hal Samis said and you are encouraged to scroll on by or sample at will. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read every word.

Finally, your reading and analysis of my comments seems limited to what I write while ignoring the anonymous comments that I am often responding to; I think that if you took the trouble to check you would see that I am merely following in the tone set by the anonymous comment which brought on my response. This used to be called tit for tat; perhaps you will find this phrase offensive and crude as well.

Anonymous said...

Hal, you really don't have to respond to every person that has some negative remarks about you. Just think of them as idiots. This Library construction should not be honored in any form. Why does the canopy lights in front and the hall lights inside that run the entire length of the old building have to be on 24/7? Why on they on the same circuit? Why wasn't any sprinklers installed on the ugly lawn of a brand new building? Why hasn't anything been done with back of the building? The cement walls are filthy. The back entrance is very dark. The parking lots lights are only on one side of the lot. The bookmobile seems to have become a permanent fixture and the garbage bins are out in the open. They should be inside a fence area. The roof still leaks etc.,etc.,etc. Finish the project please.

hal samis said...

Dear 7:56,

Like everything thrown up on this blog there is a back story and this one is about someone knowing someone and a magazine that undertakes due diligence as well as the Town Board. I shall explain the story but first I will give one of the principal actors, who is on vacation this week, a chance to provide his side of the story. I love to respond to stories in the naked town and this is just one of them.

Their endorsement rings as true as the copy phrase "as advertised on TV"; one of those lines which means little in terms of whether one should buy it. Don't like that example, how about "certified pre-owned"? Yes, they can guarantee that the car is a used car.

However I caution serious readers that the bottom line here is not what a magazine says or promotes but whether Greenburgh taxpayers/Library patrons got good value for the now over $20 million spent and what still remains to be done to complete the job, whether it be from a Library Board-created operating budget surplus or from the gifting of wealthy patrons.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal,

Your performance at the town board meeting was shameless. If you had a concience or any amount of self awareness you would realize that your diatribe against Diana was indicative of the angry person that you are.

The devil's in the details? Too bad you weren't around when they built the Great Wall. I'm sure you would still be harping on the cracks to this day.

At the end of the day you should move off of the library. The fact that you may not be privy to how all your "concerns" are being addressed - seems to put you even further out of your mind than you display in public forums.

At some point you need to collect your marbles and move on.

hal samis said...

Anon, Alas & A Lackey,

My performance was shameless? Picking on Diana Juettner?
I'm angry?

Of course I'm angry. What has Juettner done other than collect her paycheck?

Yes I write long pieces on this blog but in one month on this blog I "talk" more than Juettner has done over her entire career in public "service".

Of course even in the days of silent movies, there were comedies.
And Juettner has the last laugh since taxpayers have been paying for to act the Buster Keaton role.
That she has survived the transition to talkies while remaining silent on camera is by no means a small accomplishment.

As the Town Board's liaison to the Library, Feiner, the Director, threw a piece of business to do: read the press release. But is it really too much to expect that she or the Town Board would even know what this "honor" was about? I can even excuse the other members of the Town Board from not knowing but not their liaison to the Library.

Not a big deal? Well then let's extend it to the eveneing's Public Hearing on revising the Town Code regarding regulations of Electricians and Plumbers. The Town Board -- none of them even bothered to read the five or six pages of revisions proposed -- which they intended to vote upon and did that evening.

What do they do to earn their pay? Surely the expectation that their job is more than to make "appearances" around town and pose for photos is not wrong.

There is a trend forming that is the result of the sloppiness and indifference of the Town Board to resolutions and legislation that THEY propose and vote upon. Running unopposed has granted them this luxury and they are taking full advantage of it. Given that there are five voting members that make up the Town Board, why are new Town laws, amendments to existing laws now routinely voted for in their flawed form with the statement from the Town Attorney that he will make corrections after the fact (and in the privacy of his den).

None of this bothers you; only what I say during 3 or 5 minute comment.

And after all, dear AAA, without me your only vicarious thrill in life would be booking entertainment which understandably is more exciting than being lord of the files.

Here piggy, piggy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ella for proof reading how Lewis wrote up the law on the electricians and plumbers.

This is what is wrong with this town.
We have no english speaking law writers on the board,
How can a lawyer draw up a law that holds no water.
He was fed the right information but he has to turn things arround to make it seem that he knows what he is doing is correct.

How many times does this lawyer have to be corrected ?
He is not an asset to this town but a hinderance.

From having the best lawyers in town we have come up with the worse.

