Thursday, April 02, 2009


The Greenburgh Housing Authority hand delivered a check for $46,000 towards the arrears for community policing at the housing authority sites. There is still a dispute over the amount that the authority owes. We had a very constructive meeting and was asked to provide the authority with additional documentation.


Anonymous said...

Wowza. *brings out the party hats*

Let's celebrate and then give the 46K to TDYCC for a "Brain Gym" or an "all you can eat luau"

Anonymous said...

Well it's about time.

This had to be one recoendation that was made by Kolesar concerning internal controlds.

Don't forget the interest. They tried to get away with paying this for too long.

We would like to see this initial amount put in the right A or B fund .
This money should be returned to the taxpayers.
Let's hope that you Paul will not attempt to give this money to the center.

Anonymous said...

Was this money allocated in the police budget?

Internal controls come into play here because the amount owed is close to one half million plus interest.

This tells me that Kolesar was right with his findings,that this town had no methods of dispersing money but above all the intake of money was very badley accounted for.

Anonymous said...


Please answer.. Do we currently provide the extra duty at the GHA?

Anonymous said...

Since they paid the town $78.000 last December as per this blog. Now they paid $46.000 totaling $124.000. What are you going to do with that money?

Anonymous said...

The money should be put into a fund to lower taxes the next time arround.

These money were already in previous budgets that we the taxpayers shelled out.

Anonymous said...

Let the Greenburgh voters decide by actually letting them vote on budget items. Put into place here what you want for the county and the MTA.

feiner Censor Hard at Work IV said...

Feiner Censor Hard at Work IV said...
Here's that comment that Feiner keeps censoring over and over again. You'd think that an effort by a politician to buy a seat on the county legislature would be the kind of public policy issue on which there could be open discussion. But not in Greenburgh.

Here's what Feiner censored:

It didn't take Feiner more than an hour before deleting the comments posted again about his being so desperate to stop the Fulton Park neighborhood from protesting his deceitful behavior concerning Westhab that he's now trolling Fulton Park looking for someone to challenge Alfreda Williams to replace Lois Bronz as county representative. He's so desperate to stop the protests that he's even promising to bankroll the candidate with his own campaign warchest. He's also giving assurances that, once elected, the new county rep can get the county to kill the Westhab project. What Feiner doesn't realize is that his ugly comments (and those of Kevin Morgan) were overheard Tuesday by quite a number of people who are all too willing to let everyone in Greenburgh know just how deceitful Feiner is. What's truly despicable is that yesterday's meeting shows that Feiner and his colleagues on the Town Board, including Sheehan, are aware that Westhab has filed a fraudulent application with the state funding agencies, but none of them have the nerve to let anyone at these agencies know about it.

Feiner will probably delete these comments, just has he's deleted them eleven tiimes already in the past three days. But they will continue to be made and yes, the people who overheard the comments are more than willing to be quoted in the local press. The public has a right to know how Feiner is trying to manipulate local elections.

4/01/2009 9:21 AM

Anonymous said...

What happened to the section on this blog concerning the work session of this past tuesday..
Too hot to handle all the comments.

Anonymous said...

It's over in the Supervisor's mind, so it's over.
No need to respect history if your view of your destiny is that you are to create it.

Anonymous said...

Has the bishop gotten back to you crying that you all made a mistake.

Does he think that we are all stupid.
Let them pay up with plenty of interest.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone who seem to know nothing bring the Bishop into this. At least Greenburgh housing in paying .What about all the others who owe money. Didn't anyone listen to the sewer guy?

Anonymous said...

The bishop of a church in Fairview was brought into the act at a work session some time ago ,when the housing authority swore up and down that they did not know that they had a contract in place to pay the funds for private Greenburgh police.

He said that he would look into the matter and come up with some conclusion. That's where the bishop comes in.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess that is exactly what he did.

Anonymous said...

So you say let's wait then we can say that he did his job if the full amount is paid just remember it has been one year since that meeting..

Kinda odd I haven't heard of any crimes in that area that did call for extra protection.

There's no protection for some time and all has been well.

Anonymous said...

