Wednesday, September 09, 2009



It’s Your Healthcare Too!

Join medical professionals and learn about taking care of yourself as you care for your loved one!

· How to make the most of your doctor visits

· How to be part of your healthcare team

· Tools, tips and brochures

· Caregiver Resources

Wednesday, September 16 at 3:00 PM
Greenburgh Public Library

300 Tarrytown Road, Greenburgh, NY

Call Mary Edgar-Herrera at (914) 245-9167 or Linda Schulz at (914) 761-0600, Ext. 314, to RSVP and for further information

This program is co-sponsored by: Westchester County Dept. of Senior Programs and Services; Livable Communities Connections, Town of Greenburgh; Westchester Jewish Community Services, and the Visiting Nurse Association of Hudson Valley.


Anonymous said...

I thought that we don't need county government.

Anonymous said...

Is Kevin Morgan a guest speaker?? I understand he has developed a way to not only get health care but also a sizeable increase in salary as well.

Anonymous said...

Kevin who? The person who turned his back on his former Union!!

Anonymous said...

Kevin is the one that speaks with a forked tongue.
Don't turn your back cause he'll stick the knife in over and over again.

Anonymous said...

The topic is NOT "health care" it is about caregivers.
Geez Mr Supervisor, at least get the Fing topic correct rather than inflating your minor presentation with an equally serious but completely different topic -