What does it take for this supervisor to realize that he has airheads working for him.
He has become a glutton for punishment in keeping a few on the payroll.
We are tired of reminding him ''who has to go''so we as taxpayers have to be sujected to their stupidity.

Does Lewis have any degree to represent this town legally.

Anonymous said...

The Supervisor and a majority of the Town Board want airheads. When the Supervisor made the bold move of hiring someone with experience and competence to replace Mr. Heslop, what happened? A majority of the Town Board didn't want to learn of the incredible mismanagement within the Town. If the individuals do know their jobs, they keep their mouths shut, while taking our tax dollars to keep the job and benefits.

Take the library project -- please. The true cost is well in excess of the $20 million approved by the voters, but the Library Board and Town Board try their sleight of hand tricks and keep telling the public lies. Some members of the public, mostly Mr. Samis, know better.

The Assessor hardly shows up for work (virtually everybody at Town hall knows and sees this regularly, except the Town Board), makes serious mistakes, belittles her staff and by and large screws up. If the Town Board could get rid of a Comptroller for telling the truth, surely they have well documented ( a $2.4 million "error' last year, $175,000 "error" this year - and these are just what the public can see) causes to terminate the Assessor.

Anonymous said...

As far as Paul is concerned the assessor is the best thing that has happened to this town.

We know dam well that Paul shows signs of dementia when it comes to certain employees.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal,

Try to stay on point. I know it's tough for you.

Tirading on this blog does not necessarily equate to the talking (or the lack thereof)of the town board.

Watch yourself and you will see how you come off. You are so up in arms that they are running unopposed, go ahead and run. That would be a truly independent validation of your apparent worth to this town.

Your references to lord of the flies not withstanding, be very careful of the term piggy. It's not that you walk a fine line between decorum and all consuming narcissism - you fall over it every time you take mouse to computer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hal,

STOP IT ALREADY.. YOU WERE WRONG TO ATTACK Councilwoman Juettner at the Town Board. You SHOULD HAVE BEEN ESORTED OUT at that point.
You have NO integrity. If you are SOOOOOO RIGHT, ALL OF THE TIME, run for office. Let's see if ANONE supports YOUR thoughts. My gues is that you WOULD LOSE. BIG TIME. Perhaps ALMOST AS BIG AS YOUR SLANDEROUS MOUTH. I have had enough watching Town Board meetings with you making nonsense points. It is ont thing to take an opposing point. It's another to be OFFENSIVE. I am now seekign people to make CALL INs to the Town Board meeting whenever YOU step up to voice your opinion.

hal samis said...

To not ok to attack the Town Board but ok to attack Samis,

Why not instead lead a movement to have Greenburgh secede from the United States?

I understand there is a slightly used tent available for hire -- a fine headquarters for those who hide their faces.

But in all the smokescreen that you think is so valuable to pollute this blog with, why don't you disprove what I say instead of being so unhappy that I say or write it?

How about starting with a book that no Library owns: The Collected Contributions of Juettner.

But you can take all the space you need right here on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Sal is one hundred percent correct in speaking against Juettner.
Is she not the laison to the library?
Does she not represent the residents in Greenburgh?
She should have been on top of things from the onset to see what monies were needed,is the work being done correctly,is the work being done according to the plans.
Why must we be spending more and more millions to finish this so called work of art when we were told by the chosen one Regula that everything was going ok and everything is in order.
Juettner went along with this knowing dam well that that was an outright lie.
Why is it that nothing works in this building?
Samis fought from the onset concerning the plans.
He followed every step of the construction and reported his findings that were poopooed at that time but are now coming to light.
Yes Juettner was the laison to a disaster that cost us money then but will be costing us more throughout the coming years.


Anonymous said...

I guess you were referring to Hal in the previous comment.

I too voice the same opinion which reflects on poor judgement of the entire board but especially the one in charge Juettner,

ed krauss said...


Then, all of those trashing Samis for telling the truth will either put their names to their SLANDER, or crawl back under the pebble they came from.

WAKE UP Greenburgh!!!!! We have and have had construction prolems that transend Al Regula for decades. The person/people approving the work (and redos) are the Town Board members.

Anyone heaping praise on the Greenburgh library is naive, ignorant, or-most likely complicite in the Mother of ALL screwups in this town.

What troubles me, in addition to the initial mess, is the fact that the "Bored" is compondig the errors by signing off on new expenditures.

STOP THE BLEEDING! Stop signing away money when you have ZERO idea what you're paying for.

Just a few observations about the ANONYMICE trashing Samis and praising "Glass Elephant" on 119.

