Friday, April 10, 2009


Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday – April 14, 2009 – 2:00PM

(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 35 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

2:00p.m.: Dave Dwinell/Paul Feiner – proposed local law authorizing Receiver of Taxes to take less than full amount due in April and remainder of tax obligation later in year – beginning 2010 (County, Town and Fire District). Currently, Receiver must accept 100% of the taxes owed. If the above suggestion is approved town taxpayers would only be charged interest on the unpaid amount. Other tax collection issues should be discussed—including asking the county to change the collection date of county, town, fire district taxes to another month so taxpayers don’t have to pay local taxes same month as federal, state taxes.
2:15p.m. July/August Board Meeting Dates
2:20p.m.: Leaf Blower Proposal
2:30p.m.: Use of Town Hall (Requests for routine (weekly) meetings)
3:00p.m.: COMPLUS & Chief of Police – Parking Ticket Collection
3:30p.m.: GHA
3:45p.m. Executive Session (GHA – Interview Soccoro, TDYCC- Bill Carter)
4:30p.m.: Executive Session (con’t) – Boards/Commissions: Interviews: Ethics Board (4:30), CAC (5:00)
5:30p.m. Adjourn

KNOW ANYONE WHO IS UNEMPLOYED? Invite them to visit our new website: (greenburgh jobs).

Job Club Monday, April 20th at 2 PM, Town Hall

Outdoor meeting to discuss traffic safety issue with residents of E Hartsdale Ave 4:15, Monday April 20th (Wilson & E Hartsdale Ave)

Wed, April 22 3 PM to 8 PM EARTH DAY EVENT at Greenburgh Library—Greenburgh was selected as one of just 10 communities out of hundreds of participants nationwide to host an ICLEI Local Governmetns for Sustainability Spotlight Conversation on Climate Change. The theme: Greening of Greenburgh


Anonymous said...

If the leaf blower law is passed it is a disgrace.
How do you expect the property owners who cannot afford a gardener to keep their property clean.
Is the person that made this suggestion to you a personal friend.

How about taking a survey as to who does their own work and how many have gardeners.

I do think by you passing this law is another slap in the face to homeowners.
First curbside only and now no blowing of leaves.
What's next Paul,will you be limiting the amount of times we leave the house because we may harm the roadways.
Will you check on how many times we wash our windows .
Will you check on how many times we flush our bathrooms.
Why are you taking away some of the things that have been a necessity for many of us.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that you stand firm when it comes to the housing authority to pay up the money they owe,

You have been pussy footing arround this subject for too long.

They owe the town the money and that's it.

Anonymous said...

Now that you have the linkedin page, will you please stop posting jobs here.

Anonymous said...

I am very concerned about accepting taxes in stages. What will do to our credit rating? What if it ends up encouraging taxes of those who do not partiipate? Will it be available to those who are requried by mortgage holders to escrow taxes? Will the banks be teh ones to benefit?

Anonymous said...

I meant increasing taxes of those who do not praticpate.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

The initial proposal made by the Supervisor would certainly increase taxes - the Town would be forced to borrow money to fund certain expenses until the tax revenues eventually arrived, and the interest currently earned on the funds on hand would simply not be earned.
Additional administrative costs, including more mailings, would certainly be incurred. An additional person, or perhaps two, might be needed to simply maintain the records. Instituting the recommended internal accounting controls should be mandatory BEFORE undertaking multiple tax collection dates.
Does this mean the idea is "bad"? No, it simply means that the whole idea needs thorough discussion which must include professionals, like the bankers who currently handle many, many of the escrow accounts. Rushing into this, or failing to think through the consequences would be "bad" - so, Mr. Feiner, put on your Chief Fiscal Officer's leadership hat and report the pros and cons of a thoroughly researched proposal.

Anonymous said...

how about taking away some of the wasteful take home vehicles. In these hard economic times the town claims each vehicle to be worth about 5000 a year, I believe this estimate to be completely inaccurate being that i see a vehicle with over 60,000 miles in under 3 years. But if take home vehicles make up for 1% of the budget this would be a 1% start in cuts. Next you can cut all of the newspaper subscriptions the town has. Just some things to get started on.

