Saturday, April 11, 2009

jobs: (gov jobs are posted weekly) Departments Human Resources

Looking for a rewarding career in public service? The Westchester County Department of Human Resources administers civil service examinations for jobs at the County of Westchester, its local jurisdictions, and Westchester Medical Center. You can find out about our current job openings, and jobs in demand for which there is an urgent need to fill. As part of our commitment to helping Westchester County residents find the right job, we provide a list of on-line job search resources.

If you are already a County employee or are interested in becoming one, you can get valuable information about benefits, including education, retirement, the Westchester County Telework program, and employee discounts.

The Westchester County Department of Human Resources administers civil service for 121 local jurisdictions, including cities, towns, villages, school districts and libraries. For your convenience, we have provided a list of these local agencies with links to their web sites, and job descriptions for positions in the local civil divisions.

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Anonymous said...

is it ironic or is it just me someone trying to do away with county government is posting job openings for westchester county

Paul Feiner said...

The county posts municipal jobs on the site and jobs at the Medical Center. I believe that there are too many layers of government and personally feel that county government as it is currently structured is unnecessary (have suggested that we rethink westchester gov and have proposed merging counties like Westchester & Putnam). Until that takes place I will share share all opportunities that can help with constituents.

Anonymous said...

So you want to help us ,get involved with a new electric co. to supply the area.
Con edison is getting out of hand with their charges for delivery and taxes.
Delivery charges and taxes are sometimes highr=er than the usage.

Something is wrong and we do need the boss to help the residents.

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:18AM
I guess you'll just have to look elsewhere - the Supervisor is charging windmills again.
Library book walking trails and getting one-of-a-kind jobs for everyone in Greenburgh are kind of more important to him than the practical matters of governance.

Anonymous said...

Of course Paul never suggests cutting out his own layer of government - just the other "unnecessary" ones.