Monday, April 13, 2009


Hi Paul,

WCEED is looking for an LPN to function as a school nurse with our Early Intervention and Preschool Program in Valhalla.

Can you help us by posting this?
Thank you
Sue Sonkin 593-0593 x226


Anonymous said...

Who is "WCEED"? Why is this "our" early intervention program? Do other schools in Greenburgh get this provided?

eliminate every other blue page said...

why not some creative ideas on how to eliminate "jobs" that beef up our tax bill

certainly there is more to this than getting rid of andy spano....

Anonymous said...

note to Paul Feiner please bring back the weekly misc. blog. Start posting jobs on hot jobs. Continue to do the job of a supervisor not of a head hunter. I guess with election time around the corner you wouldn't want to many truths to come out.