Anonymous said...

am pleased that this is being discussed on Tuesday. If we all work together we can come up with a plan that woht have negative impacts on the town and will be helpful to taxpayers. The concept is good. The details have to be discussed. We're moving in the right direction

Anonymous said...

The direction that this town is going if enacted will be a total disaster.
How will the bills be paid.
The town will have to borrow money to pay employees and cover the expenses.
The employees cannot get paid four times a year.
Better think this out.

Anonymous said...

The tax bills that we received this time arround have a very big discrepencey tell me how can the assessor send out the tax bills four times a year.

She can't do it right this time what makes you think she could do it the next time.
If one pays four times a year how much interest will be added for the special service?
If one pays the entire bill what will be the discount?
These are things that have to be studied because to keep these accounting figures requires more help and by the way good help This help does not come cheap.

Think before you leap It may sound good but look at all the IF's.I just gave two but I'm sure there are many more that can be mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I for one cannot afford a gardener. My husband and I clean our property with a leaf blower.

If you pass this law my property will look like an abandoned piece of land.

I am sure my neighbors would not like filth so close to their home.

Please think about the residents who cannot afford gardeners and those that lost their jobs.
We do take pride in how our properties look but if this law is passed we don't know what we could do.

Please do the right thing for some of the residents.

The ones that complained claimed that they work from home well they are saving on rent for having an office in their home ,they have a gardener why should we suffer for them.

Anonymous said...

Chinese drywall poses potential risks
AP IMPACT: Chinese drywall imported during housing boom causes corrosion, possible health risk

Paul can you find out if any of this drywall was used at the Greenburgh Library


Death by sheet rock said...

Anonymous said...
Chinese drywall poses potential risks
AP IMPACT: Chinese drywall imported during housing boom causes corrosion, possible health risk

Paul can you find out if any of this drywall was used at the Greenburgh Library


4/11/2009 5:57 PM

You better have your home checked.

Anonymous said...

Although not confirmed, the presence of Chinese drywall has been reported in 41 states and is estimated to have been installed in over 100,000 homes in the United States. Last week, it was reported that homes in Canada have also been affected. One must wonder - has any tainted drywall been found in China or Germany (which is where Knauf is based).
Given the volume of Chinese drywall, any home built or remodeled (irrespective of the builder) from 2001 to the present could have Chinese drywall.

Anonymous said...

I do not think that there should be a ban on leaf blowers. There is no other practical way to gather them.
However, I DO believe that there should be tighter restrictions on blower use. I live next to a neighbor who either works from home or does not work. He "likes to keep on top of the leaves" and blows every day for hours on end. He uses his blower to clean his cars, blow snow, and clear dirt.

The constant noise is highly disruptive. My home is filled with dirt and pollution from the constant blowing.

Why can't we restrict use to once a week per household only during the early Spring when flower blooms fall from the trees, and then again only in the Fall?

Anonymous said...

Paul I have finally reach a conclusion as to all the articles listed on the agenda.

You all have made up your minds before you even sit down for the discussion.
You all try to make it seem boy we are really working hard to put in more laws or take them away.
This is what you call closed shop not open government.

Tell me how can you make something right in fifteen min.

The sewer guy was on for over an hour and nothing was solved,because you did not know what was coming.
The Westhab representative came to another meeting and you gave him the nod that all was ok which took abiut twenty min.

Stop the clowning and get down to business.
You have exhausted our patience as to the way this town is being run.
It's getting harder and harder to believe you and the board.
One lies the other swears that what is being said is correct.

Anonymous said...

This is politics at its very worst. Throw a million ideas at the crowd and hope one sticks. Hopefully some thought will go into the tax collection issue. The Town is required to collect the taxes on behalf of the villages. Not only must they collect it, they must pay 100% of the amount owed to the villages regardless of whether or not they have actually collected it from the villages. If the villages don't agree to accept partial payments, will the Town be financing the payments to them? The villages are choking us enough as it is.