9/22 8:42AM Thank you Paul, the leaks may be(eventually) fixed, but the money wasted will never come back.
9/22 10:14AM Stop bashing Samis for telling the truth you naive "yerk."

9/23 10:03AM You're funnier than a rubbler crutch on the $175,000 "ramp." The clear view of the urinal when the door is open is a disgrace (and the arcitect should be made to pay for the correction.) Trash the architect not the one exposing (I'll bet you can come up with another cutsie comment about that word) the "OOPS."
Finally, anything pejorative said about Diana Juettner is beyond reproach. She has taken nearly $500,000 of taxpayer money, has taken money for not taking insurance coverage, has had full healthcare benefits FREE OF CHARGE, will get a pension AND HASN'T CONTRIBUTED A BLESSED THING THING IN HER TIME IN OFFICE. Talk about Sinecures, Diana is the role model.One last thing about DJ, she's the only member of the board who lives in a village, and never utters or helps represent those people.

So, get off Samis' case until you have something to add...using your real name so you can get get "credit" for "your" contribution.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Anonynous. And that IS MY choice.... This is STILL America, isn't it Ed?

ed krauss said...

9/27 11:05AM

In America, s/he who is slandered has the RIGHT to confront his/her accuser.So as long as you're not slandering anyone it's your right to choose any name or no name at all.

It seems to me that on this log those are critical of Feier, Samis or me, are free to do so as long as it's not slanderous.

My qestion to you is, if you don't work for the town, need a variance or such why are you affraid of revaling your name? I can understand Feiner, Sheehan, Beville who can't offend voters because other than this election they need them. I cn understand employees of the town, see Mike Kolesar (who only told the truth) and "revealed" information which should and is the right of the public to know and which is in the public domain "crossing" the "super-for-life" and getting fired.

Well, it's Yom Kippur and tomorrow I will ask for forgiveness if I only knew who to ask forgivness for.

Anonymous said...


I would like to fogive and forget, but neither you nor Hal will let me.

Anonymous said...

I have no clue why you are so wrapped up in people posting anonymously. It's really none of your business.

Just because Hal proclaims something to be true doesn't make it so. Look at the parking spaces....he doesn't even drive. And the situation he cites is ludicrous.

It is the constant implication of conspiracy theories that drains any potential of credibility from these posts.

If there is such an all encompassing plan for the town to continue to deliberate try to screw the citizens, then devote your time to uncovering it.

You all rant and rave that the town board people run unopposed - then run against them! I give Pat Weems credit for throwing her hat in. At least she has the cojones to put her money where her mouth is, something I have yet to see one of you several loud, obnoxious town criers do.

Anonymous said...

Appointing a Town Employee to be the construction supervisor put the Town in a precarious position. This should have been an independent, qualified individual. You can't really blame Regula 100%. They gave him the job hoping to save money. They obviously haven't learned from the past mistakes. The DPW Garage was built in order to house large trucks - the thought was the life expectancy of the truck would increase significantly if they were sheltered. Guess what, the garage went over budget so they made it smaller. The trucks don't fit in the new garage. I believe they spent over $5million on this project. The Multi-pupose center at Town Park - the building is falling apart and has leaked since the day it was built. The new Town Hall - the Town should never have purchased it. They should have purchased the property across the street (currently Dannon) - much cheaper & much bigger - it could have housed Town Hall, the Library and the Police Dept. The police dept. - project after project throwing money into a building that is falling apart. I think the only the thing the Town Supervisor & Town Board have proven is that they have no idea of what they are doing!

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself why the Town has had 5 comptrollers in the last 6 or 7 years? None of them would do what the Supervisor asked or demanded when it didn't pass the smell test.

Anonymous said...

There are ways to make your point without being offensive. Samis and Krauss are as obnoxious as Feiner and Garfinkel.

Samis has no right to verbally attack anyone. It's simply rude and his message ends up lost because no one can past his wiggles, wriggles and vile tongue. If only he could be civil - more people would have the stomach to listen to him.

We need more civil, level headed debates. Attacking elected officials is not the answer.

samis wins it! said...

the great debunker award
samis told us no to drink the dupervisor's koolaid
samis gets my vote for citizen of the year
write in samis for town council
we cannot afford any more shehanigans

Anonymous said...


Ignorance is bliss said...

