Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Executive Assistant to CBS assumes responsibility to provide assistance to the Vice President of Community Based Services (CBS) in all areas and to work as a liaison between the Executive Offices and the various divisions of Community Based Services.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Briefs Vice President before daily and weekly meetings with information gathered for the agendas of these meetings. Gathers research assigned by the Vice President for these briefings.
Assists the Vice President in completing all tasks towards improving and reorganizing the Community Based Services departments by working with various internal departments as well as Federal, State and Local legislators and agencies.
Handles all major travel arrangements for all of the departments. Also purchases equipment for all departments as approved.
Coordinates all off site conference arrangements.
Handles all secretarial duties for the Vice President. Maintaining the filing system in the Vice President’s office and the keeping of the Community Conference Room Calendar.
Maintains all confidential information in regards to department staffing, reorganization and policy changes. Works closely with the Vice President in the event of hiring new staff. Begins the interview process and often completes background checks on candidates. Has the ability to interview candidates when necessary. Handles all confidential personnel files. Maintains a good working relationship with the Human Resources Department, assisting them in various personnel situations.
Creates correspondence on behalf of the Vice President. Establishes and maintains good working relationships with all outside agencies and internal divisions of The Children’s Village. Responsible for the timeliness of responses from the Vice President’s Office.
Helps maintain the Community Based Service Offices both on and office campus. Often responsible for the investigating various options and purchasing equipment for the divisions of CBS when such situations arise.
Reviews all printed material, discussing the importance and timeliness and actions taken with the Vice President on a immediate basis; editing briefs written by the Vice President; checking budget numbers, proof reading proposals sent by Community Based .Services.
Attaching the appropriate materials and establishing dialogues within the offices sending said contracts to maintain uneventful transitions from one contract to another.

Minimum 2 year college degree and at least 5 years experience working in a management level.
Ability to efficiently multitask; Strong sense of confidentiality.
Ability to transcribe dictation from micro cassettes and type accurately. Computer literate – strong ability to gather information on the internet; must be fluent in all of MS Office.
Must have command of English, be efficient and organized.
Should have self assurance, willingness to accept responsibility, pleasant disposition and ability to handle high work pressures. Able to cooperate with all levels of staff.

Starting salary is $30,000 annually.

To apply online please visit our website at http://www.childrensvillage.org/.

Please contact us with any questions at (914) 693-0600 x1596.

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