Tax payments, bike racks, job postings, etc. This is all meant to deflect your attention from the real issues - it's an election year, folks. We are being inundated with these great "out of the box" ideas so that we may forget about a 20% tax increase last year and a nearly 8% increase this year and probably a 10% or better increase next year. What about the $500,000 Master Plan - does the Town have the money to address the results of that study? Millions and millions of dollars for necessary infrastructure...where will it come from? Is this going to be yet another study we put on the shelf and forget about?

Anonymous said...

So your attorney finally caved in to send a letter to the Attorney General concerning the sewers.
Will he question the hookup fees that should be divided amongst the respective household.
He should allow the sewer guy to see the letter because he has more knowledge of what is and what should be done according to town law.
The attorney must remember that this town has to follow the laws that were set forth by the previous town board and our DPW commissioner who has already retired.
Your attorney has had a problem understanding many laws but this one about the sewers was very easy to understand.
If he has any problems he should swallow his pride and ask the sewer guy for some help.
I do think that many questions were raised three weeks ago concerning the sewers that need answers. They must be presented to the attorney general for his recomendations..

Anonymous said...

Well a letter is going to Cuomo cncerning the sewers.
Hopefully what was given to you in March will be sent to him to come up with the answers needed to reimburse all the home owners involved in the sewer guys district.

Anonymous said...

To 10:37 Anonymous,

You are typical of the people who vent with things that you don't know about.

The town doesn't collect taxes for the villages. The town collects taxes for the county, the school districts, and the sewer districts. The villages collect their own taxes, and if somebody doesn't pay then it is the village's problem. The town has nothing to do with it.

Know before you speak.

Anonymous said...

At least there is one commissioner in Greenburgh who is honest stating that he cannot maintain the too many parks in existance here ,WITHOUT A LEAF BLOWER .

To satisfy those who say that they can't stand the noise while they are working from home,too bad.
They receive a break from paying rent on the outside for their business and now they want to break our chops to stop us that have to do our own cleanups.
Does the gardener that they use have a silencer on his leaf blower ?

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the abolishment of garbage pickups at back doors which we had for over sixty years did you bring in enough revenus to give your new commissioner,his deputy and the comptroller a higher rate of pay.???

Anonymous said...

In the long run you Paul and your slate that will be running in this coming election will be hurt .

You keep robbing from Peter to give to Paul. This will catch up with you sooner or later.
I do hope the slate that will run against you will be a good one that will do the right thing for all the residents.
You have bought plenty of votes up to now but you have lost your buying power.
You can fool some of the people sometime but you can't fool us all the time.

Anonymous said...

Get the sewer guy to investigate all the sewer systems in Greenburgh .We want some money back too.

Have any of you realized the crimes that have been committed against the residents by you all knowing that there was something wrong .
Did you have to wait for a resident to unearth what you all put to rest thinking maybe it will go away.
No way Jose.

We want our money back for all the years that we have paid into this sewer fund.
It's our money but you saw fit to use it to your advantage.
Guess what we all woke up to what the findings were concerning one thing THE SEWERS. I wonder what else should be investigated .

Kolesar was right- the town is a disaster- no internal controls so one did what they wanted.
Now you must pay up.
Your assessor should be told that she has a job to do and must start today to do the job that she is getting paid for.
How many time must you be told this before you take action.
You took the wrong step in firing Kolesar because he was doing his job and also told the truth but with this position you look the other way.
Wrong this is how our taxes are formulated. Wake up Paul.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 10:11 - you should do your homework! The Town does indeed collect the village taxes -

Anonymous said...

Dear 2:09 PM. I live in one of the villages and I pay my taxes to the Village Treasurer. What I pay to Greenburgh is my town tax, county tax and school tax.

As I said, know before you speak. And read before you write.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the town board would ever interveiw a resident of GHA public housing for the postion of GHA Commissioner. When the state law states that all resident commissioners must be elected by the residents.
Is this someone special or does someone on the town board owe this person a favor. Also since this person was voted off the GHA board by the tenanats why would the town board want to put this person back on the GHA board. What is this persons connection with a town board members?