Friday, July 10, 2009


A message from Police Chief John Kapica (BURGLARY ARRESTS)...
Although, serious crime in Greenburgh continues to hover near the record low level attained in 2007, increases have been noted in burglaries over the past several years. The Police Department has been busy investigating these offenses. Working with other police agencies who have experienced similar increases in these offenses, they have had significant success in tracking down the responsible individuals and arresting them. They have been particularly successful over the past week. Thanks to the presence of mind of a local resident, on Wednesday members of the Police department's Patrol Division were able to effect the arrest of two New York City men who had broken into a private home on Park Avenue West. Jose L. Sanchez, age 31 of Jackson Heights, New York and Pablo Cesar Imbachi, age 37 of Elmhurst, New York were arrested when they attempted to flee from the residence. Patriot, the department's K-9 disarmed one of the suspects who brandished a knife when confronted by police officers. Yesterday, members of the Police department's Detective Division arrested Timothy Zwiren, age 17 of Hartsdale for the burglary of a Chatterton Parkway residence he committed on July 7th. At the time of his arrest Mr. Zwiren was out on bail for four burglaries he had committed in the month of May, three of which were within the Town of Greenburgh. The Police department continues to urge people to take a common sense approach to home security and lock their doors and windows when they leave their homes, even if they only intend to be gone for a short time. If you have an alarm system, use it and be certain to report anything suspicious you witness to the police. Although crime continues to be near record low levels, these precautions will help further reduce this number
FUN THINGS TO DO this weekend (
East Hartsdale Farmer's market tomorrow (Saturday morning) 2 bands will perform...

- Visit the beautiful Storm King, new exhibition through November
- Archeology Days at Philipse Manor Hall
- Aimee Mann and Dave Mason in Tarrytown
- Free Music in Dobbs Ferry and Ardsley
- Fun on the Farm with Kids Unplugged and Fishkill Farm
- The 2009 Pleasantville Music Festival
- Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Guided Tours
- Warner Library Cruise ’09 Fundraiser
- Roller Derby in Yonkers
- Second Sunday in Sleepy Hollow, Celebrate Portugal
- Animals in Disguise: A River Explorers Program at the Beczak
- The Johnson Girls at the Hudson River Museum
- Solar Punch and other guest performers at EcoActivism Music Concert at GNC
- Family Day! At Central Park’s SummerStage, Free!
- Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of “Gone with the Wind”
Go to for more information on these and many more events this

Mark Your Calendars…….
- Third Friday in Tarrytown, July 17
- Hastings Third Annual Village-Wide Tag Sale is on July 18
- Business & Social Networking on the Hudson, Blu Riverfront Bar & Bistro, July 22
- River Ciphers, Live from The Rec Room Dobbs Ferry, July 22 @ 7:00pm Sharp!
- Parent’s Night Out: Wine Tasting and Art Show. Presented by Rivertown Play Group and The Rec Room, Dobbs Ferry
- The Westchester Business Connection Event, Blu Riverfront Bar & Bistro, July 30
Visit for all of the details on these and many other events in the coming weeks.

Weekday Events for Kids……
Go to to find great programs for kids of all ages. Check back often, new events added daily.
Tuesdays and Thursdays: The Rivertown Play Group and Bo Cafe Present: Mommy and Me

Located in the Dobbs Ferry, come join friends and meet some new ones. Get out of the house with the little ones and relax at the Bo Cafe Mommy & Me on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.! Bo Cafe is located at 19 Cedar Street. Coloring and story time. Mom's and Dad's get a cup of coffee or tea on the house. And, check out the yummy food too!

Special programs including music and storytime to be added over the summer.

No RSVP required and this program is free! (

Hope you are enjoying your summer. If you are out of work join our job club: (greenburgh jobs group). I have been posting high end and lower salaried positions on the site at least a few times a week.



Anonymous said...

Interesting. Timothy Zwiren of Hartsdale. No doubt this kid has issues. Drugs I hear. Family appears like hard working, upstanding people killing themselves to send their 3 kids to private schools and to continue to live in TOV.

Sad that Paul has abandoned the children of Hartsdale. No police camp. No community center with programs to address cultural issues pertinent to them. No more DARE program. No grant money. Newp!

Another Hartsdale teen was arrested several months for vandalism. His parents both work very long hours to continue to remain living here.

I have heard of many Hartsdale teens with drinking problems, eating disorders and those that cut themselves.

It makes me very angry that between GC7 and TDYCC all of the millions going towards the betterment of one small community while the larger populating of teens get left in the cold.

Every other community has programs in place for their teens. Nothing for Hartsdale. No sir. This being the one community were most household have both parents working and teens are left to fend for themselves. Hartsdale teens are walking the streets of Westchester.

