Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The town was able to isolate the cause of the electrical problems which resulted in loss of power at the AF Veteran town park. The loss of power resulted in the pool being closed today. The nutrition program is serving cold meals to seniors. We have hired an electrician to assess the materials needed to make the repair. We hope to have power restored to the pool tomorrow. The county Board of Health requires the water to meet standards. We are doing everything possible to be open on Friday. I will keep you advised re: status of the repair.
Thank you for your cooperation. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Anonymous said...

Why do we need 4 duplicate postings?

Anonymous said...

This town does not believe in preventive medicine.

Why do you always look for the easy way out.
You are putting lives on the line.
Boy we who had pools put in had to have so many inspections to see that everything was OK.
You that have many people using the pool wait till something happens.
These commercial pools should be inspected periodically.

As Con Ed says "ON IT " said...

What actually exploded? You act as if the world is comming to an end. Was it a feeder ? Circiut Breaker? Fuse panel? So what was isloated? Could a portable generator with a transfer switch been installed proir to this mass explosion and prevent this from going this far causing so many problems?

Anonymous said...

This town charges plenty of taxes for this park but they take the cheapest way out when it comes to preventive medicine.
They seem to say that most of the work is done in house but it cost double because these guys don't know what they are doing.