Paul's Fire District consolidation committee has its first big decision to make tomorrow. Do they include a study of the Fire Protection Districts or don't they. My guess is that Feiner has already ordered Hochberg not to. Feiner does not want the taxpayers to know that the citizens of the Fire Protection Districts are funding the Villages!!! Yes, that's right, their tax dollars are being gobbled up by the Villages and NOT for their fire protection! State Law dictates that only up to 35% of the contract amount can be given over to the Village Fire Departments for Fire Protection. Remember those words "up to." That means that by LAW, a MINIMUM of 65 cents of every dollar that the citizens of the Fire Protection Districts pay out in taxes remains with the Villages!!!!! Shhhhhhhh! Feiner does not want that info out there for public consumption. Feiner is raping the Fire Protection Districts in order to fund the Villages!!!! Is this why several of the Fire Protection Districts are run at a defecit Paul???????

hal samis said...

"Just because Hal proclaims something to be true doesn't make it so. Look at the parking spaces....he doesn't even drive. And the situation he cites is ludicrous.

It is the constant implication of conspiracy theories that drains any potential of credibility from these posts."

Am I right or wrong about the parking spaces, what does it matter if I don't have a car?

What is "the situation"?
What are the "conspiracy theories"?

"Samis has no right to verbally attack anyone. It's simply rude and his message ends up lost because..."

Better get used to rude because between rude and higher taxes I think most residents would choose rude.

Since I don't sit on the dais, since I don't control public comment or its timing, since I don't propose Resolutions, since I don't vote on matters...why is it me that you have a problem with?
You don't have to read or listen yet the only thing that troubles you as a Greenburgh resident is that I am rude.

Does the Town need another Ella Preiser who is certainly the embodiment of civil? Nevertheless Ella will tell you that she has had little effect over the years.

Revolutionary idea. The Town is not going downhill while taxation is going up because I am rude.

While you sit at home and count the ways to write that I am rude (because you haven't found grounds to prove me wrong -- just saying I am wrong doesn't cut it) or full of baloney (polite for manure, tsk tsk) be happy writing your check to the Receiver of Taxes knowing that you have found the cause and it is Samis.

And when you write that check, please check with the Town Supervisor who still won't admit or correct that the numbers he sent out for STAR participants were wrong.

From The King and I

"Give us a kick if you would, your majesty...
Give us a kick if you please, your majesty
Oooh, that was good, your majesty...
Thank you, your majesty"

There's nothing like being polite.

Anonymous said...

My last comment was again deleted by the blog master. Feiner & friends are stacking all of the boards with their cronies and supporters. This is their way of taking control of everything. When they are not able to make appointments they simply choose to expand the boards so that they can get around the by-laws and manage to make their cronie appointments.

You can keep deleting this message - I will keep posting it. The public needs to know what the supervisor & town board are up to. Pretty soon they will be dictating planning and zoning decisions by stacking the boards.

Board appointees should be interviewed in public, not in executive session. They are not employees of the Town and are therefore not subject to "executive session" privilege. The public should know their backgrounds and be able to ask questions like; 1. Does the person qualify under the law and/or the bylaws of a particular board? 2. Have they made contributions to any local official within 6 months of such appointment? 3. Are they qualified in terms of experience with regard to the board they are being appointed to? The public, the tax paying citizens of this Town need to take back control. Feiner & Co. have been in office too long. They think they are above the law. Enough is enough.

hal samis said...

Or by simply not considering/interviewing anyone they don't like.

That I wasn't on their short list for the two Library Board seats would be one such example.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal,

But if you were appointed to the Library Board, what would happen to you? You might HAVE TO BE civil towards people? Can you? Would you? Would you be ill from being civil?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Hal fan but in all fairness he should be considered for the library board - the Town Board agenda always contains a request for volunteers to serve on the various boards. Putting Hal on the board would be a wise move - he would have to stop criticizing and actually start doing something.

Anonymous said...

Hal: you should be as unflinchingly honest toward yourself as you are toward the Board. You have many sympathizers who are loathe to associate themselves with you publicly because of your demeanor. It is quite possible to be civil and still powerful in argument. That is what the art of rhetoric is all about. Why not try tempering your "style" for a while and see how many supporters start coming forward? What's the downside?

ed krauss said...

9/28 7:58AM

How sanctimonious AND hypocritical of you to wish for "civility" and level headed debate all the while convicting me of being "offensive," and "obnoxious."

Why can't we criticize elected officals when they are "worthy" of criticism?

If you choose to be Juettner's "champion,"don't attack me, but rather rebut the negatives I articulate with positives about her, or poke holes in what I say. However, according to your standards she is NOT "oboxious" because she does not "offend." Good lord man if sitting like a mummy,on the dais, at Town Board meetings, uttering nary a word no less answering questions from citizens directed at you, is not OFFENSIVE, and spitting in your eye, WHAT IS?

