Sunday, April 19, 2009 is not only for students--postings of great gov jobs

This is another great resource. Hope this is helpful. PAUL FEINER

The name is misleading. The site is a listing of government jobs in the United States. It is an excellent site with many well paying jobs in the tri-state area.
REMINDER: JOB CLUB MONDAY 2 PM Greenburgh Town Hall (greenburgh jobs group)


Time to ACT said...

Paul these jobs posting are really too much. Haven't you noticed as you drive along Greenburgh you see one too many homes for sale. Doesn't that bother you ? Well it sure does me. Instead of wasting your time posting job listings you really need to find ways of lowering taxes especially in these times of need. Time to get with it and the time is NOW.

Anonymous said...

I work for the town and if they rest of the departments are ran anything like the one I work for no wonder why the taxes are so high. But don't speak up about it or you become a disgruntled whistle blower, or even better yet in some cases you can be labeled cancer. Well if thats the case if Paul want's any true input about waste speak to some of your town employees or maybe even send out a form almost how colleges have the students rate their teacher. Going to a department head or commissioner is pointless. Paul you asked the county workers to come out and point out waste how come you haven't done this in your own town

Anonymous said...

I also feel that the job postings are inappropriate. The supervisor is supposed to be the town's chief financial officer, first and foremost, per state law.

Hartsdale Home Owner said...

Good point about the for sale signs. Notice the number of Hartsdale families with young children trying or thinking of getting out. If you surveyed these families, I bet you would find that the dramatic increase in taxes in recent years combined with increased private/parochial school tuitions are the top reason for departing. Rising taxes are having a disproportionate impact on housing values in Hartsdale because that community (unlike Edgemont) does not have an acceptable school system to ensure Buyer demand. My evidence is anecdotal, but I'll bet you would find that home prices in Hartsdale have declined much faster than in the villages (or Edgemont).
I've complained before about "representation without taxation" and I've asked if any Board members have school age children AND live in the GC district. The Hartsdale homeowners (along with Edgemont) are the bedrock of the TOV tax base. There is no recognition of the plight of these families from the Board, some of whom don't even live in TOV and pay only minimal taxes to Greenburgh.

At the community outreach meeting for Hartsdale a few weeks ago, the only discussion concerned traffic issues on Hartsdale Ave, buses and bikes. Granted these are important issues, but the Board once again "missed the forest through the trees." But, it is an election year, and the seniors living in Hartsdale Ave. apartment do vote disproportionately, so Paul's currying to that group, while ignoring homeowners, is understandable.
At the community meetings Paul did shrug off the tax issue by stating that people still wanted their services. Perhaps, because Paul lives in a prestigious school district, his home has retained its value and, consequently, he views tax increases as tolerable. If he - or any other board member-were trying to raise a family in the GC district, I'm sure he would think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record -
Mr. Feiner does not pay single-family detached property taxes. As a condominium, Boulder Ridge pays a consolidated property tax computed as if it were a commerical property. Commerical properties pay significantly less than single-family detached homes by State law. (See the discussions of the difference at NY State Office of Real Property Taxes for a comprehensive explanation.)
While there might be some justification for lower taxes for true commercial property - the cost of educating a child is the same, whether the child lives in a single family detached house or a condominium, or a coop or a rental apartment. Sadly, our state legislators steadfastly refuse to address this problem...