Friday, April 03, 2009



Opening Soon in Hartsdale Village!

If you are high energy, have a great attitude, love people and want to have some fun – join us! Frankie & Fanucci’s is now hiring:

o Servers
o Hosts
o Counter/Phone Attendants
o Bussers
o Dishwashers

Full and part-time positions available. Location: 202 E. Hartsdale Ave. Hartsdale, NY 10530.

Frankie & Fanucci’s Wood Oven Pizzeria is a new restaurant opening soon in the Village of Hartsdale. We serve Neapolitan style, thin crust pizza from an authentic wood-fired oven. In addition, our menu has a full line-up of high-quality salads, panini, appetizers, desserts, beer & wine and espresso drinks. All of it is served in a great atmosphere with friendly, neighborhood service.

If you’re interested in joining us, please send your resume and/or contact info to


Anonymous said...

What happened to Lia's? Are these the same people?

Paul Feiner said...

new owners. They sold the restaurant

Anonymous said...

Goes to show us how many businesses are going out.
The is such a big turn over within that area because they cannot make a good living.

Just check out how many empty stores are along Central Ave,
Could you imagine what the place will look like when all the new businesses open up in Yonkers.

Anonymous said...

East Hartsdale Ave (from the drug store to Starbucks) has no vacancies. Remember, about five or six years ago there were so many empty stores that the town had to put paintings in the store windows? The town is doing something right.
I was driving past the old Barnes & Nobles store which had been vacant for a few years. Am pleased that a new store is coming in. Did anyone see the sign in front of the old carvel store saying we're getting a new japanese restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Lia's went under because the owners there couldn't get back on their feet after the Hartsdale flood. They were truly appalled to learn that the town was aware of the problem two years before and did nothing about it. Let's just say they are not one of Feiner's fans.

Anonymous said...

1. Untrue, there was no problem 2 years ago that the Town was aware of.
2. Any problems were as a result of the landlord for that prooperty, not the Town.

Anonymous said...

If the owners of Lia's were unhappy with the town they should say so. Anonymous has no credibility.

Anonymous said...

The owners were in fact very unhappy and could not make a go of it after the flood. Point fingers at who ever you like but this is the truth.

Since there will most likely be another flood before the issues are fixed, i wish Frankie & Fanucci's much luck.

Anonymous said...

how do you know?

Hartsdale flooding still a risk said...

There was a document prepared by the town engineer in 2005 warning that East Hartsdale Avenue could not withstand even a major rainstorm without serious flooding. He pointed out that the drains were often clogged and even if cleared, were too small in diameter to handle the runoff coming off from the hill on West Hartsdale Avenue. The memo was sent to Al Regula, who passed it on to Feiner. Feiner, of course, ignored it. The memo re-surfaced shortly after the April 15, 2007 flood, when Regula commended the creation of a drainage district to rebuild the sewers in that area. The release of the memo created an outrage among storeowners on East Hartsdale Avenue whose businesses were forced to close (and among residents in the area too) because Feiner had issued a press release shortly before the storm hit that April assuring the public that the storm drains had been cleared -- thanks to Al Regula and the public works department. In fact, none of the storm drains on East Hartsdale Avenue had been cleared at all.

After the flood, one of the busienss owners on East Hartsdale Avenue took photographs of what was removed from the storm drain behind his store. The photos showed tree limbs and stumps that had mostly likely been clogging the drains there for years.

Thereafter, the landlords and store owners brought suit against the Town -- yet another lawsuit brought about by town mismanagement. These claims, in the millions of dollars, have not yet been resolved.

Let's see how long it takes before Feiner removes this comment.

Anonymous said...

the town has been inspecting the drains. E Hartsdale Ave is coming back!

Anonymous said...

"The photos showed tree limbs and stumps that had mostly likely been clogging the drains there for years."

Another example of people making false assumptions. Who says it was "most likely" they had been clogging the drains for years. Had they been there would have been floods during the very heavy rains in the two years between 2005-07. In fact there were not. But let's assume you are correct. The truth is, which you ignore, the Town drains which were cleaned ran fine. Otherwise the other side of the street, including the train station, would have been damaged. It was the drains behind the stores, located on private property, which failed.

Your comment should be removed because it is false.

Anonymous said...

twn working hard, problems seem to be given attention.

Anonymous said...

e hartsdale ave looking up.

Anonymous said...

The photographs of the tree limbs and tree stumps being removed were taken from the TOWN drain behind Harry's. There is a dispute over who is responsible for maintaining that drain -- the Town says it's the landlord and the property owners say it's the Town. It looks like the court will decide. In the meantime, the losers are the business owners, including the owners of Lias, who couldn't make a go of it in that location anymore due to losses they suffered from the flood. And as for that memo, the Town recognized two years before the flood that this was a disaster waiting to happen. But the Town did nothing to get those drains cleaned, it did nothing to get the drain pipes cleaned, and worst of all, it did nothing to warn the residents from the higher elevations along Ridge Road and below to secure their debris so that it doesn't get washed downstream to block those drains and drainpipes which the Town knew were inadequate to handle the flow.

Sad to say, the Town has still done nothing in this regard.

Anonymous said...

The owners of Lias were a married couple and they were two of the warmest, friendliest people I've ever met on EHA. But their business was destroyed by the flood and they never recovered. And this business about insurance is baloney. Craig did most of the rebuilding himself, personally.

Haiku Paul said...

Town is working hard,
East Hartsdale Ave. is looking
Up and coming back.

Anonymous said...

What is Frankie & Fanucci's???

Anonymous said...

a pizzeria. Read the description above.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a pizzeria across the street? never had their food. why another?

Anonymous said...

The pizzeria across the street is excellent. Not only is their pizza some of the best I have ever had, their salads, pasta dishes and entrees are delicious. Why build another pizzeria directly across the street? An earlier blogger brought up the issue of store owners surviving in a weak economy. Building a pizzeria across the street from a thriving one could jeopardize the longevity of Fanucci's and Casano's.


Anonymous said...


If the owners want to build another pizzeria let them be. its their money!!!


Anonymous said...

HM, I have been to the new pizza place a few times. Pizza is great!! The place was packed everytime I went. Seems as though you should GET A LIFE!!!