If you crave civility, BE CIVIL, not pejoritive.

If you want to come to the "aid" of a damsel, ride in on your white charger with facts, not unproven opinions. Especially when those opinions are simply "DIS" words.

And to Mr./Ms. anonymous who says "it's none of my business" why s/he chooses to be "nameless," s/he is correct. So I admit my error. Sir, madam, I really don't give a s@#t why you're anonymous. In fact,some of my best friends are of the ANONYMOUS tribe.

Anonymous said...

So much for a day of atonement.....

hal samis said...

I'm not asking for residents to sympathize or agree with me.

I'm asking residents to consider the position that is in their best interest to do so. However, as an independent and unpaid contractor, I am not a champion fashioned by committee.

It may be naive to assume that people will choose what is right but in the end it is their choice and their checkbook.

And my position re the Town Board is not that they are not, in turn, civil or that they are rude (which I can live with) but that they don't follow their own rules AND that they continue to do what is in their best interest and not the public's.

Either you want a better Town or you don't. But standing in the way of preventing this from happening is not because of their perception by anonymice that I am rude.

However I appear to you, I'm not changing so either get over it, tolerate it or confront it by supporting the status quo.

Again, it is your checkbook that subsidizes what you think of as an affront to your dignity and harmony.

Roughly from Shakespeare (Julius Casesar): "If I would pray to move, prayers would move me but I am as constant as the north star whose true-fixed qualities are known throughout the universe..."

Anonymous said...

Enough with the library - you're beating a dead horse. It's built. It's done. It's over.

There are other issues that need addressing. A Comprehensive Master Plan @ a cost of $500k. It's two years in the making and not nearly completed. It will be outdated before it's finished.

Local Town Laws & Zoning Laws - the Town wants to update them. Who will do this? The Town Attorney can't complete a sentence - do we really want him rewriting our laws?

Spot Zoning - WestHab & Stop n' Shop. Nothing wrong with either project except that they require zoning changes. Why are we changing the zoning? Why don't they apply for variances like everyone else? Maybe it's because the law firm representing both is a huge Feiner supporter & fundraiser.

We have a corrupt administration - they manage to just stay below the radar. Hopefully someone at a higher level will see fit to look into these matters.

Anonymous said...

All te bad deeds that we have seen from some of the town board member will not go unpunished.

As an old proverb goes every dog has his or her day.

Anonymous said...

So you say that this adimistration is corrupt.......You aint seen nothing yet.

The you know what has not hit the fan yet.

hal samis said...

Dear 8:31,

Your comment:

"Enough with the library - you're beating a dead horse. It's built. It's done. It's over."

Yes there are other issues but you'll have to admit that some on your list are also over or beyond the point of salvage. I opposed the Comprehensive Plan ($405,000)for exactly the same reason plus the fact that the number of large parcels remaining as developable shrinks every year. And, in the case of WESTHAB, having zoning laws in place is no protection if the Town Council is determined to change them.

OK, Library break over. The point regarding the Library is it is not finished, only the Referendum dollars are exhausted while much needs to be done and raised privately to restore the unfullfilled promises of the expansion. It is not "built" only bilked.

But there is more to deal with than what's lacking or needs to be repaired. It is about a Town and Library Board that rolled the dice with taxpayer dollars and used the largest expenditure in Greenburgh history as fodder for the politics of hear no evil, see no evil.

To date no will even admit that the project went over budget or didn't come in on time. They simply stopped when the money ran out and called it a day. And, NO ONE at the Library nor at the Town is seriously trying to right the wrongs or recapture the $600,000 or so misspent.

The Library does not deserve the coveted "get out of jail free" card just because it is a library.

The Library is the stand-in for most of what is wrong in Town and to forget about it is to fall victim to the same amnesia that allows the the Town Board to skate away from one completed disaster to the next. Save for one difference: regarding the Library
they were warned in advance; they were warned at every step of the way and they are still being warned (i.e. the one year building warranty expiration)...and they are still ignoring the warnings, choosing business as usual as their guiding light over common sense.

However to do the right thing and champion taxpayers they would have to admit to having been wrong and there's the rub. Instead, like you would prefer, they are determined to treat l'affaire Library as a closed case.

With the building open, they know the lay public has no way to challenge the end result. Would the public know the difference between a $15, $18 or $20 million library or the inverse, could the same building have been obtained by spending $18 or $15 million?

That will be answered when the fat lady sings. And that's why I am still sending out invitations to attend the performance.