Saturday, April 04, 2009

job opening-web promotion, web video, web director

Work For Us

At Capitol Opinions Group, we are looking to hire dedicated, internet and program savvy individuals, with an interest in public policy and issue-oriented communications.

We are currently looking to fill the following positionsin the Albany, New York region:

Web Video Editor -

Responsible for creation, uploading and production of Web video content. Should be experienced in film production, and the use of Adobe computer software for editing and post-production of short films. Will place the emphasis of production on content designed for Web use, as opposed to standard film or spot production.

Web Site Director -

Experienced in Web site design, development, prototyping and blogging, as well as the use of interactivity to promote interest in individual Web sites. Responsible for posting content to sites in coordination with client individual Webmasters, as well as maintaining one overall site dedicated to opinion, and issue-oriented topics.

Web Promotion Director -

Responsible for coordinating individual Web site content with social networking Web sites. Will be responsible for promoting posted material among social networking sites, and other media sites. Will also maintain listservs for use by clients.

To be considered for any of these positions in complete confidentiality, please submit your resume, with salary requirements, in PDF format to our Human Resources Department:

We give equal consideration to all qualified applicants.