Keep up the good work Paul! You should be embarrassed by your continued quest to help your board members and GC7 make Hartsdale children invisible.

Start doing your jobs said...

Maybe Kapica should stop trying to screw the fire departments (he does not like them anyway) and start doing police work! Having his police officers drive around side streets and making their presence known without BREAKING THE LAW BY BEING ON THEIR CELL PHONES might be a start.

Anonymous said...

Where are the names of those who stole from us at TDYCC?

Anonymous said...

If the homeowner never came home, the crooks would have got away with this.
Thank God the police were'nt at the hospital. we need to have patrol cars in the neighborhoods, like the old days!

Anonymous said...

That will never happen because the chief has taken a new roll as a yes man to Feiner.
The hell with the job.
This has been going on for many years that the town board comes first. The chief forgot what his job description was.
If a patrolperson has to put so0 much milage on his or her tour where are they ,,how many times do they go up and down central ave????
If we see a car in any side street one thinks that something drastic has happened.
Just take notes as to what day and how many times you may be lucky to see a cop on your street.

Anonymous said...

You can be sure to find one or two patrol cars parked in the Webb field parking lot at night. Webb is Central Ave , right? haha!

Anonymous said...

Why can't we just give praise to all involved and say job well done. All I ever see is everyone trying to bash what they feel is wrong in town and at town hall. Great job by the PD and especially by a quick thinking homeowner. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

Ask P.Leavey if the police are doing a good job!

ending crime is easy said...

if we legalize or decriminalize all illegal drugs, we will be a virtually crime free society

car 54 where are you said...

Serious crime down. Burglaries up.

So, that means more and more residents are victims of crime.

What has the PD done to adjust? Have more patrols been added? I don't think they have. We need a show of force by our PD not just alarming our homes and locking our doors. Why do citizens need to take a defensive position instead of the PD taking a proactive one?

If thieves know the streets are patrolled regularly, they will not look to target us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Car 54 where are you:

Have you checked out the Town's 2009 budget? You will see that the Police department is budgeted at 116 police staff, which is less than the "target" of 120 officers (2.8 officers per 1,000 unincorporated residents for approximately 43,000 residents. What is the Town Board going to do in 2010, when the budget pressures are going to increase due to the weak economy? Probably nothing. If you are visited by the Town Board on their "walk abouts" start asking the tough questions, like if we replenish the police staff, how will we pay for it, higher taxes? Maybe just higher crime rates? If not, what "magic bullet" do you have? Let's hear some specifics, not the "trust me" BS of the past, before you get my vote. We've had a 21+% increase last year, followed by a 7.5% or so increase this year, for a two year increase of more than 30%. What other municipalities have a two year track record like that?

Anonymous said...

it's a crime to have 116 police officers and only 6-7 on patrol at a time. at least on weekdays you have an abundance of officers inside, weekends and week nights are a different story. WE NEED TO GET MORE POLICE OFFICERS ON THE ROAD AT ALL TIMES. please stop having two police officers going to the hospital with each ambulance, or working the police camp in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Let us see the patrol cars on all the roadways.
Why must we make a complaint to see a police person.
Get them off of Central Ave. to give the ones that pay their salary a break.

These cops always are looking for the easy way out.
We know that you joined the force for a good salary but above all a very good pension.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

When Chief Kapica retires why don't you hire him as the Fire Commissioner for the new CONSOLIDATED Greenburgh Fire Department!

Kapica taught them how to do EMS, he taught them how to do Technical Rescue and now he can teach them how to manage their outrageous budgets!

Anonymous said...

Kapica can't run the PD never mind the FD. He should stop the practice of sending 2 cops to the hospital. thats what he should do.

Paul, did you ever asked yourself?
"why Greenburgh and Sufolk County are the only PD's" that do EMS.
I know, because it's crazy, to waste police personel on medical calls and have no cops left to prevent or solve the next crime.

Anonymous said...

Cash crunch

City cops won a significant pay raise, but their new salaries still trail many other major police departments around the nation:

Maximum base salary

Nassau $93,079
Suffolk $84,545
San Jose, Calif. $80,255
San Francisco $76,055
Port Authority $75,719
Los Angeles $71,090
Yonkers $68,579
Chicago $64,962
NYPD $59,588

Rookie salary

Suffolk $49,634
N.Y. State Police $48,907
MTA Police $33,000
Port Authority $32,500
NYPD $25,100
Nassau $23,000

Source: New York State Public Employment Relations Board

Originally published on June 29, 2005

Anonymous said...



This way they can all work together under one BOSS. Time to get rid of the $250,000 dead fire wood.

Anonymous said...

8:58 is NUTS!!!!!!!!