No protection, all residents are entitled to protection. Since the negativism is apparent here.
There is still reason to believe that the fact that they have started paying something is good for the town. One would hope that the rest of the people who owe would pay. Taxes continue to rise, foreclosures are on the rise. Homelessness is on the rise. Seniors have to drag the own garbage to the curb. There is a bigger picture here

Anonymous said...

To 11:01, you are correct about ignoring the bigger picture. The backbone of the taxbase of TOV is being detrimentally effected by the incessant, grinding increase in property taxes. This situation is particularly acute in Hartsdale where failing schools are not a viable option. The combination of tax increases and tuition increases at private schools are driving families with young children out of Hartsdale and deterring new ones from moving in. I think the Board would be very enlightened by a survey of families who have moved out of Hartsdale in the last five years and asking their reasons for departing. From my anecdoctal experience, they will find that families like living here, but economically it no longer makes sense.

Do any board members own homes in TOV in the GC district AND have school-aged kids? I suspect not.

Anonymous said...

I did not say that there is no protection ====they do not have the Greenburgh police arround the clock just watching their complexes.
If you don't know they had police protection which they had a contract to pay a certain amount to the town which of course they said was not so.
The monies were granted in the police budget but reimbursments were not made to satisfy the amount.
They were trying to get out of the contract but the town checked meeting tapes where these discussions took place which proved that the housing authority did indeed owe the money.

Anonymous said...

Well that fact that they are paying something even after all the disputes over who owed what is a good thing. It does not take away the fact that homeowners are hanging on to their homes by a thread .It does not take away the very poor school system. It does not take away from the fact that thousands of dollars pour into that community center never to be seen again. It does not take away the fact that crime in that section is not reported unless there is murder. Which in the last 5 years there have been 3 still unsolved (2) stabbings, drug dealing, assaults, gang activity go unreported. So keep worrying about GHA police money and hope that crime doesn’t come to a community near you.

Anonymous said...

That's happening in all areas.
The unsolved crimes whether it's stabbings,dope and whatever goes on in the best of neighborhoods but they do not have personnal protection as the GHA has had.

That they paid something toward the debt that's fine but we the taxpayers paid for their protection all at one time for many years.
They are paying in installments.

Hartsdale Hell said...


Sheet! A neighbor call Greenburgh Police on me because of some parking nonsense and the officer that arrived at my home had the nerve to say " I had to come all the way over here for this BS?!"

"Where did you come from officer? GHA?"


Well guess what? F-U! I'm paying my taxes, GHA doesn't pay squat and this is what Hartsdale gets?

Total screw job and Paul is the captain of the ship. So bad that the schoool district has taken its ques from him and robs us as well.

Anonymous said...

Was it not mentioned at a work session that there was no more PRIVATE GREENBURGH POLICEMAN patrolling the housing authority complexes or is our supervisor lying to us as usual.

Anonymous said...

I think it was said that since they owed so much money to the town they would have what we all have regular sector patrols overseeing the area.
No more private greenburgh police protection since they owed the town so much money.
Would you believe they expected this special service for free..


Anonymous said...

Well with the criminal element that is moving into the 3 building on Manhattan Ave. Often seen hanging on street corners wearing gang colors. Large group of hooded young men drinking and making noise, homeowners have concerns .Since they are a private complex and somehow made a deal with the town they don’t pay taxes either. They moved all the long time hard working residents out. They give free flat screen TV’s to any section 8 holder from anywhere in the county to move into those buildings. This is what the town did for the homeowners in my area and I pay taxes too. We could use private protection but of course it will never happen

Anonymous said...

Since my comment was deleted, I'm posting it again:

Anonymous said...
So, why don't they go after Gay Silverman and get her to pay what she owes? Why isn't she paying the TDYCC on time for her use of the swimming pool for the Silverstreaks? Shouldn't she be paying in advance and docked accordingly if she doesn't? I have to pay for a year long membership in advance if I want to use the pool on a regular basis. What's the deal with her?
4/08/2009 12:01 PM

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

Since my comment was not abusive, why was it deleted? Are you afraid of the questions that will be asked? Obviously, you don't truly believe in open government. Why hasn't there been a meeting of the Pool Advisory Committee at the TDYCC? Is it because Ms. Silverman runs you?